FSX San Antonio International Airport TX Scenery

Preview San Antonio International Airport, modern era, Texas (TX). KSAT before the recent demolition and construction. Terminal 1 (Southwest, etc.) and the historic terminal 2 with satellite are both operational. New cargo areas added. Includes terminals, hangars, buildings, and AFCAD. EZ Scenery and ...

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San Antonio International Airport, modern era, Texas (TX). KSAT before the recent demolition and construction. Terminal 1 (Southwest, etc.) and the historic terminal 2 with satellite are both operational. New cargo areas added. Includes terminals, hangars, buildings, and AFCAD. EZ Scenery and Rwy12 libraries required. By Dan French.

Screenshot of San Antonio International Airport Scenery.

Screenshot of San Antonio International Airport Scenery.

This scenery requires The following free downloadable libraries for some things to show up:

1. EZ Scenery libraries (David Grindele's all-inclusive available for free download ez_1.zip)

2. Runway 12 libraries (rw12l112.zip, rw12l212.zip, rw12l312.zip)

This scenery is a rendering of KSAT in the mid 2000's while the old terminal 2 and satellite were still operational. Includes Terminals 1 and 2, the satellite, parking lots, a new cargo area (in the default "G" gate area), fire station, and Cessna Citation service center. Other buildings and hangars included. Swearingen no longer has its name on the old factory roof, but I liked it so I kept it! Likewise the old control tower cab. My bow to nostalgia.

AFX ("AFCAD") file included with gate assignments.

For lots of planes, I highly recommend installing World of AI Southwest Airlines, American Airlines (and connectors), Delta Airlines (and connectors), and US Air packages. Aeronaves flights show up too, if you install that package.

1. Download the ksatmodernera_fsx.zip file to a temporary folder and extract all the files.

2. Place or copy the entire folder "KSAT Modern Era_FSX" into your FSX/Addon Scenery folder.

3. Place the contents (all the files, NOT the folder itself) of the "Textures" folder into the FSX/Textures folder.

4. Turn on Flight Simulator FSX

5. At the main menu, click on and open the SETTINGS button.

6. Under "Other Settings" click on and open the "Scenery Library".

7. Click on "Add Area", then navigate to "Addon Scenery". Double click to open, select the "KSAT Modern Era_FSX" folder you added above and click the "OK" button.

8. At this point, the title of the folder should appear in the "Area List" menu of Flight Simulator with a check mark in the "Enabled" column.

9. Click "OK" button and exit /close Flight Simulator. The next time you fly, the scenery should be in place.


Google Sketchup and Google Earth for model creation and placement.

Mayang's free textures

The ever essential ModelConverterX without which none of this would be possible.

Many thanks to Jesse Cochran for photos, ideas, information, critique, and test flying.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1

