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Embraer Phenom 100 FixRepaint

Embraer Phenom 100 biz jet ix for Windows 7 users only for the CamSim model (P100_N784JP_X.ZIP). The fix will correct the opaque windows of the aircraft and dim the landing lights on the taxiway / runway. Model design fix by Camil Valiquette. Embraer Phenom 100. Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 100 (FIX Windows 7 User) Model design and paint by: Camil Valiquette INSTALLATIONS: This fix is for Windws 7 user ONLY, it will fix the opaque windows of the aircraft and dim...

File size: 1.03 MB | Download hits: 1291

Cessna Citation X N978DBRepaint for Payware Model

Cessna Citation X N978DB. This is a hand painted, repaint of Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0 with real world livery registration number N978DB. This plane belongs to Boair, LLC. The original aircraft was built in 1996, before winglets for the Citation X came out. It was delivered on 12/28/07, and the original registration was N909QS. When it was transferred to Boair LLC, the registration changed to N978DB. By Johnny Rosario. Cessna Citation X N978DB. This repaint has been...

File size: 4.72 MB | Download hits: 1315

Embraer Phenom 100 N784JPComplete with Base Model

Embraer Phenom 100 biz jet, registration N784JP, including exterior Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) and special interior animations and configuration: four passengers in seating position and a passenger who will stand up and walk back and forth in the cabin and return to his "seating position", plus pilot and co-pilot moving arms. By Camil Valiquette. (See also P100_FSX_WIN7_FIX.ZIP). Embraer Phenom 100 in flight. Aircraft: Embraer Phenom 100 N784JP Model...

File size: 5.07 MB | Download hits: 6114

Skyhearts Air Ambulance Learjet 45Repaint

Skyhearts Air Ambulance Learjet 45. Skyhearts Air Ambulance repaint for the default Lear 45. Be seated as the captain of this sophisticated Sky Hearts Air Ambulance aircraft. Stay prepared 24/7 and fly livesaving missions from just about anywhere. By E. Adalsteinsson. Skyhearts Air Ambulance Learjet 45 in flight. Installation: Method 1: Open in windows explorer and copy the "texture.2" folder and the "aircraft.cfg" file to the...

File size: 1.51 MB | Download hits: 1538

Era Alaska Dassault Falcon 7xComplete with Base Model

Era Alaska Dassault Falcon 7x. A fictional repaint of a Falcon 7x for Era Alaska. Also includes a private repaint. Based on the hit show "Flying Wild Alaska". Original aircraft by Premier Aircraft Design. Repaint by Nate Anders. Era Alaska Dassault Falcon 7x in flight. PREMIER AIRCRAFT DESIGN DASSAULT FALCON 7X for FSX This model is for DX9 graphics only Aircraft, panel and sound package including dynamic VC with custom gauges. For more information...

File size: 9.92 MB | Download hits: 12004

Gulfstream VComplete with Base Model

Gulfstream V. G550 model, texture and sounds by Peter Brun. Corrected flight dynamics and data by Douglas E. Trapp. Cockpit and repaint by Per Neis. Gulfstream V on the ground. Installation: Simply copy the unzipped Gulfstream V folder and all of the subfolders to your SimObjects folder in FSX. Then enter the EFFECTS folder and read the effects.txt file for smoke installation. Flying: The only real thing to note with this aircraft (in FSX) is that the flaps...

File size: 24.24 MB | Download hits: 10387

Default Bombardier Learjet 45 Blurred Texture FixPatch

Default Bombardier Learjet 45 Blurred Texture Fix. Replacement main texture files for the default Bombardier Lear 45 to fix the aircraft's blurred appearance. By Paul Craig. (Before) Bombardier Learjet 45. Installation: First make back up copies of your Bombardier Learjet 45 Texture files. Bombardier Learjet 45 located: OS (C)/Program Files(x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/SimObje cts/Airplanes/Lear45 (1) Unzip downloaded files to a...

File size: 1.75 MB | Download hits: 1386

Orbit Airlines Learjet 45Repaint

Orbit Airlines Learjet 45. This is a repaint of the default Lear 45 into Orbit Airlines colors. Textures only. By Stephen Hulme. Orbit Airlines Learjet 45 in flight. This is a repaint of the default FSX Learjet 45 into Orbit Airlines colours. This was an intersting repaint as the default textures do not allow for writing on the fuselage of the jet - thus the double mirrored text, I hope it is an acceptable compromise between that and no writing at all. To install,...

File size: 1.19 MB | Download hits: 1292

White Learjet 45Repaint

White Learjet 45. A repaint of the default Lear 45 in pure white. Can also be used as a base for a repaint of your own. By Stephen Hulme. White Learjet 45 in flight. This is a repaint of the default FSX Lear 45 into white. Also suitable as a base for other repaints. If you do use it, please either acknowledge me (Stephen Hulme) in the readme or send me an email so that I can admire your work! To install, extract the zip file and put a copy of 'texture.blank'...

File size: 1.48 MB | Download hits: 1214

Bombardier Challenger 300 Paint KitPaint Kit

Bombardier Challenger 300 Paint Kit, for use with BOMBARDIER_CHALLENGER_300.ZIP. Includes three psd files for separate sections of the model. Model by Richie Schwertfeger. Bombardier Challenger 300 Paint Kit-fsx1 This paintkit is to be used for creating additional paint schemes for my Bombardier Challenger 300 model. Please note that this model is meant to be compatible with FSXA but if used with FSX-SP2. Installation: Open and copy the contents of the...

