FSX Red Bull F-16

Model by Kirk Olsson.

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Model by Kirk Olsson.

Screenshot of Red Bull F-16 in flight.

Screenshot of Red Bull F-16 in flight.

The archive f-16-red_bull-juan30005_para_microsoft_flight_simulator_x.zip has 294 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
captura.bmp01.04.13440.17 kB
F-16-Redbull-juan30005 para Microsoft Flight Simulator X01.04.130 B
Aircraft.cfg01.04.1316.86 kB
F-16-redbull-juan30005.air06.23.1010.71 kB
fotos del F16.BMP01.04.134.09 MB
leer FSX.cfg01.04.132.83 kB
leer FSX.txt01.04.132.83 kB
model01.04.130 B
Model.cfg06.23.1026 B
Viper_NOR.mdl06.23.103.32 MB
panel01.04.130 B
Alpha FSX SR71.cab06.23.10232.95 kB
ALPHA_F-107A.cab06.23.10402.86 kB
Autopilot.bmp06.23.107.74 kB
F16.gau06.23.101.53 MB
F16C.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
F16_Falcon.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
FORWARD_LEFT.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
FORWARD_RIGHT.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
HUDHornet01.04.130 B
ADFARW.bmp06.23.1016.94 kB
AOABRK2.bmp06.23.101.60 kB
AOABRK2_Tom.bmp06.23.10926 B
AOABRKT.bmp06.23.101.60 kB
AOABRKT_Tom.bmp06.23.10926 B
AoA_Indexer65.xml06.23.101.63 kB
AoA_ind_001-background2.bmp06.23.104.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-green.bmp06.23.104.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-greenyellow.bmp06.23.104.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-red.bmp06.23.104.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellow.bmp06.23.104.66 kB
AoA_ind_001-yellowred.bmp06.23.104.66 kB
BACK.bmp06.23.10204.12 kB
BALL.bmp06.23.102.28 kB
BLLMSK.bmp06.23.10137.36 kB
BNKARRW.bmp06.23.108.93 kB
BNKARRW2.bmp06.23.108.93 kB
BTTNMID1.bmp06.23.102.62 kB
BTTNmid2.bmp06.23.102.62 kB
BttnOff.bmp06.23.102.62 kB
Bttnon.bmp06.23.102.62 kB
Copy of HUDHornet.xml06.23.1072.82 kB
CRSBUG.bmp06.23.101.38 kB
CRSBUG2.bmp06.23.101.38 kB
GRNHGH.bmp06.23.1012.77 kB
GSNDL.bmp06.23.101.22 kB
GSNDL2.bmp06.23.101.22 kB
HDGBOX.bmp06.23.101.94 kB
HDGBOX2.bmp06.23.101.94 kB
HDGTAPE.bmp06.23.1020.05 kB
HDGTAPE2.bmp06.23.1020.05 kB
HDGTAPEB.bmp06.23.1031.19 kB
HDGTPG1.bmp06.23.1031.19 kB
HDGTPG12.bmp06.23.1063.21 kB
HDGTPG1T.bmp06.23.1063.21 kB
HDGTPG2.bmp06.23.1031.19 kB
HDGTPG22.bmp06.23.1063.21 kB
HDGTPG2T.bmp06.23.1063.21 kB
HDGTP_G.bmp06.23.1020.05 kB
Hornet_AoA_Indexer_81.xml06.23.101.74 kB
HRZNNRW.bmp06.23.1013.03 kB
HRZNNRW2.bmp06.23.1013.03 kB
HRZNWD.bmp06.23.1015.98 kB
HRZNWD2.bmp06.23.1015.98 kB
HSI-1.bmp06.23.1091.82 kB
HSI-10.bmp06.23.103.16 kB
HSI-11.bmp06.23.105.17 kB
HSI-1mod.bmp06.23.10122.48 kB
HSI-2.bmp06.23.1046.40 kB
HSI-2mod.bmp06.23.1046.40 kB
HSI-3.bmp06.23.1065.05 kB
HSI-4.bmp06.23.1069.37 kB
HSI-5.bmp06.23.101.44 kB
HSI-6.bmp06.23.103.54 kB
HSI-7.bmp06.23.102.49 kB
HSI-8.bmp06.23.101.44 kB
HSI-9.bmp06.23.103.16 kB
HUD ACLS Switch.xml06.23.10549 B
HUD AoABracket Switch.xml06.23.10569 B
HUD Bright Switch.xml06.23.10559 B
HUD Cage Switch.xml06.23.10560 B
HUD Declutter Switch.xml06.23.10837 B
HUD Horizon Switch.xml06.23.10564 B
HUD ILS Switch.xml06.23.10541 B
HUD Ladder Switch.xml06.23.10761 B
HUD Power.xml06.23.10541 B
HUD Slope Switch.xml06.23.10564 B
HUD Vector Switch.xml06.23.10569 B
HUDHornet.xml06.23.1072.82 kB
HUDHornet_Tom.xml06.23.1073.22 kB
HUDX.bmp06.23.10298.52 kB
HUDXOrig2.bmp06.23.10229.74 kB
