FSX/FS2004 Me 262B-U1 Nightfighter

PreviewNightfighter. World War II saw the introduction of jet aircraft, and one of the most prominent jets of the conflict was the "Messerschmitt Me-262", a twin-jet fighter of advanced design.From 1944 appeared the "Me-262B-1a/U1" night fighter, with radar gear, plus armament of two MK-108 30 mm cannon...

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Nightfighter. World War II saw the introduction of jet aircraft, and one of the most prominent jets of the conflict was the "Messerschmitt Me-262", a twin-jet fighter of advanced design.From 1944 appeared the "Me-262B-1a/U1" night fighter, with radar gear, plus armament of two MK-108 30 mm cannon and two MG-151 20 mm cannon. 3Dmodel by Graham's (VB-planes), textures by ChrisN. Three models modified for FS2004/FSX with gun/sound effects new panel, aircraft.cfg and airfile by A.F. Scrub.

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The archive Me262Nightfighter.zip has 180 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg03.05.078.63 kB
Documents02.26.070 B
Info Fuelflow Lever.txt03.05.07777 B
Me262doc .pdf02.24.07305.63 kB
Radar02.24.070 B
FILE_ID.DIZ04.28.06671 B
Info.txt04.27.068.63 kB
Legal Notice.txt01.13.06608 B
RadarApproaches.doc04.27.0683.50 kB
sRadar80_150.gif04.25.069.37 kB
effects+gauges02.24.070 B
bf109e.gau04.18.011.65 MB
fx_Burner.fx03.02.072.33 kB
fx_Flame.fx02.23.0717.45 kB
fx_jetstart.fx11.18.001.10 kB
fx_WingtipVortex.fx01.24.051.18 kB
fx_Wing_Guns.fx12.26.0610.48 kB
Kingair.gau06.13.032.47 MB
file_id.diz03.05.07548 B
FSX_Aircraft.cfg03.05.078.64 kB
Me262B-U1 Night Schwalbe_check.htm10.18.021.06 kB
ME262B.air02.27.0710.04 kB
Me262Green9.jpg02.24.0714.19 kB
Me262red10.jpg01.29.0746.82 kB
Me262red12.jpg02.25.0733.59 kB
Me262_2.txt03.05.076.27 kB
model03.02.070 B
262BU1.mdl01.24.071.41 MB
Model.cfg12.28.0123 B
navpanel.jpg03.05.07136.48 kB
panel.2seater03.05.070 B
AuxPanel.bmp03.09.01127.19 kB
FSX_panel.cfg03.05.078.28 kB
Me262.bmp02.28.072.25 MB
ME262revi.bmp02.24.072.25 MB
Navigator.bmp03.05.072.25 MB
panel.cfg03.05.078.07 kB
sRadar80.cab04.27.0651.20 kB
Swalbe03.05.070 B
AP.xml11.27.034.43 kB
AP_BG.bmp12.18.0330.70 kB
AP_master_button_off.bmp11.25.032.02 kB
AP_master_button_on.bmp11.25.032.02 kB
AP_Toggle_switch_off.bmp12.18.033.89 kB
AP_Toggle_switch_on.bmp12.18.033.89 kB
AP_WARN_ON.bmp12.18.031.59 kB
COMM_BGRND.bmp12.18.0330.70 kB
comm_radio.xml11.28.031.30 kB
CU_Background.bmp06.12.0372.16 kB
ECU_Background.bmp03.03.07127.04 kB
ECU_Left_Mix.bmp01.08.802.30 kB
ECU_Left_Throttle.bmp06.12.032.71 kB
ECU_Right_Mix.bmp01.08.802.71 kB
ECU_Right_Throttle.bmp06.12.032.44 kB
Engine Controls Unit.xml06.12.0311.52 kB
flaps.xml01.08.801.28 kB
flaps_background.bmp01.08.807.78 kB
flaps_background_night.bmp01.08.807.78 kB
flaps_needle.bmp01.08.80146 B
flaps_needle_night.bmp01.08.80146 B
FuelFlow1.xml02.14.061.56 kB
FuelFlowJet1_bg.bmp02.14.0612.28 kB
FuelFlowJet_lever.bmp02.11.064.90 kB
Gear.xml05.24.042.79 kB
GearHandle.xml03.12.04769 B
GearHandle_DOWN.bmp02.11.0310.72 kB
GearHandle_UP.bmp02.11.0310.72 kB
Gear_dn.BMP05.11.0432.05 kB
Gear_dn_light.BMP05.11.04800 B
Gear_ind_dn.BMP05.11.04964 B
Gear_ind_up.BMP05.11.04980 B
Gear_up.BMP05.11.0432.05 kB
LightGreenR_OFF.bmp11.12.034.06 kB
LightGreenR_ON.bmp11.12.034.06 kB
