FSX/P3D Lockheed P-3C Orion Mega Pack

PreviewA fully-featured Lockheed P-3C Orion package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. This package features the base model released by Team FS KBT along with 12 additional repaints.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D) including P3Dv4 & P3Dv5
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A fully-featured Lockheed P-3C Orion package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. This package features the base model released by Team FS KBT along with 12 additional repaints.

The P-3C being flown in P3Dv4.​The P-3 Orion is a military aircraft developed by Lockheed and first launched in the 60s as surveillance and anti-submarine tool for the US Navy. Since then it has been used throughout the world in various different scenarios and configurations. Even with its age, it is still used today as it's a reliable aircraft with well-known maintenance procedures.

This model developed by Team FS KBT brings the aircraft to your flight sim missions. The model is compatible with both FSX (including the Steam Edition) and P3D (including P3Dv4).

This latest version (v3.31) has been brought up to date with DX10 compatibility for better lighting effects and textures. However, it can still, of course, be used under DX9.

It is a native FSX model which is also P3D compatible and features a fully functional 3D VC along with a 2D panel. The exterior and painting of this model have been created in more detail than previous versions, especially the main wing relation (flap and engine nacelle, etc.) is the new designs.

Extra Repaints/Liveries Included

This package features over 11 additional repaints that you can install.

  • Armada Argentina 6-P-55
  • Koninklijke Marine 304
  • Koninklijke Marine 302s
  • RNZAF "40Years P-3 Orion Operations"
  • CUP (Orion) 601 Sqn.
  • Forca Aerea Portugues 601 Sqn
  • MFG3 50th Anniversary
  • MFG3 100 Years Anniversary
  • Pakistan Navy
  • German Navy P-3C Orion MFG 3 50th Anniversary
  • US Navy P-3A VX-1 JA2


  • The user who has already introduced V3.3 must introduce V3.31 after deleting V3.3.
  • Please see the file in the readme folder which extracted this ZIP file and came out.
  • Next, a SimObjects folder is arranged to an FSX main folder.
  • Although it is asked whether to overwrite PC, please choose and continue "YES".
  • It is as follows when it has arranged correctly:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\P-3C_ORION_FSX

