FSX Orbx Compatible British Columbia Ferries

Preview Orbx Compatible British Columbia Ferries, British Columbia, Canada, v1.0. An add-on to Orbx PNW and/or PFJ scenery. This scenery adds several custom made British Columbia ferries and associated terminus along the entire coast of British Columbia. You must have Orbx Pacific Northwest and/or Pac...

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Orbx Compatible British Columbia Ferries, British Columbia, Canada, v1.0. An add-on to Orbx PNW and/or PFJ scenery. This scenery adds several custom made British Columbia ferries and associated terminus along the entire coast of British Columbia. You must have Orbx Pacific Northwest and/or Pacific Fjord scenery to use the compiled scenery files however a static library of BC ferries objects is also provided so that you may place the ferries into any desired location. The scenery is designed to be compatible only with Orbx PNW and PFJ scenery. Missing from Orbx coastal BC scenery are good models of the BC Ferries. Five different ferries from the BC Ferries fleet are modelled and placed in strategic locations. In real life it is almost impossible to fly coastal BC and not see one or more BC Ferries in service. There are 47 ferry ports of call on 25 routes throughout coastal British Columbia. Several ferries are nearly 600 feet in length and can carry over 2000 people and nearly 500 vehicles. There are many smaller inter-island ferries that hop between small islands providing necessary lifelines to the folks that live on these islands. By Bryan Wallis.

Aerial view of British Columbia Ferries.

Aerial view of British Columbia Ferries.

What is in the Package - several labelled folders containing:

