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FSX Utilities

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Logitech G940 Lighting Control Software

G940 Lighting control Software lets you assign any of 28 Flight Simulator X events to the eight panel buttons on the Logitech Flight System G940 Throttle. The events supported are: Fire on Engine 1, Fire on Engine 2, Fire on Engine 3, Fire on Engine 4, Damage Status Engine 1, Damage Status Engine 2, Damage Status Engine 3, Damage Status Engine 4, APU on Fire, Fuel Status, Avionics Master On/Off, Autopilot Master On/Off, Autopilot Flight Director On/Off, Flaps Up/Down, Spoiler Armed, Gear...

File size: 764.65 KB | Download hits: 645

FSX/SP2 FSXSave Autosave 1.04

FSXSave is a fully configurable integrated autosave utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2. Users can configure from within FSX, Save Interval, Saving While on Ground and Maximum Number of Saves to Keep. Easy installation using Windows Installer and full documentation is included. FSXSave is free to use for personal use. By Glynn Wilshaw. Screenshot of FSXSave Autosave 1.04. Users can configure the following settings from within FSX: Save Interval from 1 to...

File size: 1.34 MB | Download hits: 8526

EditVoicepack X 4.0

Allows editing the ATC communication in FSX. It is possible to change the phraseology as well as add airline callsigns, airports and aircraft types. It already contains thousands of ready made entries. It also allows you to accelerate the existing voices for a more realistic experience and better handling of traffic dense environments. By Lars Moellebjerg. Cover image for EditVoicepack X 4.0. EditVoicepack X offers a simple interface to edit the file containing the ATC...

File size: 2.84 MB | Download hits: 9960

FSXControls Utility V2.1

FSXControls is a set of programs for FSX. (1) GUI multifunction application for: set up button & keyboard FSX controls; set up an unique GhostMouse technology; set some parameters of FSX cameras system; and more. (2) Charts and maps viewer gauge with nearest airport and navaids info. (3) GhostMouse driver module for FSX with scripting capabilities now. By Eugene Motorny. Screenshot of map displayed in the cockpit. Finally, here it is! FSXControls is a set of three program...

File size: 977.01 KB | Download hits: 405

FSXControls Utility V2.0

FSXControls is a set of programs for FSX. (1) GUI multifunction application for: set up button & keyboard FSX controls; set up an unique GhostMouse technology; set some parameters of FSX cameras system; and more. (2) Charts and maps viewer gauge with nearest airport and navaids info. (3) GhostMouse driver module for FSX. By Eugene Motorny. Screenshot of map displayed in the cockpit. Finally, here it is! FSXControls is a set of three program modules: GUI multifunction...

File size: 935.79 KB | Download hits: 254

Navari Utility

Navari is a small flight planner/navigation display/autopilot. With this a flight can be created by easy clicks. Imports from RouteFinder are possible. On local airfield maps you can finish the route by creating SID's and STAR's. Then the flight can be flown on Autopilot with LNAV and VNAV modes. Navari is still a Beta version. By Scumari Technologies 2009. Screenshot of the Navari settings menu. Installation: Just copy all files to a directory of your choice,...

File size: 24.57 MB | Download hits: 573

G15 SpeedBird Beta 0.2

For users with G15 Logitech keyboard. This plugin will display speed, altitude, flaps setting and many more current Flightsim X aircraft status info to your Keyboard G16 info window. By Team-Challenger. Please note - this is the second Beta release of G15 Speedbird. Updates: Now works on x86 and x64 platforms. (Thanks to Mr-Otin for x64 testing.) I have activated the first two buttons - you can now switch between the "GEN" and "NAV"...

File size: 386.04 KB | Download hits: 256

Traffic Sounds FSX Ultimate Traffic 2

Traffic Sounds FSX Ultimate Traffic 2 Alias Installer. By Alan Constable. Cover image for Traffic_Sounds_FSX. Unzip Installation, this will give you a good idea how to install everything! Hope you enjoy! ...

File size: 20.73 MB | Download hits: 2102

Widetraffic For FSX V1.3

Widetraffic is an FSX plugin module that can be used to synchronize AI traffic throughout the LAN, especially useful when WidevieW is used. Widetraffic reads the AI traffic in real time from a computer designed as "server" (typically, the computer where the input peripherals are connected and where you actually fly) and re-create the same AI traffic on any "client" computer running FSX and Widetraffic, throughout the local area network. By Luciano Napolitano. Cover...

File size: 2.05 MB | Download hits: 167

FSDSxTweak V2.4

This application allows users of FSDS 3.5.1 to add various tweaks to their models, such as bump mapping, VC dynamic shadows, environment mapping, cameras (external and VC), automatically computed accurate gear compression, fuel tank placement, and more. FSDSxTweak Logo. This new version adds many bug fixes, bloom and misc. parameters to materials, setting of diffuse and specular material color, a more powerful fsdsxtweak_plugin with custom build scripts, and Modeldef_Edit a new...

