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Complete with Base Model

FS2004 Northrop/McDonnell Douglas YF-23A Black Widow II

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PAV-1 87800 and PAV-2 87801. Featuring: GMAX built 3D model with basic virtual cockpit. Detailed, high-resolution, updated reflective dxt3 textures. Transparent reflective canopy and detailed pilot. Fully animated control surfaces. Fully animated landing gear. Afterburner effect that works realistically when AB command is selected. Very realistic Flight Dynamics based on virtual wind tunnel data. Custom sounds, mixed to be throaty and powerful. Condense contrails for wing tips, fuselage and flaps. Flight Checklist, Procedures, and Flight Manual. Realistic Panel. By: Daniel Buechter, Bryan Betts, Simone Prattico', Pete Dowson, JR, Eric Marciano, Cyril Pioffet, Johan Peeters.


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The archive has 137 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft11.16.040 B
YF-23A11.16.040 B
Aircraft.cfg01.25.0412.47 kB
File_Id.diz02.16.04785 B
Model.80011.16.040 B
Model.cfg06.24.0322 B
PAV-1.mdl05.29.03689.47 kB
Model.80111.16.040 B
Model.cfg06.24.0322 B
PAV-2.mdl05.29.03694.29 kB
Panel11.16.040 B
Panel.bmp06.23.032.14 MB
Panel.cfg01.25.043.04 kB
Panel.jpg11.16.0456.35 kB
PAV-1.air01.25.049.54 kB
PAV-1.jpg02.15.0448.67 kB
PAV-2.air01.25.049.55 kB
PAV-2.jpg02.15.0473.13 kB
Readme.txt01.25.045.64 kB
Sound11.16.040 B
BNCRASH1.wav04.18.01207.98 kB
BNCRASH2.wav04.18.01277.82 kB
BNROLL.wav04.18.01370.11 kB
BNROLL2.wav04.18.01389.67 kB
BNSPLAS1.wav04.18.01181.02 kB
BNSPLAS2.wav04.18.01196.21 kB
C.wav05.21.0342.65 kB
CABIN.wav05.21.03102.09 kB
L.wav05.21.0342.65 kB
LAAPDIS.wav05.21.0311.25 kB
LAGEAR.wav08.11.9770.15 kB
LAN11.wav05.21.0353.33 kB
LAN12.wav05.21.0350.83 kB
LAN13.wav05.21.03199.58 kB
LAN14.wav05.21.03312.65 kB
LAN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LAN1STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
LAN21.wav05.21.0334.77 kB
LAN22.wav05.21.0360.25 kB
LAN23.wav05.21.0355.65 kB
LAN24.wav05.21.0362.54 kB
LAN2SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LAN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
LAN2T.wav04.18.01100.81 kB
LAOVER.wav05.21.0350.37 kB
LBN11.wav05.21.0395.83 kB
LBN12.wav05.21.0350.83 kB
LBN13.wav05.21.0350.09 kB
LBN14.wav05.21.03312.65 kB
LBN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LBN1STRT.wav05.21.03169.37 kB
LBN21.wav05.21.0334.77 kB
LBN22.wav05.21.0360.25 kB
LBN23.wav05.21.0355.65 kB
LBN24.wav05.21.0362.54 kB
LBN2SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
LBN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
LBN2T.wav04.18.0196.81 kB
LGBLYLND.wav04.18.01813.11 kB
LGWNGSCR.wav04.18.01226.07 kB
LMFLAPS.wav05.21.0325.18 kB
LMGEARDN.wav05.21.0326.34 kB
LMGEARUP.wav05.21.0314.34 kB
R.wav05.21.0342.65 kB
Sound.cfg06.25.0312.22 kB
STALL.wav05.21.0336.09 kB
XLAN11.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLAN12.wav05.21.0379.70 kB
XLAN13.wav05.21.0358.09 kB
XLAN14.wav05.21.0383.15 kB
XLAN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLAN1STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLAN21.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLAN22.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLAN23.wav05.21.03202.74 kB
XLAN24.wav05.21.03207.18 kB
XLAN2SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLAN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLAN2T.wav05.21.03354 B
XLBN11.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLBN12.wav05.21.0379.70 kB
XLBN1SHUT.wav05.21.0388.09 kB
XLBN1STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLBN21.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLBN22.wav05.21.03102.34 kB
XLBN23.wav05.21.03202.74 kB
XLBN24.wav05.21.03207.18 kB
XLBN2SHUT.WAV05.21.0388.09 kB
XLBN2STRT.wav05.21.03238.87 kB
XLBN2T.wav05.21.03354 B
Texture.80011.16.040 B
aces_ii.bmp02.15.0442.74 kB
canopy.bmp04.30.0316.07 kB
cockpit.bmp02.15.04170.74 kB
exhaust.bmp02.15.0432.08 kB
fan.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
fanblurred.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
ftire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
mtire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
pilot.bmp02.15.04170.74 kB
yf23.bmp02.15.041.33 MB
yf23ii.bmp02.15.041.33 MB
Texture.80111.16.040 B
aces_ii.bmp02.15.0442.74 kB
canopy.bmp04.30.0316.07 kB
cockpit.bmp02.15.04170.74 kB
exhaust.bmp02.15.0432.08 kB
fan.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
fanblurred.bmp04.01.0332.08 kB
ftire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
mtire.bmp05.28.0342.75 kB
pilot.bmp02.15.04170.74 kB
yf23.bmp02.15.041.33 MB
yf23ii.bmp02.15.041.33 MB
YF-23A Flight Manual.pdf05.30.03368.80 kB
YF-23A_Check.htm01.25.043.96 kB
YF-23A_Ref.htm01.25.046.50 kB
Effects11.16.040 B
fx_YF-23ABurner.fx06.24.038.65 kB
fx_YF-23AFlame.fx06.24.031.24 kB
fx_YF-23AFlaptip.fx06.24.031.23 kB
fx_YF-23AStrake.fx06.24.031.23 kB
fx_YF-23AWingtip.fx06.24.031.23 kB
Gauges11.16.040 B
F16.gau02.25.031.95 MB
M4000.gau06.15.031.66 MB
YF-23A.cab01.25.0479.77 kB
YF-23AADI.gau03.08.00305.50 kB
YF-23AAirspeed.gau01.25.02286.50 kB
YF-23AAltimeter.gau05.11.9830.50 kB
YF-23AAnalogGMeter.gau03.15.98156.00 kB
YF-23AAOA.gau05.06.0214.50 kB
YF-23AClock.gau12.25.98131.50 kB
YF-23ALowVolts.gau05.02.00120.08 kB
YF-23AVariometer.gau11.08.9729.00 kB
YF23a11.16.040 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B