The archive ksatmodernera_fsx.zip has 154 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FILE_ID.DIZ12.15.11341 B
KSAT Modern Era_FSX12.10.110 B
scenery12.14.110 B
AFX_KSATmodern_FSX.bgl12.15.1161.31 kB
dlf_lib_KSATmodernEra_FSX.bgl12.15.114.21 MB
IS_KSATbldgsFSX.BGL12.14.111.93 kB
IS_KSATlights.bgl12.15.113.15 kB
IS_KSATterm1.bgl12.15.11220 B
IS_KSATvehiclesetc.bgl12.15.112.50 kB
ksatmodernera_fsx.gif12.15.11213.34 kB
ksatmodernera_fsx_readme.txt12.15.113.44 kB
Textures12.14.110 B
AnodAluminum.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
Asphalt.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
Berber.dds12.05.112.79 kB
Berber__LM.dds12.05.112.79 kB
Berber_third_LM.dds12.07.112.79 kB
Berbercarpet.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
Berbercarpet_LM.dds10.26.11808 B
Brick_Pavers_Modular.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
Brick_White_Smooth.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Brown 1stFl_LM.dds12.14.111.45 kB
Brown_1stFl.dds12.14.111.45 kB
BrownVinyl90R.dds12.14.1121.45 kB
CargoBldg0.dds12.08.1142.79 kB
CargoBldg1.dds12.08.1185.44 kB
CargoBldgRoof.dds12.08.1121.45 kB
CargoDoors3.dds12.07.11170.78 kB
CargoDoors3_LM.dds12.09.112.78 kB
CargoDoors3v3_LM.dds12.09.112.78 kB
Carpet_blue1.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Carpet_blue1_LM.dds12.05.11808 B
CeilingLightTiles.dds10.26.11170.79 kB
CeilingLightTiles_LM.dds10.26.112.79 kB
CeilingTileLights.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
CeilingTileLights_LM.dds12.05.112.79 kB
CessnaLogo.dds12.08.1110.79 kB
CessnaLogo_LM.dds12.08.1110.79 kB
CitationRoof.dds12.08.1121.45 kB
CitationSign.dds12.08.1121.44 kB
CitationSign_LM.dds12.09.1142.75 kB
Concrete_Aggregate_Smoke.dds12.07.1142.79 kB
Concrete_Form.dds12.05.1121.45 kB
ConcreteAgg.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
Corrugated_Siding_White.dds12.08.1185.45 kB
CtyBusSanAnt0.dds12.08.1110.75 kB
Dirty_white.dds12.08.1142.79 kB
Doors_auto.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
Doors_auto_LM.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Doors2dark.dds12.07.1110.79 kB
Doors2dark_LM.dds12.07.112.79 kB
DoorsGray.dds12.07.112.79 kB
DoorsGray_LM.dds12.07.11808 B
FencingDiamondMesh.dds12.07.1110.78 kB
FireStaRoof.dds12.08.1121.45 kB
FireTrkAntics1.dds12.08.11682.79 kB
FireTrkAntics2.dds12.08.11682.79 kB
FirstFloor_Tan_Mine.dds12.05.1142.75 kB
FirstFloor_Tan_Mine_LM.dds12.09.112.75 kB
FstFlGraymine.dds12.07.1142.75 kB
FstFlGraymine_LM.dds12.09.112.75 kB
GlassModern.dds12.07.115.45 kB
GlassModern_1floor.dds12.13.111.44 kB
GlassModern_1floor_LM.dds12.13.111.44 kB
GlassModern_LM.dds12.07.115.45 kB
KSAT_Roof_3.dds12.05.1121.45 kB
KSAT_Term1window.dds12.05.11170.79 kB
KSAT_Term1window_LM.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
KSATBagClaim0.dds10.26.1121.45 kB
KSATBagClaim6.dds10.26.1110.75 kB
KSATmodernT2_1.dds10.26.1121.45 kB
KSATmodernT2_10.dds10.26.1185.44 kB
KSATmodernT2_10_LM.dds12.14.1110.75 kB
KSATmodernT2_11.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
KSATmodernT2_13.dds10.26.11170.78 kB
KSATmodernT2_13_LM.dds12.14.1110.78 kB
KSATmodernT2_14.dds10.26.1121.45 kB
KSATmodernT2_2.dds10.26.1110.79 kB
KSATmodernT2_2_LM.dds12.14.112.79 kB
KSATmodernT2_3.dds10.26.1121.44 kB
KSATmodernT2_3_LM.dds12.14.115.44 kB
KSATmodernT2_6.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
KSATmodernT2_7.dds10.26.1121.45 kB
KSATmodernT2_8.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
KSATmodernT2_9.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX0.dds10.26.1110.75 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX1 _LM.dds12.09.115.45 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX1.dds10.26.1185.45 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX2.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX3.dds10.26.1185.45 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX4.dds10.26.1142.75 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX4_LM.dds10.26.112.75 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX5.dds10.26.1142.75 kB
KSATsatelliteModFSX5_LM.dds10.26.112.75 kB
KSATTowerBldg0.dds12.12.1142.79 kB
KSATTowerBldg0_LM.dds12.12.1142.79 kB
KSATTowerBldg2.dds08.05.112.79 kB
KSATTowerBldg3.dds08.05.1185.45 kB
KSATTowerBldg4.dds08.05.1110.78 kB
LoadingDockTrucks_MultDoors.dds12.13.1142.75 kB
Metal_Corrogated.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Metal_Panel.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
Metal_Seamed.dds12.07.1110.79 kB
MetalCorrugated.dds12.07.1110.79 kB
MetalRuf.dds12.08.1142.79 kB
MetalSeamed.dds11.12.1110.79 kB
OrangeSiding.dds12.13.112.79 kB
PinkAdobe.dds12.07.1142.79 kB
PkLot3.dds12.07.1142.78 kB
PkLot3_LM.dds12.09.112.78 kB
PkLot3crnr.dds12.07.11800 B
PkLot3crnr_LM.dds12.09.11800 B
PkLot3Roof.dds12.09.11170.79 kB
PkLot3Roof_LM.dds12.09.11170.79 kB
PkLot4lvlside.dds12.07.1142.78 kB
PkLot4lvlside_LM.dds12.09.112.78 kB
RoofBrownPlain.dds12.07.112.79 kB
RoofBrwnEquip.dds12.07.1185.45 kB
RoofBrwnEquip90.dds12.07.1185.45 kB
Roofing_Slate_Rounded.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
SAIntAptSign.dds12.08.1121.38 kB
Sandstone.dds12.07.1142.79 kB
Skyway_1024x128_noBase.dds12.07.1142.75 kB
Skyway_1024x128_noBase_LM.dds12.12.1110.75 kB
Skyway_1024x128_noBasev2_LM.dds12.12.1110.75 kB
Skyway_256x128.dds12.08.1142.78 kB
Skyway_256x128_LM.dds12.08.1110.78 kB
Skyway_512x128_withDoors.dds12.08.1142.78 kB
Skyway_512x128_withDoors_LM.dds12.08.1110.78 kB
SwearingenRoof.dds12.07.1185.44 kB
Swearingenroofplain.dds12.13.112.78 kB
SwngnOffRoof.dds12.08.1121.45 kB
TanStucco.dds12.07.1142.79 kB
TanVinyl90R.dds12.14.1121.45 kB
Tile_Travertine_2inch.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
Tile_Various_Tan.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
Translucent_Glass_Block.dds12.05.1142.79 kB
Translucent_Glass_Block_LM.dds12.05.1110.79 kB
White_Hangar_Windows_3_group_weathered.dds12.13.112.78 kB
WhitePaint_weathered.dds12.13.112.79 kB
WhiteStucco.dds10.26.1142.79 kB
Windows_5BrownBrick.dds12.07.1110.78 kB
Windows_5BrownBrick_LM.dds12.09.112.78 kB
WindowsLong_3groupWhite_LM.dds12.09.112.75 kB
WindowsLongWhite.dds12.08.1121.44 kB
WindowsLongWhite_LM.dds12.09.111.44 kB
Wndws3grpWhite.dds12.07.1142.75 kB
Wndws3grpWhite_LM.dds12.09.112.75 kB
WndwsGrp4Tan.dds12.07.1142.75 kB
WndwsGrp4Tan_LM.dds12.07.112.75 kB
Wood2.dds12.07.1121.45 kB
WoodYellowPlywood.dds12.08.1142.79 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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