Developer: Team FS KBT.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive p-3c_orion_fsx_v331_dx10.zip has 1157 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Image06.23.140 B
Conventional model06.23.140 B
20140417.jpg04.17.1488.02 kB
20140418jmsdf.jpg04.18.1480.12 kB
20140418jmsdf2.jpg04.18.1488.17 kB
20140419.jpg04.19.1476.96 kB
20140419_2.jpg04.19.14111.79 kB
New%20assign[1].jpg06.09.14163.98 kB
p3-20140216-2.jpg02.16.14354.82 kB
t520140110_3.jpg01.10.14202.58 kB
New Model06.23.140 B
Germany NAVY.jpg06.23.14263.63 kB
USNAVY_OLD.jpg06.23.14251.62 kB
New%20assign[1].jpg06.09.14163.98 kB
The image which shows a light and reflection06.23.140 B
Example of lights and reflection 1.jpg06.23.14238.47 kB
Example of lights and reflection 2.jpg06.23.14322.29 kB
nav light effects.jpg06.07.14118.71 kB
Readme06.09.140 B
engine_st.jpg03.15.14159.91 kB
New assign.jpg03.15.14163.98 kB
readme.txt07.07.143.59 kB
SimObjects04.06.140 B
Airplanes06.08.140 B
P-3C_ORION_FSX07.06.140 B
Aircraft.cfg06.23.1430.24 kB
model.germany07.06.140 B
model.cfg06.09.1471 B
P-3C_germany_FSX.MDL07.06.143.15 MB
model.JMSDF_Type007.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1477 B
P-3C_JMSDF_type_00_FSX.MDL07.06.143.07 MB
model.JMSDF_Type107.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1477 B
P-3C_JMSDF_type_01_FSX.MDL07.06.143.04 MB
model.JMSDF_Type207.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1469 B
P-3C_JMSDF_FSX.MDL07.06.143.15 MB
model.JMSDF_Type307.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1477 B
P-3C_JMSDF_type_03_FSX.MDL07.06.143.22 MB
model.USN_Type007.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1471 B
P-3C_FSX_lowvisi.MDL07.06.142.95 MB
model.USN_Type107.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1472 B
P-3C_usnavy_1_FSX.MDL07.06.143.19 MB
model.USN_Type207.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1474 B
P-3C_usnavy_767_FSX.MDL07.06.143.19 MB
model.USN_Type307.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1479 B
P-3C_usnavy_chocobar_FSX.MDL07.06.143.10 MB
model.USN_Type5_former_vp-2407.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1462 B
P-3C_LR.MDL07.06.143.01 MB
model07.06.140 B
model.cfg06.08.1460 B
P-3C_FSX_clean.MDL07.06.143.00 MB
P-3C_FSX_interior.MDL07.06.143.36 MB
P-3C_FSX_interior2.MDL07.06.143.37 MB
P-3.air07.08.0914.59 kB
panel.The general-purpose virtual cockpit for the P-3 series06.08.140 B
188.cab03.09.132.03 MB
ENG_panel.bmp05.08.05518.72 kB
F16.gau06.26.021.53 MB
GA_FID3.CAB04.02.058.14 kB
gps.bmp03.09.13769.05 kB
l-188.gau03.09.133.51 MB
p3.cab06.16.051.26 MB
P-3.cab05.08.0542.71 kB
P3-main.bmp05.08.052.25 MB
panel.cfg06.08.1412.70 kB
PS_L18806.08.140 B
adf_Background.bmp04.01.13213.69 kB
adf_Background_night.BMP04.01.13213.69 kB
ADI.xml04.01.1310.02 kB
ADI_Att_Off-Flag.bmp04.01.133.03 kB
ADI_Background.bmp04.01.1366.61 kB
ADI_Background_A.bmp04.01.1367.07 kB
ADI_Background_AA.bmp04.01.1366.35 kB
ADI_Background_B.bmp04.01.1367.07 kB
