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X-Plane 11/10 x737 Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 update (XP 970 & 10) 4.4.1b

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Complete with Base Model
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X-Plane 11 (XP11) & X-Plane 10 (XP10)
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All X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 970 pilots on Mac, Win or Linux hosts are invited to download the latest update 4.4.1 of our award-winning x737project aircraft. We made some minor changes to provide perfect X-Plane 970 and 10 compatibility. Besides some fixes in the plugin system we fixed the nose gear doors which remained opened once you have opened the acf file in PlaneMaker 10.

Screenshot of Boeing 737-800 on the ground.

Screenshot of Boeing 737-800 on the ground.

A list of bugs fixed in this version or pending can be found on our new bugtracking page. Furthermore, new datarefs make it easier for cockpit developers to mirror the x737 states to hardware devices. Of course x737 is free for all X-Plane users, as always. Download the x737project version 4.4.1 aircraft from the Aircraft section of our website. As a reaction to the users feedback we are now providing a light base package (approx. 54MB) and a new base livery package with the most popular liveries available for our x737 aircraft. Again, there are several continent specific free livery packages bringing more than 120 Boeing 737-800 and BBJ2 liveries to your computer.

We are still very glad that our x737project aircraft v4 has been voted for the 'Aircraft of the Year 2010' - the third award for the x737project on the .org! Thank you for voting for our project, and all users can be sure that we will continue to make the x737 the best airliner for X-Plane!

Please note that this is a maintenance release - a huge amount of new features (the long requested 3D cockpit) is under construction for the rest of 2012, but still needs a lot of time!
The most recent version is 4.4,.1 all files provided for download are up to date. Get the base and the liveries you like! Please report bugs and glitches to the mail address available on the bugtracking page.

What's New in Version 4.4.1b

  • Fixed minor X-Plane 10 compatibility issues

  • Plugin now loads in Linux too (4.4.1)

