FSX Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER I-DISA

PreviewTextures for the default B777-200. The panel background was created entirely from scratch, based on photographic material found on the net and some material from the original Alitalia Flight Manual. The gauges layout of the panel is the one used by Alitalia, with some little changes due to sim re...

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Textures for the default B777-200. The panel background was created entirely from scratch, based on photographic material found on the net and some material from the original Alitalia Flight Manual. The gauges layout of the panel is the one used by Alitalia, with some little changes due to sim restrictions. Most of the gauges are in .xml format while a few are in .gau format, expressly created by the author. Included also is a virtual cockpit, with working essential flight instruments and animated flight controls, plus camera views. By Capt. Italo D'Attomo.

Screenshot of Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER in flight.

Screenshot of Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER in flight.


  • Please DO NOT use installers.
  • Unzip this file into your Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\airplanes folder and you will find the ''Alitalia-B777_200ER'' folder with the usual subfolders, including a 'GougeSound.dll' and a "WAVs" folder, containing some .wav files used to get audio Push-Back, T/OFF and APP calls, then just a couple of operations are required:
    • Copy the enclosed 'GougeSound.dll' file then paste it in your main Flight Simulator X folder (if you don't have it yet).
    • Copy the contents of the "WAVs" folder and paste it into the main "sound" folder of your FSX.
  • NOTE: Leave the contents of the 'B777gau' folder where it is.
  • Nothing else is required for installation procedure.

title=Alitalia-Boeing 777-200ER

description="On the outside, it may resemble the jetliners you've seen for years. Inside, however, it's a whole new bird. The newest plane in the long and proud Boeing family line is the 777, commonly referred to as the "Triple Seven." This long-range, fuel-efficient twinjet was first delivered in May 1995 to fill a gap in the market between the 747 and 767. It is capable of seating 368 to 386 passengers."

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The archive alitalia_b777-200er.zip has 80 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
aircraft.cfg03.13.1221.33 kB
Boeing777-200ER.air03.13.128.65 kB
boeing777-300_check.htm05.22.0349.99 kB
boeing777-300_ref.htm05.22.039.48 kB
GaugeSound.dll05.01.0340.00 kB
model03.09.120 B
B777_200ER.mdl05.31.03837.73 kB
model.cfg03.09.1229 B
panel03.22.120 B
777_panel_background2.bmp03.22.122.25 MB
B777-OverheadPnl.bmp03.14.121.39 MB
B777.cab03.22.12334.96 kB
B777gau03.19.120 B
B777_Eicas2.gau02.12.1231.00 kB
B777_PB_Call_Btn.gau02.22.1215.50 kB
CkFlapPos.gau03.19.1216.00 kB
ID_777Appr_Logic.gau02.18.1218.00 kB
ID_777Master_Warn.gau02.16.1219.00 kB
ID_777_EICAS_V2.gau03.22.12221.50 kB
ID_777_Flap_Tape.gau03.19.12285.00 kB
ID_777_Master_CautionLt.gau03.19.1223.50 kB
ID_777_TO_CallsV3.gau02.12.1218.50 kB
ID_777_TrnOffSW_L.gau02.14.1223.00 kB
ID_777_TrnOffSW_R.gau02.14.1223.00 kB
ID_Alt_Alrt_AnnV2.gau02.13.1218.50 kB
ID_PushBackV3.gau03.31.0736.00 kB
Boeing777-300.gau06.13.034.26 MB
panel.cfg03.22.126.18 kB
Thumbs.db10.03.11604.00 kB
Read me.txt03.21.125.12 kB
sound02.06.120 B
sound.cfg03.20.1235 B
Texture02.24.120 B
B777_300_C.bmp10.29.02682.74 kB
b777_300_L.bmp04.08.0285.40 kB
b777_300_T.bmp02.20.122.67 MB
Boeing_777_Panel_Decals.bmp04.02.03170.74 kB
Boeing_777_Panel_Decals_2.bmp04.02.0342.74 kB
Thumbnail.JPG02.24.127.05 kB
Thumbs.db03.21.1214.50 kB
WAVs03.10.120 B
alt_alert.wav02.26.0121.38 kB
Flaps5Call.wav12.31.0332.29 kB
FLAPS_UP.wav01.01.0412.91 kB
FPDA_Pushback_4.wav02.20.07118.56 kB
gv80k.wav02.28.0315.88 kB
gvappmin.wav01.14.0324.82 kB
gvflp up.wav10.10.0348.51 kB
gvflpupset.wav10.14.0329.23 kB
gvglalive.wav05.03.0866.86 kB
gvgrdn.wav03.13.03237.65 kB
gvgrdnlk.wav04.12.0474.47 kB
gvgrdnlk3gr.wav02.23.0448.51 kB
gvgruplock.wav02.11.0763.05 kB
gvlnd.wav10.14.0315.48 kB
gvloalive.wav02.28.0317.62 kB
gvmin.wav01.14.0312.46 kB
gvomtime.wav10.14.0391.58 kB
gvrotate.wav02.28.0316.82 kB
gvv1.wav02.28.0321.07 kB
gvv1rotate.wav12.23.0347.56 kB
ID.GearDownCall.wav04.24.0872.10 kB
PBkInitCtct.wav01.27.0371.23 kB
PB_BrakeReleased.wav04.17.0020.01 kB
PB_ByeBye.wav07.02.00106.40 kB
PB_CallGround.wav04.18.0021.88 kB
PB_GroundAnswer.wav07.02.0018.94 kB
PB_ParkingBrakeSet.wav07.02.0084.65 kB
PB_PushingBack.wav07.02.0023.63 kB
PB_PushingBackPlusEngine.wav07.02.0063.02 kB
PB_Ready.wav04.18.0024.77 kB
PB_ReleaseBrake.wav07.02.0063.21 kB
PB_SetParkingBrake.wav07.02.0029.47 kB
PosClbgearupCall.wav01.15.0336.52 kB
PrkBrkSetSbySign.wav02.20.07489.75 kB
PushBackBrksRel.WAV02.20.07138.14 kB
PushBkInitCtct.wav02.20.07483.47 kB
Alitalia-Boeing 777-200ER03.13.120 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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