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FSX Panels & Gauges

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Airbus Cockpit Texture Upgrade

Virtual cockpit textures upgrade for Airbus A321, A330-200/300, A340-200/300/500/600 and A380-800. This package contains textures that will make the Airbus cockpit textures appear in full resolution and with more color to enjoy happy and relaxed flights. You can use these textures with the default A321 and the Thomas Ruth A330A's and A340A's too. By Enrique Cornejo. Screenshot of upgraded Airbus cockpit textures.   ...

File size: 19.59 MB | Download hits: 4955

Saab Viggen Panel

Photorealistic Saab Viggen panel, especially for the Alphasim version with VC or for any other FS2004 and FSX Saab Viggen. Included are six external and one internal FSX camera definitions with wingman feature. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker. View from Saab Viggen cockpit. The half of the original Alphasim gauges is not FSX-compatible. Therefore I have replaced that gauges with Virtavia F-4 Phantom gauges. Due to the copyrights I did not include...

File size: 2.44 MB | Download hits: 555

Fix For Saab Viggen PanelPatch

Fix for the photorealistic Saab Viggen panel (SAABVIGGEN-FSXPANEL.ZIP), which is especially designed for the Alphasim Viggen. Missing gauges in the VC configuration are fixed. Now the VC is matching with the 2D panel. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker. View from Saab Viggen cockpit. Just copy and overwrite this panel.cfg over the previous one. Happy landings. ...

File size: 118.97 kB | Download hits: 336

Boeing 737-800 Cockpit Textures Upgrade

This package contains repaint textures that will make the default B737-800 cockpit textures appear in full resolution and with more color and details. VC repaint by Enrique Cornejo. Screenshot of Boeing 737-800 cockpit. First, please make a "back up" of the original B737-800 texture folder, if you have to restore the default texture. (The default B737-800 textures are in the default Copy these textures to your FSX 737-800 directory, and place...

File size: 25.81 MB | Download hits: 10423

CANT Z512 Panel

Panel configuration, cameras and weapon effects for the Italian 4-engine seaplane CANT Z512 and/or the bomber version Z1014. Requires GIUZ1014_FIX.ZIP from Francesco Giuli. The panel is now with DC-3 and BF109e default gauges configured and makes the FS2004 version usable in FSX. There are six external and one internal cameras, including three gunner views. The light and smoke system is configured with weapon effects. Configuration by Erwin Welker. Screenshot of CANT Z512 in...

File size: 268.92 kB | Download hits: 193

Beechcraft 18DS Auto Smoke Gauge

This Beech 18 gauge will make a little smoke effect out of both engines just like in the real world. The auto smoke is generated by an xml gauge and will switch the smoke on above a throttle level off approximately 60 percent. By Richard Wisman. Screenshot of Beechcraft 18DS leaving smoke trail. You can make changes in the cfg with you text editor. ...

File size: 16.25 kB | Download hits: 361

McDonnell Douglas MD-80-87 Panel Project

Four panels for the MD-80-87 (SGA MD-80 and MD-87 Series, or similar). Sub-panels/popups include GPS, radio/pedestal with radar, overhead, CDU or FMC, TCAS, HUD and V-speeds. Analogue, "glass" and "PFD/EFIS" types constructed by adapting the classic bitmaps for the MD-8X from Paul Golding, Leon Seale and Marco Spada. Gauges by Paul Golding, Ken Mitchell, Philippe Wallaert, Jacob Larsen, Garrett Smith, Paul Scarratt, Eric Marciano, Matt Smith, Stefan Liebe, Doug Dawson,...

File size: 72.08 MB | Download hits: 3275

Boeing 747-400 Panel

A complete panel, highly detailed for the B747-400. By Pasquale Rinaldi. Screenshot of Boeing 747-400 panel. Installation: Unzip the contents of Boeing 747-400_FSX.ZIP file to a temporary folder. Open the unzipped folder "Boeing 747-400_FSX". Move the unzipped folder "Panel" into your FSxSimObjects Panel of your choice. ...

File size: 2.18 MB | Download hits: 4622

VTOL/Hover Gauge For Alphasim/Virtavia V22 Osprey

This freeware package adds new V(S)TOL and hover features to the V-22 Osprey. Besides true vertical takeoff and landing, it allows you to fly forward, backward, sideways and turn, while in a hover. This solution is based on overriding the normal FS flight dynamics when the nacelles are rotated out of the normal flight position; in short, it's a V(S)TOL and hover FDE coded in a gauge. For users of previous versions of this add-on, this is a major update. The readme includes extensive...

File size: 61.95 kB | Download hits: 3838

VTOL/Hover Gauge For Wilco Tiltrotor

V4.0 for Wilco Tiltrotor. This freeware package adds new V(S)TOL and hover features to the Wilco BA609 Tiltrotor. This solution is based on overriding the normal FS flight dynamics when the nacelles are rotated out of the normal flight position; in short, it's a V(S)TOL and hover FDE coded in a gauge. To use this add-on, you need to have the (payware) Wilco Tiltrotor installed, and working. The readme includes extensive installation and flying instructions. By Rob Barendregt. I...