  • Debug code removed (4.4.1b


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The archive has 528 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
x737_v4_800_BBJ2_base06.03.120 B
QuickStart.pdf06.02.1253.18 kB
Boeing737-800_x737_v4_6_106.03.120 B
737.acf05.29.122.46 MB
737.fmc10.24.1010.60 kB
737_cockpit.obj10.10.08227.90 kB
737_cockpit_INN_texture.png01.05.08734.91 kB
737_cockpit_OUT_texture.png06.23.0483.05 kB
737_icon.png10.31.08265.81 kB
737_paint.png05.12.102.76 kB
737_panel_B.png05.17.092.69 MB
737_panel_L.png05.17.092.55 MB
737_panel_LB.png05.17.092.62 MB
737_panel_LF.png05.17.092.23 MB
737_panel_R.png05.17.092.39 MB
737_panel_RB.png05.04.092.25 MB
737_panel_RF.png05.17.092.22 MB
Airfoils10.30.100 B
737HStab1Hi.afl10.29.1024.51 kB
737HStab2Hi.afl10.29.1024.48 kB
737Vstab2Hi.afl10.27.1024.48 kB
737VstabHi.afl10.27.1024.51 kB
737Wing1Hi.afl10.11.1024.48 kB
737Wing2Hi.afl10.11.1024.48 kB
737Wing3Hi.afl10.11.1024.48 kB
737Wing4Hi.afl10.11.1024.48 kB
B738.cfg01.14.111.41 kB
clist.txt10.31.106.99 kB
cockpit08.30.100 B
-PANELS-09.09.110 B
narrowscreen09.09.110 B
panel.png09.09.11781.73 kB
panel.png09.09.11874.92 kB
widescreen08.10.110 B
panel.png08.10.11874.87 kB
annunciators03.24.090 B
ann_engine_fire-1.png05.31.044.06 kB
ann_engine_fire.png12.23.072.76 kB
ann_fuel_press-1.png05.25.043.40 kB
ann_fuel_press.png12.23.072.75 kB
ann_master_caution-1.png05.31.043.81 kB
ann_master_caution.png12.23.072.76 kB
ann_master_warning-1.png05.31.043.81 kB
ann_master_warning.png12.23.072.76 kB
ann_rotor_high-1.png10.30.063.08 kB
ann_rotor_high.png12.23.072.76 kB
ann_rotor_low-1.png10.30.063.12 kB
ann_rotor_low.png12.23.072.76 kB
ann_speedbrake-1.png10.30.063.12 kB
ann_speedbrake.png12.23.072.76 kB
but_ann_test-1.png07.19.044.22 kB
but_ann_test.png12.23.072.76 kB
autopilot12.23.070 B
autopilot select12.23.070 B
but_knots_mach-1.png04.03.053.15 kB
but_knots_mach.png12.23.072.77 kB
ott_sel_HDG_HM-1.png04.20.0520.84 kB
ott_sel_HDG_HM.png12.23.072.78 kB
but_autopilot_test_HM-1.png04.03.053.15 kB
but_autopilot_test_HM.png12.23.072.77 kB
buttons01.07.110 B
but_apu-1.png03.30.052.76 kB
but_apu.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_autobrake-1.png05.03.0411.51 kB
but_autobrake.png12.23.072.82 kB
but_autofeather-1.png08.27.042.59 kB
but_autofeather.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_avionics-1.png05.16.042.53 kB
but_avionics.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_battery-1.png05.25.042.58 kB
but_battery.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_brakes-1.png05.20.0412.17 kB
but_brakes.png12.23.072.80 kB
but_flitedir_modeSC-1.png07.26.082.76 kB
but_flitedir_modeSC.png07.26.082.76 kB
but_HUD_power-1.png05.16.042.53 kB
but_HUD_power.png10.28.082.78 kB
but_yawdamp-1.png01.07.115.30 kB
but_yawdamp.png12.23.072.80 kB
but_yawdamp_LIT-1.png01.07.114.04 kB
landing gear08.30.100 B
but_gear_handle_HM-1.png08.14.0824.42 kB
but_gear_handle_HM.png12.23.072.94 kB
but_gear_light_HM-1.png05.23.044.85 kB
but_gear_light_HM.png08.30.102.80 kB
lights03.24.090 B
but_beacon-1.png05.16.042.53 kB
but_beacon.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_land_light-1.png11.18.082.05 kB
but_land_light.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_nav_light-1.png05.16.042.53 kB
