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FSX Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser

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The PA12 was produced by Piper from 1946 to 1948. It was called the J-5C until Piper changed its nomenclature scheme. It could carry three people with the pilot sitting alone in the front and side-by-side passengers behind. It was flown solo from the front. This is an FSX native project. It has a slight specular shine and reflective glass. The exterior and interior are modeled from Paul Matt's drawings. The VC has working gauges and animated flight controls. There is no 2D panel. By Paul Clawson.

Screenshot of Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser in flight.

Screenshot of Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser in flight.

The PA-12 was manufactured by Piper from 1946 to 1948. It was originally designated the J-5C but called the PA-12 after Piper changed it's nomenclature scheme. It was unique in that it held 3 people in a triangle arrangement. The pilot sat alone in front of the 2 passengers which were seated side by side. It was flown solo from the front seat.

This is a native FSX Acceleration version of the Super Cruiser. Both the exterior and interior model were created from Paul Matt's fantastic drawings. It has textures and a bit of a specular shine. The windows have reflections. I made the cockpit like the factory delivery looks of 1946 which is somewhat plain. The VC has working gauges and animated flight controls. The gauges are all default except the tank selector but I repackaged them into one .cab file for convenience. The flight dynamics are loosely based on the default Piper J-3. This gives it a nose down attitude at cruise. I first thought this was not accurate and modified it only to find that it had a nose down attitude in real life. (At least the PA-12 at Chino airport does). The sound file was created by Don Putman and was for a Cessna 150. I have developed this model as far as necessary for my pleasure. Hopefully, others will also enjoy it as is.

INSTALLATION: Unzip into a temporary folder. Copy the file Piper_PA-12 into the Airplanes folder of FSX. Open the gauges folder and copy the file into the Gauges folder of FSX. That's it. This airplane shows in the Selection list as: Piper PA-12 Factory Paint.

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File_id.diz11.12.11554 B
gauges11.12.110 B
PA12.CAB11.11.11109.14 kB
PA-12.jpg11.12.1155.91 kB
Piper_PA-1211.12.110 B
aircraft.cfg11.12.1113.80 kB
model11.12.110 B
model.cfg11.12.1147 B
PA12.mdl11.12.11251.67 kB
PA12_Interior.mdl11.12.11252.71 kB
PA12.air10.22.115.73 kB
panel11.12.110 B
panel.cfg11.12.111.36 kB
sound11.13.110 B
11.wav11.20.07278.03 kB
11x.wav11.20.07281.32 kB
22.wav11.20.07220.71 kB
22head.wav11.20.07220.71 kB
22x.wav11.20.07221.43 kB
3.wav11.20.07207.05 kB
3head.wav11.20.07207.05 kB
3x.wav11.20.07207.05 kB
4.wav11.20.07187.34 kB
4head.wav11.20.07187.34 kB
4x.wav11.20.07187.34 kB
C150Gyro.wav02.06.074.48 MB
C150Gyrohead.wav11.20.07415.81 kB
C150stallHorn.wav05.20.07522.04 kB
C150stallHornhead.wav11.20.0723.73 kB
c172_flaps.wav11.20.07225.91 kB
c172_flapshead.wav11.20.0720.54 kB
Readme.doc11.20.07771 B
shut.wav11.20.07296.02 kB
shuthead.wav11.20.07296.02 kB
shutx.wav11.20.07296.02 kB
sound.cfg11.20.077.61 kB
starter.wav11.20.0796.96 kB
starterhead.wav11.20.0796.97 kB
starterx.wav11.20.0796.96 kB
startup.wav11.20.07278.15 kB
startuphead.wav11.20.07278.15 kB
startupx.wav11.20.07267.38 kB
xsound.cfg11.20.077.66 kB
texture11.12.110 B
PA12_1.dds11.12.114.00 MB
PA12_1_T_Spec.dds11.12.114.00 MB
PA12_2.dds11.12.114.00 MB
PA12_2_T_Spec.dds11.12.114.00 MB
PA12_3.dds11.12.114.00 MB
PA12_trans.dds11.12.1164.12 kB
prop_PA12.dds11.12.1164.12 kB
thumbnail.jpg11.11.117.36 kB
Readme.txt11.13.112.20 kB
PA12vX11.13.110 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Arnoud SchreinerTue, 23 Oct 2018 16:36:18 GMT

Hi there,

I have tried to get this Pa-12 installed in FSX. And I followed the exact instructions as per your installation advice. All I see is a sparse grey panel with a few gauges. Furthermore I see only a part of the airframe without the Red and Yellow PA-12 livery. It is a pity, because I do own a similar real aircraft like the model for FSX. Please help me.

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