FSX Piasecki H-21C

PreviewFSX Piasecki H-21C "Flying Banana". A major upgrade from the FS9 version. New features include a virtual cockpit, custom gauges, checklist procedures from pre-flight to shutdown, new flight dynamics and audio, greatly increased detail, and more. Also includes new variations and paint schemes, inc...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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FSX Piasecki H-21C "Flying Banana". A major upgrade from the FS9 version. New features include a virtual cockpit, custom gauges, checklist procedures from pre-flight to shutdown, new flight dynamics and audio, greatly increased detail, and more. Also includes new variations and paint schemes, including the float-equipped Vertol V-44. By Mick Posch.

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The archive piash21c.zip has 333 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects06.09.070 B
fx_H21C_engstrt.fx04.07.0746 B
fx_H21C_spray.fx05.31.075.19 kB
fx_H21C_tchdrt.fx04.07.072.53 kB
Model.Canadian06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX.MDL06.03.072.39 MB
model.cfg05.20.0776 B
Model.German06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX.MDL06.03.073.27 MB
model.cfg05.20.0774 B
Model.H21C_Civilian_106.09.070 B
H21C_FSX.MDL06.03.072.83 MB
model.cfg05.20.0776 B
Model.USAF06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX.MDL06.03.072.41 MB
model.cfg05.20.0772 B
Model.US_Army06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX.MDL06.03.072.40 MB
model.cfg05.20.0775 B
Model.V-44_Civilian_106.09.070 B
H21C_FSX.MDL06.03.073.38 MB
model.cfg05.20.0776 B
Model.V-44_NYAirways06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX.MDL06.03.073.38 MB
model.cfg05.20.0776 B
Model.VC.Canadian06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX_interior.MDL06.01.07791.74 kB
Model.VC.Civilian06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX_interior.MDL06.01.071021.43 kB
Model.VC.German06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX_interior.MDL06.01.07929.79 kB
Model.VC.USAF06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX_interior.MDL06.01.07791.74 kB
Model.VC.US_Army06.09.070 B
H21C_FSX_interior.MDL06.01.07791.74 kB
Panel06.09.070 B
$H21C.dds02.28.071.00 MB
H21Ca.gau03.10.071.64 MB
H21C_MP06.09.070 B
102406.09.070 B
RMI_ADF_Needle.bmp01.28.071.95 kB
RMI_Background.bmp01.28.0720.14 kB
RMI_Card.bmp01.28.0741.08 kB
RMI_Card_Mask.bmp01.08.8020.90 kB
RMI_VOR2_Needle.bmp01.28.073.19 kB
Switch_FireDetect_Toggle_Off.bmp02.27.076.54 kB
Switch_FireDetect_Toggle_On.bmp02.27.076.54 kB
Thumbs.db04.02.0728.50 kB
upper_red_light_off.bmp01.31.071.54 kB
upper_red_light_on.bmp01.31.071.59 kB
64006.09.070 B
RMI_ADF_Needle.bmp01.28.071.74 kB
RMI_Background.bmp01.28.079.05 kB
RMI_Card.bmp01.28.0715.74 kB
RMI_Card_Mask.bmp01.28.078.06 kB
RMI_VOR2_Needle.bmp01.28.071.93 kB
Thumbs.db02.27.0710.50 kB
adf_background.bmp03.05.0712.95 kB
adf_compass_ring.bmp03.05.0713.19 kB
adf_fixed_markers.bmp03.05.0712.13 kB
adf_needle.bmp03.05.07692 B
Annunciator_Beacon.xml03.13.07944 B
Annunciator_Clutch.xml03.13.07708 B
Annunciator_low_fuel.xml03.13.07899 B
Annunciator_TransOilPress.xml05.30.07964 B
Annunciator_TransOilTemp.xml03.13.07975 B
ATC Icon.xml01.08.80264 B
atc_icon.bmp01.08.801.17 kB
Cabdir.exe09.05.0676.33 kB
