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23 AFCAD2 files of country south western Australia airstrips with NDB's together with an "exclude" folder which contains exclude and flatten bgl's. By Derek Froud.

Many country airstrips are not to be found in FS9, so with a little time and effort and the use of Lee Swordy's AFCAD2 we have twenty three flyable strips with NDB's (NDB'are fictional)to assist with tracking and strip identification. Airstrip co-ordinates and strip details are from real world publications. Airstrip elevations may differ slightly from the real world to fit FS9 scenery.

It is strongly recommended that following addon mesh and landclass be installed in FS9 prior to installation of these AFCAD's and Exclude/Flatten files. WA Full Version 11.5 meg (Terrain Mesh) and SW Landclass v1.1 from Westsim. Otherwise the terrain may not sit correctly. During your visit to the Westsim site, download and install Jandakot Airport YPJT v1.0 for FS2004 it is highly recommended (all freeware).

The following airstrips are included. (If you have other versions, please make back up copies prior to installation.)

All strips have night lighting and prepared for inclusion of AI aircraft at a later date.

  • YAUG Augusta
  • YBBY Bremer Bay
  • YBOP Boyup Brook
  • YBRO Bruce Rock
  • YCIG Corrigin
  • YDUM Dumbleyung
  • YGNW Gnowangerup
  • YHAS Harrismith
  • YHYD Hyden
  • YKDN Kondinin
  • YKEB Kellerberrin
  • YKUL Kulin
  • YKOJ Kojonup
  • YLGC Lake Grace
  • YLUW Leeuwin Estate
  • YNAU Nannup
  • YNRG Narrogin
  • YQDG Quairading
  • YRAV Ravensthorpe
  • YSHN Shannon River
  • YWGN Wagin
  • YWPE Walpole
  • YYRK York

The archive has 84 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
SW WA Airstrips05.23.040 B
File_id_diz.txt05.23.04242 B
NDB Frequencies.txt05.23.041.00 kB
SW WA AFCAD's05.23.040 B
AF2_YAUG.bgl05.22.041.65 kB
AF2_YBBY.bgl05.22.041.13 kB
AF2_YBOP.bgl05.21.041011 B
AF2_YBRO.bgl05.21.041.18 kB
AF2_YCIG.bgl05.22.041.11 kB
AF2_YDUM.bgl05.21.041.04 kB
AF2_YGNW.bgl05.22.041.28 kB
AF2_YHAS.bgl05.22.041.17 kB
AF2_YHYD.bgl05.22.041.60 kB
AF2_YKDN.bgl05.21.04893 B
AF2_YKEB.bgl05.21.04941 B
AF2_YKLN.bgl05.21.04955 B
AF2_YKOJ.bgl05.21.041019 B
AF2_YLGC.bgl05.22.041.08 kB
AF2_YLUW.bgl05.21.041.70 kB
AF2_YNAU.bgl05.21.041.72 kB
AF2_YNRG.bgl05.23.041.27 kB
AF2_YQDG.bgl05.21.04901 B
AF2_YRAV.bgl05.22.041.02 kB
AF2_YSHN.bgl05.21.04947 B
AF2_YWGN.bgl05.21.041.22 kB
AF2_YWPE.bgl05.21.041.03 kB
AF2_YYRK.bgl05.21.041.02 kB
SW WA Flatt Excl05.23.040 B
Exclude05.24.040 B
scenery05.24.040 B
yaug-excl.bgl05.06.04149 B
yaug1-excl.bgl05.06.04149 B
yaug2-excl.bgl05.06.04149 B
yaug3-excl.bgl05.06.04149 B
yaug4-excl.bgl05.06.04149 B
yaug5-excl.bgl05.06.04149 B
yaug_flatten.bgl05.06.04248 B
ybby_flatten.bgl05.16.04248 B
ybop_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
ybro_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
ycig_flatten.bgl05.16.04248 B
ydum-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
ydum_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
ygnw_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
yhas-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
yhas_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
yhyd-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
yhyd1-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
yhyd_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
ykdn_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
ykeb_flatten.bgl05.17.04248 B
ykln_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
ykoj_flatten.bgl05.17.04248 B
ylgc-excl.bgl05.16.04149 B
yluw-excl.bgl05.08.04149 B
yluw1-excl.bgl05.08.04149 B
yluw2-excl.bgl05.08.04149 B
yluw3-excl.bgl05.08.04149 B
yluw_flatten.bgl05.08.04248 B
ynau-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
ynau1-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
ynau2-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
ynau3-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
ynau4-excl.bgl05.19.04149 B
ynrg-excl.bgl05.12.04149 B
ynrg1-excl.bgl05.12.04149 B
ynrg2-excl.bgl05.12.04149 B
ynrg3-excl.bgl05.22.04149 B
ynrg4-excl.bgl05.22.04149 B
ynrg_flatten.bgl05.22.04248 B
yqdg-excl.bgl05.17.04149 B
yqdg_flatten.bgl05.17.04248 B
yrav_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
yshn-excl.bgl05.16.04149 B
yshn1-excl.bgl05.16.04149 B
yshn_flatten.bgl05.16.04248 B
ywgn-excl.bgl05.18.04149 B
ywgn_flatten.bgl05.18.04248 B
ywpe-excl.bgl05.16.04149 B
ywpe_flatten.bgl05.16.04248 B
yyrk_flatten.bgl05.16.04248 B
Readme.txt05.28.043.15 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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