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Daisuke Yamamoto C-119 Panel FSX Upgrade

I have upgraded his C-119 panel His C-119 in FS2004 downloads will work in FSX, but you must use this panel for all of the gauges to work. With kind permission from Mr Yamamoto Jim "pappy" Welch....

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Lear 45 Panel

Horst Paetzold lear panel, upgraded by Jim Welch for FSX. With kind permission from horst paetzold, i have upgraded his lear panel towork in fsx. I am using the panel inthe Eclipse 500 bizjet. i will include a new airecraft.cfg to make the autopilot work. If you use the Eclipse 500, just open the airplane file and insert the new aircraft.cfg and backup the original....

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2D B-58 Beechcraft Baron Upgraded

Light ameliorations of the panel bitmap, some new gauges (VOR, OAT, volt-amp), FS GPS pop-up added - see Readme-txt for details. Former file was No change at all for 3D panel. By Pierre Fasseaux. ...

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C-2a Greyhound (or any twin-engine turbo prop aircraft) Panel

Here is a new panel for you hope you enjoy it. panel building for fsx is a trial and error....

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Boeing 737-400 Panel

Created using default fsx gauges and photorealistic reworked bitmap. Marco Spada...

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F-15 Panel

This is an update for FSX of an F-15 panel by Chuck Dome. I have changed it the best I can for the moment so it is functional in FSX. This panel can be used with any fighter with two engines. Bob Chicilo....

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F-86 Sabre Panel

This is an update for FSX of a panel that came with an F-86 Sabre. Any of the sabres I have from FS9 don't show up, or have visual flaws, like no canopy glass; so I cannot supply a plane with this panel. It can be used with any single engine jet that does not have a panel that works in FSX. Bob Chicilo. ...

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Generic Military 2 Engine Panel

This is a panel for any 2 engined jet fighter in FSX. I used the background from the F-35 panel by Chuck Dome to make it. Until someone comes up with panels that are for specific aircraft you can use this one. All but one gauge are default FSX gauges. Bob Chicilo....

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