LightsGear.xml03.12.041.88 kB
Me262_EXHAUST.xml02.22.071.28 kB
Park_arr.BMP05.24.046.17 kB
Park_rel.BMP05.24.046.17 kB
RadioAltimeter.xml03.12.043.33 kB
RadioAltimeter_BG.bmp09.05.0396.12 kB
RadioAltimeter_Bug.bmp07.30.031.59 kB
RadioAltimeter_LightBlue.bmp07.30.032.58 kB
RadioAltimeter_LightGreen.bmp07.30.032.58 kB
RadioAltimeter_LightRed.bmp07.30.032.58 kB
RadioAltimeter_Needle.bmp11.13.0311.65 kB
RadioAltimeter_NeedleDH.bmp11.13.034.92 kB
Slats1.xml07.25.05719 B
voltmeter.xml01.08.801.10 kB
voltmeter_background.bmp01.08.808.53 kB
voltmeter_background_night.bmp01.08.808.53 kB
voltmeter_needle.bmp01.08.80370 B
voltmeter_needle_night.bmp01.08.80266 B
voltmeter_needle_window.bmp01.08.802.25 kB
vsi.xml01.08.801.22 kB
vsi_background.bmp01.18.0714.76 kB
vsi_background_night.bmp01.15.0712.34 kB
vsi_needle.bmp01.08.801.21 kB
vsi_needle_night.bmp01.08.801.06 kB
WEP.gau07.16.0584.00 kB
WingTipVortex.xml01.24.05274 B
Wing_guns.gau02.12.0523.90 kB
pilotpanel.JPG03.05.07141.08 kB
RadarOperation_ref.htm02.22.073.34 kB
SOUND02.24.070 B
CAN11.WAV09.16.9931.31 kB
CAN12.WAV09.16.9931.19 kB
CAN13.WAV09.16.9923.81 kB
CAN14.WAV09.16.9929.81 kB
CAN1SHUT.WAV09.16.99181.25 kB
CAN1STRT.WAV09.16.99378.31 kB
CAN21.WAV09.16.9930.81 kB
CAN22.WAV09.16.9933.81 kB
CAN23.WAV09.16.9930.31 kB
CAN24.WAV09.16.9932.31 kB
CAN2SHUT.WAV09.16.99139.75 kB
CAN2STRT.WAV09.16.9961.25 kB
CAN2T.WAV09.16.99114.81 kB
CBN11.WAV09.16.9924.31 kB
CBN12.WAV09.16.9930.81 kB
CBN13.WAV09.16.9929.81 kB
CBN14.WAV09.16.9937.81 kB
CBN1SHUT.WAV09.16.99193.25 kB
CBN1STRT.WAV09.16.99363.81 kB
CBN21.WAV09.16.9931.69 kB
CBN22.WAV09.16.9927.19 kB
CBN23.WAV09.16.9941.81 kB
CBN24.WAV09.16.9932.81 kB
CBN2SHUT.WAV09.16.99140.25 kB
CBN2STRT.WAV09.16.9957.25 kB
CBN2T.WAV09.16.99119.31 kB
sound.cfg02.24.0712.16 kB
XCAN11.WAV09.16.9934.31 kB
XCAN12.WAV09.16.9923.81 kB
XCAN13.WAV09.16.9925.31 kB
XCAN14.WAV09.16.9930.31 kB
XCAN1SHUT.WAV09.16.99189.25 kB
XCAN1STRT.WAV09.16.99416.31 kB
XCAN21.WAV09.16.9930.81 kB
XCAN22.WAV09.16.9926.40 kB
XCAN23.WAV09.16.9942.31 kB
XCAN24.WAV09.16.9933.81 kB
XCAN2SHUT.WAV09.16.99177.75 kB
XCAN2STRT.WAV09.16.9961.75 kB
XCAN2T.WAV09.16.99108.81 kB
XCBN11.WAV09.16.9927.31 kB
XCBN12.WAV09.16.9930.31 kB
XCBN13.WAV09.16.9929.81 kB
XCBN14.WAV09.16.9937.81 kB
XCBN1SHUT.WAV09.16.99195.25 kB
XCBN1STRT.WAV09.16.99408.81 kB
XCBN21.WAV09.16.9927.69 kB
XCBN22.WAV09.16.9929.81 kB
XCBN23.WAV09.16.9940.81 kB
XCBN24.WAV09.16.9939.19 kB
XCBN2SHUT.WAV09.16.99192.25 kB
XCBN2STRT.WAV09.16.9957.25 kB
XCBN2T.WAV09.16.99119.31 kB
texture02.24.070 B
gunsight.bmp03.12.0122.39 kB
me262b_d.bmp07.30.02682.75 kB
me262b_interior.bmp07.30.02682.75 kB
me262b_t.bmp07.30.02682.75 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.22.0721.57 kB
texture.R1003.02.070 B
gunsight.bmp03.12.0122.39 kB
me262b_d.bmp05.19.04682.75 kB
me262b_interior.bmp05.19.04682.75 kB
me262b_t.bmp05.19.042.67 MB
readme.txt05.19.04427 B
thumbnail.jpg05.19.0435.92 kB
texture.R1202.24.070 B
gunsight.bmp03.12.0122.39 kB
me262b_d.bmp09.14.04682.75 kB
me262b_interior.bmp05.19.04682.75 kB
me262b_t.bmp09.14.042.67 MB
readme.txt09.14.04317 B
thumbnail.jpg01.26.077.52 kB
Me262Nightfighter03.05.070 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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PunfishMon, 29 Mar 2021 15:49:44 GMT

