FSX AI Advanced Airblast Sounds V2

This version of Aisounds removes some unwanted background noises and delivers a more directional sound. These sounds have been resampled specially to give you a stunning airport environment in FSX, using Goldwave 517, along with Microsoft ADPCM format. They now include take off sounds, landings, ...

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This version of Aisounds removes some unwanted background noises and delivers a more directional sound. These sounds have been resampled specially to give you a stunning airport environment in FSX, using Goldwave 517, along with Microsoft ADPCM format. They now include take off sounds, landings, reverse thrust and many more AI aircraft sounds. All sounds can be heard both inside and outside a cockpit. The sounds can also be heard from a control tower although greatly reduced. By Alan Constable.

Cover image for AI Advanced Airblast Sounds.

Cover image for AI Advanced Airblast Sounds.

They have been tested on a Intel(R)Pentium Dual core 3.40 processor,with a Nvida GeForce 7900GS video card with no adverse frame rate loss.

Just simply pull up beside a runway, or take off area of your choice either outside or in your cockpit, turn your sound down,and be prepared to hold on to your hat!

These files do not have any effect on/or any components in FSX other than AI AirCraft sounds, and can easily removed if you don't like them.

Installation A:

  • Copy this soundai folder into any of your AI Jet Aircraft that has no sounds.
  • Before you start, identify all your ai aircraft that has no sounds, check to see if they have a soundai folder placed in their aircraft folders, if they haven't then install this folder into the ai aircraft folder.
  • If you don't like the new sounds, simply delete them.
  • This file will enable you to hear all your AI jet aircrafts that have no sounds.

Installation B:

  • Copy this soundai folder into your B737_800 Aircraft folder.
  • Replace your original soundai folder with this folder, if you have Advanced Air blast Ver-1 remove it and replace with this version. Back up all your files in case you may not like the new sound files.
  • The files change all the AI sound for all jets.

The archive aisound2.zip has 66 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Ai sounds3 copy.jpg12.03.0643.88 kB
Intro.txt12.04.061.07 kB
Sound12.04.060 B
ai_lgjet01.wav11.26.061.59 MB
ai_lgjet02.wav11.26.061.59 MB
ai_lgjet03.wav11.26.061.59 MB
ai_smjet01.wav11.26.061.59 MB
ai_smjet02.wav11.26.061.59 MB
ai_smjet03.wav11.26.061.59 MB
ai_twinprop01.wav11.26.06521.40 kB
ai_twinturbo01.wav11.26.06521.40 kB
ai_twinturbo02.wav11.26.06521.40 kB
Read meSounds.txt12.04.06621 B
xai_lgjet01.wav11.26.06764.73 kB
xai_lgjet02.wav11.26.06764.73 kB
xai_lgjet03.wav11.26.06764.73 kB
xai_smjet01.wav11.26.06764.73 kB
xai_smjet02.wav11.26.06764.73 kB
xai_smjet03.wav11.26.06764.73 kB
xai_twinturbo01.wav11.26.06521.40 kB
xai_twinturbo02.wav11.26.06521.40 kB
soundai12.04.060 B
747APU.wav11.24.06258.21 kB
A_REVRS.wav11.24.06839.89 kB
A_WHN_0.wav11.24.06138.71 kB
A_WHN_1.wav11.24.06164.11 kB
A_WHN_2.wav11.24.06101.61 kB
A_WHN_3.wav11.24.06123.09 kB
A_WHN_4.wav11.24.06203.26 kB
A_WHN_5.wav11.24.06873.09 kB
B_REVRS.wav11.24.06839.89 kB
B_WHN_0.wav11.24.06138.71 kB
B_WHN_1.wav11.24.06164.11 kB
B_WHN_2.wav11.24.06101.61 kB
B_WHN_3.wav11.11.06762.51 kB
B_WHN_4.wav11.24.06203.26 kB
B_WHN_5.wav11.24.06873.09 kB
Copy of X_A_REVRS.wav11.24.06576.34 kB
Copy of X_B_REVRS.wav11.24.06576.34 kB
Read me Soundai.txt12.04.06547 B
soundai.cfg12.04.0610.72 kB
T_COMB_SHUT.wav11.24.06591.93 kB
T_COMB_START.wav11.24.0684.03 kB
T_START.wav11.24.06912.21 kB
X_A_REVRS.wav11.24.06576.34 kB
X_B_REVRS.wav11.24.06576.34 kB
X_B_WHN_0.wav11.24.06367.23 kB
X_B_WHN_1.wav11.24.06185.59 kB
X_B_WHN_2.WAV11.11.06143.93 kB
X_B_WHN_3.wav11.24.06638.71 kB
X_T_COMB_SHUT.wav12.04.06306.59 kB
X_T_COMB_START.wav11.24.06138.71 kB
X_T_START.wav11.24.06886.76 kB
X_T_WHN_0.wav12.04.06516.84 kB
X_T_WHN_1A.wav11.24.06445.85 kB
X_T_WHN_1B.wav11.24.06185.59 kB
X_T_WHN_2.wav11.11.06861.38 kB
X_T_WHN_3.wav11.24.06352.07 kB
Welcome to the AI Advanced Airblast Sounds.doc12.04.0629.50 kB
You're AI Sounds12.04.060 B
Read meYour AI Sounds.txt12.04.06650 B
soundai12.04.060 B
soundai.cfg11.07.0634 B
aisounds12.05.060 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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MartinsSun, 06 Oct 2019 19:09:47 GMT

I can't download the FSX PA-42-Piper Cheyenne 400 LS "sound". Will you help me?

Archangelmj12Tue, 05 Mar 2019 04:34:14 GMT

While in the sim go into the above screen menu under settings, general, in the sound settings you will see the choices and levels, under the cockpit setting take it down to where it is comfortable. Also, go into you're cfg file that's located in the computer search panel, type %appdata% and enter, look up at the top of the screen, click and it will open, go to Microsoft and click, you will see the heading above for the sim, click, look down the list, you will see the cfg file, click and enter at the top, MEMFIX=1 that will eliminate you're running short on memory and since the program is set to run at the 550 or less scroll down to the insert in graphics and set it to 2048.

You really dont have to go higher than that, 4068 is great but if your running hd it would help. The major issue is that users ant the best graphics but what they see is what the screen can do, theres alot of ways to max and tweak. The easy way to improve speed and ram is to get the highest gig memory USB and install it, it will give you a choice of memory or speed, or both, take both routes. Happy Trails, Sempre Fidelis

SpeedbirdWed, 10 Jun 2015 05:53:13 GMT

Is their anyway to remove the ability to hear the sounds in cockpit?

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