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Invisijet Regional JetComplete with Base Model

Invisijet Regional Jet. Taking the concept of the glass cockpit one step further would be to build the entire plane out of glass. This aircraft's skin is completely semi-transparent, with only some parts of the interior still solid. FSDS model contains moving controls and control surfaces. Includes a custom panel using all custom XML gauges, a complete, detailed virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. Invisijet Regional Jet. ...

File size: 7.78 MB | Download hits: 274

Republic RC-3 SuperBeeComplete with Base Model

Republic RC-3 SuperBee amphibian. This is the famous Republic SeaBee with performance modifications. Lycoming GO-480 315 hp engine, 3 blade fully reversible Hartzell propeller, wing tip extensions. Complete package for FSX/SP2 with full moving parts, 2D and VC panel, check and ref lists. By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. Republic RC-3 SuperBee. REPUBLIC SEABEE (Modified to "SuperBee") FOR FSX. Aircraft, panel and sound package...

File size: 3.6 MB | Download hits: 1264

HMS DrakeComplete with Base Model

HMS Drake. A heavy cruiser in the Royal Navy which served as a convoy escort during WW1. This Gmax model was based on a drawing obtained from the National Maritime Museum in London. By John MacKay. HMS Drake. The heavy cruiser HMS Drake served the British Royal Navy during WW1 as a convoy escort. On 2 October, 1917 she was torpedoed by U-79 off the north coast of Ireland and later sank after reaching Rathlin Sound. This medium detail model was built using a copy of...

File size: 19.8 MB | Download hits: 508

Beriev Be-200 AltairComplete with Base Model

Beriev Be-200 Altair v1.1 multirole amphibious aircraft. The Beriev Be-200 Altair is a multi-role amphibious aircraft designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company and assembled by Irkut. Marketed for a variety of uses, such as fighting fires, the SAR, maritime patrol and transport of people and things, it has a capacity of 12,000 m3 of water or up to 72 passengers. Package includes aircraft model with 2D panel; no VC. By Massimo Taccoli and Dennis Seeley. (See also...

File size: 12.07 MB | Download hits: 4693

Police Intercept Prototype Test SledComplete with Base Model

Police Intercept Prototype Test Sled. No VC, but the rest of the display works pretty well. Build a 10 second / 150 MPH "Lead Sled" for $5000. This will show the basic operation. By Kevin Espeseth. Police Intercept Prototype Test Sled. ...

File size: 1.3 MB | Download hits: 344

Beechcraft D18S 3NM FloatplaneComplete with Base Model

Beechcraft D18S 3NM Floatplane. These package is an FSX adaptation of the FS2004 D18S float cargo plane by Milton Shupe, presenting former RCAF Mk. 3NMT (CT-128) Expeditors, operated by two Canadian air companies - Kenora Air Service Ltd. (Kenora, Ontario) and Rusty Myers Flying Service Ltd. (Fort Frances, Ontario). The package includes two optional VC panels (VFR and IFR), authentic generally to those of former RCAF Twin Beeches, being operated now as float planes. FSX adoptation: VC panels,...

File size: 36.76 MB | Download hits: 2494

General Dynamics A-12A VA-35 Boss Bird

General Dynamics A-12A VA-35 Boss Bird. A repaint for Tim Conrad's GD A-12A 'Dorito' in full color VA-35 Black Panthers markings. Requires A12A.ZIP. By Mike Barnes. General Dynamics A-12A VA-35 Boss Bird. A repaint for Tim Conrads excellent GD A-12A 'Dorito' in full color VA-35 Black Panthers markings. Requires Piglets A-12A, Installation: drop the new texture into the A-12A folder, open the config file and copy/past the line below into the...

File size: 3.25 MB | Download hits: 540

ZIMA Star Fury Texture

ZIMA Star Fury Texture Textures for Bruce Fitzgerald's Babylon 5 Star Fury (B5STRFRY.ZIP). By Amanda Walker. ZIMA Star Fury Texture. Copy-n-paste to the "B5_Starfury" 'aircraft.cfg' file. Replace X with next aircraft #. [fltsim.X] title=B5_Starfury ZIMA sim=maxPERF model= panel= sound= texture=ZIMA kb_checklists= description=B5 ZIMA ui_manufacturer=Earth Alliance ui_type=Starfury ui_variation=ZIMA Racing ...

File size: 623.68 KB | Download hits: 288

BMW 760iComplete with Base Model

BMW 760i. The bmwmods by Mike Teller put together in a file, to make a complete BMW760i. BMW 760i. contains handling modifications for the original BMW 760Li car when used with Flight Simulator X. The car was created for Flight Simulator 2004 by Mitsuya Hamaguchi (hama), but the car also works in FSX. The modifications are specifically for FSX, not FS2004. The BMWmods archive contains a replacement for the original BMW aircraft.cfg file, and it adds a new...

File size: 3.41 MB | Download hits: 7165

SP1 Republic/Horten Atomic RocketplanesComplete with Base Model

SP1 Republic/Horten Atomic Rocketplanes. Fifteen repaints for the CDesigns Horten XVIII C. Just some fun and color. When one looks this luftwhatif, one can see what influenced Von Braun in the 1950's when he did the Disney film with Heinlein and Bonstel, and the influence on Bonstel and Heinlein's visulizations of the Atomic Rocket future of the space age. This thing looks like all that 1950's speculative art of brightly colored, swept wing rocketplanes on orbit; servicing that...