ADI_Background_BB.bmp04.01.1366.44 kB
ADI_Background_night.BMP04.01.1367.07 kB
ADI_Ball.bmp04.01.131.17 kB
ADI_Ball_Cover.bmp04.01.131.47 kB
ADI_FD_Barshor.bmp04.01.133.92 kB
ADI_FD_Barsmask.bmp04.01.1367.07 kB
ADI_FD_Barsvert.bmp04.01.135.29 kB
ADI_FD_Off-Flag.bmp04.01.132.73 kB
ADI_FS_Needle.bmp04.01.131.38 kB
ADI_FS_Off-Flag.bmp04.01.132.13 kB
ADI_GS_Needle.bmp04.01.131.23 kB
ADI_GS_Off-Flag.bmp04.01.132.18 kB
ADI_Ladder.bmp04.01.13183.71 kB
ADI_Loc_Needle.bmp04.01.131.19 kB
ADI_Loc_Off-Flag.bmp04.01.132.25 kB
ADI_Mask.bmp04.01.1367.07 kB
ADI_Ownship.bmp04.01.136.26 kB
ADI_Skypointer.bmp04.01.131.15 kB
Airspeed.xml04.01.135.42 kB
Airspeed_Back.bmp04.01.1365.05 kB
Airspeed_Back_B.bmp04.01.1365.05 kB
Airspeed_Barberpole_Needle.bmp04.01.133.92 kB
Airspeed_IAS_Needle.bmp04.01.133.72 kB
Airspeed_Mach_Mask.bmp04.01.1365.05 kB
Airspeed_Machstrip01.bmp04.01.137.07 kB
Airspeed_Machstrip10.bmp04.01.137.07 kB
Airspeed_Needle.bmp04.01.134.17 kB
Airspeed_Off_Flag.bmp04.01.132.26 kB
Alt_Alerter_Background_Off.bmp04.01.138.23 kB
Alt_Alerter_Background_Off_night.BMP04.01.138.05 kB
Alt_alerter_button_arm_off.bmp04.01.13584 B
Alt_alerter_button_arm_on.bmp04.01.13456 B
Alt_alerter_button_eng_off.bmp04.01.13524 B
Alt_alerter_button_eng_on.bmp04.01.13452 B
Alt_Alerter_Knob_Alt.bmp04.01.131.33 kB
Alt_Alerter_Knob_VS.bmp04.01.131.81 kB
Alt_IAS_bug.bmp04.01.138.04 kB
Alt_Knob.bmp04.01.131.22 kB
Altimeter.xml04.01.1310.60 kB
Altimeter_Background.bmp04.01.1364.46 kB
Altimeter_Background_B.bmp04.01.13192.05 kB
Altimeter_Baro_Card.bmp04.01.135.01 kB
Altimeter_Baro_Mask.bmp04.01.1365.05 kB
Altimeter_Hundreds.bmp04.01.1320.68 kB
Altimeter_Mask.bmp04.01.1365.05 kB
Altimeter_Needle.bmp04.01.133.97 kB
Altimeter_Off_Flag1.bmp04.01.136.63 kB
Altimeter_Off_Flag2.bmp04.01.132.13 kB
Altimeter_Ten_Thousands.bmp04.01.1323.26 kB
Altimeter_Tenstrip.bmp04.01.1337.44 kB
Altimeter_Thousands.bmp04.01.1323.26 kB
Altitude_Anun_Background.bmp04.01.131.17 kB
Altitude_Anun_Lamp.bmp04.01.131.17 kB
Annun Gear Up.xml04.01.13732 B
annun_flaps_off.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
annun_flaps_on.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Annun_Fuel_off.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Annun_Fuel_on.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Annun_GearUp_on.bmp04.01.131.82 kB
annun_overspeed.bmp04.01.138.18 kB
annun_overspeed_off.bmp04.01.138.18 kB
annun_stall.bmp04.01.138.18 kB
Anun_Brake.xml04.01.13603 B
Anun_Deice1.xml04.01.13595 B
Anun_LLand.xml04.01.13585 B
Anun_Pitot.xml04.01.13577 B
AP_Switch.xml04.01.13580 B
AP_switch_off.bmp04.01.131.40 kB
AP_switch_on.bmp04.01.131.40 kB
ASI_Knob.bmp04.01.134.74 kB
ASI_Off-Flag.bmp04.01.131.58 kB
ATC Icon.xml04.01.13240 B
attitude_background.bmp04.01.1319.64 kB
attitude_bank_pointer.bmp04.01.13170 B
attitude_fixed_lines.bmp04.01.1323.06 kB
attitude_gyro_flag.bmp04.01.131.95 kB
attitude_highlight_alpha.bmp04.01.1321.58 kB
attitude_horizon.bmp04.01.138.33 kB
