FSX B2 Spirit Package for Deluxe Edition

Panel contains Radar, the panel is from the SR-71, GMAX Model. Flies well, but does not act like the real B2(AIR file changed). Includes Virtual cockpit. Based on the original by Ruggero Osto.

Complete with Base Model
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Panel contains Radar, the panel is from the SR-71, GMAX Model. Flies well, but does not act like the real B2(AIR file changed). Includes Virtual cockpit. Based on the original by Ruggero Osto.

The archive B2SpiritFSX.zip has 130 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft09.22.030 B
!Stealt_B-2A02.03.070 B
aircraft.cfg02.03.079.41 kB
b2_check.htm09.17.034.25 kB
b2_REF.htm09.17.032.28 kB
B2_Roger2k4.air10.22.068.41 kB
gif1.gif09.17.039.26 kB
gif2.gif09.17.037.80 kB
Model09.22.030 B
B2spirit.mdl09.18.03266.65 kB
Model.cfg09.17.0331 B
panel.radar02.03.070 B
hja_jet02.03.070 B
jet_hud_1.xml07.12.038.48 kB
jet_hud_1_back.bmp07.12.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_11.xml07.15.036.82 kB
jet_hud_11_back.bmp07.16.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_2.xml08.18.038.58 kB
jet_hud_2_back.bmp07.12.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_22.xml07.15.038.59 kB
jet_hud_22_back.bmp07.16.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_3.xml08.13.038.59 kB
jet_hud_3_back.bmp07.12.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_33.xml07.15.038.59 kB
jet_hud_33_back.bmp07.16.03209.04 kB
jet_hud_att_back1.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_mask1.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_plane1.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_plane2.bmp08.12.03282.49 kB
jet_hud_att_pointer1.bmp08.09.031.62 kB
jet_hud_att_pointer2.bmp08.11.031.62 kB
jet_hud_att_scale1.bmp08.13.03582.24 kB
jet_hud_att_scale2.bmp08.13.03582.24 kB
jet_hud_att_scale3.bmp08.13.03582.24 kB
jet_hud_attitude1.xml08.13.031.79 kB
jet_hud_attitude2.xml08.13.031.79 kB
jet_hud_attitude3.xml08.13.031.79 kB
Thumbs.db02.03.0731.00 kB
panel.cfg01.12.077.38 kB
SR71pnl.bmp11.29.05469.56 kB
Thumbs.db02.03.074.50 kB
sound09.22.030 B
b211.wav02.06.0226.93 kB
b212.wav02.06.02171.20 kB
b213.wav02.06.02131.32 kB
b214.wav02.06.0248.99 kB
b221.wav02.06.0242.30 kB
b222.wav02.06.0234.44 kB
b223.wav02.06.0242.26 kB
b224.wav02.06.0233.13 kB
b2apdis.wav08.11.97101.67 kB
b2bn2shut.wav02.06.02259.59 kB
b2bn2strt.wav02.06.0262.09 kB
b2bn2t.wav02.06.02114.59 kB
b2bshut.wav02.06.02206.59 kB
b2bstrt.wav02.06.02389.09 kB
b2geardw.wav02.06.02431.82 kB
b2gearup.wav02.06.02384.12 kB
b2n11.wav02.06.0226.93 kB
b2n12.wav02.06.02171.20 kB
b2n13.wav02.06.0242.07 kB
b2n14.wav02.06.0248.99 kB
b2n21.wav02.06.0242.30 kB
b2n22.wav02.06.0234.44 kB
b2n23.wav02.06.0242.26 kB
b2n24.wav02.06.0233.13 kB
b2n2shut.wav02.06.02259.59 kB
b2n2strt.wav02.06.0262.09 kB
b2n2t.wav02.06.02114.59 kB
b2over.wav08.11.9786.16 kB
b2shut.wav02.06.02206.59 kB
b2stall.wav04.09.0238.18 kB
b2strt.wav02.06.02389.09 kB
b2touchc.wav08.18.0317.39 kB
b2touchl.wav08.18.0321.15 kB
b2touchr.wav08.18.0320.28 kB
sound.cfg08.18.0312.14 kB
xb211.wav02.06.0280.30 kB
xb212.wav02.06.0251.90 kB
xb213.wav02.06.02286.56 kB
xb214.wav02.06.0237.02 kB
xb221.wav02.06.0239.89 kB
xb222.wav02.06.0235.76 kB
xb223.wav02.06.0225.26 kB
xb224.wav02.06.0222.87 kB
xb2bn2shut.wav02.06.02162.22 kB
xb2bn2strt.wav02.06.0250.35 kB
xb2bn2t.wav02.06.02108.59 kB
xb2bshut.wav02.06.02127.26 kB
xb2bstrt.wav02.06.02427.79 kB
xb2n11.wav02.06.0280.30 kB
xb2n12.wav02.06.0251.90 kB
xb2n13.wav02.06.02286.56 kB
xb2n14.wav02.06.0237.02 kB
xb2n21.wav02.06.0239.89 kB
xb2n22.wav02.06.0235.76 kB
xb2n23.wav02.06.0225.26 kB
xb2n24.wav02.06.0222.87 kB
xb2n2shut.wav02.06.02162.22 kB
xb2n2strt.wav02.06.0250.35 kB
xb2n2t.wav02.06.02108.59 kB
xb2shut.wav02.06.02127.26 kB
xb2strt.wav02.06.02427.79 kB
texture.gmax09.22.030 B
cabin_l.bmp08.14.0385.42 kB
cabin_t.bmp08.14.0385.42 kB
Colore_Poltrona.bmp07.09.03770 B
fuselage_l.bmp08.13.031.33 MB
fuselage_t.bmp08.13.031.33 MB
gear_door.bmp07.09.035.42 kB
gear_door2_t.bmp07.13.035.42 kB
metal1_l.bmp08.14.035.43 kB
metal1_T.bmp07.13.035.43 kB
panel1_l.bmp07.09.0385.42 kB
panel1_t.bmp07.09.0385.42 kB
Pilot1_l.bmp08.14.0342.78 kB
Pilot1_t.bmp08.14.0342.78 kB
poltrona.bmp07.09.0321.42 kB
ruota.bmp07.09.0310.75 kB
B2.txt02.03.07582 B
CON Gauge02.03.070 B
CONCORDE.GAU03.08.003.60 MB
README.txt02.03.07152 B
file_id.diz02.03.0714 B
gif1.gif09.18.036.75 kB
gif2.gif09.18.037.67 kB
README.txt02.03.07584 B
Thumbs.db02.03.076.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This adaption of the original B2 Spirit crated by Ruggero Osto was something that caught my eye as soon as it came online on our stores, and I got the time to take it for a spin and see what I think of it. The aircraft itself is something I had a fair bit of interest in but not much experience flying around in so it seemed like a good opportunity to try out something new and exciting. I was impressed by the range of features such as the virtual cockpit and the panel including a specific radar, so was naturally very excited to get this loaded up to see what I think.

