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Honda JetComplete with Base Model

​FSX Honda Jet, registration N420HA. The Honda HA-420 is a six seat, twin-engine light jet capable of 420 knots and an altitude of 41,000 feet. Installation The Honda jet folder after the decompression Please move it to the Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesSimObjectsAirplanes folder. Cabin Door             [Shift+E] Window Curtain     [Shift+E] then [2] Front Cargo Doo    [Shift+E] then [3] Rear Cargo...

File size: 6.94 MB | Download hits: 34078

Bombardier BD-700 Global ExpressComplete with Base Model

FSX Bombardier BD-700 Global Express. The package contains model, sound, panel and textures. The aircraft features full animation, (gear, flaps, elevators, spoilers and opening door) and some special effects. The .air file is based on actual info of the aircraft. The main panel was designed from photos of the Global Express, and features a full glass cockpit. All sub-panels open from the main panel. All gauges were designed in xml format. By Thinus Pretorius. Tested for FSX compatibility and...

File size: 17.73 MB | Download hits: 4299

Corporate Boeing 747-400Repaint

FSX Corporate Boeing 747-400. A repaint of the default FSX Boeing 747-400; textures only. By Matt Alexander Wong. ...

File size: 1.45 MB | Download hits: 1723

Canadair CRJ-200ERComplete with Base Model

FSX Canadair CRJ-200ER PS2 party plane. Original model by Project Open Sky. Adapted for FSX by Eric Buchmann. ...

File size: 3.07 MB | Download hits: 1517

Air France Bombardier CRJ-700Repaint

FSX Air France Bombardier CRJ-700, registration F-GAJU. Textures only for the default Canadair CRJ700. ...

File size: 1.03 MB | Download hits: 3209

Go! Canadair CRJ-200Repaint

FSX Go! Canadair CRJ-200 (Hawaiian regional repaint). Model by Proejct Open Sky. Painted by Ike Kalva. ...

File size: 5.31 MB | Download hits: 2352

Hawker Raytheon PackageComplete with Base Model

The HS-125-700 and Hawker 800 are two more recent versions of the world's longest running corporate jet production program.The 125-700 and Hawker 800 are direct developments of the DH-125 (later the HS-125), which first flew in August 1962. This aircraft was developed into a number of variants through to the HS-125-600, all of which are powered by the RollsRoyce Viper turbojet and are described separately under Hawker Siddeley.The 125-800 became the Hawker 800 from mid 1993 when Raytheon...

File size: 24.85 MB | Download hits: 21228

Bombardier Learjet 60 PackageComplete with Base Model

A twin fanjet, 8 place business aircraft. This release contains five complete aircraft in real-world liveries from USA(2), Canada, Great Britain, and Germany. Each model is a complete package of aircraft, a panel with internal views, DVC (Dynamic Virtual Cockpit) and fully modeled luxury passenger cabin. Default Learjet sound, full ground handling module with push back and taxi speed control also included. The visual model includes opening doors and all the usual control surface...

File size: 13.84 MB | Download hits: 19185

Embraer 120, House Colors & Delta ConnectionComplete with Base Model

This is an aircraft file for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The file contains the Embraer 120 twin turboprop airliner. The file is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X edition. The model 120 featured in this file used the Delta Connection colors. The body of the plane is blue and white with a red and blue tail. The Embraer 120 is one of the oldest transport airliners produced by Brazilian Manufacturer Embraer. The plane was first introduced in the late parts of 1985. The plane was in...

File size: 2.17 MB | Download hits: 9062

Beechcraft Starship, Version 5.1Complete with Base Model

Beech was looking for a new generation of corporate transports. They looked to Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites Inc. to design and produce the SCAT1, an 85% scale technology demonstrator of a conard-configured aircraft. Successing in testing led to the Model 2000 Starship 1. The first of 3 flying pre-production Starship 1s flew on Feburary 15, 1986. After flying and statice tests, the first production machine flew on April 25, 1989. Created with FSDS 2.10. This model features reflective textures....

File size: 3.19 MB | Download hits: 7313

Beechcraft Beechjet 400A, Version 2Complete with Base Model

The Beech Aircraft Corporation acquired the Diamond II executive jet from Mitsubishi in December 1985. It was then marketed as the Model 400 Beechjet. The first Beech assembled aircraft rolled out on May 19, 1886. It wasn't until 1989 that the Model 400A was introduced featuring increases in payload and ceiling. This version is visually a model of the 400A Beechjet, my first version was visually that of the Model 400. There are two added features in this version. That's reflective textures and...

File size: 3.26 MB | Download hits: 2300

Bombardier CRJ-200 LiveryComplete with Base Model

This model is virtual business jet Model is made by POSKY gMax, texture printed by rex19, updated panel to fsx default crj-700's panel, also change sound to fsx default lear45's sound,test in fsx, everything is work. All copyrights are belong to original authors, texture copyright belong to the biggest pc game site in China....

File size: 9.84 MB | Download hits: 1983

Embraer ERJ-170 Package Jaguar LiveryComplete with Base Model

The bitmap and original gauge credit for this panel goes soley to Ken Mitchell. It utilises some of Ken's original gauges and some of the default FSX ones. This version is purely for FSX and includes the Dreamwings Embraer ERJ-170 for FSX and associated sounds, the aircraft is painted in Jaguar Virtual Livery by Alex Barrett. ...

File size: 19.29 MB | Download hits: 6307

Lear 45 Ice Blue TexturesRepaint

for use with the default FSX Lear 45. Jeff Smith ...

File size: 1.92 MB | Download hits: 1076

Lear 45 Dark Blue/White TexturesRepaint

for use with the default FSX Lear 45. Jeff Smith ...

File size: 1.92 MB | Download hits: 1116

Learjet 45 TEAL TexturesRepaint

for use with the default FSX Lear 45. Jeff Smith. ...

File size: 2.36 MB | Download hits: 1169

Learjet 45 Black/Gold TexturesRepaint

for use with the default FSX Lear 45. Jeff Smith. ...

File size: 2.19 MB | Download hits: 2173

LearJet 45 Gold Textures (Updated)Repaint

for use with the default FSX Lear 45. Jeff Smith. ...

File size: 1.26 MB | Download hits: 589

Lear 45 Black TexturesRepaint

for use with the default FSX Lear 45. Jeff Smith. ...

File size: 1.54 MB | Download hits: 1807

Lear 45 Tennessee TexturesRepaint

for use with the default FSX Lear 45. Jeff Smith. ...

File size: 1.07 MB | Download hits: 560

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