File size: 16.01 MB | Download hits: 2263

Gas Tanker Pilotable VersionsComplete with Base Model

FSX Gas Tanker - Pilotable Versions. This file includes three liveries of the gas tanker ship and includes detailed 2D and 3D VC, captain's view and several camera views. Detailed textures (by Garry J. Smith and Ian Thatcher), aminations, smoke effects, wave effects and much more. By Ian Thatcher. ...

File size: 1.9 MB | Download hits: 736

SS AdventureComplete with Base Model

FSX SS Adventure, a pilotable 1930s tramp steamer. The Adventure is an example of the kind of tramp steamer that played such a big part in the literature of the 1930s, from "King Kong" to "Terry and the Pirates". By an "amazing" coincidence, the Adventure is the sister ship to the Venture - the ship that sailed to Skull Island in King Kong. You can use the Adventure to conduct your own expedition to Skull Island. Or if you prefer the pirate life, you can selct "pirate mode" and join the Dragon...

File size: 1.66 MB | Download hits: 892

Fletcher Class Destroyer (Pilotable)Complete with Base Model

FSX Fletcher Class Destroyer (Pilotable). Introduced in 1942, the Fletcher Class destroyers quickly became the mainstay of the fleet. The Fletchers saw action at Guadalcanal and played a major role in almost every other Pacific battle. Destroyers performed convoy escort and anti-submaring warfare (ASW) duties. The Fletchers were also formed into destroyer squadrons (including the legendary DesRon 21) that purposely went "into harm's way". Following the War, Fletchers continued to serve for...

File size: 6.83 MB | Download hits: 1041

Container Ships Pilotable VersionsComplete with Base Model

FSX Container Ships - Pilotable Versions. This file includes five liveries of FSX container ship as well as a set of master textures for repainters. Includes detailed 2D and 3D VC, captain's view and several camera views, detailed textures (by Garry J. Smith and Ian Thatcher), aminations, smoke effects, wave effects, autopilot and much more. Tested using FSX-SP2 and FSXA. By Ian Thatcher. ...

File size: 4.39 MB | Download hits: 1134

FCB9o9Complete with Base Model

FSX FCB9o9 is a technologically advanced spaceplane that can complete a trip half way around the world in one hour on autopilot. It has custom gauges and the custom autopilot can navigate vertically, horizontally and land the plane on any runway. A detailed model with all lights and special effects on the model. Both 2D and 3D cockpits are available. 3D cockpit has a 3D world map gauge. By Hoa Nguyen. ...

File size: 8.59 MB | Download hits: 3272

FCB9o8Complete with Base Model

FSX FCB9o8 is an easy to fly aircraft. The only controls that are needed are the four arrow keys on the keyboard. This plane is highly automated. It can complete a whole trip without pilot intervention. The Autoland is capable of landing the aircraft on any runway in both good and bad weather. In Space-Shuttle mode, it can achieve 100,000,000 feet and 123,000 knots. Version 1.4 has 2 new models. By Hoa Nguyen. ...

File size: 8.56 MB | Download hits: 609

SP2 Space Shuttle AtlantisComplete with Base Model

Completely re-worked model and textures . New flight dynamics optimized for SP2/Acceleration to restore sub-orbital performance. Acheive Mach 4.65 and climb to just under 700,000 ft under your own power at max realism. Very stable re-entry dynamics with Shuttle like landing characteristics. DVC added with a camera view for bay window , custom gauge controlled effects, animated SRB and External Tank separations , bay doors, robot arm and payload, elevons, spoiler/rudder, body flap and gear w/...

File size: 19.01 MB | Download hits: 39602

USASF B7072/RS-72B Combat Spaceplane

FSX USASF B7072/RS-72B Combat Spaceplane. A repaint of Tim Conrad's Boeing B7072 Spaceplane. The RS-72B is the multi-role combat spaceplane variant of the United States Aerospace Force. Also includes re-worked light maps to correct the white-out light maps in the previous military B7072 repaints. Requires B7072.ZIP. By Mike Barnes. ...

File size: 5.8 MB | Download hits: 1338

USASF B7072/RS-72A Orion

FSX USASF B7072/RS-72A Orion. A quick little repaint of Tim Conrad's Orion space plane in spurious United States Aerospace Force markings, ment to recall the look of 1960's USAF utility aircraft and NASA spacecraft markings. Requires B7072.ZIP. By Mike Barnes. ...

File size: 5.18 MB | Download hits: 1429

Star Trek EnterpriseComplete with Base Model

FSX STAR TREK ENTERPRISE - Version 1.0- A tribute to TOS (The Original Series) Star Trek. NCC-1701, Constellation Class, Starship, USS Enterprise. Model built on FSDS. High resolutuin textures. Funtional Virtual Cockpit. Animated doors. Landing lights. High level of details. Full package, easy to install.Includes non default gauges and sounds. Model and textures by Ricardo P Jr. ...

File size: 17.24 MB | Download hits: 5980

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