This file has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 with a total of 19 votes and 14 review comments.

File Details

Download hits
File size
12.27 MB
Virus Scan
Scanned within the last 30 days with ClamAV and found to be free of all known virus.
Access to file
Content Rating

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14 comments... read them below

Pro Memberaasaad87Fri, 26 Oct 2007 15:10:55 GMT
Best of them All.
Pro Membermaddog1265Fri, 29 Jun 2007 12:11:44 GMT
This jet is great! Definitely one of the best downloads. Lots of fun to fly with excellent details-Great Job!
Pro Memberjdh1094Tue, 13 Feb 2007 06:00:42 GMT
Lacks control. Will not even get to Mach 2. No GPS. The autopilot goes berserk.
Pro MemberbiggjoeMon, 15 Jan 2007 13:33:34 GMT
This is an awsome job, I wouldn't mind a little more to do in the cockpit but I love flying this one!!
Pro Memberloadmaster2Sun, 03 Dec 2006 00:21:10 GMT
Nice artwork on the skins, sounds, and flight model. Hope there's more coming with regards to adding more panel functions.
Pro Memberpapyl5Sat, 28 Oct 2006 22:30:51 GMT
best plane i could not control it above 500 though
Pro MembertouchandgoTue, 10 Oct 2006 19:45:52 GMT
The plane is simply fanastic...but...I'm not able to install it...may someone help me??
Pro Memberdom2941Mon, 09 Oct 2006 16:18:21 GMT
Great to fly. this is 1 of the best.
Pro MemberwhoffkeSat, 07 Oct 2006 17:44:26 GMT
Very nice, the highest and fastest jet I have flown
Pro MemberkillbillFri, 01 Sep 2006 11:18:47 GMT
excellent! very nicely done
Pro Member2robplayingThu, 24 Aug 2006 18:08:41 GMT
the install was sweet and the plane flies.
Pro MemberDaniel_spitznerMon, 24 Jul 2006 15:44:44 GMT
This aircraft worked very good. Thank you.
Pro MembersacbicycleboySat, 17 Jun 2006 03:02:01 GMT
Pro MemberkRaveWed, 14 Jun 2006 17:31:56 GMT
Very fun flight

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