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Preview CaribbeanX AFCADs version 020708. The purpose of Caribbean X AFCADs is to provide the user with working traffic in the Caribbean region. The Caribbean Seaplanes scenery files by Chris Carel were used to set the backdrop for these files. (All are required). This project is a work in progress, s...

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CaribbeanX AFCADs version 020708. The purpose of Caribbean X AFCADs is to provide the user with working traffic in the Caribbean region. The Caribbean Seaplanes scenery files by Chris Carel were used to set the backdrop for these files. (All are required). This project is a work in progress, so some airports have not been completed. Included in this version are 212 AFCAD files in various states of completion. Please refer to the included Excel file for information on the progress of each. By Chris Coarse.

Screenshot of Caribbean scenery.

Screenshot of Caribbean scenery.

These files are not intended to be accurate, but merely to take advantage of the space M$ and Chris Carel have given us in a (hopefully) creative way. Closed airports are a crime. Any closed airport I have found will be reopened.

I have included a number of flightplans files that you can use to add traffic to the airports in the Caribbean Region. I have only included one airports file, which can be used for all of the flightplans files. You will need to modify the respective aircraft files for these to work in your computer.

I have also included two Excel files. They are simply my notes and provide a guide as to where I am in terms of progress. Many of these notes will mean nothing to you, while some may be helpful. Please don't e-mail me about what this means or that means. The Caribbean Airlines file is simply a file I have been using to track what airports get airline traffic and it's a small reminder to add parking spots for a particular airline.

There is also a splashscreen included for those that use Splashspinner or similar programs.


Install all files in the usual locations- If you don't know what I'm referring to- see above note!

You will need to remove the following files from the scenery files:

  • Cutlass Bay/scenery/ MYCX_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • Deadmans_Cay/scenery/ MYXY_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • Marsh_Harbor/scenery/ MYAM_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • Treasure_Cay/scenery/ MYAT_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • Haiti/scenery/ MDCR_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • St Martin/scenery/b_TFFG_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • St Martin/scenery/b_TFFJ_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • St Vincent/scenery/COCO_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • St Vincent/scenery/TVSM_AFX_ADE.BGL
  • Margarita Island/scenery/c_SVLB_ADE_FSX.BGL
  • Margarita Island/scenery/MIRA_ADE_FSX.BGL

These files are freeware and they are to remain that way!

Many thanks to the Beta testers at the Old Hanger as well as Chris Carel for his wonderful scenery.


Chris Coarse

Screenshot of Caribbean scenery.

