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FSX Utilities

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Plan To Route Utility V1.0

This is a small utility that takes FSX flight plan files (in XML .pln format) and converts them into the .rt2 format, used by several add-on manufacturers (like PMDG) for their FMC routes. By Henning Schaefer. Screenshot of Plan To Route main window. WHAT DOES THIS PROGRAM DO? This is a small utility that takes FSX flight plan files (in XML .pln format) and converts them into the .rt2 format, used by several add-on manufacturers (like PMDG) for their FMC routes. As such,...

File size: 322.54 kB | Download hits: 4041

AIRound V2.0

This utility enables forward (VC-like), fly by, spot and top-down views of other players' aircraft and AI-controlled airplanes, ground vehicles and boats. There are three special view modes for AI aircraft landings and take-offs. Continuous AI aircraft following all the way to its destination is available. There are lots of parameters of participating airplanes, assistance in formation flying, etc. For more utility features see its ReadMe.txt file. There are 4 FSX sessions for free. By...

File size: 923.28 kB | Download hits: 864

Reward Creator/Decompiler

A utility to create rewards files with multiple sections and criteria. By Charlie McCormack. I built this in a rush as I hated manually editing the XML files that are used to create reward files. It should work without error, but if it doesn't, please post a message let me know. The decompiler code was supplied by by lc0277. Thanks! ...

File size: 179.86 kB | Download hits: 170

Flight Simulator Water Configurator V3.15

This shader control utility will allow you to change the FSX water shader tone and reflections in real time without rebooting the simulator. The utility comes with predefined profiles for FSX and Acceleration Missions along with favorite profiles of the development team. The utility allows a user to modify or create their own personal variation of water light/tone/reflection settings and save them for use or to share. This freeware utility has a 'soon to come', currently under...

File size: 3.33 MB | Download hits: 6487

Super Flight Planner 4 RC4 Navaids Database

This archive contains SFP4 RC4 database, including the whole FSX SP2 scenery base. It is intended only for those people which have troubles with SFP Database Wizard. If you can create databases with SFP4 RC4 database wizard, then you don't need this file. By Alessandro Antonini. Screenshot of Super Flight Planner 4 RC4 Navaids Database. Installation instructions: The contents of the archive must be copied into SFP AppData folder. As the Appdata folder is hidden by...

File size: 12.56 MB | Download hits: 900

fsxlogbook Utility

This software is an FSX logbook viewer displaying a little more information than the viewer in FSX, mostly some totals that are nice to see like: how many different planes were used, how many different airports were visited, how many takeoffs and landings, flight time per plane type, average flight time, take offs and landings per airport. By Jean-Christophe Arnulfo. Screenshot of fsxlogbook window. There isn't much data to play with in logbook.bin, so that's about...

File size: 121.04 kB | Download hits: 1516

FSX/FS Design Studio v3.5.1 FSDSxTweak V1.6

This application allows users of FSDS 3.5.1 to add various tweaks to their models, such as bump mapping, VC dynamic shadows, environment mapping and more! This new version removes some bugs, and adds a new feature like .x file audits, which allows modelers to keep track of which textures have been added to a model, and helps in increasing the frame rate performance of models. Please note that this program requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package available freely from the...

File size: 277.34 kB | Download hits: 1048


The AFTS Client allows you to send live flight data to SimFly.EU servers which becomes available, live via the AFTS. AFTS allows full pilot and VA management, statistics as well as SimPax (an FSX Passengers Game). The application is programmed so that it places very little load on your system, it can also be minimised to the system tray once connected. SimFly.EU AFTS main screen. Note: This application is for Microsoft Flight Simulator X ONLY! AFTS requires no installation, you...

File size: 615.06 kB | Download hits: 82

TweakFS Utility Collection Demo

TweakFS - Cool Tools for Flight Simulator. This archive features five special custom-made utilities, designed exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Between them you can edit hundreds of FSX settings, taking the blood, sweat and tears out of tweaking Flight Simulator. These utilities are also trial versions, they are fully-functional but limited to 30 days. By Fermin Fernandez / TweakFS. TweakFS Logo. All applications have a built-in, one-click restore function to roll back...

File size: 43.56 MB | Download hits: 154

Module Tool X V0.4

With "Module Tool X" you can edit the module config files (exe.xml and dll.xml) for FSX. Requires .NET 2.0 framework library. By Alexander Brand. Screenshot of Module Tool X window. Version 0.4 (7th February 2008) Fixed: Problems to save files because of wrong file format. Fixed: Problem with Explorer Bar and Vista. Version 0.3 (4th May 2007) Bugfix Release. Version 0.2 (11th March 2007) Added: Restore Backup. Added: Sort Entries in...