but_nav_light.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_strobe_light-1.png05.16.042.53 kB
but_strobe_light.png12.23.072.77 kB
but_taxi_light-1.png11.18.082.05 kB
but_taxi_light.png12.23.072.77 kB
compass12.01.070 B
compass_HM-1.png02.23.043.83 kB
compass_HM-3.png05.31.044.61 kB
compass_HM.png12.01.072.78 kB
EFIS08.31.100 B
but_disp_VORADF1.png12.23.072.78 kB
but_disp_VORADF2.png12.23.072.78 kB
but_map_mode-1.png05.03.0411.65 kB
but_map_mode.png12.23.072.82 kB
but_map_options-1.png04.03.053.03 kB
but_map_options.png12.23.072.81 kB
but_map_zoom-1.png04.03.057.64 kB
but_map_zoom.png12.23.072.80 kB
EFIS elements primary08.29.100 B
el_horizon-1.png12.08.0417.43 kB
el_horizon-2.png06.09.075.07 kB
el_horizon-3.png01.14.055.72 kB
el_horizon-4.png05.30.044.08 kB
el_horizon.png03.17.0413.34 kB
el_horizon.txt07.09.04198 B
el_vvi_vert-1.png07.14.103.45 kB
el_vvi_vert-2.png07.17.102.78 kB
el_vvi_vert-3.png07.17.102.77 kB
el_vvi_vert-4.png07.17.102.81 kB
el_vvi_vert.png07.17.102.79 kB
EFIS elements supplement06.09.070 B
el_glideslope-1.png01.20.053.29 kB
el_glideslope-2.png06.09.073.05 kB
el_glideslope.png01.20.053.46 kB
el_localizer-1.png01.20.053.52 kB
el_localizer-2.png06.09.073.00 kB
el_localizer.png01.20.053.65 kB
el_OBS1-1.png04.22.042.78 kB
el_OBS1-4.png04.22.046.19 kB
el_OBS2-1.png04.22.042.78 kB
el_OBS2-4.png04.22.046.16 kB
EFIS maps12.01.070 B
map_s_HM-1.png04.03.0513.95 kB
map_s_HM-2.png04.03.0521.31 kB
map_s_HM-3.png06.08.0720.38 kB
map_s_HM-4.png04.03.054.73 kB
map_s_HM.png12.01.073.21 kB
map_s_HM.txt04.03.05118 B
flaps08.29.100 B
indicate_flap_round-1.png04.03.052.95 kB
indicate_flap_round.png12.23.072.83 kB
indicate_flap_round.txt11.24.0757 B
generic08.10.110 B
.png12.26.102.90 kB
elv_trim_ind_gen_left-1.png07.10.102.98 kB
elv_trim_ind_gen_left.png07.10.102.75 kB
elv_trim_ind_gen_right-1.png07.10.102.96 kB
elv_trim_ind_gen_right.png07.10.102.75 kB
gen_alt_ias_combo-1.png01.06.113.14 kB
gen_alt_ias_combo.png01.06.113.14 kB
gen_alt_ias_combo_LIT.png01.06.1111.49 kB
gen_needle-1.png07.14.102.81 kB
gen_needle.png07.17.102.78 kB
gen_rheostat-1.png07.18.104.38 kB
gen_rheostat.png07.18.102.77 kB
gen_rheostat_blank.png07.18.102.77 kB
gen_vvi_setpoint-1.png07.14.102.78 kB
han_flap_gen-1.png07.05.105.48 kB
han_flap_gen.png12.01.072.77 kB
handles12.23.070 B
han_mixture_linear-1.png05.24.043.73 kB
han_mixture_linear.png12.23.072.78 kB
han_mixture_linear.txt07.10.0464 B
han_sbrake1-1.png05.31.048.75 kB
han_sbrake1.png12.01.072.79 kB
han_sbrake2-1.png05.31.046.70 kB
han_sbrake2.png12.01.072.79 kB
han_sbrake2.txt07.10.0464 B
han_thro_linear-1.png05.16.0412.06 kB
han_thro_linear.png12.01.072.78 kB
han_thro_linear.txt07.10.0464 B
indicate_flap_linear-1.png05.20.043.14 kB
indicate_flap_linear.png12.01.072.77 kB
indicate_flap_linear.txt07.10.0460 B
HUD06.25.100 B
HUD-1.png03.25.0956.66 kB
HUD.png03.25.0956.66 kB
HUD_airspeed-1.png02.07.095.07 kB
HUD_airspeed-2.png04.03.053.12 kB
HUD_airspeed-3.png04.03.053.41 kB
HUD_airspeed-4.png02.07.093.79 kB
HUD_airspeed.png04.03.052.96 kB
HUD_airspeed.txt02.07.09654 B
HUD_altitude-1.png02.07.095.50 kB
HUD_altitude-2.png04.03.053.36 kB
HUD_altitude-3.png04.03.053.41 kB
HUD_altitude-4.png04.03.054.31 kB
HUD_altitude.png04.03.052.97 kB
HUD_altitude.txt02.07.09795 B
HUD_aoa_dig-1.png02.07.092.84 kB
