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FSX Utilities

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FSX logbookeditor v0.2 beta. This software is an attempt to decode and edit FSX logbook file format. For previous versions of Flight Simulator log books were editable text files but it has changed since FSX. The new format is binary and undocumented. Public Domain....

File size: 85.31 kB | Download hits: 667

Living World

FSX Living World v1.1. An animation tool that uses the Microsoft FSX Animal and GroundVehicle SimObjects and through the SimConnect SDK they move along a list of lat/long points provided in a LivingWorld.cfg file. Make most any Animal, GroundVehicle and/or Boat follow a predefined path. The file LivingWorld.exe was created with Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2005. The sample .cpp file for AI Objects and waypoints was used as a template. By Ron Haertel....

File size: 411.88 kB | Download hits: 3110

FSXPilot Software

FSX FSXPilot Software. Although FSXPilot is session (30) limited shareware, you will be able to use the navigation functions, the EFIS, and most of the autopilot functions without limitation. You will always be able to run second party FSP flight plans. You must start FSXPilot as a standalone application before or while running FSX. You can even start FSXPilot from another computer connected with the FSX host via network. Some FSXPilot menus will be enabled only if FSX has been started....

File size: 6.16 MB | Download hits: 1434


FSX AISmooth v1.20. An AI traffic manager with optional voice output. AISmooth will reduce the number of go-arounds of AI traffic at your airport drastically. By Michael Sagner....

File size: 722.22 kB | Download hits: 15818

VFR Weather Companion

FSX VFR Weather Companion. Requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later, Windows XP 32 bit operating system and a pre-existing installation of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Standard or Deluxe Edition. The VFR Weather Companion lets you generate weather themes at the click of a button. Features include weather forecasting, options to influence storm activity, improve simulation performance (by varying the complexity of generated weather) and maximum visibility overrides. You can also toggle between...

File size: 3.45 MB | Download hits: 1275

Yet Another Google Earth Tool

FSX Yet Another Google Earth Tool v0.93 (YAGET). Tested with FSX Deluxe. A utility to interface FS2004 data with Google Earth. It allows FS2004 to save either a single position or a complete flight path that Google Earth can then display. You can also use it to follow your position with Google Earth. By ROTW....

File size: 945.83 kB | Download hits: 2613

FSXControls PatchPatch

Critical patch FSXcontrols.exe 4.0.2. Issue: FSXControls crashes on startup if you have installed some 3rd party aircrafts (particularly Captain Sim's). Sorry for the severe bug. FSXcontrols.exe 4.0.2 included in this archive fixes the problem. Just unzip the FSXcontrols.exe and replace the previous version. This is update only. Requires FSXCONTROLS.ZIP. By Eugene Motorny. Screenshot of FSControls Configurator window.   ...

File size: 418.48 kB | Download hits: 1023

Flightplanner And Data Files V12.5 UpdatePatch

This is an update to 12.5 (error in macro). This is an Excel workbook to help set up AI traffic at selected airports. This version also has added data of airport BGL file names and locations. All the FSX airport info is available, with quick entries to determine the distance between airports. Even if you do not use this workbook to set up airport traffic, the data available will be supportive. Flight planner by Gary McDonald. If not installed in excel, you'll have to install the add-in,...

File size: 5.90 MB | Download hits: 346

Reward Creator V1.3Patch

Bug fix. This is a tool, and does not provide any entertainment. If you are a mission developer, this is your tool! This download is a program that simplifies the process of creating mission rewards. This program does the complete designing/compiling process in a simple GUI. By Daniel Metien. Cover image for Reward Creator V1.3. I've had some users complain that the program corrupted their image files resulting in working, but blurry reward images. Installation: All...

File size: 17.66 kB | Download hits: 175

World-of-AI AI Traffic Packages

This download provides all of the AI aircraft and flight plan packages to be used with the World of AI installer (  These package are compatible with both FSX and FS2004.  This is the file that brings your flight simulation experience to life with AI traffic based on the real world. This is a complete package containing all of the current World of AI traffic packages.  All of the AI packages (over 400) have been included in this easy to download single...

File size: 2252.61 MB | Download hits: 718

Flight Simulation Addon Tracker Utility

This little tool helps you keep a list of your favorite airports with the option to export this list to Google Earth. Easily choose an airport for today's flight and access additional airport data through Sam High's FSXDB. By Tobias Wagner. Screenshot of FS Add-on Tracker Utility. Requirements: Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher (usually installed on current systems). Strongly recommended: an installation of Google Earth. Installation: Just unzip the...

