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FSX Other Aircraft & Vehicles

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General Dynamics A-12A VA-35 Boss Bird

General Dynamics A-12A VA-35 Boss Bird. A repaint for Tim Conrad's GD A-12A 'Dorito' in full color VA-35 Black Panthers markings. Requires A12A.ZIP. By Mike Barnes. General Dynamics A-12A VA-35 Boss Bird. A repaint for Tim Conrads excellent GD A-12A 'Dorito' in full color VA-35 Black Panthers markings. Requires Piglets A-12A, Installation: drop the new texture into the A-12A folder, open the config file and copy/past the line below into the...

File size: 3.25 MB | Download hits: 447

ZIMA Star Fury Texture

ZIMA Star Fury Texture Textures for Bruce Fitzgerald's Babylon 5 Star Fury (B5STRFRY.ZIP). By Amanda Walker. ZIMA Star Fury Texture. Copy-n-paste to the "B5_Starfury" 'aircraft.cfg' file. Replace X with next aircraft #. [fltsim.X] title=B5_Starfury ZIMA sim=maxPERF model= panel= sound= texture=ZIMA kb_checklists= description=B5 ZIMA ui_manufacturer=Earth Alliance ui_type=Starfury ui_variation=ZIMA Racing ...

File size: 623.68 kB | Download hits: 235

USASF B7072/RS-72B Combat Spaceplane

FSX USASF B7072/RS-72B Combat Spaceplane. A repaint of Tim Conrad's Boeing B7072 Spaceplane. The RS-72B is the multi-role combat spaceplane variant of the United States Aerospace Force. Also includes re-worked light maps to correct the white-out light maps in the previous military B7072 repaints. Requires B7072.ZIP. By Mike Barnes. ...

File size: 5.80 MB | Download hits: 1173

USASF B7072/RS-72A Orion

FSX USASF B7072/RS-72A Orion. A quick little repaint of Tim Conrad's Orion space plane in spurious United States Aerospace Force markings, ment to recall the look of 1960's USAF utility aircraft and NASA spacecraft markings. Requires B7072.ZIP. By Mike Barnes. ...

File size: 5.18 MB | Download hits: 1232

SZD-30 Pirat

FSX SZD-30 Pirat. The SZD30 Pirat is a single seat multi-purpose sailplane (today aerobatics are not allowed) designed in 1964 by Jerzy Mielkiewicz. First prototype flew in 1966, production started a year later. A total 813 had been built, including 46 SZD-30C version. By Michal Puto. ...

File size: 29.83 MB | Download hits: 1289

Alphasim HU-16 Albatross Firebird

FSX HU-16 Albatross - Firebird. This is a fictional repaint for the Alphasim FSX Grumman HU-16 Albatross payware model. By Dirk Hueschelrath. ...

File size: 1.37 MB | Download hits: 713

USCG Grumman Goose

FSX USCG Grumman Goose. A U.S. Coast Guard repaint of the default Grumman Goose. Repaint by John Wolf. ...

File size: 2.93 MB | Download hits: 1502

Project Hummer H2

FSX Project Hummer H2. A hammer version (limousine) of the Hummer H2 with virtual cockpit. Features disco lights, mini bar, sound system. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 7.13 MB | Download hits: 1875

Project Rhino 58

FSX Project Rhino 58 airport fire rescue truck with virtual cockpit. Includes four versions, a German, US, Canada and one for the Air Force. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 10.35 MB | Download hits: 3268

Project All Terrain Vehicle

FSX Project All Terrain Vehicle with ten different skins. Includes self-installer. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 6.52 MB | Download hits: 1396

Project Dodge Charger NYPD

FSX Project Dodge Charger NYPD. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 2.91 MB | Download hits: 2127

Project BMW 318i German Police Car

FSX Project BMW 318i German Police with virtual cockpit and 2D cockpit. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 3.55 MB | Download hits: 3800

Project Ford Crown Victoria

FSX Project Ford Crown Victoria NYPD with virtual cockpit, 2D cockpit,real dashboard, GPS, radio, com/nav and switch panel. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 4.27 MB | Download hits: 1560

Blue Streak

This is a Repaint of Mike Stone's Stingray For Microsoft Flight Simulator X.. The Paint Scheme is Blued chrome. Effect Created with the use of a modified Alpha channel Process Textures and modifications for FSX By Mark Rooks of RSDG.. This aircraft includes After Burner effects and the Original Read Me File is included ...Aircraft Entitled " Blue Streak " ...

File size: 20.66 MB | Download hits: 912

Aircreation 582SL Green Hummingbird

The Air Creation Buggy 582 SL is a tricycle-type, two-seat ultralight with a fiberglass shell suspended beneath a hang glider-type wing. Its streamlined cockpit fairing with windshield and finned wheel fairings reduce drag and increase directional stability. The Buggy 582 SL provides minimal instrumentation for monitoring engine rpm, altitude, airspeed, and heading. Unlike more complex aircraft in Flight Simulator, the ultralight provides a relatively easy seat-of-the-pants flying experience,...

File size: 5.46 MB | Download hits: 1201

Project Volvo UN Truck

FSX Project Volvo UN Truck. This truck is for the FSX Mission Africa Challenge. ...

File size: 4.18 MB | Download hits: 1176

Land Rover Defender

FSX Project Defender in three versions. A driveable Land-Rover Defender for use with the FSX Mission Africa Challenge. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 9.15 MB | Download hits: 2479

Project Dodge Viper GTS

FSX Project Viper GTS v1.1 with virtual cockpit but no 2D cockpit. Includes seven versions: blue, red, white, green, yellow, multicolor and black. By Dirk Stuck. ...

File size: 11.16 MB | Download hits: 2147

Sky Arrow 650 TCNS

FSX Aircraft - The Sky Arrow 650 TCNS is a tandem seat aircraft designed and manufactured in Italy by Iniziative Industriali Italiane (Meteor) S.p.A., a company manufacturing gliders, airplanes and Remotely Piloted Vehicles since 1947. This version of the Sky Arrow has been designed as sport and recreational aircraft, as well as for training, research and aerial surveillance. The Sky Arrow 650 TCNS, being almost entirely made of carbon fiber in epoxy resin, features a strong composite structure...

File size: 2.29 MB | Download hits: 1030

Renault Cargobull Truck

FSX Renault Cargobull.  The model was made in GMAX. This is very close copy of the Renault Truck and a Cargobull Trailer. Moving Parts: Key: Open Door = Disconnect Trailer, Open Door,Open Window Speed brake = Move the Trailer up Flaps Lift the back tires from the Trailer Include Virtual Cockpit: With GPS and CD Radio Take a Audio CD in your Computer an have fun. ...

File size: 5.69 MB | Download hits: 1836

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