Screenshot of Caribbean scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4

The archive has 240 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
2008-2-6_14-26-28-578jpg.jpg02.06.0872.91 kB
2008-2-6_14-5-37-687jpg.jpg02.06.0862.27 kB
2008-2-7_9-12-27-93jpg.jpg02.07.0854.82 kB
2008-2-7_9-14-8-453jpg.jpg02.07.0858.50 kB
2008-2-7_9-43-10-109splash.bmp02.07.081.37 MB
AFCADs02.06.080 B
AFX_ FA81.BGL09.26.073.00 kB
AFX_02PR.bgl01.17.083.31 kB
AFX_07FA.bgl10.13.074.68 kB
AFX_42FL.bgl12.05.071.66 kB
AFX_61FD.BGL09.12.072.40 kB
AFX_6FL5.bgl12.05.071.87 kB
AFX_7FA1.bgl01.17.082.70 kB
AFX_98FL.bgl02.04.083.69 kB
AFX_ABO.bgl10.13.073.67 kB
AFX_AGR.bgl01.17.088.80 kB
AFX_COCO.bgl12.05.073.63 kB
AFX_CODR.bgl12.08.072.54 kB
AFX_CPX.bgl01.17.083.43 kB
AFX_FA05.bgl01.17.081.66 kB
AFX_FA81.BGL10.26.072.93 kB
AFX_GJA.bgl02.02.085.94 kB
AFX_KCBS.bgl02.04.082.29 kB
AFX_KCOI.bgl09.26.0713.94 kB
AFX_KEYW.bgl09.14.0715.90 kB
AFX_KFLL.bgl11.12.0761.01 kB
AFX_KFTJ.bgl02.04.083.45 kB
AFX_KMCF.bgl01.17.0828.72 kB
AFX_KMCO.bgl11.12.07100.42 kB
AFX_KMIA.bgl11.12.07112.95 kB
AFX_KMOH.bgl02.04.085.96 kB
AFX_KMTH.BGL10.10.078.28 kB
AFX_KMTS.bgl02.04.081.82 kB
AFX_KNQX.bgl10.10.0743.55 kB
AFX_KPBI.bgl11.12.0746.37 kB
AFX_KPIE.bgl11.12.0729.72 kB
AFX_KSTA.bgl02.04.083.01 kB
AFX_MB01.bgl12.05.072.58 kB
AFX_MB02.bgl12.08.072.12 kB
AFX_MB03.bgl02.04.081.77 kB
AFX_MBGT.bgl11.12.078.27 kB
AFX_MBMC.bgl11.25.073.91 kB
AFX_MBNC.bgl11.12.074.20 kB
AFX_MBPI.bgl11.25.074.80 kB
AFX_MBPV.bgl12.03.0710.93 kB
AFX_MBSC.bgl10.28.075.49 kB
AFX_MBSY.bgl11.25.072.58 kB
AFX_MDAB.bgl02.01.082.57 kB
AFX_MDAN.bgl12.28.071.85 kB
AFX_MDBC.bgl12.28.072.55 kB
AFX_MDCR.bgl02.02.082.56 kB
AFX_MDCZ.bgl01.17.081.55 kB
AFX_MDMA.bgl02.04.082.07 kB
AFX_MDMC.bgl02.04.081.71 kB
AFX_MDPC.bgl01.17.0811.75 kB
AFX_MDPO.bgl02.04.081.66 kB
AFX_MDPP.bgl12.03.0712.38 kB
AFX_MDPS.bgl02.04.081.56 kB
AFX_MDRS.bgl02.04.081.92 kB
AFX_MDSD.bgl11.12.0716.71 kB
AFX_MDSI.bgl02.04.083.22 kB
AFX_MDST.bgl12.06.0710.25 kB
AFX_MG13.bgl12.03.072.11 kB
AFX_MGBN.bgl10.07.072.74 kB
AFX_MGCB.bgl12.03.071.45 kB
AFX_MGGT.bgl12.15.0726.42 kB
AFX_MGPB.bgl10.10.075.19 kB
AFX_MGPP.bgl12.05.073.20 kB
AFX_MGQZ.bgl12.05.073.77 kB
AFX_MGRB.bgl12.04.072.04 kB
AFX_MGRT.bgl12.04.072.42 kB
AFX_MGSJ.bgl12.06.073.53 kB
AFX_MGTK.bgl12.06.074.88 kB
AFX_MHIC.bgl02.04.081.65 kB
AFX_MHRO.bgl10.27.076.63 kB
AFX_MIRA.bgl02.06.083.91 kB
AFX_MKBS.bgl10.20.072.64 kB
