X-Plane 11 Learjet 23 3.0

PreviewX-Plane 10 And 11 Learjet 23 3.0. The Lear 23 is an American six-to-eight-seat (two crew and four to six passengers) twin-engine, high-speed business jet manufactured by Learjet. The first flight of the Learjet 23 took place on 7 October 1963 with test pilots Hank Beaird and Bob Hagen.

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X-Plane 10 And 11 Learjet 23 3.0. The Lear 23 is an American six-to-eight-seat (two crew and four to six passengers) twin-engine, high-speed business jet manufactured by Learjet. The first flight of the Learjet 23 took place on 7 October 1963 with test pilots Hank Beaird and Bob Hagen.

Learjet 23 on ramp in XP11.Production of the Learjet 23 stopped in 1966 after a total of 104 had been built. In 1998 there were still 39 Model 23s in use.


  1. Chase view to cockpit view -- it would be great to change views without having to readjust the instrument panel.
  2. Hat switch set for views of 45, 90, 135 degrees Left and Right do not work when taxiing to check cross traffic because when flying, they angle down which is ok, but on the ground all one sees is pavement.
  3. Brakes set at maximum hold are only good for about 55 percent engine power. Above that the aircraft starts rolling.
  4. Taxi lights are on but need to project further (perhaps raise them a few degrees) to see down the runway.

Author: Larry Cole

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compass_GA-1.png09.14.173.87 kB
compass_GA-3.png09.14.174.38 kB
-Panels-09.14.170 B
Panel.png09.14.17824.08 kB
image1.jpg09.14.1793.53 kB
image2.jpg09.14.1782.80 kB
Learjet-23.acf09.14.171.89 MB
Learjet-23.acf~ MB
Learjet-23_icon.png09.14.172.61 MB
Learjet-23_paint.png09.14.172.00 MB
Learjet-23_paint_LIT.png09.14.17572.89 kB
Learjet-23_paint2.png09.14.171.35 MB
Learjet-23_paint2_LIT.png09.14.17903.20 kB
Learjet-23_panel_B.png09.14.17785.21 kB
Learjet-23_panel_L.png09.14.17378.54 kB
Learjet23_Panel_LB.png09.14.17902.24 kB
Learjet-23_Panel_LB.png09.14.17902.24 kB
Learjet-23_panel_LF.png09.14.17164.26 kB
Learjet-23_panel_R.png09.14.17414.64 kB
Learjet-23_Panel_RB.png09.14.17970.62 kB
Learjet-23_panel_RF.png09.14.17171.48 kB
Learjet-23_prefs.txt09.14.1750 B
old Learjet-23_icon.jpg09.14.17424.76 kB
old Learjet-23_icon.png09.14.17683.06 kB
Sounds09.14.170 B
engine09.14.170 B
Learjet-23 engn1_inn.wav09.14.17326.35 kB
Learjet-23 engn1_out.wav09.14.17427.30 kB
Learjet-23 engn2_inn.wav09.14.17326.35 kB
Learjet-23 engn2_out.wav09.14.17419.10 kB
REVERSE_THRUST_inn.wav09.14.172.26 MB
REVERSE_THRUST_out.wav09.14.1731.04 kB
Study Pics09.14.170 B
028303.jpg09.14.17163.33 kB
028303.psd09.14.171.33 MB
23_49_284_n387ha_learjet_35_int2.jpg09.14.17220.12 kB
77_learjet24e_sn340_i2_i.jpg09.14.1730.89 kB
EG-0060.bmp09.14.171.84 MB
EG-0060-01.gif09.14.1723.05 kB
franz_PA-Learjet-23-14.jpg09.14.17329.60 kB
LEARJET 23 INTEER09.14.170 B
23_49_284_n387ha_learjet_35_int2.jpg09.14.17220.12 kB
23_51_290_n626bn_learjet_35_int2.jpg09.14.17220.01 kB
76_Learjet24_sn336_i_i.jpg09.14.1728.35 kB
77_learjet24e_sn340_i2_i.jpg09.14.1730.89 kB
int1_i.jpg09.14.1769.75 kB
Lear_Interior_Exterior.jpg09.14.17120.60 kB
learjet_24f_interior.jpg09.14.1758.29 kB
Learjet 23 specs.cwk09.14.1721.92 kB
learjet_24f_interior.jpg09.14.1758.29 kB
lear-jet-23.jpg09.14.171.09 MB
LearJet-23_001.jpg09.14.1739.57 kB
learjet-23_1.jpg09.14.1732.71 kB
Learjet-23_panel.png09.14.17863.85 kB
lear-jet-23-6.jpg09.14.1742.03 kB
maxresdefault.jpg09.14.1770.39 kB
N505PF.jpg09.14.17142.14 kB
Panels09.14.170 B
4643732_238e4f76d8.jpg09.14.1763.79 kB
747 Cockpit (1).jpg09.14.1739.51 kB
lear35rc.jpg09.14.17157.94 kB
Panels 209.14.170 B
82_Lear55_sn62_p1.jpg09.14.1762.01 kB
91_Learjet35A_sn665_p.jpg09.14.1742.70 kB
Learjet45CockpitZoom.jpg09.14.17106.29 kB
Learjet85_Interior_2b.jpg09.14.17129.36 kB
Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.24.05 PM.png09.14.17313.06 kB
SimObjects,airplanes,Lear60_ver23FSX_C-FBCD,Panel_Docs,HOTSPOTS.jpg09.14.17188.04 kB
TMOF_Learjet-23-1_P2.jpg09.14.17109.71 kB
weapons09.14.170 B
Seat 1.png09.14.1759.37 kB
Seat 1.wpn09.14.1712.74 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
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James R KellySun, 10 Sep 2023 14:37:17 GMT

