FSX San Fernando International Airport

Preview (SADF). The largest private international airport in Argentina, in Buenos Aires Province. Runways are 1800m (5910 feet) long. Includes many Gmax scenery objects. Custom night lighting. Comprehensive ADEX. Uses EZ-Scenery and Rwy12 objects (included). Three hangars have animated doors. By Julia...

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(SADF). The largest private international airport in Argentina, in Buenos Aires Province. Runways are 1800m (5910 feet) long. Includes many Gmax scenery objects. Custom night lighting. Comprehensive ADEX. Uses EZ-Scenery and Rwy12 objects (included). Three hangars have animated doors. By Julian Avisenis.

Screenshot of San Fernando International Airport.

Screenshot of San Fernando International Airport.


  • All of the buildings have been designed using gmax. Numerous photographs have been used as reference.
  • Textures are "re-used" where possible, thereby improving frame-rates.
  • Roads on the property have been made using gmax with custom road textures. This enables better "blending" of the edges of the road with the surrounding areas.
  • The placing of autogen scenery has been modified to improve appearances.
  • Neighboring communication towers are included to allow more realistic VFR. Some users may already have these towers in place as part of another third party scenery addon. If so, the towers included in this package are easily removed to avoid duplication.
  • The use of EZ-scenery and Runway12 scenery adds vehicles and other objects of interest.
  • Airport Design editor X has been used extensively to provide parking, aprons and taxiways and to place various objects. Aircraft parking positions are in front of the various hangars. 28 positions (including refueling) are available. Just follow the lines!
  • Animated windsocks by Sidney Schwartz are included.
  • Refueling is available at the refueling depot. Just park on the apron at the depot.
  • Night textures are included.
  • Custom night lighting is included. Special effects have been used to enhance this.
  • Optional static aircraft on the grass. (Not on apron parking spaces, all of which I have left open for A.I. aircraft.)
  • More...

