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North Patrol V2Complete with Base Model

North Patrol. In an age where security has never been more important, even Santa Claus has to protect and direct traffic through his airspace. To that end, he has chosen some of his most trusted elves to fly North Patrol. The model was created using FSDS3, is fully animated, features a custom 2D panel using all custom XML gauges and a full virtual cockpit, and has custom smoke effects. Version 1 had 1067 downloads. By Andy Johnston. North Patrol. North...

File size: 13.64 MB | Download hits: 396

Dornier Seastar CD2Complete with Base Model

Dornier Seastar CD2. This elegant STOL flying boat amphibian was designed in Germany and is built almost entirely of lightweight, non-corrosive, composite materials. The prototype first flew in 1983 but no production was started at that time. In November 2009 Dornier Seaplane, now based in Florida, USA, announced that production would start in 2011 and the aircraft would be built in Quebec, Canada. The Seastar is powered by two Pratt and Whitney PT-6 turboprops arranged on top of the cantilever...

File size: 17.54 MB | Download hits: 1918

FCB9o9 Sci-Fi SpaceplaneComplete with Base Model

The FCB9o9 is a fully automated Sci-Fi spaceplane. Simply enter the destination airport into the GPS, click the "WRS" or "WRP" button (you can choose the landing runway with the "Runway/Heading" button), and the plane will takeoff, fly to, and land itself on the chosen airport's runway. "WRS" can only be used on the ground. It will do a vertical takeoff and apply the autopilot modes that will fly the plane into space and takes just one hour to fly...

File size: 13.31 MB | Download hits: 2560

USS Macon (ZRS-5) AIComplete with Base Model

USS Macon (ZRS-5) AI. The Macon AI's consist of a fully animated version suitable for flying both in a mission scenario and as a scheduled AI, and multiplayer use as well, and a non-animated version suitable for use with the "AI Carriers" program by Lamont Clark (AICARR2.ZIP). As with any AI carrier, there must be water under the hull for it to move. These AI's have about half the polys and drawcalls as the full version of the Macon. By Piotr Lowicki, Dan Dunn, Jeffery...

File size: 15.05 MB | Download hits: 1043

U.S.S. Macon ZRS-5 AirshipComplete with Base Model

U.S.S. Macon ZRS-5 Airship. The USS Macon (ZRS-5) was a 785 foot long flying aircraft carrier. She and her sister (the USS Akron) were the largest of the famous USN rigid airships (dirigibles), and carried up to five fighters on board. Commissioned on 11 March 1933, the Macon was tragically lost at sea on 11 February 1935 during a storm while returning to her home air base at NAS Sunnyvale, California. You must read the "Read Me First" file. If you do not take the time to read and...

File size: 13.00 MB | Download hits: 3050

Iowa Class BattleshipComplete with Base Model

Iowa Class Battleship. This is an update for the first release of the Iowa class battleships (IOWACLASSBATTLESHIP.ZIP). Includes reworked camera views and a few new effects. By Gart Shetter. Iowa Class Battleship. The Iowa class battleships created by Shetter. Sept 14, 2010 ****************************************************************** The Iowa class battleships are a class of six fast battleships of the United States Navy ordered in 1939 and 1940 to escort the...

File size: 11.79 MB | Download hits: 1085

Space ExplorerComplete with Base Model

Space Explorer. This aircraft is a true VTOL, thanks to Rob Barendregt, LNAV and VNAV in outer space, thanks to Hoa Nguyen, VNAV and low visibility bush landing, thanks to Glen Copeland. Eugene Heyart's Chronos, for its Explorers vocation and futuristic design, is the vector. This plane will fly up to 100 million feet altitude, and 123 thousand knots in speed while retaining a bush landing speed of 90 knots and a top speed of Mach 4.6 at 95000 feet. By Philippe Pauvert. Space...

File size: 15.20 MB | Download hits: 5109

American Iowa Class BattleshipComplete with Base Model

American Iowa Class Battleship. Late 1940's Iowa class battleships. All are represented including the two that never made it into service. By Gary D. Shetter III. American Iowa Class Battleship. The Iowa class battleships created by Shetter. Sept 11, 2010. ****************************************************************** The Iowa class battleships are a class of six fast battleships of the United States Navy ordered in 1939 and 1940 to escort the Fast Carrier Task...

File size: 11.35 MB | Download hits: 678

Seawise Giant Ultra TankerComplete with Base Model

Seawise Giant Ultra Tanker. The Seawise Giant was the largest man-made object on earth. Includes two liveries and full load and empty models. By Gary D. Shetter III. Seawise Giant Ultra Tanker. The seawise giant created by Shetter. Sept 10, 2010. Seawise giant, later the Happy Giant, Jahre Viking, and Knock Nevis, was a ULCC Supertanker and the longest ship ever built, and possessed the greatest deadweight tonnage ever recorded. Fully laden, her displacement was 657,019...

File size: 38.24 MB | Download hits: 851

Cargo Ship (Sail/Fly Versions)Complete with Base Model

Cargo Ship (Sail/Fly Versions). Includes liveries of the cargo ships. Includes detailed 3D VC (by Bill Holker), detailed textures (by Garry J. Smith, Bill Holker and Ian and Tracey Thatcher), animations, smoke effects, wave effects and much more. By Tracey and Ian Thatcher. Cargo Ship (Sail/Fly Versions). Once you have the Ships installed, start FSX , select New Aircraft and you will find the Container Ships under "FS Shipyards". ***** OIL TANKERS SPECIAL KEYS...