HUD_aoa_dig-4.png04.03.053.68 kB
HUD_aoa_dig.png02.07.093.07 kB
HUD_arrest-1.png02.07.093.10 kB
HUD_arrest.png02.07.092.90 kB
HUD_asi_trend-1.png04.03.052.85 kB
HUD_asi_trend.png04.03.052.82 kB
HUD_baro-1.png04.03.052.86 kB
HUD_baro-4.png04.03.053.26 kB
HUD_baro.png04.03.053.06 kB
HUD_canopy-1.png02.07.093.29 kB
HUD_canopy.png02.07.092.93 kB
HUD_dig_heading-1.png02.07.092.77 kB
HUD_dig_heading-4.png02.07.093.58 kB
HUD_dig_heading.png02.07.092.94 kB
HUD_flap-1.png02.07.093.00 kB
HUD_flap-2.png02.07.092.78 kB
HUD_flap-4.png02.07.093.24 kB
HUD_flap.png02.07.093.10 kB
HUD_fuel-1.png02.07.093.02 kB
HUD_fuel-2.png02.07.092.78 kB
HUD_fuel.png02.07.093.03 kB
HUD_g_load_dig-1.png02.07.092.87 kB
HUD_g_load_dig-4.png04.03.053.68 kB
HUD_g_load_dig.png02.07.093.09 kB
HUD_gear-1.png02.07.093.09 kB
HUD_gear.png02.07.092.90 kB
HUD_groundspeed-1.png04.03.052.87 kB
HUD_groundspeed-4.png04.03.053.26 kB
HUD_groundspeed.png04.03.052.98 kB
HUD_horizon-1.png04.03.057.23 kB
HUD_horizon-2.png02.07.097.83 kB
HUD_horizon-3.png04.03.055.48 kB
HUD_horizon-4.png04.03.053.43 kB
HUD_horizon.png04.03.055.56 kB
HUD_horizon.txt02.07.09856 B
HUD_HSI_round-1.png04.03.055.58 kB
HUD_HSI_round-2.png04.03.054.25 kB
HUD_HSI_round-3.png04.03.053.06 kB
HUD_HSI_round-4.png04.03.053.55 kB
HUD_HSI_round.png04.03.055.07 kB
HUD_HSI_round.txt04.03.05297 B
HUD_HSI_source_ann-1.png04.03.053.29 kB
HUD_HSI_source_ann.png04.03.052.94 kB
HUD_hsi_tape-1.png04.03.054.67 kB
HUD_hsi_tape-2.png04.03.053.10 kB
HUD_hsi_tape-3.png04.03.052.83 kB
HUD_hsi_tape.png04.03.052.81 kB
HUD_LNAV_localizer-1.png04.03.052.84 kB
HUD_LNAV_localizer-2.png04.03.052.88 kB
HUD_LNAV_localizer.png04.03.052.94 kB
HUD_machnumber-1.png04.03.052.80 kB
HUD_machnumber-4.png04.03.053.83 kB
HUD_machnumber.png04.03.052.99 kB
HUD_marker_I-1.png04.03.052.93 kB
HUD_marker_I.png04.03.052.93 kB
HUD_marker_M-1.png04.03.052.92 kB
HUD_marker_M.png04.03.052.92 kB
HUD_marker_O-1.png04.03.052.94 kB
HUD_marker_O.png04.03.052.94 kB
HUD_mins-1.png04.03.052.91 kB
HUD_mins-4.png04.03.053.24 kB
HUD_mins.png04.03.053.03 kB
HUD_radar_nav-1.png02.07.095.76 kB
HUD_radar_nav-2.png02.07.092.85 kB
HUD_radar_nav-4.png02.07.094.25 kB
HUD_radar_nav.png02.07.095.76 kB
HUD_radar_traffic-1.png02.07.095.76 kB
HUD_radar_traffic-2.png02.07.092.85 kB
HUD_radar_traffic-4.png02.07.094.25 kB
HUD_radar_traffic.png02.07.095.76 kB
HUD_radioalt-1.png04.03.052.75 kB
HUD_radioalt-4.png04.03.053.26 kB
HUD_radioalt.png04.03.052.91 kB
HUD_speedbrake-1.png02.07.093.30 kB
HUD_speedbrake.png02.07.092.99 kB
HUD_thrust_vector-1.png02.07.092.93 kB
HUD_thrust_vector-2.png02.07.092.85 kB
HUD_thrust_vector-4.png04.03.053.68 kB
HUD_thrust_vector.png02.07.093.05 kB
HUD_VNAV_glideslope-1.png04.03.052.83 kB
HUD_VNAV_glideslope-2.png04.03.052.84 kB
HUD_VNAV_glideslope.png04.03.052.95 kB
HUD_vvi_dig-1.png04.03.052.89 kB
HUD_vvi_dig-4.png04.03.053.68 kB
HUD_vvi_dig.png04.03.053.09 kB
HUD_wheelbrake-1.png02.07.093.17 kB
HUD_wheelbrake.png02.07.092.99 kB
HUD_wind-1.png04.03.052.78 kB
HUD_wind-2.png04.03.052.89 kB
HUD_wind-4.png02.07.093.54 kB
HUD_wind.png04.03.053.00 kB
nav displays08.31.100 B
RMIs12.01.070 B
RMI_NADF12_HM-1.png04.03.056.75 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM-2.png06.01.074.52 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM-3.png04.03.0511.23 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM-4.png04.03.058.13 kB