attitude_indicator.xml04.01.133.23 kB
attitude_knob.bmp04.01.131.74 kB
attitude_outer_ring.bmp04.01.1315.82 kB
attitude_pitch_lubber.bmp04.01.132.69 kB
attitude_shadow_alpha.bmp04.01.1321.58 kB
attitude_window.bmp04.01.138.12 kB
Autopilot.xml04.01.13531 B
Avionics Icon.xml04.01.13270 B
Avionics.xml04.01.13545 B
Battery Indicator.xml04.01.13291 B
battery.xml04.01.13610 B
Battery_off.bmp04.01.135.22 kB
Battery_on.bmp04.01.135.22 kB
Battery_on_B.bmp04.01.131.74 kB
beacon_lights.xml04.01.13499 B
Beta_Off.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Beta_On.bmp04.01.135.68 kB
brake_off.bmp04.01.1316.80 kB
brake_on.bmp04.01.1316.80 kB
Brakeanun_off.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Brakeanun_on.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
COMM_Background.BMP04.01.13256.69 kB
COMM_Background_night.BMP04.01.13256.69 kB
Compass_BG.bmp04.01.133.30 kB
Compass_Card.bmp04.01.1325.10 kB
deice.xml04.01.13491 B
Deiceanun_Off1.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Deiceanun_on1.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
DME.xml04.01.131.78 kB
DME_Background.bmp04.01.133.17 kB
DME_Background_night.BMP04.01.133.06 kB
DME_Knob_1.bmp04.01.131.18 kB
DME_Knob_2.bmp04.01.131.18 kB
Down Select.xml04.01.13240 B
Down Select_2.xml04.01.13247 B
ECU Select 2.xml04.01.13244 B
ECU Select.xml04.01.13235 B
ECU_light_off.bmp04.01.131.18 kB
ECU_light_on.bmp04.01.131.18 kB
ECU_lights_background.bmp04.01.1321.12 kB
ENGINE_1_Beta.xml04.01.13605 B
ENGINE_2_Beta.xml04.01.13605 B
ENGINE_3_Beta.xml04.01.13605 B
ENGINE_4_Beta.xml04.01.13605 B
Engine_Needle.bmp04.01.132.46 kB
Engine_Start_Switch.xml04.01.131.61 kB
EngineGauges_Needle.bmp04.01.131.78 kB
flaps.bmp04.01.1323.47 kB
flaps.xml04.01.13938 B
FlightDirector.xml04.01.13743 B
fp_light_on.bmp04.01.131.53 kB
Fuel warning.xml04.01.13709 B
Fuel_Pump_light_off.bmp04.01.131.91 kB
Fuel_Pump_light_on.bmp04.01.131.91 kB
Fuel_Pump_off.bmp04.01.133.02 kB
Fuel_Pump_on.bmp04.01.133.02 kB
Fuel_Selector_1.xml04.01.132.75 kB
Fuel_Selector_2.xml04.01.132.77 kB
Fuel_Selector_3.xml04.01.132.77 kB
Fuel_Selector_4.xml04.01.132.77 kB
FuelAuxLeft.xml04.01.131.89 kB
FuelAuxRight.xml04.01.131.90 kB
FuelFlow_BG.bmp04.01.1359.19 kB
FuelFlow_BG_night.bmp04.01.1359.07 kB
FuelFlow_Needle.bmp04.01.133.22 kB
FuelMainLeft.xml04.01.131.90 kB
FuelMainRight.xml04.01.131.90 kB
FuelPress_BG.bmp04.01.1361.12 kB
FuelPress_BG_night.BMP04.01.1361.09 kB
FuelPress12.xml04.01.131.88 kB
FuelPress34.xml04.01.131.88 kB
FuelTank_Needle.bmp04.01.133.10 kB
FuelTank_Small_Needle.bmp04.01.131.31 kB
gear_handle.xml04.01.13692 B
geardown.bmp04.01.1316.29 kB
gearup.bmp04.01.1316.29 kB
gen_light_on.bmp04.01.131.76 kB
Gen_off.bmp04.01.133.02 kB
Gen_on.bmp04.01.133.02 kB
GPS Icon.xml04.01.13262 B
HSI.xml04.01.137.73 kB
HSI_Background.bmp04.01.1314.18 kB
HSI_Background_night.BMP04.01.1314.05 kB
HSI_Card_Inside.bmp04.01.136.12 kB
HSI_Card_Outside.bmp04.01.1312.23 kB
HSI_Card_Outside_Mask.bmp04.01.1338.99 kB
