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FS2004 Panels

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F-86 Panel Photo Tex Pro panel made from actual pictures. It is tested with with Mike Stone's and Rey Lopez's F-86 aircrafts. No need for FSUIPC. ...

File size: 4.55 MB | Download hits: 1276

A-7 Vought Corsair Panel

Photo Tex Pro panel made from my own digital pictures. No need for FSUIPC. ...

File size: 4.40 MB | Download hits: 1287

Lockheed L1011 Tristar Panel

PhotoTex Pro series panel from real pictures. It is tested with WinXP, Win98 and FS2002. No need for FSUIPC. ...

File size: 6.57 MB | Download hits: 3424

Antonov AN-124 Panel

PhotoTex Pro series panel from real pictures. Removable overlay panel with the main gauges for landing and taking off. It is tested with WinXP, Win98 and FS2002. No need for FSUIPC. ...

File size: 6.12 MB | Download hits: 3284

Boeing 737-300 Analog Panel - Nav/GPS patch

Nav-GPS switch patch for Boeing 737-300 Analog Panel. Fix switch opposite position working. ...

File size: 472.69 kB | Download hits: 869

Airbus A340 Panel by Alex Christoff

There are several attractive freeware A340 panels available here in the AVSIM file library, yet most all of them wreak havoc on frame rates. This panel is my answer to that problem, and will probably not appeal to those of you looking for "As real as it gets." Instead, this is a simple, and intuitively easy to use panel using many default gauges in conjunction with more advanced gauges available as freeware. Redistributed here with permission of the original authors. Original Panel Bitmaps:...

File size: 3.55 MB | Download hits: 3954

Wing Views 737-800

Ever wondered what your passengers see when your the captain!. Well step into some 737-800 wing views that show you what its like. These wing views apply to the FlightFX 737-800. A superb aircraft in every respect, well worth the download as is the panel from Targan Unutmaz( I have designed these wing views to work with this panel and aircraft. ...

File size: 496.63 kB | Download hits: 1692

Boeing 737-200 Wing Views

Here are some great wings views for the Boeing 737-200, the views I have made work with the 737-200 model by (Eric Cantu and Mike Baumann), its a great aircraft and has fantastic wing textures. I use an older panel in mine made by Helio Estrela, which can be found by searching avsim under fs2002 panels, look for the ( archive and begin downloading. These wing views compliment this panel and aircraft in many respects, I would have to say it has been a pleasure making these views...

File size: 875.13 kB | Download hits: 3661

Wing Views for the IFDG Boeing 767-200

Here are some wing views for the IFDG 767-200, its a fantastic aircraft, I use the 757 panel by Ken Mitchell in my planes, I believe you need a good panel to compliment a good plane!! ...

File size: 525.59 kB | Download hits: 568

IFDG 767-200 View Fix

This an update to the 767-200 wing views. Here are some wing views for the IFDG 767-200, its a fantastic aircraft, I use the 767-200 panel by Chris Jeanne ( in my planes, ya need a good panel to compliment a good plane!! ...

File size: 525.74 kB | Download hits: 385

IFDG 767-200 Wing Views

Here are some wing views for the IFDG 767-200, its a fantastic aircraft, I use the 767-200 panel by Chris Jeanne ( in my planes, you need a good panel to compliment a good plane!! ...

File size: 525.74 kB | Download hits: 392

Wing Views for the Project Opensky Boeing 757-200

Wing and engine views for the project opensky 757-200. In these views the left wing is a window seat just aft of the wing, the right side incorperates the view you would have if you were seated right next to the engine. These views are adjustable, see read-me for install and details. I recommend the brilliant panel by Chris Jeanne for this one!! Enjoy the views!...

File size: 529.68 kB | Download hits: 1099

Wing Views for the Project Opensky Boeing 747-200

Here are some wing views for the POSKY 747-200, I think such a brilliant aircraft deserves a nice set of wings. These views are my earliest set in the boeing series, they include working control surfaces and dynamic sheen (thanks to POSKY). They work with addon panels but I recommend the 747-200 panel by Massimo Grassi. Just be sure to read the read-me file for installation instructions and enjoy the views!! ...

File size: 1.03 MB | Download hits: 954

Wing Views for the (Kittyhawk Studios) Boeing 737-700

Alot of people I know like wing views in their aircraft, sure we do fly from the cockpit but occassionally some of us like a passenger perspective. These views add this perspective to addon panels, they are adjustable but I use them with the ( panel by Targan Unutmaz. Great panel, very realistic in every way, I can vouch for this as I have sat in one. The aircraft i use is the 737-700 model by Eric Cantu and Sam Needs from (Kittyhawk Studios), its a fantastic model and keep up the...

File size: 832.99 kB | Download hits: 741

Airbus A340 Panel by Pasquale Rinaldi

Highly detailled panel for a340. It includes many new highly realistic Gauges especially developed for this panel,and optimized for FS2004...

File size: 2.18 MB | Download hits: 4133

Northrop/Canadair VF-5D

Custom panel for VF-5 (thatīs the code for the F-5B in the Venezuelan AirForce) HUD featured by:Claudio Sanchez....

File size: 2.62 MB | Download hits: 1184


This is the V2.0 of my photorealistic C123 provider panel !!! Ihad to do this since the c123 of Vladimir Zhyhulskiy doesn't include one ...includes many updates over the original panel. thanks for al those downloads of the original - online tested - "FS2004 only" Made in cfgedit By: Claudio Sanchez...

File size: 860.16 kB | Download hits: 1331

Alternate Twin-Jet Panel for Chuck Dome's Supersonic MiG-AT4 trainer

Uses FS9's Garmin 295 in separate window. A fully functional, retro-style, IMC-capable panel, devoid of glass cockpit systems and extraneous eye candy. Russian gauges lend an authentic feel. Offers high outside visibility, as promised by exterior looks at the aircraft. Framerate friendly, best at 1280x1024. 2-D panel only, no virtual cockpit. By Gary Smith. ...

File size: 1.18 MB | Download hits: 458

King Air All Glass Panel

My simplified interpretation of the Collins Glass panel modification of the King Air panel, recently featured in the November edition of FLYING magazine. Utilizes all default gauges,and includes all of the necessary simicons and Ernie Alston's wonderful RNWY INFO gauge. By Alex Christoff. ...

File size: 556.63 kB | Download hits: 1305

FS 2004 Airbus A-320 panel Version 1

This panel was made based on photos of the actual cockpit and has customized gauges specifically designed for it. By Hector Molina...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 5424

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