FSX Elko Regional Airport Scenery

PreviewKEKO Elko Regional Airport NV by Eric Cagan.

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KEKO Elko Regional Airport NV by Eric Cagan.

Elko airport in FSXThis is my rendition of Elko NV upgraded for FSX. I originally built this scenery using GMax for FS2004 (see AVSIM or Flightsim for those uploads). I decided to spend the time and upgrade this for FSX. I would like to thank Jirayu Tanabodee for his tutorial on how to upgrade FS2004 sceneries for FSX. I used that tutorial to upgrade a few libraries I heavily use in my sceneries (because they are perfect for what I need). All objects, except what I specify below, are my creations. If you wish to use any, please let me know. I'd be happy to let to use them.

library_parking_lots_large_ss_FSX is an upgraded library file to Sidney Schwartz' same file. Only after I spent the time upgrading this, did I bother to check AVSIM to notice someone else had already done it! Well, I wasn't about to let all that work go to waste, so the files included with this package are his files upgraded by myself.

parking_ss_FSX is also by Sidney. I just upgraded it using ModelConverterX.

RampLightLibrary is by Bill Leaming. I found this gem in fsdeveloper. Thanks Bill for creating this and including the gmax files. I plan to take a look since I've never creating anything with lighting effects before. Something new to learn!

lightobj is from the FSX_LTS package from Jim Dhaenens.

AFCAD was upgraded from the default FS2004 to match the real world using ADE. There are slight differences between this version and the FS2004 one, since FSX allows me more tools to use. ADE file is included if you wish to tweak it.


  1. Download files and place KEKO_Elko_FSX folder under Addon Scenery folder.
  2. Start FSX and add it to your next available scenery slot.
  3. Restart FSX and enjoy.

In the real world, this airport is frequented by Skywest Embraer 120s from Salt Lake City. I built this scenery to have a place to fly my E120s and because I could see the sides of the buildings in bing maps.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive keko_elko_fsx.zip has 122 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Elko_FSX1.jpg02.02.13486.30 kB
Elko_FSX2.jpg02.02.13383.69 kB
Elko_FSX3.jpg02.02.13350.27 kB
Elko_FSX4.jpg02.02.13375.36 kB
Elko_FSX5.jpg02.02.13353.55 kB
Readme KEKO Elko NV FSX.txt02.03.131.95 kB
scenery02.03.130 B
Elko_bldg_library_FSX.bgl01.28.131.20 MB
Elko_bldg_library_FSX.txt01.28.131.30 kB
Elko_buildings_FSX.bgl02.02.131.56 kB
Elko_lights_FSX.bgl01.29.13476 B
Elko_objects_FSX.bgl01.29.13540 B
Elko_parking_FSX.bgl02.02.135.67 kB
KEKO_ADE9_XXX.ad202.02.13208.23 kB
KEKO_ADEX_EAC.BGL02.02.1313.07 kB
KEKO_ADEX_EAC_CVX.bgl02.02.13652 B
library_parking_lots_large_ss_FSX.bgl02.02.132.70 MB
library_parking_lots_large_ss_FSX.txt02.02.132.35 kB
parking_ss_FSX.bgl02.02.13362.12 kB
parking_ss_FSX.txt02.02.132.61 kB
RampLightLibrary.bgl01.26.1025.04 kB
texture02.03.130 B
almwht.dds02.03.1364.12 kB
car_cevy_beauville_van.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_chevy_blazer_red.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_chevy_blazer_white.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_chevy_caprice.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_chrysler_lebaron.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_dodge.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_dodge_durango.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_dodge_pickup.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_dodge_van.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_ford_mustang_black.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_ford_pickup.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_geo_metro.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_gmc_old.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_gmc_pickup.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_honda.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_honda_civic.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_mazda_pickup.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_mazda_pickup_canopy.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_mercury_sable.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_pontiac_3bears.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_pontiac_sunbird.bmp07.15.0864.07 kB
car_RCMP_Pickup.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_subaru_wagon.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_toyota_camry.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_toyota_corolla.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_toyota_corolla_old.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_van.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_vw_bus.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_vw_hatchback.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
car_vw_transport.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
cars_VFR002.bmp07.20.08341.43 kB
Elko_1.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_1_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_10.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_10_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_11.bmp01.28.13256.07 kB
Elko_11_LM.bmp01.28.13256.07 kB
Elko_2.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_2_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_3.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_3_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_4.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_4_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_5.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_5_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_6.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_6_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_7.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_7_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_8.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_8_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_9.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
Elko_9_LM.bmp01.28.131.00 MB
escj1_fresnel_red.dds04.01.081.12 kB
ESDG_ramp.BMP01.09.0532.07 kB
ESDG_ramp.dds01.25.1032.12 kB
ESDG_ramp_lm.BMP01.09.0532.07 kB
ESDG_ramp_lm.dds01.25.1032.12 kB
ESDG_RampLight_Diffuse.dds12.29.0916.12 kB
ESDG_RampLight_Spec.dds01.24.1064.12 kB
ESDG_SmallStreetLight_Diffuse.dds01.28.1016.12 kB
ESDG_SmallStreetLight_Spec.dds01.24.1064.12 kB
Handicapped new.bmp02.17.0821.43 kB
Handicapped worn.bmp02.17.0821.43 kB
jetway_template.bmp11.19.101.00 MB
jetway_template_LM.bmp11.24.101.00 MB
lights1.dds02.03.1332.12 kB
lot median texture.bmp07.21.0885.46 kB
lot texture 2.bmp07.20.08341.43 kB
lot texture 3.bmp07.21.08341.43 kB
parking 1.bmp02.18.0885.43 kB
parking 10.bmp02.13.0885.43 kB
parking 11.bmp02.13.0885.43 kB
parking 12.bmp02.14.0885.43 kB
parking 13.bmp02.14.08170.78 kB
parking 14.bmp02.14.08341.43 kB
parking 15.bmp02.14.08170.78 kB
parking 16.bmp02.15.08170.78 kB
parking 17.bmp02.15.0885.43 kB
parking 18.bmp02.15.0885.43 kB
parking 2.bmp02.12.0885.46 kB
parking 3.bmp02.12.0821.43 kB
parking 4.bmp02.12.0842.78 kB
parking 5.bmp02.13.0885.43 kB
parking 6.bmp02.13.0885.46 kB
parking 7.bmp02.13.0821.43 kB
parking 8.bmp02.13.0842.78 kB
parking 9.bmp02.13.0885.43 kB
parking concrete.bmp02.17.08170.78 kB
parking dirt.bmp02.17.08170.78 kB
parking grass.bmp02.17.08170.78 kB
truck_camper.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
truck_chevy_flatbed.bmp07.20.0885.43 kB
white new.bmp02.16.0885.46 kB
white worn.bmp02.17.0885.46 kB
yellow new.bmp02.16.0885.46 kB
yellow worn.bmp02.17.0885.46 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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