HSI_Flag_Hdg.bmp04.01.131.36 kB
HSI_Flag_Nav.bmp04.01.131.36 kB
HSI_From_Pointer.bmp04.01.131.18 kB
hsi_glide_slope_left.bmp04.01.131.08 kB
hsi_glide_slope_right.bmp04.01.131.08 kB
HSI_Knob_Left.bmp04.01.131.54 kB
HSI_Knob_Right.bmp04.01.131.37 kB
hsi_mask.bmp04.01.1314.18 kB
hsi_mask_night.BMP04.01.1313.88 kB
HSI_Needle.bmp04.01.131.21 kB
HSI_Pointer.bmp04.01.131.16 kB
HSI_To_Pointer.bmp04.01.131.18 kB
Icon_ATC.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
Icon_Checklist.bmp04.01.131.17 kB
Icon_Down.bmp04.01.131.42 kB
Icon_GPS.bmp04.01.131.29 kB
Icon_IFR.bmp04.01.13812 B
Icon_Map.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
Icon_Radio.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
Icon_Transparent.bmp04.01.131020 B
Icon_Up.bmp04.01.131.42 kB
Icon_yoke.bmp04.01.131.42 kB
IFR.xml04.01.13282 B
ign_switch_off.bmp04.01.137.44 kB
ign_switch_on.bmp04.01.137.44 kB
Info_bg.bmp04.01.137.38 kB
Kneeboard Icon.xml04.01.13269 B
L188 Altitude Select.xml04.01.134.20 kB
L188 FlapWarning.xml04.01.131.02 kB
L188_af1_annun.xml04.01.13671 B
L188_af2_annun.xml04.01.13673 B
L188_af3_annun.xml04.01.13672 B
L188_af4_annun.xml04.01.13672 B
L188_ALTSwitchProtected_CL.bmp04.01.139.23 kB
L188_ALTSwitchProtected_MI.bmp04.01.139.23 kB
L188_ALTSwitchProtected_UP.bmp04.01.139.23 kB
L188_AP_ALT.xml04.01.13779 B
L188_AP_APPR.xml04.01.13765 B
L188_AP_HDG.xml04.01.13775 B
L188_Brake.xml04.01.13551 B
L188_Compass.xml04.01.13738 B
L188_Dummy_Toggle.xml04.01.13552 B
L188_ECU_Lights.xml04.01.133.32 kB
L188_ECU_RIGHT.xml04.01.139.12 kB
L188_Eng1_Info.xml04.01.131.05 kB
L188_Fire handles_background.bmp04.01.1316.68 kB
L188_fire_handle_1.xml04.01.132.25 kB
L188_fire_handle_2.xml04.01.132.28 kB
L188_fire_handle_3.xml04.01.132.27 kB
L188_fire_handle_4.xml04.01.132.27 kB
L188_Fire_Handle1.bmp04.01.134.88 kB
L188_Fire_Handle1_Pulled.bmp04.01.1323.21 kB
L188_Fire_Handle2.bmp04.01.134.88 kB
L188_Fire_Handle2_Pulled.bmp04.01.1323.21 kB
L188_Fire_Handle3.bmp04.01.134.88 kB
L188_Fire_Handle3_Pulled.bmp04.01.1323.21 kB
L188_Fire_Handle4.bmp04.01.134.88 kB
L188_Fire_Handle4_Pulled.bmp04.01.1323.21 kB
L188_fuel_background.bmp04.01.1367.44 kB
L188_Fuel_BG.bmp04.01.1362.58 kB
L188_Fuel_BG_night.BMP04.01.1362.58 kB
L188_Fuel_Cutoff.xml04.01.134.01 kB
L188_Fuel_L_Aux.xml04.01.131.90 kB
L188_Fuel_L_tip.xml04.01.131.89 kB
L188_Fuel_Pump_Lights.xml04.01.132.06 kB
L188_Fuel_Pumps.xml04.01.133.29 kB
L188_Fuel_R_Aux.xml04.01.132.14 kB
L188_Fuel_R_tip.xml04.01.131.90 kB
L188_Gen_Lights.xml04.01.131.56 kB
L188_Generators.xml04.01.133.90 kB
L188_Ign_Down.bmp04.01.132.55 kB
L188_IGN_Up.bmp04.01.132.55 kB
L188_Master_Ignition.xml04.01.13579 B
L188_Mix_Background.bmp04.01.1379.74 kB
L188_Mix_short.bmp04.01.132.34 kB
L188_NTS.bmp04.01.138.74 kB
L188_overspeed.xml04.01.13508 B
L188_power.bmp04.01.1318.80 kB
L188_Power_1.xml04.01.131.75 kB
L188_Power_2.xml04.01.131.74 kB
L188_Power_3.xml04.01.131.74 kB
L188_Power_4.xml04.01.131.75 kB