CarbAirTemp.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
CarbAirTemp.xml03.13.07173 B
Clock.xml03.15.072.39 kB
clock_background.bmp01.24.076.04 kB
clock_hour_needle.bmp01.24.07336 B
clock_knob.bmp01.22.07978 B
clock_minute_needle.bmp01.29.07236 B
clock_second_needle.bmp01.24.07208 B
Compass.xml03.13.071.40 kB
CylinderHeadTemp.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
CylinderHeadTemp.xml03.13.07182 B
Directional Indicator LowRes.xml01.08.804.63 kB
Directional Indicator.xml03.05.071.74 kB
EngineOilPress.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
EngineOilPress.xml03.13.07172 B
EngineOilTemp.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
EngineOilTemp.xml03.13.07173 B
Fuel Pressure.xml03.13.072.16 kB
Fuel Quantity.xml03.13.071.42 kB
fuel_gauge.bmp02.10.077.94 kB
fuel_gauge_needle.bmp02.10.07528 B
fuel_pressure_background.bmp02.10.0723.32 kB
fuel_pressure_background_static.bmp02.10.0723.32 kB
GPS Icon.xml01.08.80286 B
gps_icon.bmp01.08.801.17 kB
H21C.Turn_Indicator - BKG.bmp01.27.0725.74 kB
H21C_Turn_Indicator_Plane_Icon.bmp01.27.071020 B
hsi_background.bmp01.27.0716.54 kB
hsi_compass_ring.bmp01.27.078.53 kB
hsi_course_arrow copy.bmp01.27.07616 B
hsi_course_arrow.bmp01.28.07668 B
hsi_course_deflection.bmp01.28.07320 B
hsi_course_deviation_scale.bmp01.08.804.80 kB
hsi_course_knob.bmp01.27.071.57 kB
hsi_from_arrow.bmp01.27.07336 B
hsi_glideslope_deflection copy.bmp01.27.071.02 kB
hsi_glideslope_deflection.bmp01.27.071.02 kB
hsi_hdg_flag.bmp01.27.07636 B
hsi_heading_bug.bmp01.28.07212 B
hsi_heading_knob.bmp01.08.801.56 kB
hsi_heading_lubber.bmp01.27.071.45 kB
hsi_nav_flag.bmp01.27.07688 B
hsi_reflection.bmp01.08.8016.70 kB
hsi_to_arrow copy.bmp01.27.07336 B
hsi_to_arrow.bmp01.27.07336 B
magnetic_compass_background.bmp04.06.0711.71 kB
magnetic_compass_highlight_alpha.bmp01.30.0711.74 kB
magnetic_compass_line.bmp01.30.07736 B
magnetic_compass_shadow_alpha.bmp01.30.0711.74 kB
magnetic_compass_strip.bmp01.30.0718.93 kB
magnetic_compass_window.bmp04.06.078.30 kB
Manifold Pressure.xml02.10.071.84 kB
manifold_pressure_background.bmp02.10.0719.64 kB
manifold_pressure_needle.bmp02.10.071.15 kB
Map Icon.xml01.08.80264 B
map_icon.bmp01.08.801.17 kB
Radio Compass.xml01.28.073.81 kB
Radio Icon.xml01.08.80291 B
radio_compass_background.bmp01.28.0720.57 kB
radio_compass_green_needle.bmp01.28.072.34 kB
radio_compass_highlight.bmp01.28.0720.60 kB
radio_compass_knob.bmp01.28.071.79 kB
radio_compass_red_needle.bmp01.29.072.27 kB
radio_compass_ring.bmp01.28.0718.07 kB
radio_icon.bmp01.08.801.17 kB
Static_CarbAirTemp.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_CarbAirTemp.xml03.13.07187 B
Static_CylinderHeadTemp.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_CylinderHeadTemp.xml03.13.07196 B
Static_EngineOilPress.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_EngineOilPress.xml03.13.07186 B
Static_EngineOilTemp.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_EngineOilTemp.xml03.13.07187 B
Static_FuelPress.xml03.13.072.17 kB
Static_TransOilPress_Aft.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_TransOilPress_Aft.xml03.13.07204 B
Static_TransOilPress_Fwd.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_TransOilPress_Fwd.xml03.13.07204 B
Static_TransOilPress_Mid.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_TransOilPress_Mid.xml03.13.07204 B