This add-on is amazing! Very easy to install and run. I've been inside a ME262 and the cockpit doesn't look like that but the gages that are there look like they're in the right place so the virtual cockpit needs some working on. Overall this plane is amazing!

jpop8807Mon, 11 Feb 2019 03:01:15 GMT

Not too shabby at all the 2d is impressive, granted the VC is kinda blurry all in all a great, and unique plane.

RayThu, 06 Jul 2017 16:24:31 GMT

Nice historic aircraft for my collection. Easy to install. Everything worked the first time. Like always, it'll take more than a few minute flight to say you can fly the ME262 with a degree of confidence.

memestarMon, 05 Jun 2017 18:07:09 GMT

Timmiley , this should cost nothing as it does not , no VC at all .

phantomfire1Thu, 30 Dec 2010 12:41:52 GMT
Easy installation, no problems, with all models popping up the first time. I flew the two seater night version, and was satisfied before bedtime. Will have to get back in the seat this weekend. A great addition to anyones fleet, and historically accurate. Two of the 262"s have now been restored to flying condition. Watch for them, and if you get a chance to see them, this sim will be more aprreciated for what it is. Well before it's time, and a marvel of the time period. Upon landing I was able to hold the nose gear off 3/4's way down the runway. Not a good pilot, just a good model letting itself be controlled. I liked that.
toddstotmanWed, 11 Feb 2009 14:10:17 GMT
It is okay, but I couldn't get any of the panels to work.
TimmileySat, 02 Aug 2008 23:24:41 GMT
I liked flying this model and thought that it is very well done. Easy to install and run. The cockpit looks a little not finished but maybe that is the way it looked. The guages are a little fuzzy but I liked this one and think that it should cost $10

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