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FSX Utilities

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AirTrack Plug-in V1.4

This is an update of the plug-in for the AirTrack iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app. In order to install it run the executable that will deploy a gauge in the proper folder and automatically activate it. AirTrack is an app that allows tracking of flights on your iPhone or iPad in real time using a local wireless network with built-in parameter reporting, an EFIS MFD, an FMC and Airport information. You can also command the plane from the application. The current update fixes some bugs, improves...

File size: 313.05 kB | Download hits: 459

Plug-In For Airtrack V1.2

This is an update of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X plug-in for the AirTrack iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app. AirTrack is an App that allows tracking of FS2004 flights on your iPhone or iPad in real time using a local wireless network with built-in parameter reporting, an EFIS MFD, an FMC and Airport information. You can also command the plane from the application. The current update fixes some bugs, improves the communication between the plug-in and the application and allows the flight plan...

File size: 311.45 kB | Download hits: 52

AI Traffic Editor V1.1

A.I. Traffic tool is created to provide a way for the average flight simulator players to be able to utilize the Traffic Builder SDK included with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The tool's main functionality is to create AI traffic that uses all aircraft textures present in the user's FSX directory. By Christopher Flordeliza. Screenshot of AI Traffic Editor V1.1. New to this version: Fixed the error in duplicate aircraft ID. Added manual FSX and FSX directory...

File size: 4.05 MB | Download hits: 10544

FSXControls Utility V3.0

FSXControls is a set of programs for FSX. (1) GUI multifunction application comprising: comprehensive input controller setup; your hangar aircrafts manager. (2) Charts & maps viewer gauge with airport & NAVaids info. (3) GhostMouse and FlexyCamera driver module for FSX. By Eugene Motorny. Screenshot showing map on display in the cockpit. What's new in version 3.0: FSXcontrols: Simplified installation. Significantly rebuilt GUI with many new tools and...

File size: 1.27 MB | Download hits: 1283

Largest_Crash Utility

Based on ASN Aviation Safety Database, this Excel file gives you information about all airplane crash history since 1945 until today. Major crash narratives are include with photos. All aircraft are referenced by number of fatalities. By Richard Monnin. Screenshot of Largest_Crash open in Excel. ...

File size: 43.89 MB | Download hits: 569

Banking Camera V1.0

This utility banks the camera view automatically when the aircraft banks, so you can look where you are going without panning around manually. It's almost like a head tracking device but without the need for any hardware. By Justin Probert. ...

File size: 262.92 kB | Download hits: 2790

Precise Jet Fuel Calculator

A tool for fuel load planning, useful only for the Boeing 747-400 and based on tables from the PMDG B747-400. By Lev Feldman. There is no installation for this program. Just Unzip and run! ...

File size: 45.07 kB | Download hits: 598


Microsoft self extracting cabinet file containing the program "resetsldl.exe" used to correct a known installation issue with FSX Deluxe edition. This program resets the installer to zero so that FSX can be reinstalled. Created by Microsoft Corporation. Upload by gtrebich. ...

File size: 323.77 kB | Download hits: 11826

Squawk Code Generator V1.12

Includes the free version of BBC Basic for Windows and a program to randomly generate 4 digit numbers (excluding 8s and 9s) in order to simulate squawk codes in real life. Version 1.12 includes a code guide and a more friendly, updated method of using the program. Very useful for doing ATC. By Nathan and Richard Hammer. Installation: Simply install BBC Basic and then double click on the file named SquawkCodev1.12. Operation: Hit the triangle on the right hand side, at the...

File size: 1.80 MB | Download hits: 470

ATC Browser Utility

ATC Browser has been written for flightsim enthusiasts to create an audio link to the real world. ATC Browser provides a database of live ATC audio feeds from the Internet and makes these feeds interactive with FSX. The previous evaluation version has expired, this version of the program will run for 15 minutes per session. Comes with frequencies for the KPIT area pre-installed. Written by D. Lowey. ...

File size: 638.00 kB | Download hits: 653

AiSort Utility V2.1.20

A program to build new flight plans, convert FS2004 Ttools flight plans to FSX compatibility, edit, delete, add to existing plans and create auto plans using selected aircraft and selected airports. Requires Microsoft net 3.5 and FSX Deluxe with the SDK Installed. By Frank Salter. ...