Static_TransOilTemp_Aft.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_TransOilTemp_Aft.xml03.13.07205 B
Static_TransOilTemp_Fwd.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_TransOilTemp_Fwd.xml03.13.07206 B
Static_TransOilTemp_Mid.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
Static_TransOilTemp_Mid.xml03.13.07205 B
Switch_Fire_Detection_Test.xml03.13.07751 B
Switch_Master_Shutdown.xml03.14.071.28 kB
Switch_Master_Shutdown_Off.bmp03.07.072.77 kB
Switch_Master_Shutdown_On.bmp03.07.072.77 kB
Thumbs.db05.23.07182.00 kB
TransOilPress_Aft.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
TransOilPress_Aft.xml03.13.07190 B
TransOilPress_Fwd.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
TransOilPress_Fwd.xml03.13.07177 B
TransOilPress_Mid.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
TransOilPress_Mid.xml03.13.07190 B
TransOilTemp_Aft.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
TransOilTemp_Aft.xml03.13.07191 B
TransOilTemp_Fwd.bmp02.02.0797.57 kB
TransOilTemp_Fwd.xml03.13.07192 B
TransOilTemp_Mid.bmp02.02.0725.74 kB
TransOilTemp_Mid.xml03.13.07191 B
Turn Coordinator.xml03.13.071.83 kB
Turn_Indicator_Ball_Icon.bmp01.27.07900 B
Turn_Indicator_Cover.bmp01.27.0725.06 kB
Turn_Indicator_Flag_Off_Icon.bmp06.12.031.00 kB
Turn_Indicator_Flag_On_Icon.bmp06.12.031.32 kB
upper_orange_light_off.bmp05.23.071.32 kB
upper_orange_light_on.bmp05.23.071.21 kB
upper_red_light_off OLD (lighter).bmp01.31.071.54 kB
upper_red_light_off.bmp05.30.071.11 kB
upper_red_light_on.bmp01.31.071.59 kB
VOR.xml01.28.0711.80 kB
H21C_Tachometer06.09.070 B
H21C Dual Tach Bkgd.bmp03.03.0762.57 kB
H21C.Tachometer - Engine Needle.bmp03.03.071.32 kB
H21C.Tachometer - Rotor Needle.bmp03.03.07612 B
rpm.xml06.03.071.99 kB
Thumbs.db04.07.079.50 kB
H21_Bkg.bmp04.06.071.33 MB
H21_Bkg_night.bmp04.07.071.33 MB
Master Shutdown Bkgd.bmp04.07.0721.38 kB
Panel.cfg05.25.074.79 kB
Thumbs.db12.25.059.50 kB
Piasecki H-21C Checklist.doc06.03.07108.50 kB
Piasecki H-21C Checklist_Annotated.doc06.05.07147.50 kB
Piasecki H-21C Manual.doc06.06.07229.00 kB
Piasecki_H21C.air09.04.06674 B
Piasecki_H21C_check.htm06.03.073.82 kB
Piasecki_H21C_ref.htm06.03.076.91 kB
Readme - Installation.txt06.09.071.11 kB
Screenshots06.09.070 B
Piasecki H-21C C German.jpg06.04.07144.72 kB
Piasecki H-21C USAF.jpg06.04.07271.54 kB
Thumbs.db06.04.0712.00 kB
Vertol V-44.jpg06.04.07243.43 kB
sim.cfg06.06.0721.16 kB
Sound06.09.070 B
H21_door_close.wav01.16.07132.63 kB
H21_door_open.wav01.16.07106.14 kB
H21_FrictionClutch.wav05.12.06872.04 kB
H21_JawClutch.WAV04.05.07281.55 kB
H21_rpm1_motor.wav01.16.07618.70 kB
H21_rpm1_rotor.wav01.17.07172.79 kB
H21_rpm2_motor.wav01.15.07513.99 kB
H21_rpm2_rotor.wav01.17.07172.79 kB
H21_rpm3_motor.wav01.16.07619.79 kB
H21_rpm3_rotor.wav01.17.07172.79 kB
H21_shutdown_motor.WAV04.05.0747.71 kB
H21_shutdown_rotor.wav05.12.061.93 MB
H21_starter_motor.WAV04.05.0742.86 kB
H21_startup_motor.WAV04.05.07215.50 kB
H21_startup_rotor.wav05.12.061.76 MB
H21_switch_small.wav05.12.065.99 kB
H21_touchdown.wav01.14.0728.70 kB
sound.cfg06.03.076.63 kB
Wind.wav05.12.0686.48 kB
xH21_clutch.wav05.12.06408.11 kB
xH21_rpm1_motor.wav01.15.07618.76 kB
xH21_rpm1_rotor.wav01.17.07175.37 kB
xH21_rpm2_motor.wav01.15.07513.99 kB
xH21_rpm2_rotor.wav01.17.07175.37 kB
xH21_rpm3_motor.wav01.15.07620.37 kB