RMI_NADF12_HM.png12.01.073.10 kB
pressurization10.03.100 B
bleed_air-1.png10.03.10631 B
bleed_air.png12.23.072.77 kB
cabin_alt-2.png04.03.053.09 kB
cabin_alt-3.png04.03.054.23 kB
cabin_alt.png12.23.072.86 kB
press_test-1.png04.03.053.71 kB
press_test.png12.23.072.79 kB
set_alt-1.png07.10.043.35 kB
set_alt-3.png07.10.042.78 kB
set_alt.png12.01.072.87 kB
set_alt.txt07.10.04370 B
set_cabin_alt-1.png07.10.043.35 kB
set_cabin_alt-3.png07.10.042.78 kB
set_cabin_alt.png12.01.072.87 kB
set_cabin_alt.txt07.10.04370 B
radios01.06.110 B
GPS FMS12.01.070 B
FMS_small-4.png05.04.045.21 kB
FMS_small.png12.01.073.04 kB
markers_BC-2.png04.24.053.29 kB
markers_BC.png12.23.072.76 kB
NAV COM12.23.070 B
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-1.png04.03.055.15 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-2.png04.03.052.93 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM-4.png04.03.053.29 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HM.png12.23.072.92 kB
rad_NAVCOMADF_HMs-2.png11.24.072.89 kB
transponder12.23.070 B
transponder_HM-1.png04.03.056.27 kB
transponder_HM-2.png11.24.073.07 kB
transponder_HM-4.png04.03.053.26 kB
transponder_HM.png12.23.072.88 kB
rheostats12.23.070 B
rhe_flood_brt_HM.png12.23.072.79 kB
rhe_instrument_brt_HM.png12.23.072.78 kB
rhe_OBS_1_GA.png12.23.072.78 kB
rhe_OBS_2_GA.png12.23.072.79 kB
standard six08.31.100 B
altimeters12.26.100 B
alt_ias_combo-1.png06.09.072.91 kB
alt_ias_combo-2.png02.18.042.97 kB
alt_ias_combo-3.png02.18.044.22 kB
alt_ias_combo.png12.26.102.89 kB
alt_ias_combo.txt05.23.04747 B
artificial horizons12.01.070 B
horizon_glass_HM-1.png12.08.0460.67 kB
horizon_glass_HM-2.png06.09.076.33 kB
horizon_glass_HM-3.png12.08.043.66 kB
horizon_glass_HM-4.png01.21.053.41 kB
horizon_glass_HM.png12.01.073.13 kB
horizon_glass_HM.txt07.10.04190 B
HSIs12.23.070 B
but_HSI_12GPS-1.png05.31.046.94 kB
but_HSI_12GPS.png12.23.072.79 kB
but_HSI_rose_arc-1.png03.26.044.00 kB
but_HSI_rose_arc.png12.23.072.79 kB
supplement03.24.090 B
stall_GA-1.png10.31.063.11 kB
stall_GA.png12.23.072.76 kB
wiper_left-1.png03.08.0817.69 kB
wiper_left.png03.08.0817.71 kB
wiper_right-1.png03.08.0818.09 kB
wiper_right.png03.08.0818.04 kB
trim06.25.100 B
ail_trim_act-1.png11.25.058.26 kB
ail_trim_act.png12.23.072.78 kB
ail_trim_ind-1.png11.25.053.08 kB
ail_trim_ind.png12.23.072.78 kB
elv_trim_act-1.png11.25.058.64 kB
elv_trim_act.png11.25.051.91 kB
elv_trim_ind-1.2.png06.22.106.30 kB
elv_trim_ind-1.png06.22.106.30 kB
elv_trim_ind.2.png12.23.072.78 kB
elv_trim_ind.2.txt06.13.1065 B
elv_trim_ind.png12.23.072.78 kB
elv_trim_ind.txt06.13.1065 B
rot_trim_act-1.png11.25.059.94 kB
rot_trim_act.png12.23.072.78 kB
rot_trim_ind-1.png11.25.053.09 kB
rot_trim_ind.png12.23.072.79 kB
rud_trim_act-1.png11.25.058.26 kB
rud_trim_act.png12.23.072.78 kB
rud_trim_ind-1.png11.25.053.08 kB
rud_trim_ind.png12.23.072.78 kB
weapons03.24.090 B
all-1.png01.19.045.76 kB
all.png12.23.072.82 kB
any-1.png01.19.049.40 kB
any.png12.23.072.82 kB
console.png01.19.047.74 kB
fire_mode-1.png05.03.049.18 kB
fire_mode.png12.23.072.82 kB
fire_rate-1.png05.23.049.75 kB
fire_rate.png12.23.072.77 kB
gun_bom-1.png05.30.043.88 kB
gun_bom.png12.23.072.76 kB