Is the Lear 23 compatible with X_Plane 12?

RogerD1959Thu, 10 Feb 2022 09:09:55 GMT

This is an update to my previous comment. The model seems to have developed a few new characteristics! The most notable one is that it can remove itself from service, go into its maintenance hangar, returning to the sky when it is ready, not when you are ready to fly it! It just makes it all that much more curious, priceless, and fun as all get out to fly!

With all its apparent A.I. Dysfunction and drama! In its own way, it continues to mimic the actual airplane that changed the face of business aviation, and defined it, over 58 years ago! Aviation that Bombardier sadly dispatched to the history books when they retired the Learjet name on December 31st, 2021! For years I have wondered about the Learjet Model 85. It was to be the newest Learjet Model in the long history of this revolutionary airplane.

There is only one that is correct, just one, Learjet model 85 in existence on the planet earth. Anywhere in the universe for that matter. Just one airworthy, flying, complete example, at least Bombardier got this part right. They made sure that the priceless airplane is in the custody of the company they purchased, and who created the first Learjet, Learjet Corporation of Wichita Kansas! I pray they realize how significant this aircraft truly is, it came off the assembly line in 2013, and would go on to earn the type, its FAA, certification prior to Bombardier slamming the door on the project!

Sadly, the engineering department over at Bombardier did not realize they made a huge foo pas related to the subsequent Learjet Models coming after they decided the wingtip fuel tanks were a liability and ditched them in favor of winglets and better aerodynamics! Removing those appendages destroyed the brand's identity, from then on it was just another business jet, just like any other business jet in the bizjet world. Then it would require the observer to look at the windscreen to ascertain the model as being a Learjet! Before that, practically anybody who flew on an airplane be it a commercial airliner, or a private Cessna 172, 80% + of the populous could identify a Learjet if one was parked on the ramp!

