FSX Lockheed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

PreviewFSX Lockheed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Original FS2004 version by Colin Thwaites.

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FSX Lockheed F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Original FS2004 version by Colin Thwaites.

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The archive f-35_lig.zip has 212 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
F-35 lightning07.01.080 B
about the f-35.txt07.01.08531 B
Aircraft.cfg07.01.0814.42 kB
credit.txt07.01.08360 B
Effects07.01.080 B
fx_smoke_b.fx02.16.062.28 kB
fx_smoke_r.fx02.16.062.28 kB
fx_smoke_w.fx02.16.062.29 kB
fx_X35tchdwn_15s.fx08.19.034.56 kB
fx_X35_afterburner.fx08.20.0311.13 kB
fx_X35_dust.fx08.20.033.34 kB
fx_X35_flaptip.fx08.20.032.42 kB
fx_X35_wingtip.fx08.20.032.42 kB
Gauges07.01.080 B
SAB_BCNLIGHT.cab06.20.032.66 kB
SAB_LANDLIGHT.cab06.20.032.67 kB
SAB_NAVLIGHT.cab06.20.032.64 kB
SAB_PANLIGHT.cab06.20.032.67 kB
SAB_STRBLIGHT.cab06.20.032.65 kB
X35_afterburner.gau10.13.0316.00 kB
X35_antiskid_switch.gau11.16.0339.00 kB
X35_aoa.gau12.17.9714.50 kB
X35_AoAInd.gau04.07.9852.00 kB
X35_AoAInd_0001.GAU11.11.0352.00 kB
X35_aoa_0001.GAU11.03.0314.50 kB
X35_AoA_display.gau09.02.03108.50 kB
X35_AP.gau03.04.0086.00 kB
X35_AP_0001.GAU11.11.0386.00 kB
X35_AP_0002.GAU11.11.0386.00 kB
X35_AP_original.gau03.04.0087.00 kB
X35_A_bank.gau11.30.03414.50 kB
X35_A_general_warn_lights.gau12.02.0328.50 kB
X35_bak_adi.gau08.23.03283.50 kB
X35_Bak_adi_0001.GAU11.18.03283.50 kB
X35_B_afterburner.gau11.30.0316.00 kB
X35_B_flaps_ind.gau11.30.0337.50 kB
X35_B_power_warn_lights.gau11.30.0378.50 kB
X35_config.gau10.22.0345.00 kB
X35_config_bank.gau11.13.03414.50 kB
X35_C_afterburner.gau11.22.0316.00 kB
X35_C_bank.gau12.04.03529.00 kB
X35_C_flaps_ind.gau11.30.0337.00 kB
X35_C_general_warn_lights.gau12.03.0366.50 kB
X35_C_power_warn_lights.gau11.30.0336.00 kB
X35_Display1_toggle.gau11.03.0315.00 kB
X35_Display2_toggle.gau11.03.0315.00 kB
X35_dust.gau10.11.0315.00 kB
X35_EGT1.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_elev_trim.GAU11.23.969.50 kB
X35_Eng1-N1.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_Eng1-N2.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_fan_sound_01.gau11.13.0316.00 kB
X35_fan_sound_02.gau11.16.0316.00 kB
X35_fan_sound_03.gau11.13.0316.00 kB
X35_FF1.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_flaps_ind.gau11.16.0337.50 kB
X35_flaptip.gau10.07.0315.00 kB
X35_FMC.gau08.04.00113.50 kB
X35_FMC_0001.GAU11.11.03113.50 kB
X35_FMC_original.gau08.04.00113.50 kB
X35_fuel.gau07.03.9847.00 kB
X35_fuel_nozzle.gau11.18.03507.00 kB
X35_fuel_nozzle_switch.gau10.28.0326.00 kB
X35_gearind.gau08.29.0347.50 kB
X35_gear_lever-vc.gau11.06.03120.00 kB
X35_gear_lever.gau12.02.03120.00 kB
X35_general_warn_lights.gau10.29.0340.00 kB
X35_HSI.gau04.21.98262.00 kB
X35_HSI_0001.GAU11.11.03262.00 kB
X35_HUD.gau10.08.031.52 MB
X35_hudcmp.gau03.24.9857.00 kB
X35_hudcmp_original.gau03.24.9858.00 kB
X35_HUD_inst_toggle.gau11.03.0332.50 kB
X35_hydbrake_left.gau10.11.0362.00 kB
X35_hydbrake_right.gau10.11.0362.00 kB
X35_lights.gau11.30.0376.00 kB
X35_milils.gau08.27.03181.00 kB
X35_mini_GPS_toggle.gau11.01.0315.00 kB
X35_nozzle_ind.gau11.16.0340.00 kB
X35_nozzle_ind_A.gau11.08.0340.00 kB
X35_pfd.gau12.06.01543.50 kB
X35_pfd_0001.GAU11.11.03543.50 kB
X35_Power.gau11.18.0355.50 kB
X35_Power_0001.GAU11.11.0355.00 kB
X35_power_warn_lights.gau11.10.0379.00 kB
X35_pullup.GAU06.26.9966.50 kB
X35_pullup_0001.GAU11.11.0366.50 kB
X35_refuel_nozzle.gau11.16.03507.50 kB
X35_refuel_nozzle_switch.gau11.16.0326.50 kB
X35_simgps.gau04.11.9860.50 kB
X35_simgps_0001.GAU11.11.0360.50 kB
X35_sonicbang.gau06.24.0315.00 kB