Preview screenshot

Installation was a bit more challenging than it should have been which was obviously frustrating. It took a bit of time to get it all set up as I had to go back and forth several times moving files from one location to the next, but I got there in the end. The instructions should be included with the base model but you will need to do a lot of manual transferring to get this working right.

The quality of the model was the first thing that I noticed upon firing it up, though. The model looks great and manages to capture the real depth and style of the aircraft itself. The sleek and shaded colors and style make it really stand out and create a simplistic and obvious choice for flying around in if you like an aircraft that blends in perfectly with the night sky.

However, the actual flight dynamics are quite different to the real thing – the AIR files have been altered significantly. Although it flies excellently and is quite fun to handle, I love a bit of extra realism in my features and found it a bit off-putting that it’s so different. The overall quality of the flight in general, though, was very impressive.

The virtual cockpit included was also a nice addition as it helped me get to grip with controlling the aircraft. As I mentioned the flight dynamics and the like are quite off-putting as they are not realistic, but they are not bad by any means – they just aren’t very realistic. Thankfully, the virtual cockpit helps to save a bit of face in this regard which makes it much easier to actually control the thing. Naturally, it’s a bit of a challenge flying around in something quite so obviously devastating as a B2 so it will take a bit of getting used to but the virtual cockpit definitely helps.

Overall, I was quite impressed with this but the only real problem was the installation and the fact it isn’t totally true to the source material. Other than that, though? A thoroughly enjoyable flight!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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GLean12Mon, 31 Jan 2011 03:06:07 GMT
Its ok it would be easier to fly if it had an actual Virtual Cockpit (do not use full flaps when landing it falls straight down like a rock!)
SuperlebWed, 09 May 2007 00:25:13 GMT
Ok, yes, you can Download the B2, but it is not worth the trouble because you have to go deep into the files, cut and paste them into the immediate B2 file in the sim objects folder, BUT I also found that when i fly the plane, the controls are hard, and landing the plane is next to impossible, and it is overall not fun to fly. The B2 just looks nice, but it is not a fun flight.

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