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FS2004 Panels

Aircraft Panels for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
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MD-90 Panel With Wing View

FS2004 Photoreal MD-90 Panel With Wing Views, for the SGA McDonnell Douglas MD-80/83/90. By Horst Paetzold. Why this new (or an other) panel for MD 80/90 aircraft? The author need's the illusion to sit in a cockpit, where he can see moving throttles, speedbrakes, flaphadles and (if applicable) rotating stabilizer-trimwheels etc.This means a special panel layout in the main bitmaps and I hope that there are still other flightsimmers with similar preferences to enjoy this panel. Wingviews: the...

File size: 6.43 MB | Download hits: 6107

Boeing 707 Panel

FS2004 Boeing 707 Panel. PhotoTex Pro series panel with glass gauge effects. Matching cockpit views, night lighting. Tested with WinXP/SP2 and FS9.1. By Chris Alevritis. INSTALLATION: Copy the contents of the panel folder to your favorite 707 A/C panel folder. Copy the contents of the gauges in the zip to your FS2004 gauges folder. Copy the contents of the Adsound to your FS9 sound folder. Check the Check1st.jpg for more info. Upon starting, the collective panel and the mini upper panel...

File size: 7.86 MB | Download hits: 4849


Introduction SimpleFMC is a very simple FMC for the Microsoft flight simulator. Its an external Program connecting to the flight simulator via Peter Dawson's FUSIPC (or WIDEFS) interface. SimpleFMC controls the heading of the airplane's autopilot and should work with nearly any airplane equipped with an autopilot. Requirements Microsoft Flight Simulator: SimpleFMC was tested with versions 2002 and 2004. FSUIPC (plus optional WIDEFS) interface Navigation Data: SimpleFMC uses the Flight1...

File size: 6.64 MB | Download hits: 2122

F-16 Panel

FS2004/FSX F-16 Panel. Includes the new radar gauge developed by Eric Marciano for fighter jets: radar gauge showing AI aircraft and multi-player aircrafts plus HUD gauge with adjustable brightness. Based on Johan Peeter's F-16 Fighting Falcon panel graphics. By Eric Marciano. ...

File size: 1.81 MB | Download hits: 3775

Project Fokker Panel Update

Enables Navaid morse IDs (VOR, DME etc) to sound output on the Project Fokker F-100 / F-70. Updated with permission by Ton van de Laar - Project Fokker Project Manager....

File size: 264.57 KB | Download hits: 692

Grumman F-14D Tomcat PanelComplete with Base Model

FS2004 F-14D Panel with integrated Aircraft Carrier catapult and Arresting gear gauges developed and released as freeware by Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson, with special input from Nick Needham. It is to be used with the great Gmax F-14D of Dino Catteneo and Jeff Dobbing (file name that includes a VC. By Todd McKee ...

File size: 2.89 MB | Download hits: 2538

FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel

FS2004 - FlightDeck Sound Effects Panel An add-on sub-panel designed to add cabin and crew voice announcements, ambient environment effects, and cabin “muzak” to your flight simming experience. by Marcus Thompson. ...

File size: 20.66 MB | Download hits: 12847

Clear View Gauge

FS2004 Gauge: ClearVu1. This gauge will toggle on/off all obstructions from your aircraft that block your view when looking outside the cockpit. This is true for all views except forward where the instrument panel will remain visible. The gauge works when changing views with either the joy stick or keyboard. Small size allows mounting on any panel. By Glenn Copeland ...

File size: 162.15 KB | Download hits: 717

FS2004/2002 Boeing 737-219 ADV Panel

Based in LAN's 737-200 panels high detailed panel whit Overhead an pedestal includes TCAS and several working sistemsdedicates to al the 737-200 pilots aroud the world i strongly recomend the sounds of Daniel Careri and the 737-200 of Lanexpress of Focus. Juan Eduardo Fürche Rossé. ...

File size: 12.21 MB | Download hits: 2679

Project Airbus A320-200 Wingviews v2.0

FS2004 Wing Views For Project Airbus A320-200 v2.0. Includes views of your aircraft wings, flaps, slats, spoilers and engines. They help increase the immersion of simming because they increase the impression that you are flying different planes and also they let you enjoy all the nice visual models out there. By Nevin Pariat. ...

