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B737-400 Smoke

This package includes all you need to add smoke to the default FS2002 B737-400 This is my fourth upload to anything public - ever. All the tinkering I've done in the past has been kept to myself.  So be warned! These files will add smoke trails to each engine of the default B737-400 of FS2002 Now for the smoke! Copy the aircraft.cfg file supplied into your FS2002/Aircraft/b737_400 folder. It's okay to overwrite the existing file. Copy the  fx_smoke_rx.fx supplied to...

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FS2000/FS2002 BR ERJ-145/140/135Complete with Base Model

new aircraft by Nick Botamer, flight models by Sam Chin. Freeware by Bill Grabowski, FPDA. The model was built from scratch in FSDS. Some parts as well as some of the textures have been used from other aircraft with permission of the original author(s). Specifically, I would like to thank the following people for their help in working on this plane. Bill Grabowski, Dee Waldron, Dean Chamblee, David Randolph, Ron Woodruffe, Sam Chin, Kevin Au, and others that I may have forgotten to list....

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