File size: 2.54 MB | Download hits: 223

Reward Creator V1.3Patch

Bug fix. This is a tool, and does not provide any entertainment. If you are a mission developer, this is your tool! This download is a program that simplifies the process of creating mission rewards. This program does the complete designing/compiling process in a simple GUI. By Daniel Metien. Cover image for Reward Creator V1.3. I've had some users complain that the program corrupted their image files resulting in working, but blurry reward images. Installation: All...

File size: 17.66 kB | Download hits: 189

Object Placement

Object Placement is a utility designed to populate areas of your choice with items from your simobjects folder. The program is a demo which will function for 5 minutes per session. Screenshot of Object Placement window. Tired of being the only object at your local airport? Tired of overflying a harbor with nothing but water? "Object Placement for FSX" will populate these barren areas with static aircraft, boats, vehicles, or even the animals found in FSX. Even the...

File size: 5.71 MB | Download hits: 968

Recorder Module V1.3

This module adds improved recording and replay features to FS. It can record and play flights of almost unlimited length. It also supports recording of AI traffic, and playback of recordings as (AI) traffic, which allows flying formations with yourself. Furthermore it adds advanced view features to the tower, spot and VC view modes. By Matthias Neusinger. This version of FS Recorder requires FSX with Service Pack 1 installed! Automatic installation: First extract the zip file to a...

File size: 378.70 kB | Download hits: 1662

In Flight Emergencies Demo

In Flight Emergencies is an add-on for FSX that allows you to realistically simulate emergency events and really test your ability to handle the unexpected. This demo version will work with the Cessna 172. The full program works with all standard FSX aircraft as well as the majority of add-ons. By Living Sky. Cover image for In Flight Emergencies Demo. This Demo Version will Work with the Cessna 172. The full program works with all standard FSX aircraft as well as the majority of...

File size: 9.07 MB | Download hits: 639

AFTS GameSpy Flight Tracking

AFTS (Advanced Flight Tracking System) allows you to track your aircraft movements via live maps, and also keeps logs of your hours flown. It can be used as part of the AFTS VA and Group Management System for full pilot management, including flight planning and scheduling. Additional features such as dynamic forum signature to display hours are available also. By SimFly. AFTS Logo. AFTS is a Freeware software. ...

File size: 392.01 kB | Download hits: 114

Key2LAN Universal V1.06

This program can be used to convert user-defined key-presses into mouse actions or keystrokes, and to send them to remote computers. Users of multiple computers may find it useful for controlling software (for example simulated instruments and gauges) running on networked PCs. This utility has been specifically developed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, but may work in other simulators or games as well. Used in demo mode, handles a maximum of 3 macros for 10 minutes per session (restart the...

File size: 1.94 MB | Download hits: 64

Model Scanner

Since true FSX models perform better in FSX and also have less/no issues with FSX SP2/DX10 this program was created to identify the types of models installed in Flight Simulator. This program will scan all your Flight Simulator models and check their version and the version of the SDK that was used in case of a 'MDL8' model. By Daniel van Os. Use this program at your own risk. The program does not change anything to your Flight Simulator install, it only scans the Flight Simulator...

File size: 8.84 kB | Download hits: 365

TweakFS Aircraft.CFG Editor V1.0

This is a simple, no-frills editor for direct editing of aircraft.cfg files. It is handy when you want to make quick changes to a particular aircraft.cfg file. By TweakFS (Fermin Fernandez). Features: Loads Cessna 172 Aircraft.CFG by default. Automatically finds the FSX SimObjectsAirplanes folder. Loads and displays all Aircraft.CFG items. FSX-style GUI skin. Installation: This is a stand-alone application, no installation is required. Simply extract or copy the...

File size: 671.66 kB | Download hits: 430

TweakFS Menu Mate V1.0

This utility is designed to give you quicker access to many FSX menu items without the need to "drill down" into various menu/sub-menu layers. Over 60 menu items are supported. By TweakFS (Fermin Fernandez). Screenshot of TweakFS Menu Mate in use. This download contains: exe.xml - Example exe.xml file FSXMenuMate.exe - Main Program EXE menu.cfg - Menu Configuration TweakFS Menu Mate for FSX.pdf - Manual in Adobe PDF format TweakFS Menu Mate for FSX.swf -...

File size: 1.65 MB | Download hits: 371

TweakFS SDK Toolbox V1.1

The FSX SDK ToolBox is a handy application for those who need to delve again and again into the SDK. Quick links to frequently accessed key FSX folders such as the Main FSX, ApplicationData and MyDocuments folders are also included, as are direct links to major FSX configuration files like fsx.cfg, scenery.cfg, dll.xml, exe.xml files and many more. It also includes an integrated GUID generation tool that can create single or multiple GUID lists for use with Cameras and Missions. By TweakFS...

File size: 1.04 MB | Download hits: 330

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