Funny factoid, though hundreds of them were built during the first 30 years of production, and flew across the sky above our heads. To this day, and forever and always into the future. The Learjet was originally envisioned by the late William P. (Bill), Lear its inventor. Remains the only jet that nobody ever flew on, Nobody! Because back in those days if you were lucky enough to find yourself flying on a Learjet, you were somebody! Somebody very special, royalty, a movie star, famous, rich and well-to-do, a medical necessity, worthy of attracting a crowd, a second look, envious observation! Nobody else flew on a Learjet back in those days! Nobody!

George HembreeFri, 21 May 2021 02:17:26 GMT

Instructions for autopilot, FMC, learjet23 would be very helpful.

RogerD1959Sun, 20 Sep 2020 01:00:54 GMT

I do not know how to really rate this aircraft model as it would be in some circles, "A Total Hot Mess!" And that is what makes this too much fun!

Understand I am not bashing the creator of this model, but something sinister seems to be amiss with regard to this aircraft model. For example, and did you know!? Depending on which version of X-Plane 11.beta, beta, beta, you have this stunning model can be flown, "Open Air." As in-cabin windows missing with an inside view that will literally take your breath away! Seriously it will! And I even have photographs! Of it actually flying! At ALTITUDES where it's not earth out there, it's just about outer space! And yes, yes you can stick your arm through the gaping hole in the fuselage and touch the wing! Makes for riveting takeoffs and landings.

One thing the developer got spot on, precise as German engineering! The flight envelope, it handles exactly as the original Lear 23 did back in the day before we had computer-assisted flight controls to augment our reality! Trust me you will crash this several dozen times until you sort out the joystick you are using and tweak its X and Y-axis parameters!

The fun factor gets this thing 5 solid stars! The educational side of this aircraft model, the mental challenges it will bestow upon you, another solid 5 stars!

Trust me you will learn stuff about X-Plane 11. Beta, Beta, Beta, is it a better Beta? That will really shock and awe you, as in I never knew it could do that either! WTF will be your new acronym friend while taking this baby for a toot-N-scoot around your own personal virtual airport!

Today makes it the 3rd to 5th time I have downloaded this model to see if at least the gaping rust holes have been fixed, but I think I have been cursed to only be able to download the one, and only, Enigma Lear 23! Seriously, I kid you not, I have photos of this freaked out Ferrari of flight simulator aviation, zipping around my MSI monitor! To this day, I am clueless as to what has gone so horribly wrong with this thing, at first it would not even fly. Then, mysteriously and out of the blue, it flew!

Crashed immediately after takeoff, but all three rubber rolling contact points with the ground, escaped its grasp for less time than the Wright Brothers first flew! Then it rudely slammed back into the earth, like a flaming heap on the runway.

Come on people, git yer heads wrapped around this! Am I complaining?! NO, NO, NO! Flying should be fun! This! oh God! This is a blast! And once I got some of the flight issues resolved, adjusted out, why I took the family from Quack, Quack, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin up to Washington Island Wisconsin one hot day last July. Not one complaint from the cabin and the Air-conditioning was busted! But the 530 MPH slipstream blowing in its open windows was refreshing to all on board!

Seriously, if you have not tried this model out, do not hesitate! Worse case you will get one that works as the developer intended. However, apparently, there is a very limited supply of these Enigma Lear's available and it's pot luck which one of you lucky folks could snag one! You will know you hit the jackpot if you are sitting centered in front of the instrument panel, the Glass panel display centered in front of you looks shot up, and there is no cabin roof above your head! And do not turn around to see how the folks in the back are riding, actually, I will tell you! Literally, on a wing and a prayer!

Now a note to the developer, from me, and I mean this with the utmost sincerity! Thank you, thank you, thank you, I have gotten so much enjoyment out of my Enigma Lear-23! It's a screaming scream to fly! This much fun is usually illegal! It's for sure if a real Lear 23 ever flew this well equipped the FAA, and the NTSB would both poop a tuna! I got a priceless glitch in this download!

antoniotrebbiSun, 05 Jul 2020 19:52:04 GMT


I found the x plane the best and most fun flight simulator: the Learjet 23 is excellent.

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