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Preview This is an alternative scenery file for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Israel) and depicts the historical second Jewish Temple that was renovated by Herod and destroyed by the Romans in about 70 CE after standing for 420 years. This model is based on the actual physical scale model currently d...

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This is an alternative scenery file for the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Israel) and depicts the historical second Jewish Temple that was renovated by Herod and destroyed by the Romans in about 70 CE after standing for 420 years. This model is based on the actual physical scale model currently displayed at the Western Wall Tunnel in Jerusalem. That was constructed from comprehensive research encompassing a triangulation of Talmudical and Rabbinical literature, Josephus and contemporary archaeological findings.

Svreensho of Jerusalem Temple.

Svreensho of Jerusalem Temple.

The structure although historic and no longer in existence is placed on an overlay aerial photo of the location to indicate how the contemporary Temple Mount site (with its Western Wall) relates to what was once there. This modern depiction is also an allusion to the fact that the Third Temple (perhaps looking similar) will one day be rebuilt there. As such, forward thinking pilots and air crew frequenting the region might wish to familiarize themselves on FSX with a future landmark. You can land on this model and explore. Most surfaces including steps and roofs are landable but consider switching off crash detection.


  1. Locate and remove the file "jerusa.bgl", which is the default FSX Temple Mount scenery. Keep it somewhere in case you want to restore it later.
  2. Locate the new file "Hamikdash" with its contents in "Addon Scenery" directory in FSX.
  3. Activate the "Hamikdash" scenery from FSX Scenery Library in the usual way.
  4. Take off from Jerusalem airport and head One-Eight-Zero.

You should see the Temple from the airport at about 1000 ft in clear weather. If not then experiment with your display settings.

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The archive hamikdash.zip has 88 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Hamikdash05.09.120 B
readme.txt05.09.123.10 kB
Scenery05.09.120 B
1-Heichal.bgl06.13.10862.01 kB
2-Har-Habayis-Bldg.bgl06.30.10379.88 kB
2-Har-Habayis-Landing.bgl06.14.1015.60 kB
2-Har-Habayis-Topog.bgl06.14.10316.38 kB
3-Mikdosh.bgl06.13.10717.51 kB
4-Northern-Eastern-Porticos.bgl06.13.10853.08 kB
5-Objects-External.bgl06.10.10139.37 kB
5-Objects-Internal.bgl06.14.10150.66 kB
5-Objects-Mizbeach.bgl06.21.1015.16 kB
6-Western-Portico-add.bgl06.30.101.43 MB
6-Western-Portico.bgl06.13.101.43 MB
7-Royal-Portico-a.bgl06.30.1023.71 kB
7-Royal-Portico-b.bgl06.14.101.04 MB
7-Royal-Portico-c.bgl06.13.101.68 MB
7-Royal-Portico-d.bgl06.13.101.50 MB
7-Royal-Portico-e.bgl06.13.101.50 MB
7-Royal-Portico-f-add.bgl06.30.101.50 MB
7-Royal-Portico-g-add.bgl06.30.101.04 MB
7-Royal-Portico-h-add.bgl06.30.101.33 MB
7-Royal-Portico-i-add.bgl06.30.101.33 MB
8-Azarah-Portico-a.bgl06.13.101.15 MB
8-Azarah-Portico-b.bgl06.13.101.36 MB
9-Robinsons-Arch.bgl06.02.10547.97 kB
screenshot1.jpg05.09.12592.49 kB
screenshot2.jpg05.09.12280.82 kB
screenshot3.jpg05.09.12169.55 kB
screenshot4.jpg05.09.12183.77 kB
screenshot5 .jpg05.09.12117.74 kB
Texture05.09.120 B
1.bmp05.23.10256.27 kB
10.bmp05.23.10256.07 kB
10_LM.bmp06.11.10257.05 kB
15.bmp05.10.1016.15 kB
15light.bmp05.25.10257.00 kB
15light_LM.bmp06.13.1017.05 kB
15order.bmp06.08.1065.05 kB
15order_LM.bmp06.11.1065.05 kB
15_LM.bmp06.13.1017.05 kB
17.bmp05.30.10257.05 kB
18.bmp06.10.1064.10 kB
19.bmp06.10.1016.06 kB
1b.bmp05.12.10256.06 kB
1bb.bmp05.26.10257.05 kB
1bb_lm.bmp05.26.10257.05 kB
1b_lm.bmp05.26.10257.05 kB
1_LM.bmp06.13.10257.05 kB
1_lm.psf06.11.1032.59 kB
2-copper.bmp05.06.10256.64 kB
2-gold.bmp06.08.1064.26 kB
2.bmp05.22.1165.05 kB
20.bmp06.10.10256.27 kB
20_LM.bmp06.13.10257.05 kB
21-even.bmp06.14.1017.05 kB
21-even_LM.bmp06.14.1017.05 kB
2_lm.bmp05.26.1065.05 kB
4.bmp05.04.10256.15 kB
4_LM.bmp06.11.10257.05 kB
6.bmp05.07.10256.85 kB
6a.bmp05.07.10768.05 kB
6_LM.bmp06.11.10257.05 kB
7.bmp05.26.101.00 MB
7_LM.bmp05.26.101.00 MB
ccapital.bmp05.24.1065.05 kB
corners.bmp06.10.104.16 kB
curtain.bmp03.29.1064.15 kB
curtain_LM.bmp06.13.1064.15 kB
dark_LM.bmp02.21.1016.06 kB
doors.bmp06.11.10256.64 kB
doors2.bmp06.11.10257.05 kB
gold1.bmp06.09.10256.15 kB
gold1_LM.bmp06.13.10256.09 kB
gold3.bmp05.13.10256.10 kB
gold3_LM.bmp06.13.10256.08 kB
goldleaf.bmp05.24.10256.68 kB
mot.bmp06.07.1064.44 kB
mot_LM.bmp06.11.1065.05 kB
Picasa.ini06.09.1095 B
pillars.bmp05.24.10256.08 kB
serug.bmp05.10.1016.31 kB
serug2.bmp05.10.1016.81 kB
serug_lm.bmp06.13.1017.05 kB
Thumbs.db05.22.11168.00 kB
Untitled-Grayscale-01.bmp06.11.10257.05 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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