FSX F16D Block 52

PreviewReworked and reconfigured Kirk Olsson Lockheed Martin F-16D Fighting Falcon for FSX. Adds a rebuilt 2D panel with multiple pop-up windows with usable autopilot, engine gauges, multifunction displays, navigation aids, working radar readable HUD and pushback taxi control; it has a working VC panel,...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Reworked and reconfigured Kirk Olsson Lockheed Martin F-16D Fighting Falcon for FSX. Adds a rebuilt 2D panel with multiple pop-up windows with usable autopilot, engine gauges, multifunction displays, navigation aids, working radar readable HUD and pushback taxi control; it has a working VC panel, but limited. So the 2D is better than it has to be. There is a new sound file and flight configuration file. Landing speeds are now that of a real F-16 at 120 to 130 kt. The basic panel layout is by Eric Marciano. There are multiple new freeware gauges installed all tailored for FSX. Three models are included with package a long range strike aircraft, a JSOW with only the pilot onboard and the empty version. Also there are several new camera views and you can sit in the weapons officer area for your enjoyment. With this upgrade you get a live aircraft with active weapons, capable of firing rockets and guns. All effects and sound included in this package. F16C update included. By David Robles.

Screenshot of F16D in flight.

Screenshot of F16D in flight.


After opening this zip file you will notice 4 separate sub-folders 1st is the simobjects folder open in the you will find a folder named airplanes open that folder, then copy and paste the folder named 'F16C' into your FSX airplane folder the default path is 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes'

Next open the "Sound" folder copy the two folders inside and paste into the main sound folder of FSX. It default path should be, 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound'

Then open the 'Effects' folder copy all the items in that folder and paste them into the main FSX Effects folder the default path should be. 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Effects'

Finally open the folder named "Gauges" copy all the contents inside and paste into the main FSX Gauge folder its default path should be, 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Gauges'

Now if you have not installed FSUIPC 4 then you need to do so, you can find it at Flightsim.com under the Must Have Files heading. This will allow the radar to track its targets.

If anyones item is used that I did not give credit for, I am truly sorry I did not mean to use something without notification. Everything used is a freeware item.

Finally after all the pieces are in place lets go fly!!!

