Rocky Mountain DHC-7 N47RM

PreviewTextures for the updated Milton Shupe Dash-7. Requires or ( FSX native ) and possibly the update . There are textures for the FSX port over version which should work in FS2004 but not tested and textures for the FSX native version. Repaint by Matt Ervin.

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Textures for the updated Milton Shupe Dash-7. Requires or ( FSX native ) and possibly the update . There are textures for the FSX port over version which should work in FS2004 but not tested and textures for the FSX native version. Repaint by Matt Ervin.

Screenshot of Rocky Mountain DHC-7 on runway.

Screenshot of Rocky Mountain DHC-7 on runway.

Thanks go to the following people for upgrading the original model of this fantastic aircraft.

  • Model Designer: Milton Shupe
  • Exterior Textures FS9 and FSX: Copyright by Mike Kelly
  • Flight Model Designers: Two sets: Bernt Stolle and Tom Falley
  • FDE Advisor's: Bernt Stolle and Tom Falley, both former Dash 7 pilots.
  • Technical Advisors: Bernt Stolle, Tom Falley
  • Tested: Sim-Outhouse Membership
  • Panel and Gauges: Copyright by Scott Thomas, Microsoft, and other authors as noted
  • Sounds: Copyright by Nigel Richards
  • Special Effects: Cabin Lights: Brian Cook, wing night light effects(Newll) by Kaveh Payandeh
  • Beta testers at Sim-Outhouse
  • George Arana, Sim-Outhouse for FSX Native model
  • Martin Wright for the indispensable DXTBMP utility program
  • The creators of

Maybe once or twice a year an oustanding freeware aircraft that is equal to or better than some payware will pop up.This Dash 7 in my opinion is one of them. Thank you to all of the above people for giving their talents and time to us for free and giving us this amazing aircraft.


  1. Unzip to desktop.
  2. Choose the version you wish to use and open the folder.
  3. Copy and paste the folder texture.RMA to your installed DeHavilland Canada DHC-7 usually located at Program Files / Microsoft Games / Microsoft Flight Simulator X / SimObjects / Airplanes or to wherever your FSX is installed.
  4. Edit your aircraft.cfg file by adding the entry below,close and save. Remember to change the "xx" to the next number after the last entry.

title=de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Rocky Mountain
kb_checklists=Dash 7_check
ui_manufacturer=de Havilland Canada
ui_variation=Rocky Mountain N47RM
ui_typerole="Four Engine TurboProp"
ui_createdby=Milton Shupe
description=>Livery<\nRocky Mountain.Paint by Matt Ervin.\n\n>History<\nFirst prototype aircraft flew March 27, 1975. The first production Dash 7 flew on 30 May 1977.\n\n>Virtual Engineering<\nModel design & animation (GMAX): Milton Shupe\nFlight Dynamics: Bernt Stolle\nPanel-Gauges: Scott Thomas\nEffects: See Readme\nSound: Nigel Richards\nGraphics: Mike Kelley
atc_airline=Rocky Mountain Airways

Thanks and happy flying.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5

The archive has 64 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FILE_ID.DIZ07.18.14302 B
FSX Native07.18.140 B
Texture.RMA07.18.140 B
cabinparts.bmp12.03.121.00 MB
cockpitback.bmp11.20.121.00 MB
cockpitbackr.bmp12.06.121.00 MB
doorsinner.bmp10.31.124.00 MB
fusefront_t.bmp07.16.1416.00 MB
fusefront_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
fuseinnerext.bmp12.06.124.00 MB
fuserear_t.bmp07.17.1416.00 MB
fuserear_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
fuserearwall.bmp11.20.121.00 MB
nacelle-eng0_t.bmp07.17.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng0_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng1_t.bmp07.17.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng1_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng2_t.bmp07.18.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng2_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng3_t.bmp07.17.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng3_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
propblade.bmp09.23.12256.07 kB
snoskis.bmp10.24.124.00 MB
tails_t.bmp07.16.144.00 MB
tails_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
texture.cfg05.13.14137 B
thumbnail.jpg07.18.1414.87 kB
tiretread.bmp10.10.1264.07 kB
wheelmain.bmp09.07.1264.07 kB
wing_L_t.bmp07.18.144.00 MB
wing_L_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
wing_r_t.bmp07.18.144.00 MB
wing_r_t_spec.bmp07.03.144.00 MB
FSX Port over07.18.140 B
Texture.RMA07.18.140 B
cabinparts.bmp12.03.121.00 MB
cockpitback.bmp11.21.121.00 MB
cockpitbackr.bmp11.30.121.00 MB
doorsinner.bmp11.30.124.00 MB
fusefront_t.bmp07.16.1416.00 MB
fuseinnerext.bmp12.05.124.00 MB
fuserear_t.bmp07.17.1416.00 MB
fuserearwall.bmp11.21.121.00 MB
nacelle-eng0_t.bmp07.17.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng1_t.bmp07.17.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng2_t.bmp07.18.144.00 MB
nacelle-eng3_t.bmp07.17.144.00 MB
propblade.bmp11.28.12256.07 kB
tails_t.bmp07.16.144.00 MB
texture.cfg12.20.12144 B
thumbnail.jpg07.18.1414.87 kB
tiretread.bmp11.23.1264.07 kB
wheelmain.bmp11.27.1264.07 kB
wing_L_t.bmp07.18.144.00 MB
wing_r_t.bmp07.18.144.00 MB
Read me.txt07.18.143.62 kB
RMADHC-7.gif07.18.146.13 kB
Screenshots07.18.140 B
fsx 2014-07-18 10-39-09-57.jpg07.18.1477.65 kB
fsx 2014-07-18 10-40-48-27.jpg07.18.1458.21 kB
fsx 2014-07-18 10-41-08-69.jpg07.18.1475.91 kB
fsx 2014-07-18 11-17-39-87.jpg07.18.1460.15 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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