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FSX Other Aircraft & Vehicles

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U.S. Army M1A1 Abrams TankComplete with Base Model

FSX U.S. Army M1A1 Abrams Tank. Features animated wheels, turret and main gun; animated commander pops out hatch in new ACU camo; good offroad and hill climbing dynamics. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 1.97 MB | Download hits: 2604

U.S Army HumVeeComplete with Base Model

FSX U.S Army HumVee. Features animated driver and steering wheel, animated gunner in new ACU camo, good offroad and hill climbing dynamics, dynamic VC. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 13.87 MB | Download hits: 2751

U.S. Navy LCAC XComplete with Base Model

FSX U.S. Navy LCAC X. Features animated ramps, props, rudders and thrust nozzles, hard deck and loading ramps for multiplayer amphibious assault operations, improved fligt dynamics for carrying other players, amphibious (extend gear prior to beaching), more realistic sound files, dynamic VC. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 10.47 MB | Download hits: 2183

Starship EnterpriseComplete with Base Model

FSX Starship Enterprise. The ship from the original Star Trek television series. All new aircraft includes custom panel with all custom gauges and a full virtual cockpit using nine views to show different parts of the model. Custom XML animations and visibility conditions add extra features to enhance the flying experience. By Andy Johnston. ...

File size: 12.34 MB | Download hits: 1372

Parachute JumperComplete with Base Model

FSX Parachute Jumper. Offers realistic freefall and open chute flight dynamics, ambient leg animations, animated head and torso, red smoke and rescue strobe. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 2.02 MB | Download hits: 6553

Project Hummer H2

FSX Project Hummer H2. A hammer version (limousine) of the Hummer H2 with virtual cockpit. Features disco lights, mini bar, sound system. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 7.13 MB | Download hits: 2093

Project Rhino 58

FSX Project Rhino 58 airport fire rescue truck with virtual cockpit. Includes four versions, a German, US, Canada and one for the Air Force. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 10.35 MB | Download hits: 3857

Star Wars Incom T-65 X-WingComplete with Base Model

FSX Star Wars Incom T-65 X-Wing. This model features a reasonable Mach 1.8 Vmax; good high altitude performance; exceptional manueverability and G tolerance; hover flaps; animated R2D2; animated S-Foils that are tied to spoilers (which have zero drag and are visible in multiplayer); dynamic VC; detailed external model; custom sound. Compiled with FS2004 SDK; tested in FSX with Acceleration, WinXP DX9. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 11.52 MB | Download hits: 15177

GHHE2Complete with Base Model

FSX GHHE2. The GHHE2 is a fictional, rocket-shaped aircraft designed for high speed, high-altitude flight, and extreme maneuverability. State of the art technology allows it to bend light and turn virtually invisible. Completely redesigned from the ground up for FSX, the aircraft has a fully animated model, all custom gauges and complete virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. ...

File size: 7.21 MB | Download hits: 575

CVN-76 USS Ronald ReaganComplete with Base Model

FSX CVN-76 USS Ronald Reagan This is the Acceleration AI carrier made flyable and turned into an ultra stable carrier ops platform. Features rock solid flight deck, no bouncing, tilting; "pri-fly" view to watch all the action on deck; ATC equipped bridge; 40 kts top speed; cables work in MP; CVN-76 details and crisp DXT textures. Mods by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 9 MB | Download hits: 1933

KORD Rosenbauer Panther 8x8Complete with Base Model

FSX KORD Rosenbauer Panther 8x8 fire truck. Original model by Mitsuya Hamaguchi, repaint by Justyn Keeble. ...

File size: 2.09 MB | Download hits: 2374

Captain Scarlet Angel InterceptorComplete with Base Model

FSX Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor from the 1960's Supermarionation TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons... Spectrum is green! Features STOL capability, 36 G tolerance, 2D panel and DVC. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 6.42 MB | Download hits: 1272

Project All Terrain Vehicle

FSX Project All Terrain Vehicle with ten different skins. Includes self-installer. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 6.52 MB | Download hits: 1625

German U-Boat Type VIIcComplete with Base Model

FSX German U-Boat Type VIIc. Fully Submergible, features deck gun that causes an explosion off the box and 2D panel with radar. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 5.1 MB | Download hits: 1627

Hawk FighterComplete with Base Model

FSX Hawk Fighter from the 1970's TV show "Space 1999". Features VStol and extreme altitude capable, 2100+ kias top speed, stable and strong under extreme G loads, ultra efficient, high thrust, dynamic VC, custom effects. Original lightwave mesh by Eric Peterson; converted to Gmax and compiled for FSX by Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 2.83 MB | Download hits: 1024

Pyro LiteComplete with Base Model

FSX Pyro Lite. Though it lacks many of the features found in the full version, this will give you a chance to put her through the paces and see if you want to upgrade. The full version will give you everything the lite version has, plus higher top speed, a fully clickable virtual cockpit, animated seamless pilot, digital radalt and airspeed gauges, retractable landing gear, nine paint schemes, and more. By Mick Posch. ...

File size: 22.8 MB | Download hits: 1317

Home World 2 Higaran CarrierComplete with Base Model

FSX Home World 2 - Higaran Carrier. Features hardened top deck, landing bays with connecting tunnel to hangar deck; extremely slow and stable for multiplayer action; amphibious; specular and self illumination maps; 2D panel radar. By Bruce Fitzgerald. ...

File size: 5.17 MB | Download hits: 2020

Vintage Jeep WranglerComplete with Base Model

FSX Vintage Jeep Wrangler, in candy apple metal flake paint. By Chuck Jodry. ...

File size: 9.6 MB | Download hits: 2179

Rockwell International Space ShuttleComplete with Base Model

FSX Rockwell International Space Shuttle Orbiter Enterprise. Includes manual, aircraft and scenery of the Kennedy Space Center with navaid system for guidance and landing. By Jacob Larsen / JELAIR. ...

File size: 3.45 MB | Download hits: 1070

Omala Oil TankerComplete with Base Model

FSX Omala Oil Tanker. Capable of 60 knots and can turn on a dime. ...

File size: 3.17 MB | Download hits: 699

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