File size: 442.36 kB | Download hits: 188

AI Formation Toys V4

FormationSetup is simple program designed to create a formation of up to four AI controlled aircraft. By Jerry Beckwith. This zip contains files: FormationSetup.exe FormationSetup.cfg readme.txt FormationSetup Overview: To select an AI aircraft, scroll through the aircraft titles in the list of Available Aircraft on the left and highlight an aircraft you want to use in a formation. Then click one of the Aircraft Selected check boxes or text boxes in the middle of the panel....

File size: 128.21 kB | Download hits: 4820

RepaintManagerX V1.01

This new version fixed a crash on startup reported by some users in v1.0. The fastest way to install, remove and manage repaints for FSX! To install a new repaint just drag the zip file with the repaint onto the aircraft - how easy is that? Other features involve easy removal of repaints, managing texture.cfg files, quickly finding aircraft folders, updating thumbnails, backing up aircraft and more! Don't spend any more time hand-editing aircraft.cfg files, install and manage your repaints...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 1249

FenceBuilder PRO Version 2 Demo

Fence Builder PRO is a graphical, multi-purpose object placement tool. While designed initially for creating and placing ground-hugging fences and other segmented structures such as walls and hedges, FenceBuilder PRO now places models from Flight Simulator library files and effects including, for FSX, sound effects. It will also place models you have created with Gmax or other tools - without you having to create a XML file. You can even customize library models developed by others. But, what...

File size: 13.53 MB | Download hits: 290

Sim Network Utility

Sim Network, a program written as an easy method of networking FSX over multiple computers. Wireless or hard wired, Sim Network will mimic your aircraft movements and position on a second computer running FSX (requires Simconnect). Use the client computer monitors to set up additional views. This is a pre-release version with time limitations. Full copy is available. By Daryl Lowey. Cover image for Sim Network Utility. ...

File size: 1.04 MB | Download hits: 402

fs6DOFware Utility

fs6DOFware lets to use 3D mice from 3Dconnexion into Flight Simulator X and Microsoft ESP. The 3D mouse can be used to rotate and translate the eye point quickly and efficiently, without have to remember tons of buttons from a joystick or tricky key stroke combinations from the keyboard. Used in conjunction with WidevieW, lets to re-orient the view simultaneously on all the computers of the LAN, without losing horizon alignment. Trial mode works for 10 minutes per flight session, registration...

File size: 7.19 MB | Download hits: 162

WidevieW X 3.2 Utility

WidevieW can be used to create simulator cockpits with panoramic external views on multiple monitors through networked PCs. An high speed communication protocol working throughout the LAN, keeps all the views perfectly synchronized during ground operations and flight. Each computer can be easily configured to show a particular view through a user's defined view angle. Shareware. If unregistered, WidevieW is limited to 10 minutes of time per flight session.. By Luciano Napolitano. Thank...

File size: 3.10 MB | Download hits: 723

AI Time Table 2

AI TimeTable is a software simulation of an airport time table for FSX, where the airport location is just where your aircraft is positioned. It is able to monitor also the user flight, managing it as it was an AI controlled one. Thanks to its features, AITT2 is able to provide a good rate of correct flight numbers whereas FSX is not able to do for some departing flights. This shareware release permits up to five flights to display a time. Needs FSX SP1 + SimConnect. By...

File size: 8.52 MB | Download hits: 967

Gauge Recover V1.2

A small free utility that will restore all your gauges and effects of origin in less than 10 seconds. With Gauges Recovery, you're sure to get the display of all gauges and effects. By Erik Bender. New ! Since version 1.2 Gauges Recovery also fix the problem of compatibility of FS9 add-ons which display all gray and without texture! For years I worked on Flight Simulator I realized that many people have problems with showing the gauges panel (black screen) or special effects such as...

File size: 11.44 MB | Download hits: 3621

Logitech G940 Lighting Control Software

G940 Lighting control Software lets you assign any of 28 Flight Simulator X events to the eight panel buttons on the Logitech Flight System G940 Throttle. The events supported are: Fire on Engine 1, Fire on Engine 2, Fire on Engine 3, Fire on Engine 4, Damage Status Engine 1, Damage Status Engine 2, Damage Status Engine 3, Damage Status Engine 4, APU on Fire, Fuel Status, Avionics Master On/Off, Autopilot Master On/Off, Autopilot Flight Director On/Off, Flaps Up/Down, Spoiler Armed, Gear...

File size: 764.65 kB | Download hits: 580

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