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1

The archive kirk_olsson_f16d_fsx.zip has 231 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
EFFECTS06.08.130 B
FX_DR_20MIL.fx08.14.121.45 kB
FX_DR_MISSILE.fx08.14.121.45 kB
fx_F16_cannon.fx06.08.131.46 kB
fx_f16_vclight_red.fx05.05.031.30 kB
fx_F16ko_BURN_ONE.fx06.08.1318.64 kB
fx_F16ko_BURN_TWO.fx06.08.1323.27 kB
fx_F16ko_Contrail.fx06.08.132.45 kB
fx_F16ko_GLITTER.fx06.08.134.39 kB
fx_F16ko_JetStartHeat3.fx06.08.1310.36 kB
fx_F16ko_JetStartHeat6.fx06.08.1310.36 kB
fx_F16ko_JetStartHeat9.fx06.08.1310.36 kB
fx_F16ko_TORCH_FLAME.fx06.08.1322.10 kB
fx_f1light.fx05.26.0412.23 kB
fx_kbeacongreen.fx10.16.023.03 kB
fx_kbeaconred.fx10.16.023.03 kB
fx_kbeaconwhite.fx01.16.031.09 kB
fx_kcontrail.fx12.06.021.17 kB
fx_kLVIPER.fx11.05.021.24 kB
fx_knavgre.fx06.03.024.55 kB
fx_knavred.fx10.16.024.55 kB
fx_knavwhi.fx08.08.012.99 kB
fx_kstrobe.fx06.03.022.46 kB
fx_ktchdwn.fx05.09.032.32 kB
fx_kvapor.fx06.26.033.63 kB
fx_kvapor_alt.fx06.26.0310.71 kB
fx_kVbeacon.fx10.16.023.04 kB
fx_kvclight.fx10.18.021.30 kB
fx_p40_cannon.fx10.26.059.31 kB
ps_hellfire2.fx08.03.1216.78 kB
texture06.08.130 B
fx_1.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_2.bmp08.16.0785.43 kB
fx_3.bmp07.26.0685.40 kB
fx_95missile.bmp08.06.1216.07 kB
fx_heat.bmp06.08.1385.40 kB
fx_heat_r.bmp06.08.1321.40 kB
fx_Rap_Trace.bmp02.25.0664.07 kB
fx_tracer.bmp07.26.062.73 kB
sparks.bmp05.12.068.07 kB
su_tracer.bmp07.24.051.61 kB
F16C_UPDATE.zip06.08.1313.20 MB
Gauges06.08.130 B
Cessna.gau09.19.011.47 MB
cpt.icons.cab06.08.1034.88 kB
cpt.toggles.208.CAB06.08.1330.09 kB
cpt.toggles.737.CAB06.08.1330.28 kB
cpt.toggles.777.cab06.08.1332.80 kB
cpt.toggles.avncs.cab06.08.1330.40 kB
cpt.toggles.beaver.CAB06.08.1332.93 kB
cpt.toggles.black.cab06.08.1329.76 kB
cpt.toggles.black.labels.cab06.08.13236.24 kB
cpt.toggles.cessna.CAB06.08.1329.95 kB
cpt.toggles.king.cab06.08.1330.04 kB
cpt.toggles.knob.cab06.08.1333.02 kB
cpt.toggles.land.cab06.08.1330.94 kB
cpt.toggles.lear.CAB06.08.1330.03 kB
cpt.toggles.light.green.cab06.08.1351.48 kB
cpt.toggles.light.old.cab06.08.1329.15 kB
cpt.toggles.light.red.cab06.08.1351.44 kB
cpt.toggles.light.square.cab06.08.1329.24 kB
cpt.toggles.meljet777.cab06.08.135.22 kB
cpt.toggles.metal.cab06.08.1330.58 kB
cpt.toggles.old.CAB06.08.1328.61 kB
cpt.toggles.plastic.cab06.08.1330.80 kB
cpt.toggles.rocker.cab06.08.1329.33 kB
cpt.toggles.rocker.m.CAB06.08.1332.15 kB
cpt.toggles.rocker.r.cab06.08.1332.42 kB
cpt.toggles.steel.2.cab06.08.1331.42 kB
cpt.toggles.steel.cab06.08.1329.17 kB
cpt.toggles.trans.CAB06.08.1328.02 kB
FP_TRI42.CAB06.08.1325.11 kB
HUDHornet.cab06.08.13210.98 kB
KO_F16_FX06.08.130 B
AB_F16_off.bmp06.08.131.80 kB
AB_F16_on.bmp06.08.131.80 kB
F16_AB_PANEL.xml06.08.13607 B
F16_AB_THROGGLE.xml06.08.131.20 kB
Thumbs.db06.08.135.50 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.CAB06.08.1326.63 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound.dll06.08.1396.80 kB
RKG_fuelstat.gau06.08.13601.50 kB
RKG_speed.gau06.08.13274.50 kB
SimIcons.cab09.26.0723.03 kB
SimIcons1024.cab09.26.0734.19 kB
READ ME!!!.txt06.09.134.36 kB
SimObjects06.08.130 B
Airplanes06.08.130 B
F16D06.08.130 B
Aircraft.cfg06.08.1325.71 kB
f16d.air04.10.0310.71 kB
model.empty06.08.130 B
f16d.mdl11.12.043.57 MB
Model.cfg11.06.0423 B
model.jsow06.08.130 B
f16d.mdl05.21.053.82 MB
Model.cfg11.06.0423 B
model06.08.130 B
f16d.mdl11.12.044.24 MB
Model.cfg11.06.0423 B
panel06.08.130 B
B737_800.cab04.23.122.01 MB
Bombardier_CRJ_700.cab04.23.122.20 MB
Electric Panel.bmp09.29.06205.05 kB
F16.gau02.25.031.95 MB
F16_Falcon.bmp06.08.132.25 MB
F16_HUD_G.gau02.15.12356.50 kB
F16C_CAB0_GAUGES.CAB05.07.083.99 MB
F16C_CAB1.CAB09.13.12865.87 kB
F16D_APRADIO.cab11.28.06752.54 kB
f4u1a_corsair.gau08.16.01852.00 kB
panel.cfg06.08.1310.34 kB
ProvostT5.cab04.23.121.05 MB
RADAR.bmp04.16.1098.32 kB
RCB_Groundhandling5.cab04.23.1226.63 kB
rollusgauges.CAB04.23.121.66 MB
Thumbs.db06.01.1323.50 kB
sound06.08.130 B
A_GEF404_0.wav02.22.04167.70 kB
A_GEF404_1.wav08.25.07693.93 kB