X35_spoiler_ind.gau11.06.0337.00 kB
X35_STOL_bank.gau11.16.03414.50 kB
X35_STOL_pitch.gau11.14.03245.00 kB
X35_STOL_Start.gau11.10.03245.00 kB
X35_temp.gau06.01.9016.50 kB
X35_temp_0001.GAU11.18.0316.50 kB
X35_throttle.gau11.11.0360.00 kB
X35_windspeed.gau04.12.98106.00 kB
X35_windspeed_0001.GAU11.11.03106.00 kB
model07.01.080 B
Model.cfg11.01.0324 B
X-35B.mdl06.04.041.51 MB
panel07.01.080 B
dfa18_fx.cab04.27.0468.62 kB
forward_1024.bmp03.23.04769.05 kB
panel.cfg06.08.046.17 kB
panel_decal.bmp02.27.043.00 MB
panel_decal_2.bmp02.27.04768.05 kB
panel_decal_3.bmp01.28.041.00 MB
panel_decal_4.bmp01.28.041.00 MB
panel_efect_gauge_bkup.cfg01.14.0496 B
radio.bmp03.22.04769.05 kB
right_mfd.bmp03.22.04769.05 kB
superh.cab05.25.04219.53 kB
Thumbs.db10.10.0515.50 kB
read me.txt07.01.08624 B
sound07.01.080 B
A_COMB_1.wav04.12.07690.16 kB
A_COMB_2.wav04.12.07690.16 kB
A_COMB_3.wav04.12.07690.16 kB
A_COMB_4.wav04.12.07174.73 kB
A_EFSC.wav04.12.071.01 MB
A_f14_0.wav04.12.07167.70 kB
A_f14_1.wav04.12.07827.35 kB
A_f14_2.wav04.12.07692.76 kB
A_f14_3.wav04.12.07692.76 kB
B_COMB_1.wav04.12.07690.16 kB
B_COMB_2.wav04.12.07690.16 kB
B_COMB_3.wav04.12.07690.16 kB
B_COMB_4.wav04.12.07174.73 kB
B_EFSC.wav04.12.071.01 MB
B_f14_0.wav04.12.07167.70 kB
B_f14_1.wav04.12.07827.35 kB
B_f14_2.wav04.12.07692.76 kB
B_f14_3.wav04.12.07692.76 kB
canopy.wav04.12.071.26 MB
cm_conc_sonicbang.WAV08.31.0236.93 kB
f-14 caution.wav04.12.07131.65 kB
f-14 warning.wav04.12.07433.11 kB
FLAPS.wav04.12.07138.42 kB
GEARDOWN.wav04.12.07753.89 kB
gearup.wav04.12.07753.89 kB
haover.wav08.06.9850.24 kB
haxxx.wav08.06.98115.75 kB
NEWWIND.WAV04.12.07858.65 kB
oxy.wav04.12.072.90 MB
roll1.wav04.12.07126.91 kB
roll2.wav04.12.07130.57 kB
Sound.cfg04.12.0713.34 kB
touchc.wav04.12.0710.85 kB
touchl.wav04.12.0710.85 kB
touchr.wav04.12.0710.85 kB
T_COMB_SHUT.wav04.12.072.31 MB
T_COMB_START.wav04.12.071.43 MB
T_f14_START.wav04.12.072.15 MB
wind.wav04.12.07858.65 kB
X35fan_1.wav11.01.0387.29 kB
X35fan_2.wav11.01.03245.19 kB
X35fan_3.wav11.04.03261.54 kB
X35fan_boost.wav11.01.03245.19 kB
X35liftfan.wav07.29.0391.20 kB
X35_door.wav11.16.03159.01 kB
X35_flaps.wav11.16.0359.36 kB
X35_gear.wav11.16.03510.13 kB
X35_nozzle.wav11.16.03128.86 kB
X35_refuel.wav11.16.03170.65 kB
X_A_COMB_1.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_A_COMB_2.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_A_COMB_3.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_A_COMB_4.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_A_EFSC.wav04.12.072.65 MB
X_A_f14_0.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_A_f14_1.wav04.12.07346.99 kB
X_A_f14_2.wav04.12.071.31 MB
X_A_f14_3.wav04.12.071.04 MB
X_B_COMB_1.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_B_COMB_2.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_B_COMB_3.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_B_COMB_4.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_B_EFSC.wav04.12.071.10 MB
X_B_f14_0.wav04.12.07693.93 kB
X_B_f14_1.wav04.12.07346.99 kB
X_B_f14_2.wav04.12.07130.46 kB
X_B_f14_3.wav04.12.071.10 MB
X_T_COMB_START.wav04.12.071.51 MB
X_T_f14_SHUT.wav04.12.072.44 MB
X_T_f14_START.wav04.12.072.44 MB
Texture07.01.080 B
$Hud11.03.0265.05 kB
$Hud105.26.041.00 MB
$pan211.03.0265.05 kB
$Panel105.24.0465.05 kB
$Panel205.24.0465.05 kB
C_Panel.bmp10.15.03682.75 kB
Fuseilage.bmp11.12.03682.75 kB
Gear.bmp11.05.031.00 MB
m_Panel.bmp11.30.03682.75 kB
m_Panel1.bmp05.25.041.33 MB
Parts.bmp11.22.03682.75 kB
Reflect.bmp03.06.04682.74 kB
Tail_B.bmp11.04.03682.75 kB
thumbnail.jpg07.01.0816.15 kB
Thumbs.db07.01.0813.50 kB
thumbnail.jpg07.01.0816.15 kB
X-35B.air05.15.0413.00 kB
X-35B4.fsc05.27.045.61 MB
X35-B.jpg04.24.0498.47 kB
F-35 lighning[1]07.01.080 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


