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FSX Other Aircraft & Vehicles

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Pyro LiteComplete with Base Model

FSX Pyro Lite. Though it lacks many of the features found in the full version, this will give you a chance to put her through the paces and see if you want to upgrade. The full version will give you everything the lite version has, plus higher top speed, a fully clickable virtual cockpit, animated seamless pilot, digital radalt and airspeed gauges, retractable landing gear, nine paint schemes, and more. By Mick Posch. ...

File size: 22.80 MB | Download hits: 1156

Home World 2 Higaran CarrierComplete with Base Model

FSX Home World 2 - Higaran Carrier. Features hardened top deck, landing bays with connecting tunnel to hangar deck; extremely slow and stable for multiplayer action; amphibious; specular and self illumination maps; 2D panel radar. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 5.17 MB | Download hits: 1791

Vintage Jeep WranglerComplete with Base Model

FSX Vintage Jeep Wrangler, in candy apple metal flake paint. By Chuck Jodry. ...

File size: 9.60 MB | Download hits: 1762

Rockwell International Space ShuttleComplete with Base Model

FSX Rockwell International Space Shuttle Orbiter Enterprise. Includes manual, aircraft and scenery of the Kennedy Space Center with navaid system for guidance and landing. By Jacob Larsen / JELAIR. ...

File size: 3.45 MB | Download hits: 931

Omala Oil TankerComplete with Base Model

FSX Omala Oil Tanker. Capable of 60 knots and can turn on a dime. ...

File size: 3.17 MB | Download hits: 600

B04Complete with Base Model

FSX B04. The B04 from fictional aircraft manufacturer HE is a large turboprop taildragger meant for hauling cargo. Extremely versatile, it can get in and out of spaces too small for other planes, while still being able to travel long distances. Model created with FSDS3 contains a custom panel with several custom XML gauges, and a fully clickable virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. ...

File size: 1.11 MB | Download hits: 202

DDG-62 USS FitzgeraldComplete with Base Model

FSX DDG-62 USS Fitzgerald destroyer. This model is the default FSX AI model made "flyable". Features FPS friendly textures, stable at all speeds, hard deck for VTOL ops. Made pilotable for FSX only by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 8.70 MB | Download hits: 688

USS Port Royal CruiserComplete with Base Model

FSX USS Port Royal Cruiser. This model is the default FSX AI model made "flyable". Features FPS friendly textures, very stable at all speeds, hard deck for VTOL ops. Made pilotable for FSX only by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 8.75 MB | Download hits: 467

Donzi 28 ZXOComplete with Base Model

FSX Donzi 28 ZXO power boat. Features model shine, stable at all speeds, 2D panel and dynamic VC. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 5.76 MB | Download hits: 1951

USCGC ChaseComplete with Base Model

FSX USCGC Chase Coast Guard Cutter features frame rate friendly textures, stable with no "popping" at all speeds, hard deck for VTOL ops. Made pilotable for FSX only by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 8.42 MB | Download hits: 726

Stealth FA-37 TalonComplete with Base Model

FSX Stealth FA-37 Talon. The F/A-37 Talon fictional aircraft from the movie "Stealth". Features STOL capable, 1600+ kts top speed, stable and strong under extreme G loads, ultra efficient high thrust variable geometry, full function glass 2D and dynamic VC, hook and launch bar for Acceleration Carrier Ops. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 19.44 MB | Download hits: 4301

B02Complete with Base Model

The B02 is a large concept aircraft FSDS2 model is fully animated, including moving controls and controls surfaces. Originally designed for moving cargo, it has also been modified for passengers. The swinging wings allow it to reach speeds in excess of Mach 1. Package includes 17 paint schemes. Some show real airlines, some show the fictional airlines included in Flight Simulator, and others. The B02 uses reflective textures, includes a detailed virtual cockpit, and has a custom 2D and 3D...

File size: 11.99 MB | Download hits: 611

S/S HjejlenComplete with Base Model

Almost 150 years after its launching in 1861, this old paddle steamer is still plying the lakes of Silkeborg, which makes her the oldest paddle steamer in the world still in operation. Hjejlen is authorized to carry 165 passengers and has a crew of four: the captain, the engineer, the stoker and a ticket inspector. She is permitted to sail from May 1 till September 30. ...

File size: 1.31 MB | Download hits: 580

Kongou DestroyerComplete with Base Model

FSX Kongou Destroyer, static ship and AI. By Mitsuya Hamaguchi. ...

File size: 5.41 MB | Download hits: 482

Battleship Hamagiri Static And AI ModelComplete with Base Model

FSX Battleship Hamagiri DD-155 Static And AI Model. By Mitsuya Hamaguchi. ...

File size: 5.24 MB | Download hits: 691

DDH16 Static And AI ModelComplete with Base Model

FSX DDH16 Static And AI destroyer model. By Mitsuya Hamaguchi. ...

File size: 6.00 MB | Download hits: 1026

Aeriane Swift'LightComplete with Base Model

Aeriane Swift'Light for FSX. The SWIFT is a high performance foot-launched sailplane, designed to combine some of the convenience of hang gliders with the soaring performance of sailplanes. It takes off and lands like a hang glider, yet maintains exceptional performance at high speeds, achieving a lift-to-drag ratio of about 25:1. Although it is a fully-cantilevered rigid wing with aerodynamic controls and flaps, it weighs only about 100 lbs and is easily transported on the top of a car. This...

File size: 7.23 MB | Download hits: 999

Cameron Hot Air BalloonComplete with Base Model

FSX Cameron Hot Air Balloon. Features realistic hot air balloon flight dynamics, custom gauges and effects, self illumination textures, simply dynamic VC, repaint kit. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 2.23 MB | Download hits: 4386

Fuji BlimpComplete with Base Model

FSX Fuji Blimp. Sound by Bill Lyons. Flight dynamics by G. Kirschstein. Airship and panel by Frank J. Petriccione. ...

File size: 1.85 MB | Download hits: 679

R34 Rigid AirshipComplete with Base Model

FSX R34 Rigid Airship. The R-34 was a British built airship, the first rigid airship to make a double crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. This airship has been redesigned with a new panel. Sound by Bill Lyons. Flight dynamics by G. Kirschstein. Airship and panel by Frank J. Petriccione. ...

File size: 1.37 MB | Download hits: 511

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