FSX Avianca Boeing 787-8 V3

PreviewThis CamSim version 3 features an improved aircraft wing root design including Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette.

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This CamSim version 3 features an improved aircraft wing root design including Animated Ground Servicing (AGS). Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette.

Screenshot of Avianca Boeing 787-8 on the ground.

Screenshot of Avianca Boeing 787-8 on the ground.

Installation: FSX

  • Unzip all files in your FSX /Airplane folder.
  • (Skip this step if you already have one of my AGS airplanes.)
    Unzip the Effects.zip (night effects) in your FSX main folder. (Should goes in Effects folder.)

Animations Info:

This aircraft come with Animated Ground Servicing (AGS)

Press Shift+E to open / close the passenger air stairs door.
Press Shift+E+2 to open / close the passenger first door.
Press Shift+D to open / close the cargo doors.
Press Shift+C to start / end the animations.

To fully used your animation make sure that you add these commands in your FSX main menu: Options / Settings / Controls / Buttons/keys / Change Assignment:

  • Wing fold/unfold = SHIFT + C
  • Tail hook up/down = SHIFT + D

Images & Screenshots

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The archive 787_canadian.zip has 82 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
787-8.air02.05.1312.76 kB
788v2av ags fsx.jpg02.05.13169.42 kB
788v3av_1400.jpg02.05.13111.34 kB
aircraft.cfg02.05.1315.50 kB
Effects.zip02.05.131.80 kB
file_id.diz02.05.13197 B
model.787-8 ags v302.05.130 B
787-8 ags v3.mdl02.05.132.70 MB
Model.cfg02.05.1331 B
Page design 787 v3_2 600.jpg02.05.1377.35 kB
panel camsim 787-350 afx_2.jpg02.05.13182.86 kB
Panel02.05.130 B
787_350_panel_background.bmp02.05.132.25 MB
787_350_panel_background_night.bmp02.05.132.25 MB
Airbus_A321.cab02.05.132.72 MB
panel.cfg02.05.135.48 kB
Read Me_FSX.txt02.05.132.55 kB
sound02.05.130 B
Sound.cfg02.05.1335 B
texture02.05.130 B
787eng_L.bmp01.30.134.00 MB
787eng_t.bmp01.30.131.00 MB
787eng_t_new V3_GE LOGO.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787eng_t_new V3_GE pas LOGO.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787eng_t_new V3_RR pas LOGO.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787eng_t_new V3_RR_LOGO.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_L.bmp01.30.134.00 MB
787ext_L_24SHELL sky.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t.bmp01.30.131.00 MB
787ext_t_24BP Serv.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t_24BP700.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t_24SHELL sky.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t_24SHELL700.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t_24SHELL700_new servair.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t_24SHELL700_new servair__.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t_24SHELL700_P.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_t_sky__.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787int_L.bmp01.30.134.00 MB
787int_L_24 bon.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787int_t.bmp01.30.131.00 MB
787int_t_24 bon2.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787tail_L.bmp01.30.134.00 MB
787tail_t.bmp01.30.131.00 MB
787tail_t_24.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787tail_t_24_Blanc Blanc.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787tail_t_ligne.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_L.bmp01.30.134.00 MB
788fuse_L_24newc_V2.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_t.bmp01.30.131.00 MB
788fuse_t_24newc_V2_24 noir.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_t_24newc_V2A_bout.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_t_V3_1.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_t_windows.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
789wings_L.bmp01.30.134.00 MB
789wings_t.bmp01.30.131.00 MB
789wings_t_24_55.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
gris_L.bmp01.30.1317.05 kB
gris_t.bmp01.30.1316.07 kB
Night Master02.05.130 B
787eng_L night Master.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_L 797.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_L Master.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_L Master2.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787ext_l_CADY_BBJ.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787int_L Master.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
787tail_l_night Master.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_L_splash.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_L_V2.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
788fuse_L_V2b.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
789wings_L_24splash Master2.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
pilot1_l_242Master.bmp01.30.13768.05 kB
texture_l_Black Master.bmp01.30.133.00 MB
pilot1.bmp01.30.13256.07 kB
pilot1_24 blanc bon.bmp01.30.13768.05 kB
pilot1_L.bmp01.30.131.00 MB
pilot1_L24 blanc bon.bmp01.30.13768.05 kB
pilot1_L24 blanc bontga.tga01.30.131.00 MB
w_t.bmp01.30.1316.07 kB
B787 800 FSX.jpg02.05.13699.56 kB
B787 FSX.jpg02.05.13422.00 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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You may also need to download the following files:

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