L188_power_B.bmp04.01.1318.80 kB
L188_prop_feather_1.xml04.01.132.00 kB
L188_prop_feather_2.xml04.01.132.00 kB
L188_prop_feather_3.xml04.01.132.00 kB
L188_prop_feather_4.xml04.01.132.00 kB
L188_RPM_1.xml04.01.131.51 kB
L188_RPM_2.xml04.01.131.52 kB
L188_RPM_3.xml04.01.131.52 kB
L188_RPM_4.xml04.01.131.51 kB
L188_RPM_Background.bmp04.01.1321.16 kB
L188_RPM_Background_night.BMP04.01.1321.16 kB
L188_RPM_Switch.xml04.01.132.07 kB
L188_SeatBelts.xml04.01.13565 B
L188_seatbelts_on.bmp04.01.133.69 kB
L188_SeatBelts_sign.xml04.01.13597 B
L188_Smoking.xml04.01.13558 B
L188_smoking_on.bmp04.01.133.69 kB
L188_smoking_sign.xml04.01.13594 B
L188_square_sign_off.bmp04.01.133.69 kB
L188_stall_warn.xml04.01.13490 B
L188_Starter.xml04.01.134.55 kB
L188_Starter_Lights.xml04.01.131.43 kB
L188_Starter_Lights_Background.bmp04.01.133.58 kB
L188_SW3_down.bmp04.01.135.25 kB
L188_SW3_up.bmp04.01.135.25 kB
L188_SwitchProtected_CL.bmp04.01.139.23 kB
L188_SwitchProtected_MI.bmp04.01.139.23 kB
L188_SwitchProtected_UP.bmp04.01.139.23 kB
L188_torque.bmp04.01.1315.12 kB
L188_Torque12.xml04.01.131.44 kB
L188_Torque34.xml04.01.131.44 kB
L188_Voltmeter.xml04.01.13758 B
L188_vsi.bmp04.01.1389.79 kB
L188_vsi.xml04.01.131.72 kB
L188_vsi_night.BMP04.01.1389.25 kB
L188_Yoke.bmp04.01.13289.51 kB
L188_yoke.xml04.01.131.27 kB
L188_Yoke_off.bmp04.01.1390 B
L188_Yoke_Ped.bmp04.01.13334.04 kB
L188_Yoke_Ped_BG.bmp04.01.13334.04 kB
L188_Yoke_Ped_Mask.bmp04.01.13534.43 kB
L188-FF1.xml04.01.131.33 kB
L188-FF2.xml04.01.131.24 kB
L188-FF3.xml04.01.131.24 kB
L188-FF4.xml04.01.131.24 kB
land_lights.xml04.01.13503 B
LandingLights.xml04.01.13541 B
light_green_off.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
light_green_on.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
LightGreenR_OFF.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
LightGreenR_ON.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
LightOMI_InnerOFF.bmp04.01.133.34 kB
LightOMI_InnerOFF_night.BMP04.01.133.34 kB
LightOMI_InnerON.bmp04.01.134.06 kB
LightOMI_MiddleOFF.bmp04.01.133.76 kB
LightOMI_MiddleOFF_night.BMP04.01.139.08 kB
LightOMI_MiddleON.bmp04.01.134.06 kB
LightOMI_OuterOFF.bmp04.01.133.46 kB
LightOMI_OuterOFF_night.BMP04.01.133.46 kB
LightOMI_OuterON.bmp04.01.134.06 kB
LightsGear.xml04.01.133.25 kB
LightYellowL_ON.bmp04.01.131.44 kB
LLand_off.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
LLand_on.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Lower_yoke_toggle.xml04.01.13286 B
Main Select 2.xml04.01.13258 B
Main Select.xml04.01.13247 B
Main_yoke_toggle.xml04.01.13280 B
Map Icon.xml04.01.13240 B
Master Warning Light.xml04.01.132.93 kB
Master_Reset_Caution_On.bmp04.01.131.96 kB
Master_Reset_Off.bmp04.01.132.88 kB
Master_Reset_Warning_On.bmp04.01.131.97 kB
MY_SW1_OFF.bmp04.01.133.69 kB
MY_SW1_ON.bmp04.01.133.69 kB
nav_lights.xml04.01.13487 B
Nav_Nav1.bmp04.01.134.39 kB
Nav_Nav2.bmp04.01.134.39 kB
Nav_Split.bmp04.01.134.39 kB
nav12.xml04.01.132.00 kB