HUDX_G.bmp06.23.10139.19 kB
HUDX_G2.bmp06.23.10139.19 kB
HUDX_GBig.bmp06.23.1082.05 kB
ICON_MAP.bmp06.23.102.62 kB
ILSBOX.bmp06.23.103.69 kB
Ladder0.bmp06.23.10155.32 kB
Ladder02.bmp06.23.10155.32 kB
LADDERB.bmp06.23.10385.79 kB
LADDERB2.bmp06.23.10385.79 kB
LADDERL.bmp06.23.10576.29 kB
LADDERL2.bmp06.23.10576.29 kB
LADDERLXXXX.bmp06.23.10576.29 kB
LADDERT.bmp06.23.10385.79 kB
LADDERT2.bmp06.23.10385.79 kB
LCLNDL.bmp06.23.10458 B
LCLNDL2.bmp06.23.10458 B
LDDRTEST.bmp06.23.10576.29 kB
LDR.bmp06.23.10199.33 kB
LDRB.bmp06.23.10604.02 kB
LDRMSK.bmp06.23.1069.19 kB
MASK2.bmp06.23.10148.85 kB
MEATBALL.bmp06.23.10137.36 kB
Meatball.xml06.23.101.43 kB
Nav-GPSSwitch.xml06.23.10556 B
NMB-HDG.bmp06.23.105.69 kB
NMB.bmp06.23.10406 B
NMB18.bmp06.23.101.24 kB
NMB18B.bmp06.23.103.49 kB
NMBB.bmp06.23.101014 B
NMBHDGTK.bmp06.23.105.69 kB
NMBRS.bmp06.23.101.83 kB
NMBTHIN.bmp06.23.10766 B
NvGPSOff.bmp06.23.101.88 kB
NvGPSOn.bmp06.23.101.88 kB
PLNFRNT.bmp06.23.10250 B
PLNSIDE.bmp06.23.10226 B
REDBAR.bmp06.23.10154 B
REDLOW.bmp06.23.104.63 kB
ROSE.bmp06.23.10157.30 kB
SLOPE.bmp06.23.1036.13 kB
SLOPE2.bmp06.23.1036.13 kB
ST300-13.bmp06.23.108.54 kB
SUPERLOW.bmp06.23.1034.69 kB
TADPOLE.bmp06.23.101.69 kB
TADPOLE2.bmp06.23.101.69 kB
TEST.bmp06.23.1047.12 kB
TGGLL.bmp06.23.102.30 kB
TGGLR.bmp06.23.102.30 kB
Thumbs.db06.23.10277.00 kB
TOGMID1.bmp06.23.103.94 kB
TOGMID2.bmp06.23.103.94 kB
Togoff.bmp06.23.103.94 kB
Togon.bmp06.23.103.94 kB
VBLNK.bmp06.23.101.13 kB
VCTYAW.bmp06.23.104.78 kB
VCTYAW2.bmp06.23.104.78 kB
VOR1BUG.bmp06.23.101.38 kB
VOR1BUG2.bmp06.23.101.38 kB
VOR2BUG.bmp06.23.101.38 kB
VOR2BUG2.bmp06.23.101.38 kB
VVCTR.bmp06.23.102.93 kB
VVCTR2.bmp06.23.102.93 kB
VYAW.bmp06.23.102.93 kB
VYAW2.bmp06.23.102.93 kB
WTRLN.bmp06.23.102.26 kB
WTRLN2.bmp06.23.102.26 kB
XVVECTR.bmp06.23.101.98 kB
JSF.PULLUP.GAU06.23.1066.50 kB
LEFT.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
Mig29.CAB06.23.10270.03 kB
panel.cfg06.14.128.17 kB
radwar~1.gau06.23.10169.00 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.cab06.23.1026.63 kB
REAR.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
REAR_LEFT.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
REAR_RIGHT.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
RIGHT.bmp06.23.10769.05 kB
superh.cab06.23.10216.31 kB
Up.bmp06.23.1031.86 kB
viper_HUD_ADI.GAU06.23.10310.50 kB
sound01.04.130 B
bingo.wav03.20.1045.33 kB
burner_1.wav03.20.10611.38 kB
burner_2.wav03.20.101.18 MB
canopy_dn.wav03.20.10138.90 kB
canopy_up.wav03.20.10141.50 kB
comb_11.wav03.20.10364.58 kB
comb_1B.wav03.20.10611.38 kB
comb_21.wav03.20.10364.58 kB
comb_2B.wav03.20.10593.56 kB
comb_start_1.wav03.20.10429.66 kB
comb_start_2.wav03.20.10465.05 kB
F18.gif03.20.109.94 kB
FA18_aapdis.wav03.20.1042.62 kB
FA18_agear.wav03.20.1070.19 kB
FA18_aover.wav03.20.1050.27 kB
FA18_avionix.wav03.20.10101.37 kB
FA18_sound_pack_v1.gif03.20.109.94 kB
file_id.diz03.20.10207 B
flaps.wav03.20.10164.66 kB
gear_down.wav03.20.10384.58 kB
gear_up.wav03.20.10385.80 kB
GPWS_Altitude.wav03.20.1068.83 kB
GPWS_Dont_Sink.wav03.20.1068.48 kB
GPWS_Pull_Up.wav03.20.1062.23 kB
GPWS_Sink_Rate.wav03.20.1065.29 kB
GPWS_too_low_flaps_up.wav03.20.1062.93 kB
GPWS_too_low_gear_up.wav03.20.1059.82 kB
GPWS_too_low_terrain.wav03.20.1058.99 kB
LaunchBarExtend.wav03.20.10112.08 kB
LaunchBarRetract.wav03.20.1048.90 kB
readme.txt03.20.101.26 kB
shutdown_1.wav03.20.101.76 MB
