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Preview Palm Springs International Airport, California (CA). Version 2 contains many new enhancements and updates including DPs, STARs, Approaches and an optional curved "ILS" approach to 13R/31L for AI to use. See the KPSP readme file enclosed for additional information and installation instructions....

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Palm Springs International Airport, California (CA). Version 2 contains many new enhancements and updates including DPs, STARs, Approaches and an optional curved "ILS" approach to 13R/31L for AI to use. See the KPSP readme file enclosed for additional information and installation instructions. By Kambiz Agazi.

Overview of Palm Springs International Airport.

Overview of Palm Springs International Airport.

KPSP V2 represents a modification to the FSX stock airport.

Version 2 Changes to Palm Springs International Airport include:

  • Revised the RNAV(RNP) transitional approaches for 13R and 31L using AF legs. All Transitions updated and included per May 2011 Y plates. Revised the final approach for 13R incorporating a single AF leg at WASAK (IF).
  • Updated all DPs and STARs per May 2011 plates.
  • Relocated the control tower per VE and the airport diagram.
  • New land class in and around the airport perimeter.
  • Updated taxiway layout and signs per May 2011 airport diagram and VE.
  • New commuter Terminal added with assigned gates.
  • Updated Terminal and gate assignments at the main Terminal per the official airport Web site.
  • Apron pavement type reworked per VE.
  • New GA and Customs ramp areas.
  • Airport beacon mounted on roof of GA Hangar facility per specifications.
  • I'm including two options for the user see below.

***Two Options for the User***

As you may have noticed, KPSP is surrounded by high terrain on three sides making for a difficult approach and decent to the runways especially when arrivals are from the North and West. AI also struggle as the default approach (visibility more than 3 miles) is a hard coded visual. This is especially true for AI with incorrect values in the FDE regarding weight and drag.

In order to alleviate the constant go-around and missed approaches that will eventually result in the AI being removed from FSX resulting in an empty airport, I'm including one version that contains a "fake" ILS for Runways 13R/31L. The "fake" ILS will not show up on the map or in the GPS and is intended for AI only. The ILS's are designed in such a way as to allow AI to navigate the high terrain on a base leg approach with a "curved" turn to final at 3 NM out - this technique was first developed by Jim Vile and can be seen in several of his airports including Kai Tak and KLAS.

The "curved" ILS approaches eliminate AI plowing through the mountain tops and will guarantee that AI will land in all weather conditions on 13R/31L - no more annoying go-arounds due to missed approaches. No more empty airport due to deleted flights.

The two downsides to the fake ILS option are:

  1. 1. If you're tuned into the same com frequency of an AI that is given clearance to land you will hear ATC clear the AI to the ILS at 13R or 31L - KPSP does not have any ILS approaches and this may be a negative for some who prefer to keep things as real as possible.
  2. 2. It's possible that under certain circumstances (depending on your approach vector and direction) the user will also (initially) be vectored to the ILS at 13R or 31L. In this case, using the ATC dialogue window, ask for an alternative approach and select either the RNAV or VOR, and request it from ATC.

If either of these two conditions prove to be a greater distraction compared to many AI going missed and never showing up at the airport then I suggest that you install the no ILS option.

***IMPORTANT*** In order to see the Terminal and apron spot lighting you'll need to install the wonderful lights from Jim Dhaenens. I'm including his light files with this package.

To install Jim's lights, place the lightobj.bgl file in your ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\scenery folder and and files in ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\Texture folder.

KPSP Installation: The preferred method is to create a folder called KPSP with a scenery subfolder. Place the four KPSP bgl files in the scenery subfolder. You will need to activate the KPSP scenery subfolder once in FSX. I suggest placing it at or near the top of the scenery priority list - above ALL regional, state or national scenery including UTX USA.

There is a known bug in Win7 when it comes to adding scenery in FSX. This bug can be googled for the simple solution.

I have tested KPSP v2 using FSX Acceleration on Win7 64bit. I have only included a few Acceleration parking lots around the flag pole. users who do not have Acceleration installed will not see the parking lots. All other scenery objects are FSX SP1/SP2 default and should be visible to all users.

While not needed for the scenery to work, I also tested to ensure that KPSP works with UTX USA, Scenery Tech North America, and FS Genesis 10m USA Mesh.

CREDITS: KPSP v2 was created using the powerful airport design utility by Jon Masterson (ADE V1.47.11 Pro). The approach code was updated using FAA approach plates and ADE V1.47.11. A special thanks to Jim Vile who is a member of the ADE team and is the author of the approach code module of ADE.

A special thanks to Jim Dhaenens for use of his lights with freeware packages.

Version 1 changes shown below for information only and are included in Version 2 - no need to install my earlier version of KPSP:

  • Gate numbers, number of gates, gate locations and airline gate and Terminal assignments reworked per official Website.
  • Additional ramp parking per google maps.
  • Corrected runway markings, specifications, lights and instrument landing equipment per airnav.
  • Added red flashing light w/tower to Control Tower.
  • Added blast pads at the ends of each runway per google maps.
  • Reworked vehicle roads around airport for improved service and flow.
  • Additional GA parking per Virtual Earth.
  • Pavement type modification at the Main Terminal (concrete) and Main GA Parking area (Tarmac) per Virtual Earth.
  • New RNAV(RNP w/GPS overlay) approaches for 31L and 13R - see approach plate Y for each. Strict attention must be paid due to surrounding high terrain.
  • Reopened the completed taxiway A1.

All airport buildings and objects can now be seen at normal scenery level. jetways begin to appear at the dense scenery level - extremely dense will reveal all jetways.

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No ILS06.02.110 B
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KPSP_KA_CVX.bgl06.02.111018 B
KPSP_KA_OBJ.BGL06.02.1112.12 kB
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