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FSX Utilities

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V-Speed Calculator

This little program retrieves information from FSX and calculates V1, Vr, V2 and Vref. In the version, only default B744, B738, CRJ700 and B350 are supported. By Samuel Louie. Screenshot of V-Speed Calculator. Instructions: Run FSX. Run FSXVSPDCALC.exe. Click "Connect". Click "Calculate". Done. As simple as that. This program uses SimConnect. This program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above. ...

File size: 232.75 KB | Download hits: 2312

WheelCam Utility V2.7

This program is a very basic tool that implements mouse-based panning and eyepoint adjustments, including the ability to move your eyepoint beyond the limits imposed by Flight Simulator X (this feature is good to stroll about virtual cabins of larger aircraft). This module requires a wheel-mouse (a center wheel that also acts as a center mouse button). By Gunnar Daehling. USE AND YOUR OWN RISK! I offers this software on an as-is basis, and assumes no liability in your usage of this...

File size: 1.64 MB | Download hits: 2507

Man2SBuilder Utility

These small and simple to use utilities will rename image tiles downloaded from Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth using the Manifold tool bar so that they can be displayed with the latest version of SBuilder X (SBUILD31.ZIP). Public Domain. By Luis Feliz-Tirado. SBuilder X now has its own tile server, and so one no longer needs the Manifold tool bar in order to get images. The tiles obtained with the Manifold tool bar have a different naming convention from the SBuilder X tile server...

File size: 90.68 KB | Download hits: 115

SBuilderX 310 Utility

SBuilder X, version 310, is a scenery creation tool that produces the following types of scenery; landclass and waterclass, photo scenery, vector scenery, exclusion rectangles, objects and macro placement, ground textured polygons. By Luis Sa. Screenshot of the SBuilderX 310 program. SBUILDERX310.ZIP contains 2 files: ReadMe.txt, the file that you are reading SBuilderX310.msi, an installer programme for SBuilderX SBUILDERX - INSTALLATION To install SBuilderX, you...

File size: 8.3 MB | Download hits: 3103

SBuilderX 310 Tutorial

A tutorial for using the scenery design tool SBuilder X v3.10 (SBUILD31.ZIP). The tutorial can serve as an introduction to SBuilderX, but emphasizes using it to modify or correct airport terrain. This tutorial is a follow-on to APTTUTV1.ZIP. By Scott Smart. Cover image for SBuilderX 310. ...

File size: 4.44 MB | Download hits: 1767

Widetraffic Utility

Widetraffic is a FSX plug-in module that can be used to synchronize AI traffic throughout the LAN, especially useful when WidevieW is used. Widetraffic reads the AI traffic in real time from a computer designed as "server" (typically, the computer where the input peripherals are connected and where you actually fly) and re-create the same AI traffic on any "client" computer running FSX and Widetraffic, throughout the local area network. By Luciano...

File size: 1.94 MB | Download hits: 85


This tool will try to kill processes for better FSX performance. The processes to kill are stored in app.config. You can easily add processes there via the "Add to Killlist" button. You can delete them via "Reset Killlist" button. With "Kill Processes" all Processes stored in app.config will be tried to be deleted. By Chris Tester. Note: This file is basing upon Microsoft .NET framework v. 3.5 You can download the .NET Framework from Microsoft. This program...

File size: 8.12 KB | Download hits: 439

Aircrafter V1.5

A simple tool that offers an overview of your aircraft. This new version adds features like editing of aircraft, changing thumbnails and has a redesigned user interface. It also comes with a callsign editor to change your ATC callsigns. By Andreas Schwarz. Cover image for Utility FSXAircrafter. Includes a manual. Installation: Double click the "Setup_Aircrafter_1_5.exe" and follow the installation wizard. ...

File size: 1.66 MB | Download hits: 752

Utility - Largest_Fleet

Based on Airfleets and airliner census 2010, this Excel file gives you all the information about the top 25 major fleets in the world, both jet and regional, with last updated data and photos. Now you know exactly which are the largest airline fleets and which are the most used aircraft all around the world. By Richard Monnin. ...

