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FSX Utilities

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rwd2xml. A little tool that decompiles and extracts bitmaps from mission rewards files (RWD) of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. A source XML file is generated and can be recompiled to create a (theorically) identical file. Public Domain....

File size: 15.1 KB | Download hits: 247

Addit! Pro: Aircraft & Add-on Manager/Installer for FSX

Addit! Pro gives you the power to fully manage all of your Flight Simulator X addons. Quickly and easily install new addons. Archive addons to Addit! Pro's File Cabinet or recreate them in folders or zip files. Removing addons is just as effortless. Assign new panels and sounds to your fleet of aircraft. Conflicts and configuration problems are identified before they cause any grief. Addon Wizard: What do you want to do? When you install scenery, Addit! Pro can automatically...

File size: 26.24 MB | Download hits: 46406

Music Player 1.0001 Downloader

FSX Music Player 1.0001 Downloader. Play some tunes while you fly, well now you can, with FSX Music Center. This file only downloads the software needed to run FSX. Programming by Steven Logiudice....

File size: 33.16 KB | Download hits: 4103

Event Logger Gauge

FSX Event Logger Gauge. This gauge is designed to detect repeating FS Key_Events which interfere with normal panel operation. Symptoms of repeating Key_Events include an inability to select a second exit or second engine, as well as accelerated selection on autopilot controls (Course and Heading controls increment by 10 instead of 1, Altitude Select increments by 1000 instead of 100.) This gauge will not tell you which gauge is sending the repeated Key_Events, but by identifying the events...

File size: 50.88 KB | Download hits: 267

Boat Traffic Viewing

FSX Boat Traffic Viewing. The new boats traffic facility in FSX is difficult to view. This program will show the planned boat traffic with the help of Google Maps and Google Earth. By Michel A. Mettling....

File size: 1.87 MB | Download hits: 1090

AutoStar X

FSX AutoStar X, v1.01, a utility that adds new features to the night sky such as brighter planets in the correct position for any date, comets and even user objects such as an eclipse or Messier object. The SAO star catalog can be imported to greatly increase the number of background stars. By Chris Wright....

File size: 714.31 KB | Download hits: 13528

AITP-X AI Timeout Patcher

FSX AITP-X AI Timeout Patcher, alpha release. A utility to alter the time limitations imposed on AI traffic: normally, FSX will cause AI aircraft to simply disappear if they cannot move after 5 minutes, which can be visually irritating. Running this utility allows the timeout to be lengthened up to 17 minutes. By Andrew Jarvis / JBAI Simulations. (See AITP10.ZIP for FS2004 version.)...

File size: 3.23 MB | Download hits: 1604

EZ-Landclass 3.01

FSX EZ-Landclass 3.01. EZ-Landclass is a program that allows you to change the placement of landclass and waterclass textures in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can use it to add small towns that MS left out, for example, or to correct the type of vegetation or ground cover in a certain area. Easy to use dialog boxes and project oriented scenery files are just two of the highlights of this program. Requires Microsoft Excel 97 or later. Freeware. Version 3.0 adds support for FSX. By Russel...

File size: 685.81 KB | Download hits: 1811

spb2xml Utility

FSX spb2xml Utility; convert SPB files to XML. This tool can decompile SimPropBinary (SPB) files as used in FSX and produce their corresponding XML source which can then be read and modified. Requires .NET framework 2.0. By Lamont Clark. Public Domain....

File size: 12.31 KB | Download hits: 20848

xml2shp Utility

FSX xml2shp. A utility to convert an XML file into a grup of shape files for processing with shp2vec included in the SDK. Includes example files. By Winfried Orthmann....

File size: 128.75 KB | Download hits: 569

Virtual Correct Gauge Placement

FSX Virtual Correct Gauge Placement. This file places the default FSX gauges into the correct place (the GAUGE folder). This correction should help aircraft developers and file downloaders in having gauges display correctly. By Brian C. Selb....

File size: 18.97 MB | Download hits: 1541

Easy Convert FS2004 AFCADS To FSX Format

Easy Convert FS2004 AFCADS To FSX Format. A very quick and easy way to convert FS2004 (FS9) AFCAD files so they can be used in FSX. You do not need any real knowledge of AFCAD files or any other programs as all are included in this download. Also includes a small "batch file" that will help "auto convert" your FS2004 AFCAD files. By Ian Thatcher....

File size: 771.67 KB | Download hits: 3578

Code Signer Pro

FSX Code Signer Pro (updated). Code Signer Pro was made by an FSX developer for FSX developers. With FSX, developers are encouraged to digitially code sign their files. Code Signer Pro makes doing that job much easier and less tedious. Features include a PVK2PFX wizard, an attractive GUI, batch functionality and more. 30 day unrestricted free tial. By Bryan York....

File size: 1.14 MB | Download hits: 196


FSX BglAnalyzeX, version 1 beta of a disassembler for .bgl files in the new FSX format. The output is an XML file which can be compiled with bglcomp. By Winfried Orthmann....

File size: 548.1 KB | Download hits: 2189

Reduce AI

FSX Reduce AI, v1.0. ReduceAI is a simple tool that helps you in reconfiguring the flight plans of AI traffic packages to better respect the user's traffic density settings. Many add-on AI traffic developers do not include the granularity options provided by the flight simulator's settings dialog, but compile their packages as "all or nothing". So you will have either the full traffic load or no traffic at all, depending on your traffic density settings. As most people don't own computers that...

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FSX logbookeditor v0.2 beta. This software is an attempt to decode and edit FSX logbook file format. For previous versions of Flight Simulator log books were editable text files but it has changed since FSX. The new format is binary and undocumented. Public Domain....

File size: 85.31 KB | Download hits: 753

Living World

FSX Living World v1.1. An animation tool that uses the Microsoft FSX Animal and GroundVehicle SimObjects and through the SimConnect SDK they move along a list of lat/long points provided in a LivingWorld.cfg file. Make most any Animal, GroundVehicle and/or Boat follow a predefined path. The file LivingWorld.exe was created with Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2005. The sample .cpp file for AI Objects and waypoints was used as a template. By Ron Haertel....

File size: 411.88 KB | Download hits: 3541

FSXPilot Software

FSX FSXPilot Software. Although FSXPilot is session (30) limited shareware, you will be able to use the navigation functions, the EFIS, and most of the autopilot functions without limitation. You will always be able to run second party FSP flight plans. You must start FSXPilot as a standalone application before or while running FSX. You can even start FSXPilot from another computer connected with the FSX host via network. Some FSXPilot menus will be enabled only if FSX has been started....

File size: 6.16 MB | Download hits: 1778


FSX AISmooth v1.20. An AI traffic manager with optional voice output. AISmooth will reduce the number of go-arounds of AI traffic at your airport drastically. By Michael Sagner....

File size: 722.22 KB | Download hits: 18397

VFR Weather Companion

FSX VFR Weather Companion. Requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later, Windows XP 32 bit operating system and a pre-existing installation of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Standard or Deluxe Edition. The VFR Weather Companion lets you generate weather themes at the click of a button. Features include weather forecasting, options to influence storm activity, improve simulation performance (by varying the complexity of generated weather) and maximum visibility overrides. You can also toggle between...

File size: 3.45 MB | Download hits: 1467

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