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The archive sadf_xar.zip has 156 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
SADF.gif06.23.12361.81 kB
scenery02.01.130 B
0_CVX_SADF.BGL11.12.12530 B
CVX_SADF.BGL11.13.121.43 kB
SADF_ADEX_JMA.BGL12.23.128.97 kB
SADF_ADEX_JMA_OBJ.BGL12.23.1272.09 kB
SADF_EXTRA_AC.BGL06.23.12780 B
SADF_FSX.bgl02.01.131.42 MB
SADF_G1.bgl06.12.12215.78 kB
SADF_G2.bgl06.13.12201.01 kB
SADF_G3.bgl06.13.12201.01 kB
SADF_G4.bgl06.13.12201.01 kB
SADF_G5.bgl06.13.12201.01 kB
SADF_G6.bgl06.13.12201.01 kB
SADF_OB1.BGL02.01.134.23 kB
SADF_OBX.BGL02.01.13156 B
SADF_TAXIWAYS.bgl12.23.12457.84 kB
SADF_TWR.BGL09.23.12284 B
SADFX_T.bgl07.21.12112 B
texture02.01.130 B
AEROMEC.BMP07.05.12170.75 kB
BLU1.BMP03.10.1242.75 kB
BRICK2.BMP08.02.1210.75 kB
CORR.BMP09.29.1142.75 kB
CORR_B.BMP11.20.1142.75 kB
CORR_BLU.BMP12.02.1142.75 kB
CORR_D.BMP10.05.1142.75 kB
CORR_G.BMP03.01.1242.75 kB
CORR_R.BMP03.02.1242.75 kB
ds_TARROAD.bmp03.16.1210.75 kB
FT_L_U02.bmp05.29.12170.75 kB
FT_R_U02.BMP05.29.12170.75 kB
LIGHT_C.bmp04.09.1210.75 kB
MEC.BMP07.05.12170.75 kB
MET.BMP01.02.1210.75 kB
ROOF_B.BMP01.12.1242.75 kB
SADF1.BMP12.12.1110.75 kB
SADF2.BMP05.09.12170.75 kB
SADF2_lm.BMP06.16.12170.75 kB
SADF3.BMP12.09.11170.75 kB
SADF3_lm.BMP06.16.12170.75 kB
SADF4.BMP06.14.12170.75 kB
SADF4_lm.BMP06.16.12170.75 kB
SADF5.BMP12.31.11170.75 kB
SADF5_lm.BMP06.16.12170.75 kB
SADF6.BMP12.31.11170.75 kB
SADF7.BMP03.08.12170.75 kB
SADF7_lm.BMP06.16.12170.75 kB
SADF8.BMP12.30.11170.75 kB
SADF9.BMP03.02.12170.75 kB
SADFBR1.BMP07.21.1110.75 kB
SADFSIG.BMP01.05.12170.75 kB
SADFSIG_LM.BMP05.24.12341.43 kB
SADFSIGN.BMP10.02.1142.75 kB
SADFSIGN_lm.BMP03.29.1242.75 kB
TAXILINE1.bmp08.05.1221.43 kB
Read me.txt02.01.1310.25 kB
fx_SADF.fx05.22.121.36 kB
fx_SADF_T.fx08.13.122.47 kB
texture02.01.130 B
fx_SADF.bmp04.01.1242.75 kB
EZ-Scenery02.01.130 B
scenery02.01.130 B
Cars.bgl05.19.111.12 MB
ExtraObjects.BGL05.19.111.51 MB
ez-flag4.bgl08.05.11170.82 kB
small_airstrip_objects_ss.bgl11.06.075.93 MB
texture02.01.130 B
ARGE1-2.BMP08.05.1142.74 kB
car_cevy_beauville_van.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_chevy_blazer_red.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_chevy_blazer_white.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_chevy_caprice.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_chrysler_lebaron.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_dodge.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_dodge_durango.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_dodge_pickup.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_dodge_van.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_ford_mustang_black.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_ford_pickup.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_geo_metro.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_gmc_airport.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_gmc_old.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_gmc_pickup.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_honda.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_honda_civic.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_mazda_pickup.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_mazda_pickup_canopy.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_mercury_sable.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_pontiac_3bears.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_pontiac_sunbird.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_RCMP_Pickup.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_subaru_wagon.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_toyota_camry.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_toyota_corolla.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_toyota_corolla_old.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_van.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_vw_bus.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_vw_hatchback.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
car_vw_transport.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
truck_camper.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
truck_chevy_flatbed.bmp07.06.12342.41 kB
windsock.bmp02.29.0842.75 kB
windsock_LM.bmp10.20.0642.75 kB
Rwy12 Static Aircraft02.01.130 B
scenery02.01.130 B
add_SeevKahn.BGL01.20.051.25 MB
texture02.01.130 B
sk_Archer_N3557K.bmp08.24.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_N3557K_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_Archer_N99457.bmp08.25.04170.74 kB
sk_Archer_N99457_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_red-yellow_4X-AIV.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_red-yellow_4X-AIV_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_4X-CAV.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-blue_4X-CAV_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-orange_4X-CHU_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-red_N30846.bmp07.31.04170.74 kB
sk_C172SP_white-red_N30846_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_All Dark.bmp10.06.04170.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_All Dark_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Red_Black_White.bmp10.06.04170.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Red_Black_White_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Red_White.bmp10.06.04170.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Red_White_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Srpska.bmp10.06.04170.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Srpska_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Tail Number Template.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_Tail Number Template_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_X.bmp10.06.04170.74 kB
sk_CessnaCitation_X_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_IAF719.bmp08.12.04170.74 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_IAF719_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_N200KA.bmp08.12.04170.74 kB
sk_KingAir-B200_N200KA_lm.bmp10.06.0442.74 kB
Rwy1202.01.130 B
scenery02.01.130 B
Ford Transit Collection.bgl04.18.042.96 MB
texture02.01.130 B
FT_L_W.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
FT_R_W.bmp04.17.04170.74 kB
L901.bmp03.24.04170.74 kB
L902.bmp03.24.0442.74 kB
tyres.bmp01.15.05170.74 kB
SADF_1.jpg02.01.13289.72 kB
SADF_2.jpg02.01.13264.92 kB
SADF_3.jpg02.01.13250.59 kB
SADF_4.jpg02.01.13291.35 kB
SADF_5.jpg02.01.13253.56 kB
SADF_6.JPG02.01.13102.25 kB
SADF_7.jpg02.01.13221.90 kB
Traffic_SADF_FSX.bgl10.26.123.42 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ02.01.13363 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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