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FS2000 Boeing 737-400

Repaint of the default 737-400 in Qantas colors. This is a replacement texture in Qantas colors for the default (Orbit) external texture for FS2000, improving the appearance of the door and window layout. To replace the default texture file, copy 737-400_t1.bmp file into the  ...fs2000aircraftB737_400texture folder.   COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This file is copyright 1999 by the author, Christoph Krause. All Rights Reserved.  ...

File size: 37.3 KB | Download hits: 494

FS2000/FS98 Air France Boeing 777-200Complete with Base Model

(ProMax2000) This aircraft is modify to be compatible for both FS2000 and FS98. Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures. AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines. Night lighting, including tail logo lighting (FS98). ...

File size: 87.05 KB | Download hits: 286

FS2000 Trans World Airlines Boeing 777-300

Repaint of the default 777-300 in the old twin globe TWA Airlines colors...

File size: 52.78 KB | Download hits: 339

FS2K Peidmont repaint textures

FS2K Peidmont repaint textures of the default 777 ...

File size: 44.56 KB | Download hits: 101

FS2K Delta repaint textures of the default

FS2K Delta repaint textures of the default 777...

File size: 57.82 KB | Download hits: 343

FS2K Brathens SAFE repaint textures

Braathens SAFE 737-400 (old livery) for FS2000 This is a replacement texture for the default (Orbit) external texture for FS2000. IMPORTANT! You need to rename the original 737-400_t1.bmp before placing this texture into the folder. If you do not you will overwrite the default texture.  If you wish to create another 737-400 specifically for this texture follow these steps.  Create a new folder called BRA_B737_400 (example c:program filesMicrosoft...

File size: 63.89 KB | Download hits: 126

FS2000 Project Opensky BOEING 747-400 Air Force OneComplete with Base Model

48-sided based Variable-Sided Fuelage (POSKY Original Technique). Moving flaps, spoilers, ailerons, elevators, rudder, and fan blades, tilting bogies, gear bays, night lighting, flashing beacons, transparent cockpit windshield with 3-D pilots. Designed by Mitsushi Yutaka, Hiroshi Igami. Flight Dynamics by Johan C Dees Tested by Project- Opensky Members. Painted by Joshua Robertson...

File size: 1.33 MB | Download hits: 1368

FS2K KLM Boeing 737-400

FS2K KLM Boeing 737-400, replacement textures for the default 2K 737. This is a replacement texture in KLM colors for the default (Orbit) external texture for FS2000, improving the appearance of the door and window layout. To replace the default texture file, copy 737-400_t1.bmp file into the ...fs2000aircraftB737_400texture folder. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This file is copyright 1999 by the author, Doeke Bakker. All Rights Reserved.  ...

File size: 59.64 KB | Download hits: 610

BOAC Standard VC10Complete with Base Model

c.1964 This example of a BOAC VC10 is painted in the livery it wore during proving flights, prior to entering service. Plane by Pierre Mardaga. Repaint by Richard Newton. ...

File size: 42.35 KB | Download hits: 601

FS98 - Citation 525CJComplete with Base Model

Small light executive Jet. Certified for single-pilot operation, this is the easiest Citation to fly. FREEWARE - Part of the Ultimate Citation Collection. Features: Authentic checklists & moving engine thrust attenuators....

File size: 179.93 KB | Download hits: 872

Airborn Flight Systems 737 500Complete with Base Model

Airborn Flight Systems 737 500. Paint and enhanced flight dynamics By Jamie Curry. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Iain Donohue - ADE Dynamics Editor Repainted by Jamie Curry INSTALLATION: Unzip the files in to your flightsim directory and the rest is done for you. AIRCRAFT HISTORY: The Boeing 737 in its many versions has become the most popular jet transport in the world, with more than 3,000 in service around the world and hundreds more on order. The 737 was introduced in...

File size: 108.29 KB | Download hits: 403

FS98 American Airlines MD 82Complete with Base Model

American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82 N431AA.  THIS AIRCRAFT IS FOR MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 98 ONLY. Included in this zip: Aamd82.jpg    Simply a JPEG image of this aircraft for you to view. Aamd82.txt    You are reading it right now. Aamd82        A folder containing the FS98 aircraft. AIRCRAFT FEATURES This American Airlines MD-82 includes these features: Bare metal textures Extra...