gun_mis-1.png07.08.047.07 kB
gun_mis.png12.23.072.82 kB
gun_mis_bom-1.png01.19.048.03 kB
gun_mis_bom.png12.23.072.82 kB
gun_roc-1.png01.19.046.80 kB
gun_roc.png12.23.072.82 kB
gun_roc_bom-1.png01.19.048.03 kB
gun_roc_bom.png12.23.072.82 kB
gun_roc_mis-1.png01.19.048.03 kB
gun_roc_mis.png12.23.072.82 kB
mis_bom-1.png01.19.046.80 kB
mis_bom.png12.23.072.82 kB
roc_bom-1.png01.19.046.80 kB
roc_bom.png12.23.072.82 kB
roc_mis.png12.23.072.82 kB
roc_mis_bom-1.png01.19.048.03 kB
roc_mis_bom.png01.19.043.45 kB
TV_guide.png12.23.073.07 kB
conf02.26.120 B
x737.cnf02.26.12419 B
liveries06.02.120 B
Boeing BBJ206.02.120 B
conf06.04.100 B
x737.cnf06.04.10469 B
namaui_license.txt06.04.10200 B
objects06.02.120 B
engine.png06.04.10913.81 kB
fin.png06.04.10217.74 kB
fin_lit.png06.02.12129.75 kB
fuselage.png06.04.101.69 MB
fuselage_lit.png06.02.1294.00 kB
maingear.png06.04.10904.27 kB
seats.png06.04.1017.97 kB
seats_lit.png06.02.1211.71 kB
winglet.png06.04.10158.97 kB
winglet_lit.png06.02.1271.89 kB
objects01.14.120 B
cabin.obj07.05.102.27 MB
cabin.png05.15.10274.65 kB
cabin_lit.png05.15.10305.66 kB
engine.png10.24.08697.03 kB
fin.obj07.05.10322.13 kB
fin.png02.04.10247.31 kB
fin_lit.png05.10.10276.76 kB
fuselage.obj01.04.125.17 MB
fuselage.png05.19.102.03 MB
fuselage_lit.png05.10.10200.76 kB
leftengine.obj02.11.101.67 MB
leftwing.obj09.09.11494.82 kB
leftwing.png07.24.10835.33 kB
leftwing_lit.png05.10.1019.77 kB
leftwinglet.obj04.27.10244.62 kB
lights.obj07.16.107.53 kB
lights.png01.06.1012.09 kB
maingear.obj09.09.113.80 MB
maingear.png05.13.10894.37 kB
mainwheelwell.png04.17.10803.21 kB
mainwheelwell_lit.png05.10.10520.99 kB
nosegear.obj04.24.102.05 MB
nosegear.png04.24.10947.68 kB
nosegear_lit.png05.10.1066.05 kB
rightengine.obj02.11.101.65 MB
rightwing.obj09.09.11490.38 kB
rightwing.png07.24.10835.53 kB
rightwing_lit.png05.10.1019.77 kB
rightwinglet.obj04.27.10244.84 kB
seats.obj07.05.1011.26 MB
seats.png01.29.1044.50 kB
seats_lit.png05.10.1030.67 kB
stabilizer.obj05.30.10353.47 kB
stabilizer.png05.13.10683.85 kB
stabilizer.psd05.09.101.97 MB
stabilizer_lit.png05.10.1018.47 kB
wheelwell.obj09.08.11239.88 kB
winglet.png01.06.10237.70 kB
winglet_lit.png05.10.10115.57 kB
plane.jpg10.31.08134.15 kB
plane.txt01.14.126.96 kB
plugins02.19.120 B
x737plugin.xpl06.03.120 B
lin.xpl06.03.121.03 MB
mac.xpl06.03.121.69 MB
win.xpl06.03.12748.00 kB
x737textures05.06.120 B
x737_brightness_capt.png06.13.1132.83 kB
x737AFCP.png04.22.0750.53 kB
x737apuwin.png11.23.0782.83 kB
x737cabutilswin.png11.25.0568.43 kB
x737clockwin.png05.29.1123.48 kB
x737clockwin_dbl.png01.27.1217.34 kB
x737fonts.png05.07.0918.27 kB
x737fuelrequest.png02.17.0727.35 kB
x737fuelstation.png03.21.0782.39 kB
x737fuelwin.png04.04.0778.70 kB
x737icewin.png10.30.0532.05 kB
x737mcp.png04.05.124.74 kB
x737meterwin.png04.02.07127.59 kB
x737pfd_dbl.png05.06.12137.53 kB
x737texture.png09.10.1184.75 kB
sounds04.04.120 B
alert04.04.120 B
1000ft.wav05.24.1120.17 kB
100ft.wav05.24.1118.01 kB
10ft.wav05.24.119.31 kB
200ft.wav05.24.1178 B
20ft.wav05.24.1110.29 kB
300ft.wav05.24.1178 B
30ft.wav05.24.119.95 kB
400ft.wav05.24.1178 B
40ft.wav05.24.1178 B
500ft.wav05.24.1120.87 kB
50ft.wav05.24.1110.21 kB
737 glid.wav05.24.1112.98 kB
737 gwrn.wav05.24.1121.73 kB
737 sink.wav05.24.1193.62 kB


