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FSX Panels & Gauges

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Daisuke Yamamoto C-119 Panel FSX Upgrade

I have upgraded his C-119 panel His C-119 in FS2004 downloads will work in FSX, but you must use this panel for all of the gauges to work. With kind permission from Mr Yamamoto Jim "pappy" Welch....

File size: 6.22 MB | Download hits: 681

Lear 45 Panel

Horst Paetzold lear panel, upgraded by Jim Welch for FSX. With kind permission from horst paetzold, i have upgraded his lear panel towork in fsx. I am using the panel inthe Eclipse 500 bizjet. i will include a new airecraft.cfg to make the autopilot work. If you use the Eclipse 500, just open the airplane file and insert the new aircraft.cfg and backup the original....

File size: 15.48 MB | Download hits: 1466

2D B-58 Beechcraft Baron Upgraded

Light ameliorations of the panel bitmap, some new gauges (VOR, OAT, volt-amp), FS GPS pop-up added - see Readme-txt for details. Former file was No change at all for 3D panel. By Pierre Fasseaux. ...

File size: 1.15 MB | Download hits: 1544

C-2a Greyhound (or any twin-engine turbo prop aircraft) Panel

Here is a new panel for you hope you enjoy it. panel building for fsx is a trial and error....

File size: 5.88 MB | Download hits: 1057

Boeing 737-400 Panel

Created using default fsx gauges and photorealistic reworked bitmap. Marco Spada...

File size: 3.26 MB | Download hits: 4512

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Panel

Original bitmap and gauge artwork by Marco Spada. Xml cab files assembled using default MSFS gauges. Marco Spada...

File size: 1.50 MB | Download hits: 12836

F-15 Panel

This is an update for FSX of an F-15 panel by Chuck Dome. I have changed it the best I can for the moment so it is functional in FSX. This panel can be used with any fighter with two engines. Bob Chicilo....

File size: 1.89 MB | Download hits: 2481

F-86 Sabre Panel

This is an update for FSX of a panel that came with an F-86 Sabre. Any of the sabres I have from FS9 don't show up, or have visual flaws, like no canopy glass; so I cannot supply a plane with this panel. It can be used with any single engine jet that does not have a panel that works in FSX. Bob Chicilo. ...

File size: 974.08 kB | Download hits: 897

Generic Military 2 Engine Panel

This is a panel for any 2 engined jet fighter in FSX. I used the background from the F-35 panel by Chuck Dome to make it. Until someone comes up with panels that are for specific aircraft you can use this one. All but one gauge are default FSX gauges. Bob Chicilo....

File size: 270.91 kB | Download hits: 1599

Skins for Caudron Renault by RestauraviaRepaint

Textures only, for the Caudron Renault C.450/C.460 "Fervent Heat" #21 NX21CR A Fictional scheme for the C.460 #00 NX00CC A fictional scheme for the C.450 Requires original package which was released by the Restauravia team, Gilles Faulmeyer, Jean-Pierre Bourgeois, Benoit Dubé, and Jean-michel Renaux. Screenshot of Caudron Renault's in flight. Unzip to a temporary location. REQUIRES ORIGINAL PACKAGE TO BE INSTALLED -...

File size: 5.31 MB | Download hits: 50

Two Engined Jet FixPatch

For use with PANEL2N.ZIP. This is what should have been included with the read me for the two engine panel. For the other gauges to show you must copy the .cab files from the panel folders of the following aircraft: Maule_M7_260C; Lear_45; and B737_800; to the main FS gauges folder. By Bob Chicilo. Screenshot of corrected Two Engine jet panel. You should also Copy the dsbxml folder with this update to the main FS gauges folder. No need to overwrite anything already there. This...