File size: 3.13 MB | Download hits: 308

Learjet 60Repaint

Learjet 60. A repaint of the Bombardier Learjet 60 by Premier Aircraft Design. N104BS is the registration of the Learjet 55 that the author's father piloted for a few years and this aircraft is painted in that Lear 55's paint scheme. Textures only, base model required. Repaint by Paul Craig. Learjet 60 on the ground. To install Copy & paste the folder Texture.Virgin into your Bae146 folder located at fsx: OS (C)/Program files(x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft...

File size: 1.08 MB | Download hits: 491

Stellweg Airlines Canadair CL-604Complete with Base Model

Stellweg Airlines Canadair CL-604. This is the corporate aircraft of The DFW Group, operated by Stellweg Airlines. This is a complete aircraft, model included with the default panel and sound (Bombardier CRJ700). Model by Barry Blaisdell. Repaint by The DFW group / D. Stellweg. Stellweg Airlines Canadair CL-604 in flight. Thank you for downloading this version of the Canadair / Bombardier Challenger CL-604. It is the corporate aircraft of " The DFW group "...

File size: 2.38 MB | Download hits: 2742

Santa's Learjet 60Repaint

Santa's Learjet 60. Textures only. Aircraft by Premier Aircraft Design. By Jason Harnois / Vermont Aircraft. Santa's Learjet 60 in flight. This is a PAD Aircraft. Vermont Aircraft's Jason Harnois Re-Painted this aircraft. Replace the XX with the # that follows next: [fltsim.XX] title=Learjet60_Santa's...

File size: 2.51 MB | Download hits: 271

Cessna Citation XRepaint for Payware Model

Cessna Citation X "Korean Ink". A fictional repaint for the ESDG Cessna Citation X 2.0. Includes enhanced interior textures. By Seo Bongsu. Cessna Citation X. Thanks for download my repaint. [fltsim.xx] title=Eaglesoft Citation X 2.0 KRink sim=CitationX model= panel=wsa sound= texture=KRink kb_checklists=citx_2_check kb_reference=citx_2_ref atc_id=HL72X1 ui_manufacturer=Cessna ui_type=Citation X...

File size: 5.11 MB | Download hits: 1385

Learjet 45 Smoke Effect 2Patch

Learjet 45 Smoke Effect 2. FSX default Lear 45 engine smoke effect 2, four colors smoke effect (blue, green, yellow, red). Simple installation. By Miguel Diniz. Learjet 45 Smoke Effect 2. INSTALLATION: Simple! 1. Copy and paste the enclosed -fx_smoke_blue.fx -fx_smoke_green.fx -fx_smoke_yellow.fx File into your FSX "Effects" folder. 2. Copy and paste all of the [SMOKESYSTEM] info. below into your FSX default LearJet45 "aircraft.cfg" file. I pasted mine between the...

File size: 232.77 KB | Download hits: 766

Bombardier Challenger 300 UpdatePatch

Bombardier Challenger 300 Update, for use with BOMBARDIER_CHALLENGER_300.ZIP. This is an update for the missing .cab file. Model by Richie Schwertfeger. Bombardier Challenger 300 on runway. This is a update for model of the Bombardier Challenger 300 compatable for FSXA. It contains the missing .cab file for the instrument panel. Place the file into your FSX gauges folder.   ...

File size: 13.6 KB | Download hits: 1270

Bombardier Challenger 300Complete with Base Model

Bombardier Challenger 300. This is a business jet with a range of approximately 3100 nm. Model by Richie Schwertfeger. (See also NEW_ICONS.ZIP). Bombardier Challenger 300 in flight. This model was developed after many months and hours of hard work. It may not be perfect but it is the best I can present for your flight simming enjoyment. Please note that this model is meant to be compatible with FSXA but if used with FSX-SP2 there will be minor issues with the BleedAir...

File size: 10.35 MB | Download hits: 4632

Alitalia Learjet 45Repaint

Alitalia Learjet 45. Textures only for the default Lear 45. By Edoardo Ammannati. Alitalia Learjet 45 in flight. [fltsim.X] title=Learjet 45 Alitalia sim=Lear45 model="" panel="" sound="" texture=ALI kb_checklists=Lear45_check kb_reference=Lear45_ref atc_id=IT-EA76 atc_airline=Alitalia ui_manufacturer=Bombardier ui_type=Learjet 45 ui_variation=Alitalia ui_typerole=Jet bimotore ui_createdby=Microsoft Corporation description=Il modello 45 il primo aeromobile...

File size: 528.95 KB | Download hits: 1355

Rush Limbaugh EIB Gulfstream G550Repaint

Rush Limbaugh EIB Gulfstream G550. This is a repaint of Rush Limbaugh's G550 in its current scheme. Model by Peter Brun. Repaint by Ryan Cobb This is the first repaint to Flight Simulator in the scheme of Rush Limbaugh's Gulfstream G550.. He talk's often about his aircraft on his show so I took the honor of painting it for us flightsim fan's of his show.. If you don't like Rush and or are democratic and hate me for painting it. Then don't download it and don't send me any messages expressing...

File size: 4.1 MB | Download hits: 494

Beechjet 400AComplete with Base Model

Beechjet 400A. Henry Tomkiewicz AI model made flyable in FSX with pre-installed default Lear 45 panel and sound, thumbnails for your airplane menu, and an FSX compatible engine smoke system with your choice of thicker heavier smoke or thinner lighter smoke. Includes the Henry Tomkiewicz white base model and an N3889T repaint. Compiled by Tom Tiedman. Beechjet 400A. CREDITS: Henry Tomkiewicz for his wonderful AI models, and the authors of the "fx_smoke_f6.fx"...

File size: 8.45 MB | Download hits: 2780

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