AFX_MKJP.bgl10.07.0715.43 kB
AFX_MKJS.bgl11.12.0712.88 kB
AFX_MKKJ.bgl10.20.072.84 kB
AFX_MKNG.bgl12.06.072.79 kB
AFX_MKTP.bgl12.06.076.71 kB
AFX_MMCT.bgl11.21.078.52 kB
AFX_MMCZ.bgl12.06.0718.19 kB
AFX_MMIM.bgl12.05.072.83 kB
AFX_MMUN.bgl12.28.0719.71 kB
AFX_MNCI.bgl02.04.082.08 kB
AFX_MTCA.bgl10.20.072.19 kB
AFX_MTCH.bgl11.12.073.02 kB
AFX_MTJA.bgl10.23.072.05 kB
AFX_MTJE.bgl10.20.072.26 kB
AFX_MTPP.bgl01.20.089.91 kB
AFX_MTPX.bgl10.23.071.68 kB
AFX_MUGM.bgl10.06.0710.77 kB
AFX_MUHA.bgl11.12.0730.32 kB
AFX_MWCB.bgl11.19.074.76 kB
AFX_MWCL.BGL11.19.072.48 kB
AFX_MWCR.bgl02.01.089.63 kB
AFX_MWLC.bgl02.04.081.78 kB
AFX_MYAB.bgl11.12.073.75 kB
AFX_MYAF.bgl11.12.073.54 kB
AFX_MYAK.bgl11.12.072.41 kB
AFX_MYAM.bgl01.24.0810.03 kB
AFX_MYAN.bgl11.12.073.54 kB
AFX_MYAO.bgl10.21.072.17 kB
AFX_MYAP.bgl11.12.072.05 kB
AFX_MYAS.bgl10.21.072.16 kB
AFX_MYAT.bgl12.17.076.13 kB
AFX_MYAW.bgl01.24.083.59 kB
AFX_MYAX.bgl12.04.073.28 kB
AFX_MYBC.bgl02.01.082.99 kB
AFX_MYBG.bgl02.01.083.13 kB
AFX_MYBS.bgl11.12.073.74 kB
AFX_MYCA.bgl11.12.075.67 kB
AFX_MYCB.bgl11.12.073.12 kB
AFX_MYCI.bgl12.17.072.59 kB
AFX_MYCS.bgl02.04.082.21 kB
AFX_MYCX.bgl02.02.086.51 kB
AFX_MYE2.bgl10.14.072.87 kB
AFX_MYE3.bgl10.14.071.85 kB
AFX_MYE4.bgl10.10.072.63 kB
AFX_MYE5.bgl12.08.072.12 kB
AFX_MYEF.bgl01.24.085.58 kB
AFX_MYEG.bgl10.20.074.31 kB
AFX_MYEH.bgl02.01.084.30 kB
AFX_MYEM.bgl12.04.076.58 kB
AFX_MYER.bgl11.12.074.19 kB
AFX_MYES.bgl10.14.072.77 kB
AFX_MYGF.bgl02.03.0821.71 kB
AFX_MYGM.bgl10.10.074.92 kB
AFX_MYGW.bgl10.10.078.65 kB
AFX_MYIG.bgl11.12.073.71 kB
AFX_MYLD.bgl01.24.083.60 kB
AFX_MYLM.bgl10.23.071.70 kB
AFX_MYLS.bgl11.12.072.82 kB
AFX_MYMM.bgl02.03.085.28 kB
AFX_MYNN.bgl01.19.0828.79 kB
AFX_MYSB.bgl02.04.081.97 kB
AFX_MYSM.bgl12.05.077.71 kB
AFX_MYWS.bgl02.04.083.82 kB
AFX_MYX1.bgl12.17.073.02 kB
AFX_MYX4.bgl10.23.071.96 kB
AFX_MYX5.bgl12.04.072.71 kB
AFX_MYX6.BGL10.07.076.68 kB
AFX_MYX7.bgl10.20.071.96 kB
AFX_MYX8.bgl10.14.071.95 kB
AFX_MYXA.bgl10.23.071.15 kB
AFX_MYXB.bgl12.06.072.64 kB
AFX_MYXC.bgl10.23.071.68 kB
AFX_MYXD.bgl10.14.071.63 kB
AFX_MYXE.bgl12.04.071.67 kB
AFX_MYXF.bgl10.14.072.11 kB
AFX_MYXH.bgl10.21.072.07 kB
AFX_MYXI.bgl12.04.072.99 kB
AFX_MYXN.bgl10.20.073.05 kB
AFX_MYXY.bgl12.04.075.02 kB
AFX_MYXZ.bgl10.16.073.58 kB
AFX_MYZ1.bgl12.05.071.92 kB
AFX_MYZ2.bgl10.16.073.30 kB
AFX_MYZ3.bgl10.20.072.01 kB
AFX_NRR.bgl10.10.0726.71 kB
AFX_ORC.bgl02.04.081.69 kB
AFX_PR03.bgl02.02.082.61 kB