File size: 20.12 kB | Download hits: 962

Camera Definitions For Virtavia He-111

Added views for the payware Virtavia He-111. Of course you can also use as a starting point to define cameras for similar aircraft or He111 of other designers. Just add to the aircraft.cfg. By Blaunarwal. Screenshot of Virtavia He-111 interior. Add to aicraft.cfg after eyepoint. Have fun. ...

File size: 79.35 kB | Download hits: 115

North American RA-5C Vigilante Panel

The 2D panel is based on the original panel but is improved in the details and is now matched to the VC. There is a second pilot's panel with a better view for landings and a rear seat panel for the navigator with GPS and radio. The panel configuration is prepared for carrier launches using COP (RCBCO-30.ZIP required for full functions). The camera configuration provides three wingman views, four external and three internal extra views. Configuration by Erwin...

File size: 1.36 MB | Download hits: 298

Cameras For The Mitsubishi Marquise

This is a twin turboprop corporate and executive transport aircraft in the colors of the Lotus racing team (MU-2_G-LTUS.ZIP). Of course these cameras can also been used for other FSX versions of the Mitsubishi MU from Premier Aircraft. The camera configuration provides five external and five internal extra views. Configuration by Erwin Welker. Screenshot of Mitsubishi Marquise interior. Copy all the lines from the file "cameras for aircraft.cfg" somewhere into...

File size: 316.03 kB | Download hits: 100

Radio Panel Update

This file replaces the useless radio panels on other aircraft. You can land ILS on every plane now. The panel is the default 737's and can replace any other aircraft's radio panel. You don't need to change your landing runway anymore. By Brenden Geiselhardt. Screenshot of updated radio panel. To Install: Backup the existing panel folder! You never know what might happen! Open up the aircraft that you want to change and open it's...

File size: 375.47 kB | Download hits: 863

Three Panels For The Douglas DC-10

Three panels for the DC10 in FSX, each with sub-panel and popups. One analogue and two "ribbon gauge" panels. Compiled utilizing the best bitmap components from SGA, Dale Britton and Francisco Silva. Gauges by Ken Mitchell, Philippe Wallaert, Jacob Larsen, Marco Ravanello and Gianfranco Corrias, Garrett Smith, Paul Scarratt, Eric Marciano, Matt Smith, Stefan Liebe, Doug Dawson and Richard Probst. Compatible with FS2004. 2D panels for the SGA DC-10 and similar models. By Ken...

File size: 70.41 MB | Download hits: 2138

Douglas DC-10 Panel Project SGA Aircraft.Cfg

FSX sample Aircraft.cfg linking FSX DC-10 Panel Project (FSX_DC-10_PANEL_PROJECT.ZIP) with SGA's DC10 models. Complete cfg (absent your aircraft) for use with sga1030.mdl and sga1030f.mdl only. By Ken Wigginton. Screenshot of Douglas DC-10 panel.   ...

File size: 150.88 kB | Download hits: 1474

Chart Expansion Pack

For CRGSIM-0_040.ZIP. This pack includes both pack 1 and pack 2. This distribution contains both Terminal Area Charts for: Denver, Colorado Springs, New York, San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth, and Boston.  It also includes the second pack Terminal Area Charts for: Baltimore Washington, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Diago. These charts are designed to work with the Chart Program in the CRGSIM release 0.040. By Kapock Cavanaugh. Screenshot of Chart...

File size: 212.59 MB | Download hits: 456

Junker Ju-290 Mods

Cameras and weapon effects for the German long-range reconnaissance aircraft Junker Ju-290. Requires JUNKERSJU290.ZIP from W. Dickens and A.F. Scrub. Both guns on the back of the fuselage can be inserted; they can be swung around for 360 degrees. There is also an internal view of the tailgunner plus some external views. Effects for flakclouds, explosions, bow and rearguns are included. Configuration by Erwin Welker. Screenshot of Junker Ju-290 in flight. FSX...

File size: 332.31 kB | Download hits: 183

Virtual Cockpit High G Vibration Mod

This modification adds to your default Acceleration F/A-18C Hornet high G vibration effects and sounds in the virtual cockpit. You can add this mod to other jets too. By Ismail Hakki Guezel. Install is easy, Backup first your entire "FA-18" folder, copy and paste the folders "Gauges" "SimObjects" and "Sound" in to "Microsoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator X" folder, if asks to overwrite, click yes. If you wish to install to other...

File size: 2.74 MB | Download hits: 460

Boeing B-377/C-97 Military Cockpit Update Fix

Military cockpit for the payware A2A B377/C97. This is an update to C97_GRN_COCKPIT.ZIP and it replaces the missing air conditioning and pressure gauges and changes floor textures to dark grey. Repaint only for use with the A2A B-377 with Cotts update. By Paul Grubich. Screenshot of Boeing B-377/C-97 Military cockpit. To Install: Open the unzipped file "grn cockpit fix" and copy all included textures to your livery of choice located in your WoS_B377 folder....

File size: 4.13 MB | Download hits: 245

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