FS2004 Airbus A320 Panel

PreviewAirbus A320 Panel. This is a compiling work of Airbus series panel from Ken Mitchell, Helio Estrela and photorealistic sideviews and centerpost by Edward Cox, combined into one panel. By Dany Setyadi.

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Airbus A320 Panel. This is a compiling work of Airbus series panel from Ken Mitchell, Helio Estrela and photorealistic sideviews and centerpost by Edward Cox, combined into one panel. By Dany Setyadi.

A320 Panel for FS2004

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Docs07.03.060 B
Images07.03.060 B
AP.jpg06.18.0529.35 kB
files.jpg06.22.0513.77 kB
FIP_1.jpg06.19.0519.40 kB
FIP_2.jpg06.19.0519.06 kB
FIP_3.jpg06.19.0519.88 kB
FIP_4.jpg06.19.0516.21 kB
gauges.jpg06.17.0513.52 kB
ICONS.jpg06.18.0515.51 kB
Image1.jpg06.17.05102.23 kB
Image2.jpg06.22.0588.45 kB
LOWER_EICAS_1.jpg06.18.0522.46 kB
LOWER_EICAS_2.jpg06.22.0527.12 kB
LOWER_EICAS_3.jpg06.22.0517.72 kB
LOWER_EICAS_4.jpg06.22.0518.34 kB
LOWER_PANEL.jpg06.22.0584.66 kB
LOW_ICON.jpg06.17.051005 B
Main.jpg06.22.05104.49 kB
MFD_add.jpg06.18.0522.50 kB
MFD_ARC.jpg06.18.0533.50 kB
MFD_ILS.jpg06.18.0529.06 kB
MFD_NAV.jpg06.18.0530.91 kB
MFD_PANEL.jpg06.17.0510.67 kB
MFD_PLAN.jpg06.18.0535.67 kB
MFD_VOR.jpg06.18.0530.01 kB
OH_ICON.jpg06.17.051.02 kB
OVERHEAD.jpg06.19.05174.52 kB
PEDESTAL.jpg06.19.05179.03 kB
PED_ICON.jpg06.17.051.03 kB
PFD.jpg06.18.0541.87 kB
RADIOS.jpg06.19.0534.65 kB
RMI.jpg06.18.0524.61 kB
Thumbs.db06.29.06140.50 kB
UPPER_EICAS_1.jpg06.22.0534.75 kB
UPPER_EICAS_2.jpg06.22.0525.13 kB
Lower Panel.htm06.22.051.84 kB
Main Panel.htm06.22.0521.80 kB
Overhead.htm06.30.064.57 kB
Pedestal.htm06.22.056.40 kB
Gauges07.03.060 B
42hevi_AIRSPEED.gau08.06.0345.50 kB
42hevi_ALTIMETER.gau08.06.0330.50 kB
ab320km_config.ini06.29.061.96 kB
ab320km_fuel_dump.ini06.19.05933 B
ab320km_sound.ini06.17.05387 B
alt.cab04.09.022.10 kB
DC10.hdg2.gau06.15.0344.00 kB
dsd_fuel_dump.gau12.05.0496.00 kB
dsd_xml_config.gau04.23.0556.00 kB
dsd_xml_sound2.gau11.22.0464.00 kB
Fab737_rmi.gau10.09.03248.00 kB
FPDA_A330_Callout.gau05.24.0021.00 kB
Gauge003.gau10.13.031.11 MB
gmt_digital.gau08.06.037.50 kB
Heairbvspd.gau08.06.0325.00 kB
He_airb_ADI.gau08.06.03403.00 kB
he_apwind.CAB08.28.036.87 kB
ias.cab08.08.032.09 kB
ID_320_Autobrake.gau08.06.0352.50 kB
ID_A33_LGear.gau08.06.0342.50 kB
ID_A33_NGear.gau08.06.0342.50 kB
ID_A33_RGear.gau08.06.0342.50 kB
ID_AltHorn.gau12.18.9972.50 kB
MA320.gau08.06.031.11 MB
Z_AB320KM.cab09.11.051.23 MB
Modules07.03.060 B
FSSound.dll11.12.0113.00 kB
panel07.03.060 B
LOWER_MAIN.bmp06.22.051.34 MB
main.bmp07.03.062.25 MB
OVERHEAD.bmp06.21.053.20 MB
Panel.cfg07.03.069.96 kB
PEDESTAL.bmp06.21.051.38 MB
Thumbs.db07.03.0616.00 kB
panel.a320sdwv07.03.060 B
fl.bmp04.05.05769.05 kB
fr.bmp04.05.05769.05 kB
ll.bmp04.05.05769.05 kB
LOWER_MAIN.bmp06.22.051.34 MB
lr.bmp04.05.05769.05 kB
main.bmp07.03.062.25 MB
OVERHEAD.bmp06.21.053.20 MB
Panel.cfg07.03.0611.17 kB
PEDESTAL.bmp06.21.051.38 MB
rb.bmp04.05.05769.05 kB
rr.bmp04.05.05769.05 kB
Thumbs.db07.03.0634.50 kB
README.doc07.03.0631.50 kB
Screenshots07.03.060 B
A320main.jpg07.03.06122.45 kB
A320night.jpg07.03.06100.88 kB
A320_lower.jpg06.29.06122.97 kB
A320_main.jpg06.29.06128.80 kB
A320_overhead.jpg06.29.06157.22 kB
A320_throttle.jpg06.29.06124.28 kB
Thumbs.db07.03.0669.00 kB
Sounds07.03.060 B
a34007.03.060 B
a340_xml_00.wav01.08.9832.34 kB
a340_xml_01.wav06.08.0078.96 kB
a340_xml_02.wav06.25.049.65 kB
a340_xml_03.wav06.25.0478.96 kB
a340_xml_04.wav06.25.04150.31 kB
a340_xml_05.wav06.25.0417.56 kB
a340_xml_06.wav05.11.0014.06 kB
a340_xml_07.wav02.12.0490.11 kB
FPDA_A330_1000FT.wav05.16.0044.49 kB
FPDA_A330_100FT.wav05.15.0035.44 kB
FPDA_A330_10FT.wav05.16.0032.05 kB
FPDA_A330_200FT.wav05.23.0040.76 kB
FPDA_A330_20FT.wav05.16.0066.02 kB
FPDA_A330_2500FT.wav05.16.0073.09 kB
FPDA_A330_300FT.wav05.12.0022.01 kB
FPDA_A330_30FT.wav05.12.0033.52 kB
FPDA_A330_400FT.wav05.13.0099.20 kB
FPDA_A330_40FT.wav05.16.0034.38 kB
FPDA_A330_500FT.wav05.12.0045.31 kB
FPDA_A330_50FT.wav05.16.0034.96 kB
Airbus_A320_panel_V1.107.03.060 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Even as I go back to FS2004 now I always find that one of the biggest problems it has is a lack of detail in the panels. The panels really do look poor when you go back and compare them to FSX and some of the additions out there in the community. The problem, though, is that there’s nothing that can really be done; it’s over a decade old so it’s always going to have a range of problems associated with it in terms of the detail and the overall style.