AFX_PR05.bgl10.23.071.46 kB
AFX_PR07.bgl10.23.071.96 kB
AFX_PR10.bgl10.23.071.83 kB
AFX_PR18.bgl12.04.071.69 kB
AFX_PR20.bgl01.20.082.50 kB
AFX_PR24.bgl10.23.071.53 kB
AFX_PR25.bgl10.23.071.89 kB
AFX_PR27.bgl10.23.072.07 kB
AFX_PR34.bgl09.18.073.55 kB
AFX_SABA.bgl02.03.082.67 kB
AFX_SKPV.bgl02.04.082.14 kB
AFX_SKSP.bgl02.04.085.82 kB
AFX_SVLB.bgl02.06.086.10 kB
AFX_SVLO.BGL10.23.072.07 kB
AFX_TAPA.bgl11.16.079.32 kB
AFX_TAPH.bgl10.06.071.66 kB
AFX_TBPB.bgl01.20.0818.56 kB
AFX_TDCF.bgl02.03.082.44 kB
AFX_TDPD.bgl01.20.085.04 kB
AFX_TFFA.bgl10.10.071.92 kB
AFX_TFFB.bgl10.12.072.08 kB
AFX_TFFF.bgl02.03.0820.88 kB
AFX_TFFG.bgl10.24.073.64 kB
AFX_TFFJ.bgl11.12.075.07 kB
AFX_TGPY.bgl10.14.076.99 kB
AFX_TGPZ.bgl12.04.071.54 kB
AFX_TIST.bgl01.21.0818.06 kB
AFX_TISX.bgl01.17.0814.49 kB
AFX_TJBQ.bgl10.23.0721.83 kB
AFX_TJFA.bgl02.02.083.97 kB
AFX_TJIG.bgl02.02.088.31 kB
AFX_TJSJ.bgl11.17.0734.70 kB
AFX_TKPK.bgl01.20.0811.21 kB
AFX_TKPN.bgl12.04.072.56 kB
AFX_TLPC.bgl01.17.085.85 kB
AFX_TLPL.bgl11.16.077.79 kB
AFX_TNCA.bgl02.01.0821.13 kB
AFX_TNCC.BGL12.12.0712.17 kB
AFX_TNCE.bgl01.30.083.61 kB
AFX_TNCM.bgl11.16.0714.33 kB
AFX_TTCP.bgl12.17.0711.14 kB
AFX_TUPG.bgl10.06.072.05 kB
AFX_TUPW.bgl12.09.072.33 kB
AFX_TVSB.bgl12.09.074.39 kB
AFX_TVSC.bgl01.20.082.83 kB
AFX_TVSM.bgl12.09.072.42 kB
AFX_TVSU.bgl01.20.082.49 kB
AFX_TVSV.bgl12.08.076.79 kB
AFX_TXKF.bgl11.16.0724.15 kB
AFX_VI22.bgl02.02.082.65 kB
AFX_VI32.bgl02.04.082.92 kB
AFX_X44.bgl02.04.085.64 kB
AFX_X63.bgl12.04.071.83 kB
AFX_X64.bgl10.12.072.02 kB
AFX_XX02.bgl12.04.072.06 kB
Caribbean Airlines.xls02.03.0836.50 kB
CaribbeanX.xls02.04.08121.50 kB
CXA150gif.gif02.07.0810.44 kB
CXA250.jpg02.07.0823.57 kB
Flightplans02.06.080 B
Aircraft_Caribbean_GA.txt12.08.073.75 kB
Aircraft_Caribbean_HJG.txt02.06.08959 B
Aircraft_Caribbean_Seaplanes.txt02.02.083.67 kB
aircraft_Caribbean_Warbirds.txt10.12.072.71 kB
aircraft_CSP.txt12.17.072.55 kB
Aircraft_CSP_Light_Twins.txt02.03.082.27 kB
Airports_FSX_Master.txt02.06.08813.75 kB
FlightPlans_Caribbean_GA.txt12.08.0729.32 kB
FlightPlans_Caribbean_HJG.txt02.06.082.29 kB
FlightPlans_Caribbean_Seaplanes.txt02.02.086.62 kB
flightplans_Caribbean_Warbirds.txt10.13.0711.02 kB
FlightPlans_CSP.txt01.30.0811.11 kB
FlightPlans_CSP_Light_Twins.txt02.03.0827.53 kB
Readme.txt02.07.083.67 kB
Thumbs.db02.07.0831.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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