File size: 20.67 MB | Download hits: 140

Aircraft Installer

FSX Aircraft Installer - This program can install your aircrafts and rotorcraftshelicopters. This program makes it a whole lot easyer then copying and pasting thos stupid files. Programming by: Steven Logiudice. Installation Download .zip file Unzip Open the unziped folder and double click on FSXAI Installer.exe Click on install and wait for the done! message Done! Uninstallation Go into your C: drive and right click on the folder called FSXAIRPLANEINSTALLER Press...

File size: 32.68 KB | Download hits: 25959

CFG File Editor & Finder

Thank you for downloading the TweakFS Config Editor for FSX! This is a simple, no-fills editor for direct editing of the FSX.CFG file. It was designed to (hopefully) forever put to rest the age-old question - "Where is my FSX.CFG file?". It is handy when you want to make a quick change to the FSX.CFG file and you don't know where it is, or can't be bothered looking for it (yes we simmers can be lazy sometimes).Features:- Automatically finds the FSX.CFG file- Loads and displays all FSX.CFG...

File size: 703.93 KB | Download hits: 11822

Airport Design Editor AFCAD Editor/Creator

Airport Design Editor (ADE) is a graphical design tool to create and enhance airports for Microsoft Flight Simulators 9 and X. It takes it's inspiration from the excellent AFCAD2 developed for FS9 by Lee Swordy. ADE does for FS9 and FSX what AFCAD does for FS9. It adds support for new FSX features such as fences, jetways and terrain. Users can also remove, move, or edit existing buildings and objects as well as adding new ones In addition to airport elements ADE also has a visual Approach...

File size: 12.61 MB | Download hits: 41805

Fraps 3.0.3

Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology.  In its current form Fraps performs many tasks and can best be described as:Benchmarking Software - Show how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen.  Perform custom benchmarks and measure the frame rate between any two points.  Save the statistics out to disk and use them for your own reviews and applications.Screen Capture Software -...

File size: 1.98 MB | Download hits: 10830

World-of-AI Installer

FSX and FS2004 World-of-AI Installer. This is the World-of-AI Installer version 2.4. You'll need this installer for future World-of-AI releases.  You also need the package files that go with the installer ( This program provides freeware AI traffic for your copy of FSX or FS2004. You will also need the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 to make the installer work. NOTE: Once you have the installer, you will need the AI package files that can be downloaded here. ...

File size: 973.41 KB | Download hits: 36849

Scruffyduck Software Scenery Design Test

FSX Scruffyduck Software Scenery Design Engine Test Application v1.1. The SDE works with scenery files. It can fead both .bgl files and .xmo and can add, delete and modify scenery elements and compile the results for FSX. By Jon Masterson. ...

File size: 1.89 MB | Download hits: 2230

WheelCam Utility v2.4

WheelCam 2.4. This program is a very basic tool that implements mouse-based panning and eyepoint adjustments, including the ability to move your eyepoint beyond the limits imposed by Flight Simulator X (this feature is good to stroll about virtual cabins of larger aircraft). This module requires a wheel-mouse (a center wheel that also acts as a center mouse button). By Gunnar Daehling. ...

File size: 1.64 MB | Download hits: 4490

Utility--AiSort v1.0.0.50

AiSort v1.0.0.50. A Visual Basic 6 utility (runtime required) to takes TrafficTools style flight plans, sorts them and converts them into text that can be imported to the FSX SDK TrafficDatabaseBuilder to produce an FSX flight plan .bgl file. By Frank Salter....

File size: 64.4 KB | Download hits: 826


FSUIPC for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (incorporating WideFS 7). Now version 4.955. This version works with FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D​. A module that allows outside programs to communicate with FSX. By Pete Dowson. ...

File size: 3.77 MB | Download hits: 105541


FSX TreeX v2, a set of photoreal vegetation textures based on high resolution photographs. The tree images were hand retouched fo ensure constant colors between types. Three versions of different resolutions are included. By Aime Leclercq. (Previous version had 1301 downloads.) ...

File size: 14.37 MB | Download hits: 21247


Auththumbnail Automatically generates a thumbnail file for the currently flying aircraft. The image (shown in the "select aircraft" menu) is based on a screen capture. Public Domain....

File size: 186.08 KB | Download hits: 1940

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