A_GEF404_2.wav06.16.071.35 MB
Afterburner.wav02.28.082.69 MB
Afterburner2.wav02.28.082.02 MB
Canopy.wav03.14.081.01 MB
F16-Ai.wav02.15.081.35 MB
F16-Ax.wav09.24.06693.93 kB
F16-Bi.wav02.15.081.35 MB
F16-Bx.wav02.22.08689.13 kB
F16-Ci.wav02.15.081.35 MB
F16-Cx.wav02.22.08689.13 kB
F16-Di.wav02.15.08346.98 kB
F16-Dx.wav02.14.082.02 MB
F16-Ei.wav02.15.081.35 MB
F16-Fi.wav02.15.081.35 MB
FLAPS.wav03.01.08708.62 kB
geardown.wav03.14.08428.26 kB
gearup.wav03.14.08434.29 kB
NEWWIND.WAV03.28.04858.65 kB
ReheatA.wav08.18.071.22 MB
roll1.wav06.16.071.35 MB
roll2.wav06.16.071.35 MB
Sound.cfg06.02.138.62 kB
T_COMB_SHUT.wav03.08.084.21 MB
T_COMB_START.wav02.15.082.65 MB
T_GEF404_START.wav02.15.083.58 MB
touchc.wav06.16.0788.58 kB
touchl.wav06.16.0784.48 kB
touchr.wav06.16.0784.48 kB
warning.wav02.29.08497.71 kB
wind.wav03.28.04858.65 kB
X_A_GEF404_0.wav08.31.07564.73 kB
X_A_GEF404_1.wav09.02.06346.99 kB
X_A_GEF404_2.wav02.22.08691.53 kB
X_A_GEF404_3.wav02.15.082.69 MB
X_A_GEF404_4.wav02.15.082.69 MB
X_T_COMB_START.wav02.15.082.23 MB
X_T_GEF404_SHUT.wav03.08.084.21 MB
X_T_GEF404_START.wav02.15.083.70 MB
texture06.08.130 B
bay1.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
bay23.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
burner.bmp11.06.0432.07 kB
chrome_l.bmp10.15.0285.40 kB
chrome_t.bmp08.02.0364.07 kB
doors.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
exhaust.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
feather.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
fuse TOP.BMP11.08.04512.07 kB
fuseb.bmp11.08.04512.07 kB
fusedeca.bmp11.08.04512.07 kB
glass_t.bmp08.02.0364.07 kB
inglass.bmp06.01.131.00 MB
needle.bmp10.24.0242.74 kB
ord.bmp05.21.05128.07 kB
panel_l.bmp11.09.04256.07 kB
panel_t.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
panel1.bmp11.06.04512.07 kB
panel2_l.bmp11.09.04256.07 kB
panel2_t.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
panel3_l.bmp11.09.041.00 MB
panel3_t.bmp11.06.04512.07 kB
panel4.bmp11.08.04128.07 kB
panela_l.bmp11.09.04256.07 kB
panela_t.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
patch.bmp11.06.0432.07 kB
patch2.bmp11.06.0432.07 kB
pilot.bmp11.06.04512.07 kB
pylons.bmp11.08.04512.07 kB
ring.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
SILVER.BMP10.09.0242.74 kB
tail.bmp11.08.04512.07 kB
tankdeca.bmp09.27.0242.74 kB
thumbnail.jpg06.01.1325.10 kB
Thumbs.db11.07.044.00 kB
tire_c.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
tire_r.bmp11.06.04128.07 kB
tred.bmp11.06.0432.07 kB
visor_L.bmp10.14.02341.40 kB
visor_t.bmp09.27.02341.40 kB
SOUND06.08.130 B
DR_MISSILE.wav07.24.0084.74 kB
F16_cannon.wav06.08.13331.11 kB
Groundhandling06.08.130 B
Groundhandling506.08.130 B
GH01_Conversation1.wav06.08.13188.92 kB
GH02_Conversation2.wav06.08.1376.44 kB
GH03_Conversation3.wav06.08.1355.39 kB
GH04_Conversation4A.wav06.08.13114.56 kB
GH05_Conversation5.wav06.08.13134.51 kB
GH06_SoftClick.wav06.08.13551 B
GH07_Error.wav06.08.138.75 kB
GH08_PushbackRoll.wav06.08.1344.58 kB
GH09_Conversation4B.wav06.08.1367.76 kB
GH10_Attention.wav06.08.1321.57 kB
GH11_Brakes.wav06.08.1340.31 kB
GH11_Brakes_XXXX.wav06.08.1329.74 kB
Sound.ini06.08.13925 B
thumbnail.jpg06.01.1325.10 kB
YouTube Links06.09.130 B
AI Ships for FSX - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
Aussie Icon (FSX) - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
B 52 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url06.08.13203 B
Because - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
Canadian Thunder - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
F16 Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
F16D Retrofit (FSX) - YouTube.url06.09.13131 B
Hawaii... 2013 - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
Honor - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
Life (FSX) - YouTube.url06.08.13131 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Knowledge Center for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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