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FSX Helicopters

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Dallas Police Department Bell 206B

Textures only for the default Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter. Aircraft is painted in the Dallas Police Department's livery, and is registered N1510L. Repaint by Joel Archer. Screenshot of Dallas Police Department Bell 206B in flight. To install, copy the below entry into the aircraft.cfg file of your default Bell 206B, but please be sure to make a backup of this aircraft.cfg file first, in case anything goes wrong. It shouldn't go wrong, but if it does, I...

File size: 2.72 MB | Download hits: 1079

USAF Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk

HH60 model by Virtavia. Repaint by Zsolt Beleznay. Screenshot of USAF Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk on the ground. [fltsim.XX] title=ALPHA Blackhawk USAF Keflavik sim=Blackhawk model=MH_clean panel= sound= texture=Island kb_checklists= kb_reference= prop_anim_ratio=-1.1 atc_id=UH-60 ui_manufacturer=Sikorsky ui_type=HH-60G Pavehawk ui_variation=USAF Keflavik ui_typerole=" Combat Search & Rescue" ui_createdby="AlphaSim...

File size: 1.80 MB | Download hits: 6430

USFS Bell 206B N718BH

Textures only for the default Bell 206. Fictional modified paint for the Bell 206 B, it is now schemed in U.S.F.S. markings and has a aircraft ID number N718BH on the tail boom, added unit numbers on the tail rotor fin, with red and white safety tape, then added U.S.F.S. logo on side of body "Rescue / Fire" to the lower rear fuselage, lettered the doors, safety stripes to the step struts, "Rescue" and number "718" to the underbelly, moved the first aid cross. By...

File size: 1.63 MB | Download hits: 753

Mil Mi-8M

Fictional drab troop transport texture for use with the Mil Mi-8M model by Vladimir Zhigulsky. Includes low-visability wheels and window glass. Textures only. Repaint by Miles Dennis. Screenshot of Mil Mi-8M in flight. Installation: Place "Texture.Drab" into your Mi8 folder (C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsRotorcraftMi8) and edit the aircraft.cfg file by adding the following code: [fltsim.X] title=Mil Mi-8MT...

File size: 2.53 MB | Download hits: 966

Aerocharter Andina Bell 206 HK-4191

Aerocharter Andina Bell 206, registration HK-4191 Dodosim Bell 206 Modelo Utility. By Miguel Calderon. ...

File size: 364.75 kB | Download hits: 89

IRIAA UH-1N/Bell 212

Iranian Army Aviation scheme for Cera Bell 212. By Shinichi Edogawa. Screenshot of IRIAA UH-1N/Bell 212 taking off. [fltsim.XX] title=Bell 212 IRIAA-866 sim=Bell_212 model= panel= sound= texture=IRI866 kb_checklists=Bell_212_check kb_reference= atc_id=CS-HEZ ui_manufacturer="Bell" ui_type="212" ui_variation="IRIAA 866" ui_typerole="Rotorcraft" ui_createdby="Cera Simaircraft" description= ...

File size: 2.52 MB | Download hits: 1611

KQVNCH UH-1D (242)

South Vietnam Air Force scheme for Aerosoft Huey X. By Shinichi Edogawa. Screenshot of KQVNCH UH-1D (242) on the ground. [fltsim.XX] title=UH-1D KQVN242 sim=UH-1D model=UH1D panel= sound= texture=KQVN242 kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id_color=0xc6eff7ff atc_id=242 atc_type=Bell atc_model= UH=1D atc_airline=KQVN atc_flight_number=242 atc_heavy=0 ui_manufacturer=Bell ui_type=UH-1D...

File size: 12.76 MB | Download hits: 2715

New Zealand Air Tours Bell 47G

Textures for the Jean-Marie Mermaz Bell 47 in fictional New Zealand Air Tours colors, themed for Orbx scenery of the two islands. Requires BELL47GMAXSKIDX.ZIP. By David Robles. Screenshot of New Zealand Air Tours Bell 47G in flight. Thanks to M. Jean-Marie Mermaz for building this excellent model, and to Danny Garnier for updating it to work with FSX. Installation: Extract the ZIP file. Copy the "bell47gmaxskid" folder to...

File size: 1.97 MB | Download hits: 613

Bell 206B JetRanger Police Blue

Repaint textures for the default Bell 206 in a generic police blue and white livery, awaiting the addition of your lettering or other markings denoting the law enforcement jurisdiction of your choice. Or you can fly her as is. Easy installation. Repaint by Tom Tiedman. Screenshot of blue and white Bell 206B JetRanger in flight. Installation: Copy and paste (or drag and drop) the enclosed "texture.Police Blue" folder into your FSX default Bell 206B...

File size: 4.46 MB | Download hits: 470

US Navy Sikorsky SH-3 Seaking HS-6

Circa 1983, USS Enterprise. Textures only for the model by Virtavia. Repaint by Zsolt Beleznay. Screenshot of US Navy Sikorsky SH-3 on the ground. [fltsim.XX] title=Sikorsky SeaKing SH-3H HS-6 sim=SeaKing model=USN_SH-3H panel= sound= texture=HS-6 USS Enterprise kb_checklists=Seaking_Check kb_reference= ui_typerole="Rotorcraft" ui_createdby="Virtavia" ui_manufacturer=Westland/Sikorsky ui_type=Sea King ui_variation=HS-6 USS...

