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Douglas XB-19. The Douglas XB19 with a wingspan of 212 feet was the largest airplane ever built before the B-36. This is a native FSX Acceleration project. It features reflective .dds textures, reflective glass, and the normal animations plus cowl flaps. The VC has animated flight controls and working gauges. The gauges at the flight engineer console also work. A camera definition has been added to the extensive flight deck. There is no 2D panel. By Paul Clawson.

Douglas XB-19 in flight.

Douglas XB-19 in flight.

The Douglas XB-19 which first flew in June, 1941, was the largest airplane built before the B-36. It had a wing span of 212 feet. It was originally powered by 4 Wright 3350 Cyclones with which it achieved a cruise speed of 135 mph. It was stationed at Wright Field in Ohio toward the end of WW2. I lived in Columbus, just down the road, so I actually saw this monster in the air a few times. It had been converted to the XB-19A by then so it was powered with more powerful Allison engines. What I remember was how slow it seemed to fly and that it took the entire city of Columbus to complete a turn. This is a native FSX Acceleration project. It has reflective .dds textures, reflective glass and the normal animations including cowl flaps. The flight deck was very large so I added a camera definition inside it, originally pointed aft at the flight engineer's station. The VC has animated flight controls and working gauges. The flight engineer's station also has working gauges. The sound file was originally created by Lawdog and enhanced by Obio and obtained from the Sim-Outhouse Archive. The XB-19 was a very large, heavy airplane that was very under powered by todays standards. It rotates for take off at about 95 - 100 knots and uses about 9000 feet of runway to get there. It is definitely not a bush plane.

INSTALLATION: Unzip XB19.zip into a temporary folder. Copy the folder called Douglas XB-19 into the Airplanes folder of FSX. Open the gauges folder and copy the two files into the Gauges folder of FSX. That's all.

This airplane should not hurt your computer but I am not responsible if you think it causes problems.

Enjoy! P. Clawson

Douglas XB-19 in flight.

Douglas XB-19 in flight.

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The archive xb19.zip has 69 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Douglas XB-1903.01.100 B
Aircraft.cfg03.01.1016.06 kB
model03.01.100 B
model.cfg02.27.1051 B
XB-19.mdl02.27.10726.57 kB
XB-19_interior.MDL02.27.10561.37 kB
panel03.01.100 B
Panel.cfg02.27.104.74 kB
Thumbs.db08.10.099.50 kB
sound03.01.100 B
APW.wav06.02.08107.88 kB
bomb.wav07.22.05128.00 kB
Canopy Close.wav04.09.0395.79 kB
Canopy Open.wav04.09.0384.69 kB
canopy_slide.wav03.24.03165.06 kB
flaps.wav06.01.0863.14 kB
geardn.wav06.01.08196.43 kB
gearup.wav06.01.08196.43 kB
Read Me.TXT09.23.091.47 kB
SBD RPM1.wav06.02.08559.11 kB
SBD RPM2.wav06.03.08233.04 kB
SBD RPM3.wav06.02.08617.04 kB
SBD RPM4.wav06.02.08615.04 kB
SBD Shutdown.wav06.07.08426.75 kB
SBD Starter.wav06.02.08264.64 kB
SBD Startup.wav06.07.08632.04 kB
sbd1c.wav08.24.0061.70 kB
sbd2c.wav08.24.0061.70 kB
sbdp1a.wav08.24.0052.17 kB
sbdp1b.wav08.24.0050.40 kB
sbdp2a.wav08.24.0057.67 kB
sbdp2b.wav08.24.0063.68 kB
sound.cfg09.23.0913.80 kB
stallhrn.wav07.24.00160.85 kB
toucc.wav06.01.0812.26 kB
toucl.wav06.01.0824.89 kB
toucr.wav06.01.089.90 kB
xSBD RPM1.wav06.02.08358.70 kB
xSBD RPM2.wav06.03.08233.45 kB
xSBD RPM3.wav06.03.08579.04 kB
xSBD RPM4.wav06.02.08495.29 kB
xSBD Shutdown.wav06.07.08432.19 kB
xSBD Starter.wav06.02.08264.64 kB
xSBD Startup.wav06.02.08576.04 kB
xsbd1c.wav08.24.0068.16 kB
xsbd2c.wav08.24.0060.93 kB
xSBD4b.wav06.03.081.03 MB
xsbdp1a.wav08.24.0052.17 kB
xsbdp1b.wav08.24.0050.41 kB
xsbdp2a.wav08.24.0057.67 kB
xsbdp2b.wav08.24.0063.68 kB
texture03.08.100 B
B19_1.dds03.01.101.00 MB
B19_1_lm.dds03.01.10256.12 kB
B19_2.dds03.01.101.00 MB
B19_2_lm.dds03.01.10256.12 kB
prop_XB19.dds03.01.1064.12 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.08.1012.23 kB
XB-19_trans.dds03.01.1064.12 kB
XB-19.air06.12.036.57 kB
File_id.diz03.03.10483 B
gauges03.01.100 B
Eng4.CAB01.03.1037.30 kB
Lockheed_Vega.cab06.12.03415.28 kB
Readme.txt03.10.102.16 kB
XB-19.jpg03.08.1049.17 kB
XB1903.09.100 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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