FS2004 Gold Rush VA Consolidated PBY-5A

Preview A fictional repaint of the payware Alphasim Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina in Gold Rush Virtual Airways colors. By Chris Coarse.

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Repaint for Payware Model
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A fictional repaint of the payware Alphasim Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina in Gold Rush Virtual Airways colors. By Chris Coarse.

Screenshot of Gold Rush VA Consolidated PBY-5A in flight.

Screenshot of Gold Rush VA Consolidated PBY-5A in flight.

Original aircraft by Alphasim required. Aircraft is named after "Hannah Honey" from the Rolling Stones song "Memory Motel". I've also included a line for adding the Nav/GPS switch to the 2D cockpit.

Installation Instructions:

Simply move the folder marked "Texture.Gold Rush" to your Alphasim PBY-5A folder. I have designed these textures using the civilian model and have not tested them with any other model.

Copy the following into your aircraft.cfg file. Make sure to replace the X in the line below with the appropriate number. The name of your model may vary from mine. It was built with the Alphasim civilian model in mind.

title=Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Gold Rush
texture=Gold Rush
description=ALPHA Simulations 2005\n\nConsolidated Aircraft's PBY Catalina is a superb example of the flying patrol boat. The first prototype was flown in March, 1935, with deliveries of the PBY-1 commencing in October, 1936. This model was quickly upgraded to the PBY-2, with more upgrades bringing about the -3 and -4 designations, with power increased to 1,200 HP in the later variants. The PBY-4 is perhaps the definitive version, with its distinctive twin blisters on the mid-fuselage. The type saw widespread service, and was license-built in the Soviet Union as the GST, as well as in Canada by Boeing Aircraft of Canada and Canadian Vickers. After the war, the Catalina continued in active service for many years, as surplus models were transferred to the Allies by the United States.
ui_type=PBY Catalina
ui_variation=PBY-5A Gold Rush

There are some errors that I simply could not fix due to limitations of the model itself. For example, the spinners are green while spinning, but silver at rest. The right forward hatch is missing the gold stripe.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FileID.diz.txt11.30.05251 B
PBYGR02.jpg11.27.0564.58 kB
PBYGR02sm.gif12.08.056.40 kB
PBYGR03.jpg11.27.0570.55 kB
PBYGR04.jpg11.27.0597.88 kB
PBYGR05.jpg12.05.0554.67 kB
Readme.txt12.08.055.92 kB
Texture.Gold Rush12.05.050 B
PBY_AlphaSim_BlackChippedPaint.bmp12.05.0510.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_BodyFront_Left.bmp12.05.05170.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_BodyFront_Right.bmp12.05.05170.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_CockBaseGray.bmp12.05.052.75 kB
PBY_Alphasim_Cowlings.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_DarkBlue.bmp11.19.052.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_EngineWrap.bmp12.05.0585.42 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_Hull.bmp11.19.05170.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_LeftTailPlaneBottom.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_LeftTailPlaneTop.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_LeftWing_Bottom.bmp12.05.05170.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_LeftWing_Top.bmp12.05.05170.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_MidBody_Left.bmp09.28.05341.42 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_MidBody_Right.bmp11.19.05341.42 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_OutboardFloat.bmp09.09.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_RightTailPlaneBottom.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_RightTailPlaneTop.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_RightWing_Bottom.bmp12.05.05170.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_RightWing_Top.bmp12.05.05170.77 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_TailLeft.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_TailRight.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_White.bmp09.28.052.75 kB
PBY_AlphaSim_WingSupportPylon.bmp09.28.0585.42 kB
PBY_Black.bmp08.18.054.07 kB
PBY_BladeBlurred.bmp08.18.05128.07 kB
PBY_BlobShadow.bmp08.18.0532.07 kB
PBY_Blue.bmp08.18.051.07 kB
PBY_BlurredBlades.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_CHROME.bmp11.19.0510.75 kB
PBY_CivilInterRear.bmp08.18.0564.07 kB
PBY_CivilInterSide.bmp08.18.0564.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_GraySide.bmp08.18.0532.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_GraySide2.bmp08.18.0532.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_01.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_02.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_03.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_04.bmp08.18.05512.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_05.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_06.bmp08.18.051.00 MB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_07.bmp08.18.05128.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_08.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Page_09.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_Roof.bmp12.05.05682.75 kB
PBY_Cockpit_SeatPage_01.bmp08.18.051.00 MB
PBY_Cockpit_WindTrim_01.bmp08.18.0532.07 kB
PBY_Cockpit_WindTrim_02.bmp08.18.0516.07 kB
PBY_CockpitRearWall.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_Crew_Boot.bmp08.18.0564.07 kB
PBY_Crew_Glove.bmp08.18.0532.07 kB
PBY_Crew_GreenCloth.bmp08.18.0564.07 kB
PBY_DarkYellow.bmp08.18.051.07 kB
PBY_ExternalCockDash.bmp08.18.05128.07 kB
PBY_Gear_Steel.bmp08.18.0532.07 kB
PBY_GearWellMain.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_GearWellMainSides.bmp08.18.05128.07 kB
PBY_Grill.bmp08.18.0564.07 kB
PBY_GunMuzzle.bmp08.18.0516.07 kB
PBY_InnerGreen.bmp08.18.054.07 kB
PBY_InternalCockDash.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_Pilot_Suit.bmp08.18.0532.07 kB
PBY_PilotHeadSide.bmp08.18.0564.07 kB
PBY_RAF_Cowlings.bmp12.05.05170.75 kB
PBY_SeatPage_01.bmp08.18.05256.07 kB
PBY_SlideDoor.bmp08.18.05128.07 kB
PBY_SpinnerDome.bmp09.28.0521.43 kB
PBY_SpinnerDomeBlurred.bmp09.28.0521.43 kB
PBY_SpinnerEngine.bmp09.28.05341.43 kB
PBY_SpinnerEngineBlurred.bmp09.28.05341.43 kB
PBY_TexturePage_01.bmp11.19.05170.75 kB
PBY_TireTread.bmp08.18.0516.07 kB
PBY_TireTreadBaseColour.bmp08.18.054.07 kB
PBY_WinTrim.bmp08.18.051.07 kB
Thumbs.db12.05.0548.00 kB
Thumbs.db12.08.0518.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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