File size: 93.3 KB | Download hits: 2010

Hawaiian Airlines Lockheed L-1011-50Complete with Base Model

Hawaiian Airlines Lockheed L-1011-50 for FS98 HAWAIIAN AIR TEXTURES BY: MIKE A. MENDEZ L1011 FLIGHT MODEL BY: BRIAN QUAYLE and PAUL HAAK AIRCRAFT DYNAMICS BY FLIGHT FSD Flight Simulator 98 and the Flight Simulator Flight Shop converter are required to fly this aircraft. If you are using Notepad, please turn "Word Wrap" on. N765BE began service with Al Nippon Airways of Japan before Hawaiian Airlines took delivery of the aircraft and four other L-1011's in 1985....

File size: 60.44 KB | Download hits: 937

Canadian Airlines 777-200Complete with Base Model

IGW Version 2 For FS98 Canadian Airlines 777-200 IGW with GE90-92 Engines. Canadian does not currently own a 777-200. The 777 is Boeing's newest twin designed to fill the load gap between the 747 and the 767. ...

File size: 91.93 KB | Download hits: 507

FS98/FS5 Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 V3.1Complete with Base Model

The "Berlin" is the flagship of the very modern fleet of the major German carrier. Detailed textures incl. the new star alliance logo. It's almost completly new design, features 3D wheels, lighted cabine windows and landinglights (FS98 ver.) ...

File size: 123.09 KB | Download hits: 631

Fs98 Qantas Airlines Intl. Boeing 747-400Complete with Base Model

VH-OJO with Rolls Royce engines. Changed engine mounts. Painted and modified by christopher Standen. email Origional afx by Robert Randazzo....

File size: 113.03 KB | Download hits: 699

Dassault Falcon 900 EXComplete with Base Model

Dassault Falcon 900 EX with panel. High quality. CREDITS AND LEGAL STUFF: This ZIP file contains all of the necessary files for the FALCON 900EX aircraft for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator v 7.0 (FS98). This aircraft created using B.A.O.'S Flight Simulator Flight Shop v. 5.1/6.0 This aircraft was designed & constructed by Christian Schweikl(Graphic-Art). My Special thanks to: Lars Kornstaedt for his FLIGHTSHOP DESIGN TIPS & TRICKS. Other airline...

File size: 409.06 KB | Download hits: 1717

FS98 - IAI GALAXY Super-midjet - v1.0Complete with Base Model

Israelian Aircraft Industry's last cration: the GALAXY bizjet. Carries 8 people on trans- continental routes at Mach0.75@fl 450 (Paris NYC without stop). Has two full Fadec 5,698lb Pratt & Whitney 306/A turbofans and uses the same critical wing of her sister, the ASTRA Spx. Features FULL 3D TEXTURED VIRTUAL COCKPI T and LANDING LIGHTS added with Lladd. ...

File size: 99.37 KB | Download hits: 392

FS98 Condor (German Charter) Boeing 767-300Complete with Base Model

Condor (German Charter) Boeing 767-300 for Microsoft Flight Simulator '98. Follow these steps to install the aircraft. Go to your FS98 directory go to the aircraft directory Under this, make a subdirectory by the name of the plane. Ex. CONDO767. We will continue with this example subdirectory through the next few steps. Under this subdirectory make 4 more subdirectories by the name of model, panel, sound, and texture.  Under the aircraft's name...

File size: 105.53 KB | Download hits: 445

FS98/FS5 Boeing house/rollout livery B747-400Complete with Base Model

This repaint represents the way how the first B747-400 was presented to the world. Features all the flags of the major carriers who had already ordered to plane at that time. The FS-model is almost completly new design, features 3D wheels, cabine lights and landinglights/central fueltank (FS98 ver.) Design: Marcel Ritzema, House-livery: Marcel Ritzema & Rafael Zimmermann. ...

File size: 137.16 KB | Download hits: 276

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