shutdown_2.wav03.20.101.57 MB
sound.cfg03.20.1011.49 kB
stall_warning.wav03.20.1042.35 kB
starter.wav03.20.101.05 MB
TailhookExtend.wav03.20.1061.98 kB
TailhookRetract.wav03.20.1045.36 kB
wheel_roll.wav03.20.10396.57 kB
wheel_touch.wav03.20.1028.64 kB
whine_11.wav03.20.10498.14 kB
whine_12.wav03.20.10259.64 kB
whine_21.wav03.20.10498.14 kB
whine_22.wav03.20.10259.64 kB
WingsFolding.wav03.20.10158.89 kB
x_burner_11.wav06.27.09696.66 kB
x_burner_21.wav06.27.09696.66 kB
x_comb_11.wav03.20.10188.08 kB
x_comb_12.wav03.20.10540.58 kB
x_comb_13.wav03.20.10200.21 kB
x_comb_14.wav03.20.10674.66 kB
x_comb_21.wav03.20.10188.08 kB
x_comb_22.wav03.20.10540.58 kB
x_comb_23.wav03.20.10200.21 kB
x_comb_24.wav03.20.10673.23 kB
x_comb_start_1.wav03.20.10429.66 kB
x_comb_start_2.wav03.20.10465.05 kB
x_shutdown_1.wav03.20.101.10 MB
x_shutdown_2.wav03.20.101.06 MB
x_starter.wav03.20.101.05 MB
x_whine_11.wav03.20.10180.77 kB
x_whine_12.wav03.20.10238.09 kB
x_whine_13.wav03.20.10173.50 kB
x_whine_14.wav03.20.10267.57 kB
x_whine_21.wav03.20.10180.77 kB
x_whine_22.wav03.20.10238.09 kB
x_whine_23.wav03.20.10173.50 kB
x_whine_24.wav03.20.10267.57 kB
texture.Redbull-juan3000501.04.130 B
Aircraft.cfg11.08.102.45 kB
bay1.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
bay23.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
burner.bmp11.08.1042.74 kB
chrome_l.bmp11.08.1085.40 kB
chrome_t.bmp11.08.1064.07 kB
chute.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
chute1.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
decal1.bmp11.08.10341.43 kB
decal2.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
decal4.bmp11.08.10341.43 kB
decal5.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
doors.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
exhaust.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
feather.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
fuse TOP.bmp01.04.134.00 MB
fuseb.bmp01.04.134.00 MB
glass_t.bmp11.08.1064.07 kB
hud.bmp11.08.1032.07 kB
inglass.bmp11.23.08170.75 kB
name.bmp11.08.1032.07 kB
needle.bmp11.08.1042.74 kB
nl.bmp11.08.1085.43 kB
ord.bmp11.08.10341.43 kB
ord2.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
panel1.bmp11.08.10512.07 kB
panel2_l.bmp11.08.10341.40 kB
panel2_t.bmp11.08.101.00 MB
panel3_l.bmp11.08.101.33 MB
panel3_t.bmp11.08.10512.07 kB
panel4.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
panel_l.bmp11.08.101.33 MB
panel_t.bmp11.08.104.00 MB
patch.bmp09.10.1164.07 kB
patch2.bmp09.10.1164.07 kB
pilot.bmp11.08.10512.07 kB
pylons.bmp11.08.10512.07 kB
red.bmp11.08.1032.07 kB
ring.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
SILVER.BMP11.08.1042.74 kB
stuff.bmp11.08.1042.75 kB
tail.bmp01.04.134.00 MB
tankdeca.bmp11.08.1042.74 kB
thumbnail.JPG01.04.1324.40 kB
tire_c.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
tire_r.bmp11.08.10128.07 kB
tred.bmp11.08.1032.07 kB
visor_L.bmp11.08.10341.40 kB
visor_t.bmp11.08.10341.40 kB
leer FSX.txt01.04.13230 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Are you a fan of energy drinks? I certainly spend plenty of time chugging the stuff despite the myriad of health warnings that come with doing so. It tastes divine, looks really cool, and is good for keeping you awake during those long hour shifts! However, the energy drinks company Red Bull has become a bit more than just a drinks supplier.