File size: 5.96 MB | Download hits: 905

Oil Tankers (Sail/Fly Versions)Complete with Base Model

Oil Tankers (Sail/Fly Versions). Includes three liveries of the cargo ships. Includes detailed 3D VC (by Bill Holker), detailed textures (by Garry J. Smith, Bill Holker and Ian and Tracey Thatcher), animations, smoke effects, wave effects and much more. By Tracey and Ian Thatcher. Oil Tankers (Sail/Fly Versions). Once you have the Oil Tankers installed, start FSX , select New Aircraft and you will find the Container Ships under "FS Shipyards". ***** OIL...

File size: 8.94 MB | Download hits: 788

Great Lakes Freighter Edmund FitzgeraldComplete with Base Model

Great Lakes Freighter Edmund Fitzgerald. Very detailed exterior model, with VC, and a few extras. By Gary Shetter III. Great Lakes Freighter Edmund Fitzgerald. [HISTORY] On February 1, 1957, the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, entered into a contract with Great Lakes Engineering works for the construction of the first "maximum sized" Laker ever built. The builder laid the keel of Hull 301 at its yard at Ecorse, Michigan, on August 7,...

File size: 18.05 MB | Download hits: 948

SP2 Acceleration Aviatika MAI-890Complete with Base Model

SP2 Acceleration Aviatika MAI-890 ultralight biplane. This release comes with three paint schemes and paint kit. By Tim Conrad. SP2 Acceleration Aviatika MAI-890. 1)After downloading the zip, locate it, and extract the file to a temp folder. 2)Copy the MAI-890 Folder over to your FSX Aircraft folder. 3)Copy the gauge file over to your FSX gauges folder. NOTAMS: Good aircraft for checking out that new scenery! CREDITS: To all who download...

File size: 16.57 MB | Download hits: 1545

USS Salt Lake City CA-25Complete with Base Model

USS Salt Lake City CA-25, WWII era Pensacola Class Cruiser pilotable package. Features three versions, pilotable, AI and scenery library object. By Bruce Fitzgerald. USS Salt Lake City CA-25. USS Salt Lake City, a 9100-ton Pensacola class heavy cruiser built at Camden, New Jersey. On 7 December 1941, Salt Lake City was operating with the USS Enterprise task group. Salt Lake City was in the south Pacific to support the campaign to seize and hold Guadalcanal. Other...

File size: 15.67 MB | Download hits: 518

Scheibe SF 25 C - Esslinger FalkeComplete with Base Model

Scheibe SF 25 C - Esslinger Falke - Motorglider "D-KOII", version 1b. Sports a high resolution fully operable virtual cockpit, possibly the first ever choke simulation in FS as well as some seemingly familiar instruments with rather unusual modes of operation, plus audible switches, buttons and side windows. Full checklist in English and German, almost identical to the real plane's. Flight characteristics and aircraft operation closely tuned to the real bird. Usable as procedure...

File size: 7.88 MB | Download hits: 1232

Invisijet Regional JetComplete with Base Model

Invisijet Regional Jet. Taking the concept of the glass cockpit one step further would be to build the entire plane out of glass. This aircraft's skin is completely semi-transparent, with only some parts of the interior still solid. FSDS model contains moving controls and control surfaces. Includes a custom panel using all custom XML gauges, a complete, detailed virtual cockpit. By Andy Johnston. Invisijet Regional Jet. ...

File size: 7.78 MB | Download hits: 223

Republic RC-3 SuperBeeComplete with Base Model

Republic RC-3 SuperBee amphibian. This is the famous Republic SeaBee with performance modifications. Lycoming GO-480 315 hp engine, 3 blade fully reversible Hartzell propeller, wing tip extensions. Complete package for FSX/SP2 with full moving parts, 2D and VC panel, check and ref lists. By Jean-Pierre Brisard and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. Republic RC-3 SuperBee. REPUBLIC SEABEE (Modified to "SuperBee") FOR FSX. Aircraft, panel and sound package...

File size: 3.60 MB | Download hits: 1036

HMS DrakeComplete with Base Model

HMS Drake. A heavy cruiser in the Royal Navy which served as a convoy escort during WW1. This Gmax model was based on a drawing obtained from the National Maritime Museum in London. By John MacKay. HMS Drake. The heavy cruiser HMS Drake served the British Royal Navy during WW1 as a convoy escort. On 2 October, 1917 she was torpedoed by U-79 off the north coast of Ireland and later sank after reaching Rathlin Sound. This medium detail model was built using a copy of...

File size: 19.80 MB | Download hits: 417

Beriev Be-200 AltairComplete with Base Model

Beriev Be-200 Altair v1.1 multirole amphibious aircraft. The Beriev Be-200 Altair is a multi-role amphibious aircraft designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company and assembled by Irkut. Marketed for a variety of uses, such as fighting fires, the SAR, maritime patrol and transport of people and things, it has a capacity of 12,000 m3 of water or up to 72 passengers. Package includes aircraft model with 2D panel; no VC. By Massimo Taccoli and Dennis Seeley. (See also...

File size: 12.07 MB | Download hits: 3878

Police Intercept Prototype Test SledComplete with Base Model

Police Intercept Prototype Test Sled. No VC, but the rest of the display works pretty well. Build a 10 second / 150 MPH "Lead Sled" for $5000. This will show the basic operation. By Kevin Espeseth. Police Intercept Prototype Test Sled. ...

File size: 1.30 MB | Download hits: 308

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