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FSX Helicopters

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Bell AH-1S CobraComplete with Base Model

FSX Bell AH-1S Cobra helicopter. Includes minigun effect. No VC. Updated from Kim "Zeki" BoHyun's original. Composed by Wayne Farrell. ...

File size: 16.02 MB | Download hits: 15179

Bell 206 JetRanger Helicopter

FSX Bell 206 JetRanger Helicopter with dragon butterfly livery. A real paint scheme for the default Bell 206. Repainted by Patrick Machabert. ...

File size: 4.42 MB | Download hits: 512

Huey HelicopterComplete with Base Model

FSX Huey Helicopter. Contains over twelve Huey models and six textures. Based on Jordan Moore's original model. Assembled by Wayne Farrell. ...

File size: 39.09 MB | Download hits: 11607

Eurocopter EC-505 Tiger Demo

FSX Eurocopter EC-505 Tiger demo version; French Army - TIGER HAP: The Tiger HAP/HCP (Helicoptere d'Appui Protection / Helicopter for Close Protection) is a medium-weight air-to-air combat and fire support helicopter built for the French Army. The Tiger HAP is an air-to-air combat and fire support medium-weight (6 tonnes) helicopter fitted with two MTR 390 engines. It is daytime and night combat capable and is operable in NBC environments. Three basic parameters were taken into account right...

File size: 3.15 MB | Download hits: 2331

Bell 206 JetRanger Repaint

FSX Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter. Textures only for the default B206. Repaint by Patrick Machabert. ...

File size: 5.11 MB | Download hits: 275

Bell 206 JetRangerComplete with Base Model

FSX Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter, converted from FS2004. Includes many updates plus thirty new repaints. Package by David Grindele. ...

File size: 42.28 MB | Download hits: 1581

Robinson R22

FSX Robinson R22, registratin G-BYZP. Textures only for the default Robinson R-22 helicopter in a "used" yellow color. By Steven Frost, UkPilots Organisation. ...

File size: 1.32 MB | Download hits: 587

Bell-Textron 206B III JetRanger

FSX Bell-Textron 206B III JetRanger, Textures only; requires B206B3.ZIP. A real paint scheme for the Bell-Textron 206B III JetRanger by Owen Hewitt. Repainted by Patrick Machabert. ...

File size: 3.61 MB | Download hits: 322

Eurocopter Demo Version

FSX Eurocopter Demo Version, EC-505 Tiger Model, textures by A. Meyer, ...

File size: 3.07 MB | Download hits: 804

Bell 206B JetRanger

FSX Bell 206B JetRanger, painted to resemble the Orange County Choppers helicopter seen on TLC. The OCC helicopter is owned and operated by Silver Cities Helicopters in Las Vegas. Repaint by Heath Phillips using the FSX Bell 206B JetRanger paint kit. By George A. Arana. ...

File size: 3.01 MB | Download hits: 543

Deer Valley Flying Club Bell 206B

FSX Deer Valley Flying Club Bell 206B JetRanger III. A repaint of the default Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter. Repaint by Mike Lanza. ...

File size: 2.03 MB | Download hits: 1006

Austrian Air Force Bell 206B JetRanger

FSX Austrian Air Force Bell 206B JetRanger (Bundesheer). Textures only for the default Bell 206 helicopter. Repaint by Martin Gustav. ...

File size: 3.14 MB | Download hits: 568

Piasecki H-21CComplete with Base Model

FSX Piasecki H-21C "Flying Banana". A major upgrade from the FS9 version. New features include a virtual cockpit, custom gauges, checklist procedures from pre-flight to shutdown, new flight dynamics and audio, greatly increased detail, and more. Also includes new variations and paint schemes, including the float-equipped Vertol V-44. By Mick Posch. ...

File size: 41.62 MB | Download hits: 5899

Elite Helicopters Bell 206B

FSX Elite Helicopters Bell 206B. A repaint of the default Bell 206BIII Jetranger in the colors of Elite Helicopters' G-HMPH, in blue with gold stripes with full spectral reflections. Released under the GNU General Public Licence By Jamie Edmond. ...

File size: 2.28 MB | Download hits: 507

Bell 206 JetRanger 'Thunder' Textures only

for the default B206. A fictional paint scheme for the FSX Bell 206B JetRanger in DXT5 DDS texture format. Raul Abella....

File size: 2.44 MB | Download hits: 654

S-70B-6 Aegean Hawk Hellenic NavyComplete with Base Model

The Sea Hawk is a naval version of the famous Black Hawk helicopter. Hellenic Navy has total 11 Sea Hawks. In Greece they are know as Aegean Hawks instead of Sea because of the Aegean Sea. The Hellenic Nay decide to order 5 S-70B-6 Aegean Hawks in the July of 1991 for use with the 4 MEKO 200HN Frigates Idra Class. Other 3 helicopter were ordered and in the year 2000 3 more were bought with advanced electronics. This Aegean Hawk mainly is for the FSX, but in case you want to fly it on your...

File size: 18.92 MB | Download hits: 8567

Bell 430 PackageComplete with Base Model

Comes in multi private liveries plus Medivac and NY Police Dept. Updated from FS2004 to FSX. Virtual Cockpit and 2D panel updated, and external aircraft views added. Original work for FS2004 done by Keith Devins, Brian McIntyre, George Arana, Lynn Rogers, and Zack Schwendenman. Original model by Alan Devins and Rory Kelly. FSX update by Ben Batey. ...

File size: 47.2 MB | Download hits: 17841

Boeing CH-47D Chinook U.S. Armed Forces V2Complete with Base Model

This file has new replacement repaint textures and also includes the original CH-47D Chinook model by Mark Adams & Tom Woods. No other files are necessary. This upgrade contains vast improvements including newly compressed texture files for significantly improved performance and space savings with minimal impact on image quality. All repaints now include actual unit markings and improved olive drab color. Pilots also now have appropriate unit markings. The two Army Chinooks carry unit...

File size: 13.64 MB | Download hits: 24865

GMAX Augusa A109 A Swiss RegaComplete with Base Model

Updated from FS2004 to FSX. All sounds and Gauges included, Virtual Cockpit and 2D panel Updated. Original by Alan Devins....

File size: 23.04 MB | Download hits: 4774

GMAX Eurocopter EC145 REGA V3Complete with Base Model

3D model, textures and virtual cockpit : Laurent Hadorn, Denis Allavena Sound : Christian Spaltenstein 2D panel and instruments : Franz Haider Flight model : Laurent Hadorn. Installation Simply unzip this file in your FS9/aircraft directory. Then go to your FS9/aircraft directory, look for EC145REGA and open it, there open the gauge zipfolder, youíll get two sub-files: ec135xeq and ec145. Simply move these two files without extracting them in your FS9/gauge directory....

File size: 51.81 MB | Download hits: 27771

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