nav12_Background.bmp04.01.13410.08 kB
nav12_Background_night.BMP04.01.13410.08 kB
Navgps_Switch.xml04.01.13576 B
NEEDLE_1.bmp04.01.131.46 kB
NEEDLE_2.bmp04.01.131.10 kB
NEEDLE_AIRSPEED.bmp04.01.131.73 kB
Needle_Small.bmp04.01.131.01 kB
NEEDLE_VMO.bmp04.01.131.73 kB
NEEDLE_VOR1.bmp04.01.131.99 kB
NEEDLE_VOR2.bmp04.01.131.91 kB
NTS.xml04.01.133.29 kB
NTS_light_off.bmp04.01.13866 B
NTS_light_on.bmp04.01.13866 B
NTS_Switch_down.bmp04.01.131.78 kB
NTS_Switch_up.bmp04.01.131.78 kB
oat.xml04.01.13716 B
oat_background.bmp04.01.136.18 kB
oat_needle.bmp04.01.131.03 kB
OBS.xml04.01.134.35 kB
OBS_BG.bmp04.01.1341.10 kB
OBS_BG_night.BMP04.01.1341.10 kB
OBS_Knob.bmp04.01.133.59 kB
OBS_LightGSI.bmp04.01.132.28 kB
OBS_Needle.bmp04.01.131.45 kB
OBS_NeedleMask.bmp04.01.132.78 kB
OBS_Strip.bmp04.01.135.74 kB
OBS_StripMask.bmp04.01.131.52 kB
OMI Lights.xml04.01.132.08 kB
PanelLights.xml04.01.13634 B
pitot.xml04.01.13484 B
Pitot_off.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
Pitot_on.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
PitotHeat.xml04.01.13585 B
pointer.bmp04.01.131.46 kB
prop_af_off.bmp04.01.132.22 kB
prop_af_on.bmp04.01.132.22 kB
prop_feather_in.bmp04.01.1312.99 kB
prop_feather_in_unlit.bmp04.01.1312.99 kB
prop_feather_out.bmp04.01.1312.99 kB
rd_adf.xml04.01.131.07 kB
rd_comm.xml04.01.132.35 kB
rd_xpndr.xml04.01.131.26 kB
red_light_off.bmp04.01.131.43 kB
red_light_on.bmp04.01.131.43 kB
rocker_switch_off.bmp04.01.132.46 kB
rocker_switch_on.bmp04.01.132.46 kB
RPM_Needle1.bmp04.01.131.92 kB
RPM_Needle2.bmp04.01.131.92 kB
rudder_trim.xml04.01.131.06 kB
rudder_trim_background.bmp04.01.1329.23 kB
rudder_trim_needle.bmp04.01.135.37 kB
Seat.bmp04.01.133.57 kB
Seat.xml04.01.13578 B
sq_switch_off.bmp04.01.131.41 kB
sq_switch_on.bmp04.01.131.41 kB
stall_warning_off.bmp04.01.138.18 kB
Start_1.bmp04.01.138.54 kB
Start_2.bmp04.01.138.54 kB
Start_3.bmp04.01.138.54 kB
Start_4.bmp04.01.138.54 kB
start_light_on.bmp04.01.13774 B
Start_off.bmp04.01.138.54 kB
Start_Switch_in.bmp04.01.134.05 kB
Start_Switch_out.bmp04.01.134.05 kB
steel_switch_off.bmp04.01.132.12 kB
steel_switch_on.bmp04.01.132.12 kB
steel_tog_switch_off.bmp04.01.132.14 kB
steel_tog_switch_on.bmp04.01.132.14 kB
strobe_lights.xml04.01.13493 B
sw_ALT_off.bmp04.01.132.35 kB
sw_ALT_on.bmp04.01.132.35 kB
sw_APPR_off.bmp04.01.132.35 kB
sw_APPR_on.bmp04.01.132.35 kB
sw_HDG_off.bmp04.01.132.35 kB
sw_HDG_on.bmp04.01.132.35 kB
Switch_0.bmp04.01.133.95 kB
Switch_1.bmp04.01.133.95 kB
Switch_2.bmp04.01.133.95 kB
Switch_3.bmp04.01.133.95 kB
Switch_4.bmp04.01.133.95 kB
Switch_5.bmp04.01.133.95 kB
switch_off.bmp04.01.132.55 kB
switch_on.bmp04.01.132.55 kB
SwitchRound_BlackR.bmp04.01.136.33 kB
SwitchToggleL_DN.bmp04.01.132.21 kB
SwitchToggleL_MI.bmp04.01.132.21 kB
SwitchToggleL_UP.bmp04.01.132.21 kB
taxi_lights.xml04.01.13490 B
Thumbs.db04.01.13624.50 kB
tog_switch_off.bmp04.01.133.74 kB
tog_switch_on.bmp04.01.133.70 kB
tog1_switch_off.bmp04.01.132.93 kB
tog1_switch_on.bmp04.01.132.93 kB