Preview screenshot

This panel package for the Airbus A320, though, gives you all the help that you could possibly need in beginning to turn the tide a bit and giving your simulator something a bit more bombastic. This brilliant Airbus A320 set really does the trick in bringing the overall level of quality in FS2004 back up to what we would probably all consider “normal” now.

If you are not sure where to start and what to do with, then I recommend you start with this package if you like to fly the A320. It does look the part and manages to capture a lot of the same feelings and design facets that we see today in FSX designs.

The photorealistic side-views make a big difference to ensuring that the panels look the part, helping to knit it all together like a fine glue. It looks awesome and manages to capture something smart and fresh; it also makes sure the whole thing can be put together properly due to the fact that buttons will now take on their historical locations within the cockpit. As far as design and detail goes, this is one of the most impressive facts about the whole thing.

It looks awesome and it really provides you with the help that you need in bringing the whole thing together in terms of your flight performance. I know that in the past I’ve struggled with the rather mundane panels provided in FS2004 for the A320 but this takes it and transforms the whole thing. This really does make the whole thing look spot on and gives you a much better idea of how the panels in this thing should look.

Given the massive popularity of the A320 as an aircraft, it can be nice to have access to quality panels for it even when you are using an older, more dated simulator. The best thing about this is the fact that many of us still use FS2004 on laptops and older machines and these panels make a quick fix for ensuring the A320 can still be used if you are too used to the more flashy and modern nature of FSX.

As far as the detail and design goes this is hugely impressive and it will ensure that flying the A320 in FS2004 can be a whole lot more fun than it has been in the recent past thanks to the intricate nature of the features included here.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Guy DURANDSat, 04 Jul 2020 13:04:31 GMT


Hello. I have just installed this panel, it is very good but the plane takes a very long time to open whereas with its original panel, it opens quickly and the same for closing. thanks anyway.

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