File size: 3.71 MB | Download hits: 3760

Elilario Italia Bell 412 I-RMTI

Repaint made using some pictures taken back in 2007 (this helicopter looks slightly different nowadays). Custom black panel according to the actual helicopter (you can see the black panel in the included screen shots). Model not included, to use this livery you must have the original Bell 412 model by CERA Simaircraft. By Umberto Ghislanzoni. Screenshot of Elilario Italia Bell 412 on the ground. To install the repaint just follow these 4 steps... Unzip the...

File size: 5.04 MB | Download hits: 1509

Piasecki H-21C - May 2012 Upgrade

For use with PIASH21C.ZIP. May 2012 upgrade package for the FSX Piasecki H21C Flying Banana. Requires the original release. Features include: better initial external camera view (helicopter no longer appears too small when starting a flight), improved flight dynamics, improved lift at high altitude, realistic fuel consumption, and a few minor tweaks. By Mick Posch. Screenshot of Piasecki H-21C in flight. NEW FEATURES: Better initial camera: The external initial...

File size: 10.68 MB | Download hits: 598

Royal Air Force MH-47G Chinook

This is a repaint for the Boeing MH47 "Chinook" from Area 51 Simulations. The paint represents a Chinook in 1984 and was created by using the original paint kit released with the aircraft. By B. Lechner. Screenshot of Royal Air Force MH-47G Chinook in the air. Repaint only, AREA 51 MH-47 "CHINOOK" is required. Installation: Unzip the file. Put the folder "texture._RAF_ZA709" in the directory: Microsoft Flight Simulator...

File size: 7.00 MB | Download hits: 4435

Default Robinson R22 Beta II Damage Mod

This modification adds to your default FSX Robinson R22 wear/damage simulation and other nice effects. Features: engine wear and damage simulation, engine and tailrotor gearbox oil use, engine oil condition (affects engine wear), engine oil change (every 25 hours like real R22), engine vibration in virtual cockpit, tailrotor strikes if tailrotor gearbox oil is low, cyclic vibration, cockpit switches sound effects, cockpit instruments takes dirt, cockpit instruments will damage if you land...

File size: 5.72 MB | Download hits: 871

UKMIL Gazelle AH1 Package

Welcome to the UKMIL Gazelle Package for FSX. Please read the README.PDF for full details. UKMIL Gazelle AH1 package cover.   ...

File size: 54.62 MB | Download hits: 3916


This paint represents 06-0809, an RNZAF Huey (1 of 2) deployed to the then Israeli Air base of Eitam to supervise the Israeli withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula and monitor the security arrangements. By D.J. Grey. Screenshot of RNZAF Bell UH-1H in flight. [fltsim.XX] title=Bell UH-1H Huey RNZAF...

File size: 7.36 MB | Download hits: 803

MH-47G Chinook CVN-76

This is a repaint for MH-47G "Chinook" from Area 51 Simulations. The paint is fictitious and was created by using the original paint kit released with the aircraft. Repaint only, Area 51 MH-47 "Chinook" is required. Screenshot of MH-47G Chinook taking off. Installation: Unzip the file. Put the folder "texture.USS_R_REAGAN" in the directory: Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsRotorcraftArea51Sim MH-47 Open the...

File size: 5.14 MB | Download hits: 2562

MH-47G Chinook

This is a repaint for MH-47G "Chinook" from Area 51 Simulations. The paint is fictitious and was created by using the original paint kit released with the aircraft. Repaint only, Area 51 MH-47 "Chinook" is required. Screenshot of MH-47G Chinook on the ground. Installation: Unzip the file. Put the folder "texture.USS_ENTERPRISE" in the directory: Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsRotorcraftArea51Sim MH-47 Open the...

File size: 5.29 MB | Download hits: 2091

Petroleum Helicopters Bell 206B

Bell 206 JetRanger aircraft painted by Jeff Dugan. Aircraft by Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations. Screenshot of Petroleum Helicopters Bell 206B on the ground. Copy code below into your Bell_206B_JetRanger_III_HS aircraft.cfg and replace the XX with the correct number in line. [fltsim.xx] title=Bell 206B JetRanger III...

File size: 2.82 MB | Download hits: 587

Eurocopter AS332L2 Views

Original views reworked and additional views (defined by camera definitions in the aircraft.cfg file) for the Eurocopter AS332L2 by Dirk Fassbender and Hauke Keitel. Requires the Acceleration expansion pack to be installed. Ten cameras pointing at the aircraft and a total of seven views in the 3D cockpit. By Marc Renaud. Screenshot of a Eurocopter on the ground. Instructions: Make sur FSX is not running. Make a copy of your aircraft.cfg file. Open the...

File size: 82.26 kB | Download hits: 1300

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