Preview screenshot

Now, it offers a whole range of different products and styles that will absolutely blow your mind, from promoting race events to – yep, you guessed it- having their own aircraft!

This representation of the famous F-16 aircraft, decked out in the most obvious Red Bull livery designs possible, will give you all the help that you need in getting to fly the flag for everyone’s favorite Austrian beverage. The drinks magnates offer you the help that is needed to really get stuck into the aircraft itself and enjoy its unique and exceptional style, taking you away from the somewhat basic design of the old F-16 and adding on something far more lively.

The striking balance of color across the model makes it very easy to spot, making it very simple to use in online engagements with your mates so that you can be spotted from some distance away!

This aircraft itself is one of the more popular military models, too, so this manages to capture all of the coolest little details in the most dynamic fashion possible. It feels amazing and looks absolutely incredibly, capturing all of the details needed to make an aircraft look just as it should in the real world. Realism is always important in something like a flight simulator, so if realism is something that you take a fair amount of notice of when using an F-16 then you might want to give this a try.

Whatever you decide upon, though, you will find that the FSX edition of the Red Bull F-16 is about as realistic as they come. Authentic, fresh and easy to control this will give you no problems whatsoever in ensuring that the aircraft can take off and give you that instant zip that an F-16 is so well known for. They are incredibly fast and can cover the skies at breakneck speeds, and with this livery you can take the serious power of the F-16 and translate it one of the friendliest, most colorful liveries that you’ll find.

As a massive fan of realism in a simulator, this is a nice little step in a more jovial direction. Whilst it might not be for everyone as some people just prefer to keep things factual, this recreation of the F-16 in such a promotional and comical way is a brilliant way to give yourself a new take on the F-16. However, this is not just a funny skin or a cool mod; it totally reworks the F-16 itself and makes it come together perfectly for the most effective design and style that it possibly can, enhancing your experience massively.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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