I’ll be the first to admit that when I first downloaded this model, I didn’t feel too easy about it. I’ve stated on more than one occasion about my lack of real passion for military aviation, purely because of the damage they are causing in the world (even as I write this and you read it).

Preview screenshot

However, I always try and look at them sans weapons and find that when I do that I can appreciate what is some of the most impressive technical marvels not just within aviation history, but technological history. Make no mistake about it – war fighters such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter are some of the finest creations we’ve ever made.

Sadly, they’re used for such monstrous purposes. Putting that aside for this review, though, I’m happy to say that this recreation of Lockheed’s F-35 is something truly exemplary. The detail that the creator has put into the design is brilliant, as it does all it can to really represent the level of detail found within the simulator to the highest level possible.

So, what was my take on the overall level of performance from something so outlandishly powerful? Is it as good as it looks?

The Detail

Yeah, it’s pretty much spot on. The attention to detail on the model adds up with my own viewing of images and video of the real thing. This looks marvelous; there’s not really any other way say it. The whole thing comes together in this beautiful crescendo of detail – it might be a horrible purpose for existence, but it sure looks beautiful whilst it does so.

The attention has been hugely well-received by me and I think that if you take the time to try it out yourself, you’ll feel the same.

The Performance

It flies as well as it looks, too. The hard work put into the model carries off the real look and feel albeit with limitations with regards to what the textures can show. It might not be as super-sharp and as detailed as it could have been in terms of performance, but we have to accept that it has limitations both in design and in performance.

That being said, it still flies like something out of a movie and is pretty hard to control; I spent the largest chunk of my first night flying it just crashing and making mistakes!

My Verdict

After my own personal wrestling match with the aircraft, I soon came to love its rather challenging style and this settled in with my very well, very quickly. The overall level of performance was huge as was the attention and precision of detail across the board – in short, the whole comes together to look like the real thing; within reason.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Santy267Sat, 03 Feb 2018 16:16:01 GMT

I didnt like a lot the graphics but it is realy interesting having an f-35 for fsx not acceleration (although i have acceleration)

PilotziSun, 24 Jan 2010 00:54:59 GMT
I expected alot more out of this. The Graphics are absolutely horrible, especially inside the cockpit. I'd give it a two
peacemakerFri, 06 Nov 2009 04:02:33 GMT
Excited about this aircraft but can not tune radio frequencies in the radio stack for voice and VOR.

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