File size: 133.37 kB | Download hits: 311

SP-1 Gauge FixesPatch

FSX SP-1 fixed some of the instrument panel issues in the original release, but they missed a couple of items that should have been picked up. The TAS display on all installed G1000 MFDs is displayed as CS, and the TAS in the CRJ-700 is shown as IAS. The two enclosed zip files will correct both issues. The specific and simple instructions are included in each file in Readme.txt files. By ME Chapman. ...

File size: 2.94 MB | Download hits: 122

Fix For Saab Viggen PanelPatch

Fix for the photorealistic Saab Viggen panel (SAABVIGGEN-FSXPANEL.ZIP), which is especially designed for the Alphasim Viggen. Missing gauges in the VC configuration are fixed. Now the VC is matching with the 2D panel. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker. View from Saab Viggen cockpit. Just copy and overwrite this panel.cfg over the previous one. Happy landings. ...

File size: 118.97 kB | Download hits: 297

Overland SMS Gauges Airbus A340 Fix 2Patch

For use with SMS_A330_A340_GAUGE_UPGRADE_V2.ZIP. This is a fix for v2 of the Overland SMS gauges upgrade pack, and in particular for the A340. It fixes the clock which did not show up in 2D and VC modes. By Dimitrios Moschos. Screenshot of Overland SMS Gauges Airbus A340 cockpit panel. This is Fix No 2 of the OVERLAND SMS gauges upgrade pack for A340 only. It fixes a problem concerning the clock which did not show up both in 2d and VC...

File size: 4.65 kB | Download hits: 754

SMS Overland Airbus A330/A340 Gauge Upgrade FixPatch

For use with SMS_A330_A340_GAUGE_UPGRADE_V2.ZIP Includes fixed 2D panel. By Dimitrios Moschos. Screenshot of SMS Overland Airbus A330/A340 cockpit. Just substitute the A340 2D panel included in the package with this one. It has a more realistic sized auto brakes buttons and the brakes selector gauge has been set for this file anyway. Apologies for the inconvenience. ...

File size: 442.46 kB | Download hits: 768

Overland SMS Airbus A330 Gauge Upgrade FixPatch

For use with SMS_A330_GAUGE_UPDATE.ZIP. By Dimitrios Moschos. Screenshot of Overland SMS Airbus A330 cockpit. When installing the gauges, if you are already using the other authors' (Stefan Liebe, pa etc.) original files for other aircraft (e.G. Cab."A32x" for pa A320 series, cab. "_nd" for pa A380 etc.) and you have already placed these gauges to the main fsx gauges folder, then you must not put the gauges provided with my package for overland...

File size: 7.90 kB | Download hits: 1003

Fix For the UKMIL BAe Harrier ViewsPatch

Here is the camera definitions.txt file not included in the UKMIL BAe Harrier Views package (UKMIL_BAE_HARRIER_VIEWS.ZIP). By Marc Renaud. Screenshot of UKMIL BAe Harrier on the ground.   ...

File size: 2.57 kB | Download hits: 149

Beech King Air 350 Doublescreen Panel

Uses two monitors in "horizontal span" configuration for an extra wide panel viewpoint. Offers higher framerates due to the use of only one window for all the instruments. By Rob van Dijk. Screenshot of Beech King Air 350 Doublescreen Panel. This software is developed for the newest version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator: FSX and is an add-on to original BEECHCRAFT KING AIR 350! Installation: Start the setup program and install the panel in the default folder of...

File size: 3.30 MB | Download hits: 654

A380 Checklist Gauge Fixes

Minor fixes for the A380 checklist gauge (A380_CHECKLIST.ZIP). Does not include the gauge files. This is only a text file telling you what to do. No technical fixes. By Diego Roxas. ...

File size: 1.65 kB | Download hits: 499

Airbus A380 Checklist Gauge

Automated screen checklist for the Project Airbus A380 with the use of Tom Ruth's A340 panel. Tested with the aircraft mentioned. PDF checklist file included. By Diego Roxas. (See also A380_CHECK_UPDATE.ZIP). ...

File size: 432.70 kB | Download hits: 2392

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