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X-Plane 11 Learjet 23 3.0

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X-Plane 10 And 11 Learjet 23 3.0. The Lear 23 is an American six-to-eight-seat (two crew and four to six passengers) twin-engine, high-speed business jet manufactured by Learjet. The first flight of the Learjet 23 took place on 7 October 1963 with test pilots Hank Beaird and Bob Hagen.

Learjet 23 on ramp in XP11.Production of the Learjet 23 stopped in 1966 after a total of 104 had been built. In 1998 there were still 39 Model 23s in use.


  1. Chase view to cockpit view -- it would be great to change views without having to readjust the instrument panel. 
  2. Hat switch set for views of 45, 90, 135 degrees Left and Right do not work when taxiing to check cross traffic because when flying, they angle down which is ok, but on the ground all one sees is pavement. 
  3. Brakes set at maximum hold are only good for about 55 percent engine power. Above that the aircraft starts rolling. 
  4. Taxi lights are on but need to project further (perhaps raise them a few degrees) to see down the runway.

Author: Larry Cole


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Changes.txt09.14.17595 B
cockpit09.14.170 B
compass09.14.170 B
compass_GA.png09.14.1715.11 kB
compass_GA-1.png09.14.173.87 kB
compass_GA-3.png09.14.174.38 kB
-Panels-09.14.170 B
Panel.png09.14.17824.08 kB
image1.jpg09.14.1793.53 kB
image2.jpg09.14.1782.80 kB
Learjet-23.acf09.14.171.89 MB
Learjet-23.acf~ MB
Learjet-23_icon.png09.14.172.61 MB
Learjet-23_paint.png09.14.172.00 MB
Learjet-23_paint_LIT.png09.14.17572.89 kB
Learjet-23_paint2.png09.14.171.35 MB
Learjet-23_paint2_LIT.png09.14.17903.20 kB
Learjet-23_panel_B.png09.14.17785.21 kB
Learjet-23_panel_L.png09.14.17378.54 kB
Learjet23_Panel_LB.png09.14.17902.24 kB
Learjet-23_Panel_LB.png09.14.17902.24 kB
Learjet-23_panel_LF.png09.14.17164.26 kB
Learjet-23_panel_R.png09.14.17414.64 kB
Learjet-23_Panel_RB.png09.14.17970.62 kB
Learjet-23_panel_RF.png09.14.17171.48 kB
Learjet-23_prefs.txt09.14.1750 B
old Learjet-23_icon.jpg09.14.17424.76 kB
old Learjet-23_icon.png09.14.17683.06 kB
Sounds09.14.170 B
engine09.14.170 B
Learjet-23 engn1_inn.wav09.14.17326.35 kB
Learjet-23 engn1_out.wav09.14.17427.30 kB
Learjet-23 engn2_inn.wav09.14.17326.35 kB
Learjet-23 engn2_out.wav09.14.17419.10 kB
REVERSE_THRUST_inn.wav09.14.172.26 MB
REVERSE_THRUST_out.wav09.14.1731.04 kB
Study Pics09.14.170 B
028303.jpg09.14.17163.33 kB
028303.psd09.14.171.33 MB
23_49_284_n387ha_learjet_35_int2.jpg09.14.17220.12 kB
77_learjet24e_sn340_i2_i.jpg09.14.1730.89 kB
EG-0060.bmp09.14.171.84 MB
EG-0060-01.gif09.14.1723.05 kB
franz_PA-Learjet-23-14.jpg09.14.17329.60 kB
LEARJET 23 INTEER09.14.170 B
23_49_284_n387ha_learjet_35_int2.jpg09.14.17220.12 kB
23_51_290_n626bn_learjet_35_int2.jpg09.14.17220.01 kB
76_Learjet24_sn336_i_i.jpg09.14.1728.35 kB
77_learjet24e_sn340_i2_i.jpg09.14.1730.89 kB
int1_i.jpg09.14.1769.75 kB
Lear_Interior_Exterior.jpg09.14.17120.60 kB
learjet_24f_interior.jpg09.14.1758.29 kB
Learjet 23 specs.cwk09.14.1721.92 kB
learjet_24f_interior.jpg09.14.1758.29 kB
lear-jet-23.jpg09.14.171.09 MB
LearJet-23_001.jpg09.14.1739.57 kB
learjet-23_1.jpg09.14.1732.71 kB
Learjet-23_panel.png09.14.17863.85 kB
lear-jet-23-6.jpg09.14.1742.03 kB
maxresdefault.jpg09.14.1770.39 kB
N505PF.jpg09.14.17142.14 kB
Panels09.14.170 B
4643732_238e4f76d8.jpg09.14.1763.79 kB
747 Cockpit (1).jpg09.14.1739.51 kB
lear35rc.jpg09.14.17157.94 kB
Panels 209.14.170 B
82_Lear55_sn62_p1.jpg09.14.1762.01 kB
91_Learjet35A_sn665_p.jpg09.14.1742.70 kB
Learjet45CockpitZoom.jpg09.14.17106.29 kB
Learjet85_Interior_2b.jpg09.14.17129.36 kB
Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.24.05 PM.png09.14.17313.06 kB
SimObjects,airplanes,Lear60_ver23FSX_C-FBCD,Panel_Docs,HOTSPOTS.jpg09.14.17188.04 kB
TMOF_Learjet-23-1_P2.jpg09.14.17109.71 kB
weapons09.14.170 B
Seat 1.png09.14.1759.37 kB
Seat 1.wpn09.14.1712.74 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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