File size: 4.95 MB | Download hits: 367

MH's AI Traffic Pack

Includes four utilities. aitchk.exe - The program can be used to scan files of to determine missing aircraft or sim object data files. aitmod.exe - The program can be used to modify aircraft configuration files to update them to FSX standards. ait2x.exe - The program can be used to convert AI traffic files of from old format (FS9) to new format (FSX). aitmrg.exe - The program can be used to find and re-install lost texture files of AI aircraft and new AI aircraft may be installed from a given...

File size: 1.48 MB | Download hits: 758

Flight Trip Chooser V2.0

Flight Trip Chooser 2.0 is a simple tool to suggest a random departure airport and select a destination airports (out of more than 24,000 airports) within a given and adjustable distance you can choose from. Detailed information about the airports (runway, map, charts, etc.) and the flight area (weather radar, map, Google Map, etc.) is available with just one click for every single airport. New: in addition the user can pick a departure airport and define a range of distance to show available...

File size: 11 MB | Download hits: 1298

Soft Horizons

This is a texture package which smoothens the transition between sky and ground for Flight Simulator X. This package may not work with other sky environment add-ons. By John Cillis. Cover image for Soft Horizons, showing the softer horizon line. "Soft Horizons" is my effort to make the transition between sky and ground less extreme for Flight Simulator X users. It is modeled after my similar package for Flight Simulator 9 and is essentially the same set of textures,...

File size: 190.74 KB | Download hits: 1122


The add-on that is meant for everyone who likes to spot the active runway of his favorite airport to watch departing and arriving aircraft. By Peter Ceyssens. Installation: Just click on the fsx spotter.exe (installer). It is a silent installer that install the add-on directly. Location: (C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Aimulator XSimobjectsMiscFSX Spotter). Usage: Create a flight. Select an aircraft. Look for 'spot ltd spotty". Click...

File size: 1.55 MB | Download hits: 1063

Flight Simulation Training Tool

This file contains data logs in the Excel format. It is intended to supplement actual flight training using a flight simulation program. In this file you will find three logs for flight simulator time, ground school time and aircraft specifications. These Logs work with any flight simulator format and be used for training, entertainment, or virtual airline flight tracking. By Steve Smith. Screenshot of the Flight Simulation Training Tool. It is my hope that this log will help...

File size: 42.81 KB | Download hits: 587

Bookmarks V1.0.4

This application allows you to save locations of interest (latitude, longitude, altitude, heading) and jump there at a later time. By Charlie McCormack. Screenshot of Bookmarks window. I created this application to allow me to save locations I found of interest and jump there at a later time. Application minimizes to the system tray and has a context menu when you right click with the mouse button. Restore the window by double clicking on the icon with your left mouse button....

File size: 548.5 KB | Download hits: 130

FS Landing Info Utility

This program's main purpose is to provide landing performance information. It polls FSX every 100 milliseconds and if it detects that the aircraft has landed a number of flight characteristics are displayed in the FS Landing Info screen. By Steven White. Screenshot of FS Landing Info window. I have wanted a program to check my landings for some time and while there are a few program around that do it they only provide basic information. I had a skeleton SimConnect program...

File size: 142.7 KB | Download hits: 2708

FSXControls Utility

FSXControls is a set of programs for FSX. (1) GUI multifunction application for: set up button & keyboard FSX controls; set up an unique GhostMouse technology; set some parameters of FSX cameras system. (2) Chart viewer gauge with nearest airport info (ILS and weather station). (3) GhostMouse driver module for FSX. By Eugene Motorny. Cover image for FSXControls Utility. This set is provided for free for NON commercial use for all MS Flight Simulator X funs. Of cause, this set...

File size: 786.93 KB | Download hits: 310

FS Earth Demo Version

This program acts as an interface between Flight Simulator X and Google Earth, letting to follow a flight in real time, over the satellite images generated by Google Earth. Flights can be saved, and many options are available for fine tuning the performance, as well as the map's style (zoom, tilt, orientation). Works on a single computer running FSX and Google Earth all together or, for best experience, can be used on two networked computers running respectively FSX (master) and Google...

File size: 3.46 MB | Download hits: 540

AircraftTweak V1.1

This application for FSX allows operations on the aircraft.cfg file. Uses include: installing/removing a repaint, issuing patches for aircraft parameters, and more. The command line tool requires no extra libraries or installations, so is perfect for distributing with your own repaints or patches, even inside installers! Also included is AircraftTweakUI, a simple interface which allows installation and removal of repaints on your system. This new version adds a better algorithm for reading...

File size: 661.33 KB | Download hits: 290

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