File size: 454.53 KB | Download hits: 3383

Embraer EMB 120 Panel

FS2004 Panel--Embraer EMB 120. Photoreal panel rework on bmp of main panel of the EMB120 by David Mead. Mods by Jaime Damian. ...

File size: 899.33 KB | Download hits: 1722

Airbus A319/A320/A321 Panel

FS2004 Panel--Airbus A319/A320/A321. Uses an original bitmap and various gauges from FPDA, HGHB and others. Panel by Marco Spada. ...

File size: 865.47 KB | Download hits: 8546

TCAS II v7 IVSI and Transponder

FS2002/FS2004 IVSI With TCAS II v7.0. This gauge now contains a full-fledged implementation of TCAS II version 7.0 (aka change 7.0 aka MOPS 7.0) logic, as specified by RTCA document DO-185A plus its amendments approved by SC-147A. Literally all features of the logic are implemented with the exception of TCAS/TCAS resolution advisory (RA) negotiation and Mode S ground stations. It is believed this is the most advanced TCAS II version 7.0 logic simulation in Flight Simulator. By Lee...

File size: 675.06 KB | Download hits: 3255

Project Open Sky Boeing 757-200 Virtual Cockpit v1

FS2004 Project Open Sky Boeing 757-200 Virtual Cockpit v1. Features dynamic shine, wingview or virtual cockpit, opening doors, 3D flight attendants, realistic FDE, accurate C32A specific FDE, accurate dimensions, accurate specifications, accurate flight performance, full damage profiles, different engine variants, different engine performance, different and accurate gauges, default and alternate gear points, full operations manual complete with speed charts, detailed lighting effects for...

File size: 6.92 MB | Download hits: 5048

Cessna 402 Panel

Cessna 402C panel for Flight Simulator 2004....

File size: 4.41 MB | Download hits: 544

AM/FM Radio CD Player Gauge

FS2002/2004 Gauge -- AM/FM Radio CD Player A simulated 12 channel push button AM/FM Radio for playback of music, recorded broadcasts and the like for ambiance and general entertainment while flying FS2002/2004 aircraft. MP3/WMA/WAV/MID file playback, using DirectShow technology. Unit also controls audio CD player playback from within the FS cockpit. New features allow users to right click channel presets to program up to 12 songs using a Windows common dialog interface. By R.L. Clark. ...

File size: 93.59 KB | Download hits: 2178

Airbus A320 Panel

Airbus A320 Panel. This is a compiling work of Airbus series panel from Ken Mitchell, Helio Estrela and photorealistic sideviews and centerpost by Edward Cox, combined into one panel. By Dany Setyadi. ...

File size: 8.84 MB | Download hits: 16573

Airbus A320 A321 Panel

Airbus A320 A321 Panel, fully complied with FS2004. Features: all instruments very readable, FPDA gear sound, wind sound, trim sound, "talking gear", brake sound, air conditioner no-smoking and fasten belts sound, GPWS, "acetrim", engines starter, auto-coordinate switch, radar altimeter, wind from/kts, autobrakes, fuel status, reverse and spoilers warning lights, all external lights battery generators and avionics switches, all default simicons available (ATC, map, throttle, GPS, kneeboard)....

File size: 4.68 MB | Download hits: 5534

Flight Information Display 3

Flight Information Display 3 for FS2004 Gauge that shows important information about fuel, time, temperature, speed, wind and altimeter settings. New is a page for Nav and Com frequencies. Also more flexible installation instructions and a button for main panel to toggle the extra panel. ...

File size: 191.39 KB | Download hits: 1371

737/757/767 The Ultimate Boeing Panel 3.1

This is version 3.1 of my Boeing panel. WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 3.1? The problem some users had with missed gauges is solved now. Changed main panel design (more realistic), main display is changeable, more realistic autopilot and overhead panel, gps only as popup-window (like default), FS Navigator buttons added. PLEASE SEE README AND MANUAL!!! This is a complete installation package, including all gauges and sounds you need, sorry for the huge package. This panel is made for all freaks of...

File size: 46.17 MB | Download hits: 4555

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