This remake of the Lockheed/Kawasaki P-3C Orion is a hugely useful asset to have in your FSX/P3D hanger, as this is an aircraft with plenty of features that you will want to try out. As an aircraft, it’s something that manages to capture the imagination and has been used for many years in various formats.

Preview screenshot

The aircraft brings a huge amount of interest to the table in that it provides the speed and power of a much smaller jet in what is a pretty large body.

If you’ve always wanted to try this model out then this is one of the finest recreations of it yet.

This creation by Hiroaki Kubota and Daisuke Yamamoto is one of the most impressive in terms of capturing the power and the feel of the Orion correctly, though. Despite these minor compatibility issues and problems, you can easily get to grips with this aircraft with a few days of practice and learning as it still works in just about every sense that is required.

The Orion itself is an aircraft that comes with a huge reputation, having served for just under 30 years. It first appeared in 1961 and served a prominent role in various military formats until 1990. In that timeframe, it was used continuously by groups such as the US Navy, the Japanese MARITIME Self-Defense Force, and the Royal Australian Air Force.

All of these groups, some of the most impressive in the world, regularly swore by this aircraft until it eventually was phased out in favor of more modern models such as the Lockheed P-7.

The aircraft itself, though, comes with incredible adaptability and a unique ability to get through even some of the most challenging situations.

It has been through several developments and changes over the years thanks to the updates in electronics and in the way that aviation has been handled. As such, it’s still used in minor capacities across the planet for anti-sub warfare, reconnaissance and patrolling. However, it still holds an incredibly positive reputation because it still manages to handle extremely effectively whilst giving an easy example of why it is so highly thought of.

Eventually, it will be phased out and replaced with the P-8A Poseidon, but you’ll always be able to enjoy the class and the style of the Orion through this recreation. If you have always wanted to see what the Orion would be like to fly then this package can be the perfect opportunity to be able to do that.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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remichalTue, 31 Aug 2021 21:24:25 GMT

I'm having trouble with the idle speed being too high. The plane won't sit still and holding the brakes doesn't work. And it can't be the FSX software because this is the only plane that does this.

Francisco JiménezSat, 27 Jun 2020 16:01:53 GMT


It is a great page for fans of flight simulation, it is a pity that there are not some with the textures of Spanish companies, and AF.

warncMon, 08 Jun 2020 19:14:15 GMT

I like it. but I am not into complicated start-up procedures. I want to be able to Ctrl+E and fly.

StonewallUSMCSat, 21 Mar 2020 01:07:50 GMT

Superior aircraft, the perfection of flight Dynamics and flight envelope. TeamKBT does it again with the best website for flight simulation.

Steve SullivanThu, 28 Dec 2017 21:54:04 GMT

This is brilliant, It feels right, all the switches that are needed work, and it's one of the best VR planes I have flown.

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