FSX British Columbia Float Bases Scenery

Preview This is a collection of coastal British Columbia float bases made with default objects using Google Earth and the Canada Waterdrome Supplement. These sceneries are made to complement the work of other sceneries such as Sidney Schwartz's CYYJ, Ganges Harbour and BCPNW float bases. You must have...

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This is a collection of coastal British Columbia float bases made with default objects using Google Earth and the Canada Waterdrome Supplement. These sceneries are made to complement the work of other sceneries such as Sidney Schwartz's CYYJ, Ganges Harbour and BCPNW float bases. You must have Ultimate Terrain Canada for these sceneries to work and in inland areas (Fraser River) a SRTM mesh for the correct elevations. By Chris Peschke.

Aerial view of British Columbia Float Base scenery.

Aerial view of British Columbia Float Base scenery.

These sceneries were built using FSX default objects and are representative based on google earth and the Canada Water Aerodrome Supplement. They are designed to complement freeware sceneries built by others, notably Sidney Shwartz's CYYJ Victoria, Ganges Harbour and the BCPNW freeware scenery.


Simply drag the included files to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X/addon scenery/scenery file. They will activate the next time you start FSX.

Seaplane Bases included are:

  • CBC3 Alert Bay
  • CAC3 Alice Arm
  • CBE7 Alliford Bay
  • CAE9 Bamfield
  • CAW8 Bella Bella/Shearwater
  • CAR9 Bella Bella/Waglisla
  • CAF6 Big Bay
  • CAG6 Blind Channel
  • CAE3 Campbell River
  • CAK6 Camp Cordero
  • CAQ3 Coal Harbour
  • CCX6 Comox
  • CAS4 Fort Langley
  • CAA7 Gilford Island/Echo Bay
  • CAD7 Gilford Island/Health Bay
  • CAU6 Gold River
  • CAE7 Harrison Hot Springs
  • CAY4 Hartley Bay
  • CBA3 Kincolith
  • CAP7 Kitkatla
  • CAR7 Kyuquot
  • CAT7 Lasqueti Island/False Bay
  • CAV7 Mansons Landing
  • CBN4 Masset
  • CAX7 Minstrel Island
  • CAY7 Mission
  • CAC8 Nanaimo Harbour
  • CAT3 Nanaimo/Long Lake
  • CAH2 Ocean Falls
  • CAG8 Pender Harbour
  • CAJ8 Pitt Meadows
  • CPW9 Port Alberni
  • CAA9 Port Alberni/Sproat Lake
  • CAL8 Port Alice
  • CAW5 Port Hardy
  • CAM8 Port McNeill
  • CAN8 Port Simpson
  • CAQ8 Powell Lake
  • CAN6 Prince Rupert/Digby Island
  • CZSW Prince Rupert/Seal Cove
  • CAQ6 Queen Charlotte City
  • CAU8 Rivers Inlet
  • CAX3 Sechelt
  • CAC9 Stewart
  • CAV5 Sullivan Bay
  • CAG9 Surge Narrows
  • CAL9 Tahsis
  • CAN3 Ucluelet
  • CYHC Vancouver Harbour
  • CAM9 Vancouver Intl Seaplane
  • CAW9 Whaletown
  • CAA5 Zeballos