  • Static Library of BC Ferries. I have included a set of five static BC Ferries objects which may be used to place into your scenery with standard placement tools.
  • Screenshots and BC Ferries Route Map showing the locations of BC Ferries routes and ferry locations.
  • Two sets of scenery files, one for those who have Orbx PNW scenery and one for those who have Orbx PFJ scenery.
  • Google Earth KMZ Locator Files.
  • Other required objects.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive bc_ferries_scenery.zip has 259 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
BC Ferries06.02.120 B
Scenery06.02.120 B
BCFerries_Set of Five.bgl06.01.121.38 MB
BCFerries_Set of Five.txt06.01.12346 B
Texture06.02.120 B
bccr0.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bccr0a.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bccr1.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr10.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr10a.dds06.01.12808 B
bccr11.dds06.01.12808 B
bccr11a.dds06.01.12464 B
bccr12.dds06.01.12464 B
bccr12a.dds06.01.125.45 kB
bccr13.dds06.01.125.45 kB
bccr13a.dds06.01.1242.79 kB
bccr14.dds06.01.1242.79 kB
bccr14a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr15.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr15a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr16.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr16a.dds06.01.12800 B
bccr17.dds06.01.12800 B
bccr17a.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bccr18.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bccr18a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr19.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr19a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bccr1a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr2.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr20.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bccr20a.dds06.01.12800 B
bccr21.dds06.01.12800 B
bccr21a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bccr22.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bccr22a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr23.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr23a.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bccr24.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bccr24a.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bccr25.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bccr25a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr26.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr2a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr3.dds06.01.125.45 kB
bccr3a.dds06.01.125.45 kB
bccr4.dds06.01.12808 B
bccr4a.dds06.01.12808 B
bccr5.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr5a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr6.dds06.01.1242.79 kB
bccr6a.dds06.01.1242.79 kB
bccr7.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr7a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bccr8.dds06.01.121.45 kB
bccr8a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr9.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bccr9a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne0.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne0a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne1.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcne10.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcne10a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcne11.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bcne11a.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bcne12.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne12a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne13.dds06.01.122.78 kB
bcne13a.dds06.01.122.78 kB
bcne1a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcne2.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bcne2a.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bcne3.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne3a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne4.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne4a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcne5.dds06.01.1242.75 kB
bcne5a.dds06.01.1242.75 kB
bcne6.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcne6a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcne7.dds06.01.1242.79 kB
bcne7a.dds06.01.1242.79 kB
bcne8.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcne8a.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcne9.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcne9a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqc0.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc0a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc1.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqc10.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc10a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc11.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqc11a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqc12.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcqc12a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcqc13.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcqc13a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcqc1a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqc2.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc2a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc3.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcqc3a.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcqc4.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqc4a.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqc5.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc5a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc6.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcqc6a.dds06.01.1210.78 kB
bcqc7.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc7a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqc8.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bcqc8a.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bcqc9.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqc9a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqcum0.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqcum0a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcqcum1.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqcum1a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcqcum2.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bcqcum2a.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bcqcum3.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqcum3a.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqcum4.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqcum4a.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqcum5.dds06.01.12682.78 kB
bcqcum5a.dds06.01.12682.78 kB
bcqcum6.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqcum6a.dds06.01.12341.45 kB
bcqcum7.dds06.01.12170.78 kB
bcqcum7a.dds06.01.12170.78 kB
bcsurrey0.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bcsurrey0a.dds06.01.122.67 MB
bcsurrey1.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcsurrey10.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcsurrey10a.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcsurrey11.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey11a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey12.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey12a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey13.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey13a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey14.dds06.01.12808 B
bcsurrey14a.dds06.01.12808 B
bcsurrey15.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcsurrey15a.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcsurrey16.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bcsurrey16a.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bcsurrey1a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcsurrey2.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey2a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey3.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey3a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey4.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcsurrey4a.dds06.01.1285.45 kB
bcsurrey5.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey5a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey6.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcsurrey6a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcsurrey7.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey7a.dds06.01.12341.44 kB
bcsurrey8.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcsurrey8a.dds06.01.12170.79 kB
bcsurrey9.dds06.01.125.44 kB
bcsurrey9a.dds06.01.125.44 kB
BC Ferries - Pacific Fjords Scenery06.03.120 B
Scenery06.02.120 B
Alliford Bay_QCI Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Bella Coola Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Namu Dock.bgl06.02.12140 B
Northern Exposure at Bella Coola.bgl06.02.12140 B
Northern Exposure at Inside Passage.bgl06.02.12140 B
Northern Exposure Near Namu.bgl06.02.12140 B
Queen Charlotte City Terminus.bgl06.02.12236 B
Queen Charlotte_Rupert Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Sandspit Marina.bgl06.02.12140 B
BC Ferries - Pacific Northwest Scenery06.03.120 B
Scenery06.03.120 B
Active Pass.bgl06.01.12188 B
Alert Bay Ferry.bgl06.03.12140 B
Alert Bay Terminus.bgl06.03.12140 B
Bowen Island Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Buckley Bay Ferry Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Buckley Bay Ferry.bgl06.02.12860 B
Campbell River Marinas.bgl06.02.12572 B
Campbell River Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Comox Terminus.bgl06.02.12188 B
Cortes Island Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Crofton - Vensuvius Bay Ferry.bgl06.01.12204 B
Denman Island Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Departure Bay Ferries.bgl06.02.12188 B
Departure Bay Terminal.bgl06.02.12236 B
Duke Point Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Duke Point Terminal.bgl06.02.12188 B
Earls Cove - Saltery Bay Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Earls Cove Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Fulford Harbour Marina.bgl06.02.12188 B
Galiano Island Terminu.bgl06.02.12332 B
Gibsons Terminus.bgl06.02.12188 B
Harriot Bay Marinas.bgl06.02.12236 B
Harriot Bay Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Hornby Island Ferry.bgl06.02.12236 B
Horseshoe Bay Ferries.bgl06.02.12188 B
Horseshoe Bay Terminal.bgl06.02.12236 B
Horseshoe Bay_Departure Bay Ferry_mid channel.bgl06.02.12140 B
Langdale_Horseshoe Bay Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Long Harbour Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Mayne Island Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Mayne Island Terminus.bgl06.02.12236 B
New BrightonTerminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
New Brighton_Gibson Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
North Pender Marina.bgl06.02.12140 B
Otter Bay_North Pender Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Point Roberts Cranes.bgl06.01.121.26 kB
Port Hardy Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Port Hardy_Prince Rupert Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Port McNeill Ferry.bgl06.03.12140 B
Port McNeill Terminus.bgl06.03.12188 B
Powell River Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Powell River Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Quadra Island Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Queen Charlotte City Terminus.bgl06.02.12236 B
Queen Charlotte_Rupert Ferry.bgl06.02.12140 B
Saltery Bay Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Saltspring Island.bgl06.01.12140 B
Snug Cove Terminus.bgl06.02.12140 B
Sointula Ferry Terminus.bgl06.03.12140 B
Sointula Ferry.bgl06.03.12140 B
Swartz Bay Terminal.bgl06.01.12236 B
Tsawwassen Terminal bldgs.bgl06.01.12380 B
Tsawwassen Terminal cars.bgl06.01.122.48 kB
Tsawwassen Terminal ferries.bgl06.01.12284 B
File ID.txt06.03.121.28 kB
Google Earth Locator Files06.03.120 B
BC Ferries.kmz06.03.123.98 kB
Map of BC Ferries Routes06.02.120 B
bcf-all_routes_map.pdf06.02.12593.32 kB
Other Required Objects06.03.120 B
Parking Lots Large SS Scenery Objects parking_lots_large_ss.zip07.26.083.07 MB
README First!!.txt06.03.124.91 kB
Screenshots06.02.120 B
Active Pass and Mayne Island Ferries.jpg06.02.12581.87 kB
Active Pass.jpg06.02.12350.93 kB
Bowen Island and Langford Ferries.jpg06.02.12408.90 kB
Comos Ferry.jpg06.02.12351.33 kB
Departure Bay Nanaimo Ferry.jpg06.02.12565.82 kB
Duke Point Ferry.jpg06.02.12399.71 kB
Horseshoe Bay Terminal Vancouver Background.jpg06.02.12480.90 kB
Northern Expedition at Inside Passage.jpg06.02.12356.67 kB
Northern Expedition at Inside Passage2.jpg06.02.12354.18 kB
Northern Expedition at Namu.jpg06.02.12338.70 kB
Swartz Bay Ferries.jpg06.02.12455.99 kB
Twassassen Terminal and Point Roberts.jpg06.02.12353.87 kB
Twassassen Terminal and Point Roberts2.jpg06.02.12321.16 kB
Victoria Ferries.jpg06.02.1283.04 kB
The author.JPG12.11.05292.95 kB
BC Ferries Distribution Package06.03.120 B
Swartz Bay Ferries Thumbnail.jpg06.03.1219.75 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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