PreviewLFRD, Dinard Airport, update V1.19. The airport LFRD is located in Britanny, northern France. The airport has correct frequency, additional parking, correct runway and taxi locations. Now with animated hangars and airside traffic. By Jean-Luc Neale.

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LFRD, Dinard Airport, update V1.19. The airport LFRD is located in Britanny, northern France. The airport has correct frequency, additional parking, correct runway and taxi locations. Now with animated hangars and airside traffic. By Jean-Luc Neale.

Aerial view of Dinard Airport.

Aerial view of Dinard Airport.

This airport update was designed with the latest version of ADE (Airport Design Editor) and made only for the default FSX and P3D airport. However it should work with FS9 as well.

This is my first venture into scenery tweaking and I've done this because I've found many mistakes with frequencies, taxi designations etc. This update to the previous version makes many changes. 4 new hangers with animated doors on the western side of the field. These are operated by tuning your nav 2 radio to 112.00. I've rearranged the approaches again not sure why the pervious version didn't have my new approaches added.

Fuel trucks can now visit and airport traffic added. This is my first attempt at this it does work but sometimes you have to wait for the fuel truck to arrive. In fact the simulation is a little to accurate and shows the level of service I've received at some airports! This is France you know they are probably on strike!

I've added some extra parking slots inside hangers as this represents where the aircraft are stored in real life.

I will be relying on others to let me know what you think and what is wrong and could be made better. The terminal building I know isn't as professional as other peoples buildings but remember this is my first go. I have many other French airports I want to work on. So if this turns out well I will Endeavour to produce more.

There are some extra items I will hope to add at a later stage but unless I get any bug reports I want to put some time in to my next project of Angers airport as all the versions I've found are pretty messed up or drain huge amounts of frame rate and have objects on the approach.


  • Take the LFRD Dinard folder place into: Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery
  • Start up the Flight Sim and add the scenery in the scenery manager. This should be place higher than any mesh that you may be using.


  • Delete/remove the LFRD Dinard folder and the default airport will then be active.

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LFRD Dinard1.1909.29.130 B
ReadMe.txt10.02.133.50 kB
FILE_ID.diz10.03.13327 B
dinard-afcad-rc-v1.jpg09.29.1330.62 kB
dinard-afcad-rc-v1thumb.jpg09.29.139.94 kB
scenery10.02.130 B
dinardterminalv2.bgl09.29.132.46 kB
large_hangers_ss V2.bgl12.24.064.59 MB
LFRD_ADEP_JLN19.BGL10.02.1319.61 kB
LFRD_ADEP_JLN19_CVX.bgl10.02.13226 B
LFRD_ADEP_JLN19_OBJ.BGL10.02.136.32 kB
lightobj.bgl11.06.08643.63 kB
parking_lots_large_ss_fsx.BGL10.13.122.65 MB
RampLightLibrary.bgl01.26.1025.04 kB
ramp_light_dual_fsx.MDL01.25.108.04 kB
ramp_light_single_fsx.MDL01.25.105.42 kB
small_street_light_fsx.MDL01.25.106.12 kB
texture10.02.130 B
almwht.dds10.16.0864.12 kB
cars_VFR002.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
car_cevy_beauville_van.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chevy_blazer_red.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chevy_blazer_white.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chevy_caprice.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_chrysler_lebaron.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge_durango.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_dodge_van.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_ford_mustang_black.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_ford_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_geo_metro.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_gmc_old.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_gmc_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_honda.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_honda_civic.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_mazda_pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_mazda_pickup_canopy.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_mercury_sable.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_pontiac_3bears.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_pontiac_sunbird.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_RCMP_Pickup.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_subaru_wagon.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_toyota_camry.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_toyota_corolla.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_toyota_corolla_old.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_van.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_vw_bus.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_vw_hatchback.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
car_vw_transport.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
concrete floor.bmp02.23.08341.43 kB
concrete floor_LM.bmp02.23.08341.43 kB
dinardtermv2_00.bmp09.29.13341.40 kB
dinardterm_00.bmp09.29.13341.40 kB
door sign.bmp02.23.0885.42 kB
ESDG_SmallStreetLight_Diffuse.dds01.28.1016.12 kB
ESDG_SmallStreetLight_Spec.dds01.24.1064.12 kB
hanger large 3 a_LM.bmp02.23.08341.43 kB
hanger large 3 c.bmp02.23.08341.43 kB
hanger large 3 c_LM.bmp02.23.08341.43 kB
lights1.dds11.06.0832.12 kB
lot median texture.bmp10.13.1242.73 kB
lot texture 2.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
lot texture 3.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
truck_camper.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
truck_chevy_flatbed.bmp10.13.1242.74 kB
VFR002.bmp10.13.12170.74 kB
ReadMe.txt10.02.132.11 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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