File size: 420.58 kB | Download hits: 1386

FSTramp For FSX V5.2

FSTramp is an integrated plug-in for FSX, with a navigation map, a world-wide search and find function for airports and navaids, a what's up? display for multiplayer / AI aircraft, and an autopilot front-end for easy operation. New: extensive inland waterways, cities, roads, railway tracks, online upgrade notice and dragging the map with the left mouse button depressed. By Team FSTramp. Screenshot of FSTramp for FSX. System Requirements: Windows Vista or subsequent...

File size: 306.76 MB | Download hits: 3557

FSXControls 4.0

FSXControls 4.0 is a set of programs for FSX. (1) GUI multifunction application comprising: comprehensive input controller setup; your hangar aircraft manager. (2) Charts and maps viewer gauge with airport and navaids info. (3) GhostMouse and FlexyCamera driver module for FSX. By Eugene Motorny. (See also FSXCONTROLS402PATCH.ZIP). Screenshot of FSXControls 4.0 window. What's new in Version 4.0: Breaking changes: Port to .NET4.0. New configuration and navigation files...

File size: 1.44 MB | Download hits: 1040

Pushback Utility PushkunX V1.3.0.9

Engine checking bug is fixed. This is the support application for Flight Simulator X. Push back operation is automated. You can execute "PushkunX" from a menu on FS. You can play any wav file in push back. By Koji Tsubakimoto. If you wish, you can play a lot of sound files and assemble. You can change sound files to play, freely. And you can check a condition of a parking break and request to release it with any sound. Of course, you can ignore the parking break. This utility...

File size: 2.28 MB | Download hits: 2355

Flight Plan Creator V12.4

Flight Plan Creator V12.4, using Excel. This Excel workbook will assist in making flight plans for FSX using the program AIFPC.EXE. This is a de-compile/compile program for the TrafficAircraft.bgl file. The Excel spreadsheet has gone thru a number of changes, to make the creation of AI traffic for a particular airport/airports quick and easy. This version corrects the ETD time calculations. Also added some error catching formulae to the repeat times. By Gary McDonald. If not installed in...

File size: 5.32 MB | Download hits: 818

Info For Passengers Reloaded

For cockpit builders now you can show to your passengers the plane's altitude, speed and external temp in flight, as in real life in long (intercontinental) flights Requires FSUIPC. By Mario Dantas. Snapshot of the Flight Information screen available to passengers. Install the "Software" using Setup.exe file included in the ZIP package. After installation, start your "Software" and follow the screen instructions to run a DEMO or apply for a new license...

File size: 1.03 MB | Download hits: 785

Aircraft Editor V1.1

A program to allow users to calculate inertia and jet inlet values and save them to the aircraft's aircraft.cfg file by simply entering the aircraft's basic dimensions. This release includes a flight tuning editor. By Mark Bradshaw. Screenshot of Aircraft Editor windows. ...

File size: 975.00 kB | Download hits: 1346

FSX/P3D SimLauncher V7.2

This application can be used as a launcher application for both FSX and Prepar3D. Flights can be loaded before launching the simulator or when the simulator is already running. New flights can be created by selecting one of the installed aircraft, selecting the start location (runway or parking position), selecting the type of weather and the time of day. Improvements: FTX region and lights switching, startup camera selection, recently loaded flights menu, faster startup, tuning of COM and NAV...

File size: 5.49 MB | Download hits: 3626

To ForeFlight IPAD Apps Interface

Send FSX position, altitude, track and ground speed information into iPad ForeFlight Apps. This program was developed using Peter Dowson's FSUIPC SDK. By Mel Malin. ...

File size: 3.11 MB | Download hits: 483

My Traffic X BAW/BMI Airbus Mods

These files will allow you to modify the British Midland A319, A320 and A321 in MyTraffic X to appear in the hybrid livery with the vertical stabilizer in British Airways colors. By George Hutton. Jetliners sporting hybrid liveries. Installation: Firstly find the "My Traffic" Folder in your FSX root Folder and then expand to the folder for the aircraft you wish to modify (e.g. 'Aircraft/A319MX). Open the aicraft.cfg and find the entry for the Midland aicraft...

File size: 362.02 kB | Download hits: 477

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