The x737 project has been one of the most commonly followed and regularly used X-Plane modifications out there, and users of the series will be pleased to know that a new release has been created for this package. This remake of the Boeing 737-800 is hugely popular for the range of detail that it manages to capture, as well as making sure that you are capable of getting the most realistic level of performance from the cockpit as you can.

This latest modification to the package ensures that many compatibility are issues, so if you have struggled to load up this package in the past you might want to consider picking up this package. Version 4.4.1B makes various updates and additions to the overall performance and stability of the package, too. Additionally, smaller changes to the way that nose gear doors work have been included, ensuring that the aircraft can easily be used to full effectiveness one and for all.

The entire list of bug changes and the range of minor additions will give you a much more impressive response in terms of how it would have felt in the past. It also comes with a range of new datarefs to make sure that the cockpit can be as authentic as possible. This means that the entire replication of the cockpit of the aircraft itself can be caught in a far more authentic and true manner.

This package is completely free to download, meaning that you can get yourself moving forward in X-Plane with a thoroughly enjoyable package. This has been developed using deep user feedback along the way to try and capture almost every aspect of the aircraft, including various new minor packages to help make the enjoyment of the package even greater than it has been previously.

A new livery package has been released that coincides with this release, too, providing you with more than 120 liveries in total across the packages that are available. This will help you get one of the most popular aircrafts in modern times looking just the way that you wanted or remembered!

In the past, this release has been voted as the ‘Aircraft of the Year’, winning the accolade in 2010. If you have never used this project before and find that X-Plane is getting a little bit dull in terms of what you have access to throughout, you should definitely consider giving this a go.

It comes with many new features such as 3D cockpits, enhanced performance and a new range of compatibility services that will keep the whole project working the way that it was supposed to in the first place. These latest additions and improvements will make it even more enjoyable to fly in, removing a large amount of the errors and obstacles that once held people back when they were using this mod in X-Plane.

Lastly, various changes to the coding and the way that plugins run on various Operating Systems have been included to maximize the level of comfort and performance provided. Whatever you want to see from using this mod, you’ll find that it provides one of the most engaging and realistic remakes of the 737-800 that has been released. 

Adam McEnroe

About Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description.  For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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Dave HaleWed, 27 Apr 2016 18:40:09 GMT

Hi, I downloaded the X-PLANE 10 X737 BOEING 737-800 AND BBJ2 UPDATE and found that the plugin was missing then I realized it is an update not a complete file. Where can I get the original to then update?

Ronnie DisherFri, 25 Mar 2016 04:14:56 GMT

I downloaded the new version of the 767 for x plane 10 and it still rocks up and down. It is a nice aircraft why leave a panel up in the rear fuselage that causes this rock. Can this be corrected?

João Marcos de OliveiraFri, 01 May 2015 22:31:39 GMT

Hello I need know why the overhead is not complete with five coluns igual off 737 in menu Overhead Complete . I see only tree coluns and is not complete. You have one other plugin for complete the overhead? I have S-Plane 9 in my Pc and 10 in other computer. Please send me information Is on the 737 800 JM

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