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Add-on sound files for aircraft, engines, cockpits and all other sounds for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
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uI Music

The FSX UI music add-on adds three more tunes to enjoy during your time selecting an aircraft or going through other things. By Ismail Zayan Shakeeb. This is probably the first addon of this type. The FSX UI music addon adds 3 more tunes to enjoy during your time selecting an aircraft or going through other things! You are not allowed to use the tones included in this in ANY way without my permission as they are ones that I have created. You are not allowed to use this as...

File size: 1.29 MB | Download hits: 1790

AI Advanced Airblast Sounds V2

This version of Aisounds removes some unwanted background noises and delivers a more directional sound. These sounds have been resampled specially to give you a stunning airport environment in FSX, using Goldwave 517, along with Microsoft ADPCM format. They now include take off sounds, landings, reverse thrust and many more AI aircraft sounds. All sounds can be heard both inside and outside a cockpit. The sounds can also be heard from a control tower although greatly reduced. By Alan...

File size: 18.84 MB | Download hits: 11552

Modified AI Sounds For Default 737

If you think the default jet sounds for the Boeing 737-800 sound more like a hairdryer than an airplane, then this sound set will help change that. This is a tweaked and mixed set of sound effects which give a more throaty and realistic experience with the AI heavies. By Derek MacCarthy. In addition to the engines revving at take-off, there is also reverse thruster after landing. All volumes have been increased as well to provide a noisier commercial airport environment. These are not...

File size: 1.25 MB | Download hits: 13899

Sounds For AI Turboprops

If you think the default sounds for the twin props such as the de Havilland Dash 8 sound too lightweight, then that's because they're mapped to use the Beech King Air 350. This set is a tweaked and mixed version of those sounds to give a deeper engine sound. These are not modelled to be authentic sounds for the turbo props but are merely to provide an improvement on the default. By Derek MacCarthy. Installation: Backup the soundai folder in the...

File size: 2.01 MB | Download hits: 2599

Background Music V2.0

The second version of FSX background music with improved airport background sounds. By Nicholas LaFrazia. ...

File size: 8.28 MB | Download hits: 2534

Peter James' Jet Soundset

This soundset is based on the real default sound sets, with a few custom wav files to override existing ones. Installation is simple. What this sound set brings to life is a much better cockpit environmental sound set. You will hear the overwhelming sound of the cooling fans for avionics, the blowing of air of the environmental system and the famous "ticker" sound from the standby gauges - vibrator that keeps them "loose" so they don't stick! That is most of the noise...

File size: 3.41 MB | Download hits: 3689

Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Series Sound Set

FSX Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Series Sound Set Ver.1.0 This is the sound file that reproduced the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 type engine series equipped Boeing 777 with. A lot of sound that I taped from an actual machine is included in this sound file. FSX is for exclusive use and cannot use this in FS2004. This sound is optimized in Boeing 777 equipped with Pratt & Whitney engine made by Project Open Sky. Please enjoy. Produced by : Nemureru Nyanko. ...

File size: 21.54 MB | Download hits: 9849