xH21_rpm3_rotor.wav01.17.07175.37 kB
xH21_shutdown_motor.wav05.12.0675.38 kB
xH21_shutdown_rotor.wav05.12.061.18 MB
xH21_starter_motor.wav05.12.0627.07 kB
xH21_startup_motor.wav05.12.0698.11 kB
xWind.wav05.12.06101.64 kB
Texture06.09.070 B
Dome_Light.dds02.18.0716.12 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
Fresnel_Ramp_Glass.dds09.04.06640 B
GlobalEnv_AC_Chrome.dds11.16.061.50 MB
GlobalEnv_H-21C_Mirror.dds05.12.0724.12 kB
H21_1_T_Bump.dds05.18.071.00 MB
H21_1_T_Specular.dds05.18.071.00 MB
H21_2_T_Bump.dds05.19.071.00 MB
H21_2_T_Specular.dds05.15.071.00 MB
H21_3_T_Bump.dds05.19.071.00 MB
H21_3_T_Lightmap.dds03.31.071.00 MB
H21_3_T_Specular.dds05.15.071.00 MB
H21_Glass_T.dds05.18.07384 B
H21_Glass_T_Specular.dds12.31.06384 B
H21_Inside_T.dds06.03.072.12 kB
H21_Radio_Call.dds06.03.078.12 kB
H21_VC_1_C_Specular.dds01.01.071.00 MB
H21_VC_2_C.dds06.03.07512.12 kB
H21_VC_2_C_Specular.dds05.20.071.00 MB
H21_VC_3_C.dds06.03.07512.12 kB
H21_VC_3_C_Specular.dds05.29.071.00 MB
H21_VC_4_C_Specular.dds01.01.071.00 MB
H21_VC_5_C.dds06.03.07512.12 kB
H21_VC_5_C_Specular.dds02.13.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T_Specular.dds05.19.0716.12 kB
prop_H21_T.dds04.01.0764.12 kB
prop_H21_VC.dds04.01.0764.12 kB
texture.cfg08.21.06137 B
Thumbs.db05.14.079.50 kB
Texture.Canadian06.09.070 B
H21_1_T.dds05.19.071.00 MB
H21_2_T.dds05.19.071.00 MB
H21_3_T.dds05.19.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T.dds05.10.0716.12 kB
texture.cfg05.09.07172 B
thumbnail.jpg05.22.0754.74 kB
Texture.German06.09.070 B
H21_1_T.dds05.12.071.00 MB
H21_2_T.dds05.12.071.00 MB
H21_3_T.dds05.12.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T.dds04.03.0716.12 kB
Markings_EnglishGerman.dds05.24.07256.12 kB
texture.cfg05.09.07172 B
thumbnail.jpg05.22.0751.31 kB
Texture.H21C_Civilian_106.09.070 B
H21_1_T.dds06.04.071.00 MB
H21_2_T.dds06.04.071.00 MB
H21_3_T.dds06.04.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T.dds06.04.0716.12 kB
texture.cfg05.09.07172 B
thumbnail.jpg05.22.0752.63 kB
Texture.USAF06.09.070 B
H21_1_T.dds06.01.071.00 MB
H21_2_T.dds06.01.071.00 MB
H21_3_T.dds06.01.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T.dds05.16.0716.12 kB
texture.cfg05.09.07172 B
thumbnail.jpg05.22.0754.45 kB
Thumbs.db05.22.0788.00 kB
Texture.US_Army06.09.070 B
H21_1_T.dds05.19.071.00 MB
H21_2_T.dds05.10.071.00 MB
H21_3_T.dds05.10.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T.dds05.10.0716.12 kB
Markings_English.dds05.24.07256.12 kB
texture.cfg05.09.07172 B
thumbnail.jpg05.22.0751.74 kB
Texture.V-44_Civilian_106.09.070 B
H21_1_T.dds05.29.071.00 MB
H21_2_T.dds05.28.071.00 MB
H21_3_T.dds05.18.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T.dds05.19.0716.12 kB
texture.cfg05.09.07172 B
thumbnail.jpg05.22.0755.72 kB
Texture.V-44_NYAirways06.09.070 B
H21_1_T.dds05.14.071.00 MB
H21_2_T.dds05.14.071.00 MB
H21_3_T.dds05.14.071.00 MB
H21_Xparency_T.dds05.14.0716.12 kB
texture.cfg05.09.07172 B
thumbnail.jpg05.22.0751.95 kB
Texture.VC.Civilian06.09.070 B
H21_Reflection.dds06.03.07256.12 kB
H21_VC_1_C.dds06.03.07512.12 kB
H21_VC_4_C.dds05.14.071.00 MB
Seat_Fabric.dds06.03.072.12 kB
Texture.VC.Military06.09.070 B
H21_Reflection.dds06.03.07256.12 kB
H21_VC_1_C.dds06.03.07512.12 kB
H21_VC_4_C.dds05.12.071.00 MB
H-21C Shawnee06.09.070 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