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BC Floatbases.jpg05.16.12110.06 kB
Read Me.txt05.16.121.67 kB
Scenery05.15.120 B
AFX_CAA5.bgl05.14.121.52 kB
AFX_CAA7.bgl05.15.121.36 kB
AFX_CAA9.bgl05.15.121.27 kB
AFX_CAC3.bgl05.15.121.35 kB
AFX_CAC8.bgl05.15.122.33 kB
AFX_CAC9.bgl05.15.121.50 kB
AFX_CAD7.bgl05.15.121.46 kB
AFX_CAE3.bgl05.15.122.19 kB
AFX_CAE7.bgl05.15.121.45 kB
AFX_CAE9.bgl05.15.121.38 kB
AFX_CAF6.bgl05.15.121.50 kB
AFX_CAG6.bgl05.15.121.54 kB
AFX_CAG8.bgl05.15.121.41 kB
AFX_CAG9.bgl05.08.121.42 kB
AFX_CAH2.bgl05.15.121.40 kB
AFX_CAJ8.bgl05.15.121.46 kB
AFX_CAK6.bgl05.15.121.50 kB
AFX_CAL8.bgl05.15.121.39 kB
AFX_CAL9.bgl05.09.121.46 kB
AFX_CAM8.bgl05.15.121.70 kB
AFX_CAM9.bgl05.12.122.58 kB
AFX_CAN3.bgl05.10.121.68 kB
AFX_CAN6.bgl05.15.121.61 kB
AFX_CAN8.bgl05.15.121.46 kB
AFX_CAP7.bgl05.15.121.45 kB
AFX_CAQ3.bgl05.15.121.59 kB
AFX_CAQ6.bgl05.15.121.44 kB
AFX_CAQ8.bgl04.29.121.38 kB
AFX_CAR7.bgl05.15.121.60 kB
AFX_CAR9.bgl05.15.121.39 kB
AFX_CAS4.bgl05.15.121.57 kB
AFX_CAT3.bgl05.15.121.42 kB
AFX_CAT7.bgl05.15.121.36 kB
AFX_CAU6.bgl05.15.121.55 kB
AFX_CAU8.bgl05.15.121.45 kB
AFX_CAV5.bgl05.07.121.44 kB
AFX_CAV7.bgl05.15.121.41 kB
AFX_CAW5.bgl05.15.121.85 kB
AFX_CAW8.bgl05.15.121.40 kB
AFX_CAW9.bgl05.13.121.58 kB
AFX_CAX3.bgl05.15.121.62 kB
AFX_CAX7.bgl05.15.121.47 kB
AFX_CAY4.bgl05.15.121.33 kB
AFX_CAY7.bgl04.16.121.34 kB
AFX_CBA3.bgl05.15.121.26 kB
AFX_CBE7.bgl05.15.121.44 kB
AFX_CBN4.bgl05.15.121.35 kB
AFX_CCX6.bgl05.15.121.47 kB
AFX_CPW9.bgl05.15.121.54 kB
AFX_CYHC.bgl05.15.123.06 kB
AFX_CZSW.bgl05.15.122.13 kB
CAA5.bgl05.14.12284 B
CAA7.bgl04.02.12908 B
CAA9.bgl04.23.12284 B
CAC3.bgl03.09.12284 B
CAC8.bgl04.17.121.82 kB
CAC9.bgl05.06.12572 B
CAD7.bgl04.03.12572 B
CAE3.bgl03.27.121004 B
CAE7.bgl04.07.12524 B
CAE9.bgl03.13.121.36 kB
CAF6.bgl03.24.12476 B
CAG6.bgl03.25.12332 B
CAG8.bgl04.20.12764 B
CAG9.bgl05.08.12332 B
CAH2.bgl04.19.12572 B
CAK6.bgl03.28.12380 B
CAL8.bgl04.25.12188 B
CAL9.bgl05.09.12572 B
CAM8.bgl04.27.121.12 kB
CAM9.bgl05.12.12428 B
CAN3.bgl05.10.12428 B
CAN6.bgl04.30.12332 B
CAN8.bgl04.28.121.40 kB
CAP7.bgl04.10.12284 B
CAQ3.bgl03.29.12908 B
CAQ6.bgl05.02.12620 B
CAQ8.bgl04.29.12428 B
CAR7.bgl04.11.12524 B
CAR9.bgl03.17.12236 B
CAS4.bgl04.01.12428 B
CAT3.bgl04.18.12236 B
CAT7.bgl04.12.12524 B
CAU6.bgl04.06.12784 B
CAU8.bgl05.04.12236 B
CAV5.bgl05.07.12140 B
CAV7.bgl04.13.12428 B
CAW5.bgl04.26.12812 B
CAW8.bgl03.16.12524 B
CAW9.bgl05.13.12332 B
CAX3.bgl05.05.12620 B
CAX7.bgl04.15.12524 B
CAY4.bgl04.08.121.64 kB
CAY7.bgl04.16.12716 B
CBA3.bgl04.09.12236 B
CBC3_ADEX_CP.BGL03.04.121.50 kB
CBE7.bgl03.12.12524 B
CBN4.bgl04.14.12284 B
CCX6.bgl03.30.123.04 kB
CPW9.bgl04.22.12812 B
CYHC.bgl05.11.121.73 kB
CZSW.bgl05.01.121004 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Nicholas Wed, 19 May 2021 23:02:44 GMT

Can I see a screenshot of CAM9?

WeezzerWed, 15 Feb 2017 16:00:36 GMT

Works great, looks fantastic and free. Nice job Mike.

mike jonesWed, 08 Jul 2015 08:26:16 GMT

Hello Mike here from Canada and been enjoying the BC float base scenery very much and was wondering if Whistler Green lake will be added, Don't need anything fancy just good Quality like the BC Float Bases. Thank You

EmilySun, 03 Feb 2013 22:05:21 GMT

Hi, I downloaded BC float base scenery. When I look in the add on scenery file through the computer I see it is there but when I go to add it through FSX settings, then add scenery, it is nowwhere to be found. What am I doing wrong? I have FSX and ultimate terrain canada but can't figure out how to get the floatplane bases installed

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