I have to admit that the first time that I seen the Piasecki H-21C in full flight, I burst out laughing!

Preview screenshot

This rather cute little aircraft was one that caught my eye immediately, especially given its endearing nickname, “The Flying Banana”, I immediately installed it to see how this piece of fruit would handle itself in the harsh skies of the world, and found that it was immediately a major upgrade over the old edition that was involved with FS9.

It follows the same principles and builds on the right trademark along the way, but it introduces excellent features that were not present originally.

Fresh Changes

For a start it now brings to life a new virtual cockpit with custom gauges and checklist procedures to help you stay on track as you pick up and fly away. Now you will be able to look at historical images of the aircraft cockpit – as I have done – and see the greater level of similarity.

You’ll now find the right kind of gauges to understand what is going on when flying with the Piasecki H-21C, but also got to appreciate the new virtual cockpit massively as well.

The previous VC was limited to say the least and this is a lovely change of direction, helping the whole thing look a whole lot more realistic than ever before.

It’s a great take and even gives you access to fresh flight dynamics to make sure it flies the best way, added to the fact that a new sound set has been recorded using the real thing as a reference. Now you can fly around the skies without any worries, allowing you to make the most of the greater level of detail both inside and outside the cockpit.

These new changes do a great job of helping you appreciate the aircraft, with the introduction of a new float-equipped Vertol V-44 to give you even more control than before. This carries many of the elements that you would expect to see from the Piasecki H-21C, helping you understand and fully appreciate why this is such a beloved piece of aviation history.

Most who have taken the pleasure of flying this have enjoyed the various paint schemes, too. Whilst some of them are quite ridiculous looking the majority of them carry a really authentic look that makes it a lot more fun to choose a new color to fly with each time!

I’m a huge fan of this mod and would happily recommend it to anyone who wants to fly the Piasecki H-21C in a new way, fresh from the shackles and constraints of the default models.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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BluehawkSun, 10 Feb 2008 11:46:58 GMT
When your not real computer smart a read me is important. Couldn’t find one, without out it was not able to make everything work. By day two wasn’t able to fly above the trees, so I uninstalled it
cclements1Thu, 09 Aug 2007 15:08:53 GMT
i did not like it. It is super small and has very low rpm but the pannel was very nice.
littlejoeMon, 30 Jul 2007 16:57:47 GMT
1956-57 was a crew cheif at Ft Ord this is a really nice add on and flys great!!

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